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Survival game: Zombie Survivor
Sami Vehmaa's latest project is a game called "Zombie Survival" for Amigas with a graphics card, in which you have to fend off an endless army of the undead (YouTube video). The game is in development and currently has a world with 99 levels. (dr)

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Alinea Computer (ANF)

Quake 2 now also available for AmigaOS 3.x as digital version
Press release: Alinea Computer is very pleased to be able to offer the version for AmigaOS 3.x (68k) as a digital download in addition to the Quake 2 version for AmigaOS 4. Steffen Häuser is responsible for the porting and has implemented numerous features that did not yet exist for any Quake 2 port for AmigaOS/68k.

In addition to supporting the various mission CDs and MODs, the soundtracks can also be played as OGG Vorbis files (for the Vampire V4 as AIFF files instead) and multiplayer/network gaming.

Please note that the data files of the PC version are required to run the 68k version of Quake 2. These can be purchased at a reasonable price via Steam, for example.

Free MODs and mission CDs will be available on Aminet in the next few days.

Here are all the features and system requirements at a glance:

  • 68040, 68060 and 68080 compiled version (selectable during installation)
  • MiniGL and software renderer
  • Full support for mission CDs "The Reckoning" and "Ground Zero"
  • Ports to the unofficial mission CD "Zaero" and to about 50 multiplayer mods will be released on Aminet soon, these downloads require the new version of Quake 2, they do not work with other ports
  • For Vampire users: The USB gamepad of the Vampire is supported
  • For Vampire V4 users: Background music will be played via AIFF (the Ogg Vorbis music files of the Gog/Steam version of Quake 2 will be converted to AIFF format during the installation of the 080 version)
  • For PiStorm users: background music is played via Ogg Vorbis (requires the Gog or Steam version of Quake 2, which includes the Ogg Vorbis files)
System requirements
  • Software: AmigaOS 3.x and the data files from Steam, Gog or CD version
  • Hardware: At least Vampire V2 or PiStorm Pi3 (currently not fast enough on a 68060, but possibly a future update will run fast enough on 100 MHz 060 systems)
  • 1 GB free hard disc space

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Do it yourself: HD floppy drive - Herr Doktor Diskettenlaufwerk (Amiga-HDDLW)
"Herr Doktor Diskettenlaufwerk" describes the conversion of a 1.44 MB PC floppy disk drive into a corresponding HD drive for the Amiga. It is described for two models, the MPF920-E from Sony and the FD-235HF from TEAC. After the conversion, the speed of the motor is halved, as is typical for the Amiga, when an HD diskette is detected, otherwise it remains unchanged. (snx)

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