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Archiv 'New hardware and software products'

Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood goes LaTeX: hTeX 1.0 released

Press release: "Airsoft Softwair, the unstoppable coding machine, is back on your screen with a massive new Hollywood plugin release: hTeX. hTeX allows you to experience the wonderful world of LaTeX as it makes it possible to use the LaTeX markup language from Hollywood. This makes it possible to easily display mathematical formulas in your Hollywood scripts and Hollywood Designer projects. On top of that, you can also use more advanced LaTeX features like tables, boxes, and finetuned formatting. Finally, hTeX also allows you to export LaTeX formatted text as PDF documents, SVG images, and PNG images.

Using hTeX is very simple and convenient because the plugin directly interfaces with Hollywood's text library so you don't need to learn any new functions but you can just use the functions from Hollywood's text library. As soon as the hTeX plugin is installed, all functions from Hollywood's text library will automatically be able to handle text formatted in LaTeX. hTeX will make the text available to Hollywood as full vector text which means that it can be infinitely scaled, rotated, and transformed without any loss of quality.

Of course hTeX also supports our brand-new Hollywood Designer 7 which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. So after you've installed the hTeX plugin, Hollywood Designer 7 will automatically become a state-of-the-art editor for LaTeX, just take a look at what is possible when using hTeX together with Hollywood Designer 7:

The hTeX distribution comes with several examples as well as a comprehensive documentation to get you started quickly. And the best of all: hTeX is provided free of charge. Thus, please consider buying Hollywood to show your support for our massive development efforts. Note that Hollywood 10 or Hollywood Designer 7 are strictly required by hTeX.

The plugin is now available for free download from the official Hollywood portal at the title link. Thanks to Hollywood's cross-platform plugin system versions for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows are provided." (snx)

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Spadoni Carlo (ANF)

AROS distribution: AROS One 2.5 (x86)
The "AROS One" distribution, which is based on the AROS binary interface ABI v0 (screenshot), is now available in version 2.5 for x86 computers. It can be downloaded as a DVD ISO file (1.7 GB) or as a USB flash image (3.7 GB) under the title link, where you will also find video recordings (don't be confused by the old title, the download links on the page below the screenshot are correct). The VHD image can be used as a hard drive in virtual machines such as VMware, VirtualBox and QEmu.

Changes in version 2.5:
  • Update AROS One OS System:
    • Dopus4 now compresses archives to Zip
    • Update Network Prefs Catalog Italian
    • ClickToFront now initiated by the system
    • Deleting Files and Folders via 'Del' Key
    • Add on GRUB "EarlyStartup"
    • Execute uCommander from EarlyStartup, just type uCommander
    • GRUB Set to 640 x 480
    • Add Catalogs OWB (Spain, France, Turkey, Czech)
    • Clean Cache OWB (Script)
    • Removed package archive Alternative icons can be downloaded from a separate archive
    • SMB2-Start, new script for automatic sharing
    • SMB2 Docs on the various Scripts (TXT e PDF)
    • Zune settings recreated
  • Update AROS One Apps:
    • Screentest v1
    • MidiDriver v1.0 AndTools
    • Protrekkr v2.6.7
    • SonosController v1.4
    • Raylib v5
    • GLFW v3.4
    • Arrakis v1.0 Demoscene
    • Nano v1.2 Demoscene
    • Void-FB14 MusicDisk
    • AmiFox v0.6
    • ScummVM v1.9.1
    • ResidualVM v0.3.1.1
    • Magical Broom Extreme v1.0
    • Origami v1.0 Demoscene
    • The Fulcrum v1.0 Demoscene
    • Image2PDF v2.6
    • ThemeList v1.0
    • Split & Build v1.5
    • GMoreAros v1.0
    • LoView 2.024
    • WitchCleaner v3.20
    • L.M. Calendar&Clock v1.0
  • Update AROS One Games:
    • BOH
    • Scopa
    • MBX
    • XRick
    • MadBomber
  • Functionalities:
    • Introduce new C library, synchronized with 64-bit AROS (deadwood)
    • Allow linux hosted AROS to work under WSL (Kalamatee)
    • Better default mouse cursor image (JuanDoble07)
    • Early Boot Menu made more functional (JuanDoble07, Kalamatee)
    • Simplify adding tethering in Prefs/Network (#115) (deadwood)
    • Speed up boot using ahci.device (deadwood)
    • Delete files with DEL key in Wanderer (#116) (deadwood)
  • Updates:
    • AROS build system (deadwood)
    • Italian and Polish translations (AMIGASYSTEM, subocz)
    • Prefs/Boot 1.4 (deadwood)
    • Use standard C library function names in SDK (deadwood)
  • Functional fixes:
    • Wanderer (bugs: #107) (deadwood)
    • fat-handler (bugs: #107) (deadwood)
    • intuition.library (bugs: no auto scroll up screen) (JuanDoble07)
    • dos.library (bugs: NOMOUNT partitions are automounted, wrong path copying) (JuanDoble07, Ronnie Beck)
    • exec.library (bugs: infinite crash loop) (deadwood)
    • dos.library (bugs: #60) (deadwood)
    • utility.library (bugs: #63) (deadwood)
    • stdlib.library (bugs: wrong support for '*' in sscanf) (deadwood)
    • camd.library, camdusbmidi.class (hitchhikr)
    • ram-handler (bugs: #134) (deadwood)
    • ahci.device (bugs: #135, unnecessary 60MB memory allocation) (deadwood)
    • Wanderer (bugs: 105, offline volumes showing with "ghost" icons) (Kalamatee)
    • rtl8139.device (bugs: no support for wrapped buffer) (stegerg)
  • Stability fixes:
    • muimaster.library (deadwood)
    • debug-handler (deadwood)
    • crt.library (bugs: calling atexit in CTOR set crashes program) (deadwood)

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Adventure: Geo's Quest - Gateway to Nowhere
As a sequel to "Geo's Quest: In Search of Queen Lorraine" in "Gateway to Nowhere", the hero, George Angus, is faced with the problem that Queen Lorraine, who was rescued from The Gates of Bill, has been lost by the Knights of Escom, to whom she was entrusted. George is assisted by Dave Haynie in the second rescue of the queen. The fifth chapter then follows (loosely) his path after the end of Commodore (Pios, MetaBox, Merlancia, Fortele). (snx)

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