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Puzzle game: Shift
Shift is a puzzle game that has been published by Antony Lavelle for various platforms such as iOS and will soon also be available for Windows PC. The special feature: the player is in a room that is half black, half white and has the ability to "shift" - turning the game environment and levels around, turning floors into ceilings and obstacles into paths while trying to find the way to the next room.

After the version for Atari, Haplo has now released the Amiga version, which offers improved graphics, new animations and 8 new levels (44 levels plus a secret level). The game runs on OCS Amigas. (dr)

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Sokoban conversion: Cat Hunts Rats
After Skinny Marley, Rodrigo Vertulo has published a second Sokoban variant, this time based on childhood memories: when he was a boy, his kitten brought him "presents" in the form of mice or birds. In his realisation of the game, logical and spatial thinking is required. (dr)

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MorphZone (forum)

MorphOS: Sunny adjusts the color temperature to the time of day
The MorphOS program "Sunny" adjusts the color temperature of the Ambient screen to the time of day to rest the eyes. Although it is currently still alpha version 0.3, the author, Alfonso 'alfie' Ranieri, considers the range of functions to be complete already.

Download: sunny.lha (99 KB) (snx)

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