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Richard Kapp via E-Mail

GFX-BASE Website Updated
The GFX-BASE has been updated and turned into a kind of web portal on which you will not only find news on games, but also on scene demos. The GFX-BASE has been turned into an entertainment site for Amiga users with graphics cards, which the new logo is supposed to make clear. I would appreciate your comments and ideas for improvements in the forum.

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Heise: Gateway still Deep in The Red
»The American computer manufacturer Gateway was end of last year one of the first companies in the PC business which was driven into the red by the weak Christmas sales. So far, the company apparently didn't recover: in the first quarter of 2001, Gateway entered an operative loss of 81 million US$, the total loss was 503 million US$ compared to a gain of 120 million US$ in the previous year. The sales shrunk by 15 percent to 2,03 billion US$.«
Entire article (German) at the title link.

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Adventure Game: 'Aqua' Demo Version 1.1
The update version 1.1 has been released for the adventure 'Aqua' which supports AHI sound and fixes a bug in opening and closing of screens. The game from Emerald Imaging is distributed by Crystal Interactive.
AquaDemo.lha - entire archive
AquaDemoUP.lha - update only

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Stéphane Campan via E-Mail

MySQL for AmigaOS
On the French website 'SixK', you can find an AmigaOS port of the MySQL database system in Version 3.23.36.

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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

VirusExecutor Update V2.13
Virus Help Denmark announce the new version 2.13 of the virus checker VirusExecutor to be available. More details:
  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.13
  • Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archive size: 259.657 Bytes
  • Release date: 19. April 2001
  • Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
  • Requires: xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library

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Important news to all WebMail users
Important news to all WebMail users: email servers will be moving on April 24, 2001. The new service is Amiga friendly and will remain free with no advertising. Please backup all your important email documents before the change! Use this link to reactivate your existing account ...

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Roland Wintgen via E-Mail

Golem: Amiga- und C64-Sounds now On CD
»Audio CD by Chris Huelsbeck available
Who has gambled either-game on the C64 most probably experienced the art of sounds by Chris Huelsbeck. Now the most popular of his compositions him were remixed and are available on CD.«
Complete article under the title link.

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Alfred Strum

New Aminet Uploads
The last 7(!) day's uploads.

