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Reverse Engineering: Aira Force 0.6.1 for Windows, Linux and macOS
"Aira Force" is a tool for reverse engineering Amiga 680x0 software. It allows binaries to be disassembled and investigated (preview video).

The primary goal of this project is to provide a graphical user interface on top of the excellent ira reassembler to accelerate the workflow.

Aira Force implements reassembly using the ira disassembler and the vasm assembler. Ira transforms the source executable or raw binary into assembly language source code, then vasm assembles the source code. The output binary should be identical (or equivalent) to the input binary.

This process allows the user to analyse and annotate the source code efficiently, before make any required changes to the generated disassembly and building a patched binary. It may be useful for fixing bugs, adding features, optimising the code, or academic software archeology. Features:
  • Disassemble Amiga executables (hunk Load Modules)
  • Disassemble raw Amiga binaries, e.g. bootblocks, non-DOS programs
  • Interactively convert disassembly to code, data or text
  • Rename and add labels
  • Add comments and banners
  • Define pointers and equates
  • Efficient code navigation
  • Tools to search for potential pointers, equates and code
  • Live Analysis using 68000 emulator to aid understanding
  • In-built Amiga documentation (custom chipset, OS)
  • Menu and keyboard driven UI
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS (sorry, no Amiga version)
  • Hex viewer
  • Reassemble disassembled code and compare against source
  • Dockable windows and multi-viewports (native OS windows) with Dear ImGui
The tool is currently pre-ALPHA and not all features are implemented yet. (dr)

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Video: Another Robin Hood port preview by Apollo team
The Apollo team is working on a port of the game "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood" ( reported) for the Apollo V4 equipped with SAGA chipset. A preview video of the second beta version has now been published under the title link. (dr)

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AROS x86: Card game conversion Scopa
Giovanni Iacobelli has released the Italian card game Scopa for AROS x86 (YouTube video). In this digital version, the player plays against the computer. The first player to reach or exceed a score of 11 wins the game. (dr)

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