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Tower defense: Demo version of "Dice Masters" for Apollo Vampire V4 (update)
Sami Vehmaa's latest project is a tower defence game in which you have to fend off aliens on a spaceship (YouTube video). The demo version offers two of the planned ten levels.

Update: (05.03.2024, 06:10, dr)

A new demo version 0.91 is available which offers a third level and improved game input logic as well as a more clean gameplay. (dr)

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DIY: "Joystick Reanimator" repairs micro switches using electric impulses
C64 fan 'GI-Joe' - a service technician in real life - has come across many faulty microswitches in his professional life. The silver-plated switching contacts of switches that only have to switch very low currents were often oxidized: the arcing that occurs at higher currents, which "cleans" the oxidizing contacts in a kind of self-cleaning function, does not occur at lower currents. Sooner or later, the electrical resistances become too high due to the oxidizing switching contacts, even though the switch switches mechanically perfectly.

To solve this problem with the microswitches built into many joysticks, GI-Joe invented the "Joystick Reanimator": A joystick that no longer works is connected to the device. When the stick is moved or a fire button is pressed, the associated switch is then activated with a current high enough to generate the "self-cleaning" arc. The circuit board also contains connection sockets for a multimeter so that the electrical resistances of the microswitches built into the joystick can be easily tested.

German and English instructions as well as all documents required for reproduction (including circuit diagram, assembly list and KiCad project files) are available for download. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Accelerator: PiStorm16 for the Amiga 600 in development
At the title link Michal Schulz describes the PiStorm16 turbocard currently under development. In contrast to the classic PiStorm, an Efinix FPGA chip is used here as with the PiStorm32-lite. This means that no external devices are required for configuration, which is loaded as soon as the Emu68 emulation starts.

A first prototype is currently being manufactured, and separate connections for HDMI and network are planned for the future. (snx)

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