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Archive 'New hardware and software products'

04.Oct.2019 (Forum)

Open source project: The world's smallest 68k FPGA turbo board
Under the title link in the forum of the world's smallest 68k FPGA turbo board was introduced - it is "just about 5mm taller than an original 68k in its socket." For the accelerator board the TG68 core is used @50MHz which was also used for the MiST project.

Key features:
  • Artix7-FPGA (215k Logic-Cells)
  • 64 MB SD-RAM (32-Bit-Bus)
  • 16 MB Flash-ROM
  • Micro-SD-Card-Slot
Currently the FPGA accelerator board still is in development. The primary objective is an improved stability. At this stage the bus width of the RAM connection only is 16 Bit, but is supposed to be doubled. Then the support for the SD card, for the SPI bus and for the KickFlash will be done and finally also a MMU. The source code of the FPGA turbo board is supposed to be released. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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01.Oct.2019 (Forum)

AROS: preconfigured development environment
For all those who do not want to assemble a development environment for AROS, under the title link Paolo Besser offers a virtual machine for VMware based on version 18.04 of the Linux distribution Ubuntu. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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FPGA computer: Vampire-V4 standalone version available at Amiga 34
At the Amiga 34, which will take place on 12./13. October in Neuss (Germany), the standalone version of the FPGA accelerator board Vampire V4 will celebrate its debut. For the Amiga 34, a special bundle was composed including the standard components aluminium case, a corresponding power supply unit and an AROS kickstart as well as the free add-ons compatible kuse, compatible Keyboard, CF adapter with a 32GB CF card and an USB Blaster (announcement as PDF file). The retail price is 549 Euro.

Regarding the current state of the standalone core the developers informed that the support for Ethernet is in progress (driver is being written) as wel as for USB (support for some input devices like USB mice and keyboards work). Currently the computer boots from IDE/CF. Support of a bootable microSD card is in roadmap.

According to Gunnar von Böhn in the official forum, versions of the V4 as accelerator boards for real Amigas will be not available in the foreseeable future. The developer team is going to focus on forthcoming updates and the support for the standalone version. If you want to have a accelerator board, the get a Vampire V2 which sonn will be also available for the Amiga 1200. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Vinnny (ANF)

HippoPlayerIR: Wirelessly controlled HippoPlayer
HippoPlayerIR is a program for controlling the multiformat music player HippoPlayer using a remote control and some additional hardware (video). (snx) (Translation: dr)

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