StarBase_SCR.lha   biz/dbase  116K   0 Star Trek Style Database (4.1.0)
STEP_Txt.lha       biz/dbase  777K   0 Star Trek StarBase-Text (633.3)
3DaDiCtTheme.lha   biz/dopus  8.8M   0 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2
DCPatch15.lha      biz/patch   41K   0 Some Bugfixes and improvements for DosControl (Ger
EZPagerNG_CE.lha   comm/misc  412K   0 Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Skyper,Cityr
YAMSync.lha        comm/misc   44K   0 YAM Sync for Spitfire 
GoPortscan.lha     comm/net   104K   0 V0.3 TCP Portscanner with MUI interface
AKTaskiSMS.lha     comm/tcp    20K   0 V1.7, YAM2-like Toolbars for TaskiSMS 2.53 + bette
AmDynDNS.lha       comm/tcp     9K   0 ARexx script to update/change account at DynDNS.or
BabelDoc.lha       comm/tcp    33K   0 Translate docs or strings from one language to ano
TaskiSMS.lha       comm/tcp   371K   0 Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
nah-mgc.lha        demo/file  3.4M   0 Magic by Nah-kolor Demo Mekka/Symposium2001
wpz-impact.txt     demo/file    3K   0 VHS demo by Whelpz+Potion released at Satellite&am
MWI-SDV31.lha      demo/mag   1.1M   0 SAVE DA VINYL #31 - packmag by Madwizards edited b
obligement26.lha   demo/mag   804K   0 Obligement #26 - The Famous FRENCH fanzine !
BlitzLstMar01.lha  dev/basic   35K   0 Blitz mailing list archives for March 2001
JMildred_ScrMd.lha dev/basic  141K   0 How to use Mildred+BBasic with GFXCards
PgmAsst1.7.lha     dev/c       85K   0 A GUI for various text editing & formatting to
d65.lha            dev/cross   51K   0 A symbolic 65xx disassembler
yaec.lha           dev/e      392K   0 Yaec - Yet Another E Compiler [1.5a]
feelin.lha         dev/gui    184K   0 Brand new and powerful OOP GUI using nothing then 
Comal.v3.4.lha     dev/lang   521K   0 Comal v3.40
m2latex.lha        dev/m2      65K   0 LaTeX files from Modula-2 and Pascal sources
ArtConvert1.6P.lha docs/help    8K   0 Polish Locale for ArtConvert1.6
BlackIRC1.1PL.lha  docs/help   11K   0 Polish Locale for BlackIRC1.1
IBrowse2.2PL.lha   docs/help   14K   0 Polish Locale for IBrowse2.2 v.1.3
Lupe1.9PL.lha      docs/help    9K   0 Polish Locale for Lupe1.9
saku36.lha         docs/mags  1.7M   0 Saku #36 (2/2001). Finnish e-zine.
Spy3dgame.lha      game/2play 133K   0 3D game beta for WB (Balrog Soft)
PaybackDemo.lha    game/actio 3.0M   0 Payback playable demo (Updated)
PaybackDemoUp3.lha game/actio 748K   0 Updates the Payback demo to latest version
Bdynamite.lha      game/data  510K   0 A significantly improved style/graphics module for
Blade_GermanLo.lha game/data   14K   0 Blade German Locale / Blade Deutsche Version!
F1GP_2001.lha      game/data    9K   0 2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (15 April)
obvious.lha        game/data  102K   0 DynAMIte style with obvious colors
AquaDemo.lha       game/demo  2.6M   0 Aqua demo version V1.1 adds AHI sound + bug fix
AquaDemoUP.lha     game/demo   38K   0 Updates Aqua demo to V1.1 adds AHI sound + bug fix
eyangband.lha      game/role  795K   0 EyAngband 0.3.1b - Roguelike solo RPG
gumband.lha        game/role  956K   0 Gumband 2.1.4a - Roguelike solo RPG
OozeAGA.lha        game/think 450K   0 *Very cool game is freeware now!*
Iconian298_Dt.lha  gfx/edit     7K   0 V1.1, German catalog for Iconian 2.98
mccontrol.lha      hard/hack  723K   0 V1.60 PSX MemoryCard Reader
ps2m.lha           hard/hack   45K   0 Ultimate Amiga PS/2 WheelMouseController
ps2m_example.lha   hard/hack  153K   0 PS/2 WheelMouseController - PCB photos
smif.lha           hard/hack   88K   0 Cheap SmartMedia interface + sourcecode
DIGIOchmann09.lha  misc/edu   131K   0 Versatile and user friendly vocabulary driller.
ASpEmu.lha         misc/emu   143K   0 V0.79 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
ASpEmu_NOROM.lha   misc/emu    81K   0 V0.79 48K/128K/+2 Spectrum emulator.
HexCon.lha         misc/math   16K   0 Simple Hex <-> Dec <-> Bin converter
MoonDial.lha       misc/sci    32K   0 Graphically shows the moons phase. V1.5
smoothlick.lha     mods/demo  162K   0 By Racoon/C!S & FCN, from Seenpoint #10
sprawl.mpg         mods/elbie 5.3M   0 Sprawl Pneumatique [electro] by ElbiE^t13n!
KINO_PlanMP3.lha   mods/mpg   560K   0 The Plan.mp3 (for planakurov, drugtakers - =A.N.A.
Kocmutron3beta.lha mus/misc    14K   0 Realtime Bassline softsynth (requires 060)
dmdev.lha          mus/play   136K   0 Mpeg.device for Delfina DSP
GameIcons2.lha     pix/gicon  548K   0 Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games.
lch-JapIcons4.lha  pix/gicon   78K   0 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 4
OS3.9GlowIcons.lha pix/gicon   34K   0 12 GlowIcons you REALLY need
jd_DevelopTool.jpg pix/illu    75K   0 My developer tool (800x600)
jd_Matches.jpg     pix/misc    89K   0 A nice photo of matches (800x600)
mattaki.lha        pix/misc   214K   0 [ancor] just a practise
MS_Parodies.lha    pix/misc   1.0M   0 Mircosoft Parodies
badday_s.mpg       pix/mpg    416K   0 BADDAY mpeg - from M$ company.. ;)
big_deal.lha       pix/trace   75K   0 "Big Deal" Would You Swap? MS DOS Classic <->
kns_Grilowanie.jpg pix/trace   73K   0 Ray-traced picture by KoNuS.
kns_ibisekcja.jpg  pix/trace   97K   0 Ray-traced picture by KoNuS.
kns_wpz.jpg        pix/trace  113K   0 Ray-traced picture by KoNuS.
jd_Torun.jpg       pix/views  108K   0 Torun by night, POLAND (800x600)
DarkNowee12.lha    pix/wb     395K   0 Dark Workbench Look by Nowee for Visualprefs
OFS044.jpg         pix/wfm    596K   0 What Hubble might see in Fractal Space
ltdic_enghun.lha   text/misc  2.6M   0 English-Hungarian dictionary for LangTools
ltdic_gerhun.lha   text/misc  516K   0 German-Hungarian dictionary for LangTools
ltdic_huneng.lha   text/misc  3.1M   0 Hungarian-English dictionary for LangTools
ltools157_demo.lha text/misc   76K   0 Dictionary and Document Translator
CheckX.lha         util/arc    30K   0 V1.84 Check for Archives/Packers/Viruses
BlazeWCP.lha       util/boot   31K   0 Very fast Replacement for the OS chunky pixel func
fblit.lha          util/boot  171K   0 V3.73a Use CPU in place of the blitter.
WarpJPEGdt.lha     util/dtype 134K   0 JFIF-JPEG datatype V44.20 (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS)
WarpPNGdt.lha      util/dtype 140K   0 PNG image datatype V44.15 (68k,WarpOS,MorphOS)
killAGA2.5.lha     util/misc    4K   0 Run old demos on A1200/4000 hard drives.
NewHomer.lha       util/misc   34K   0 Another talking Homer for your WB! ;)
NewHomer_DATA.lha  util/misc  2.6M   0 Data files for NewHomer.lha
ReportPlus.lha     util/misc  355K   0 Report+ 4.4a: Multipurpose utility
ReqAttack.lha      util/misc  701K   0 Best, configurable requesters for Amiga
ReqAttackGfx.lha   util/misc   59K   0 Logos & patterns for ReqAttack
ReqAttackUpd.lha   util/misc  183K   0 RAPrefsMUI1.76, ReqAttack1.70 
Safe.lha           util/virus  28K   0 V15.2 *added NEW linkvirus and 4EF9 trojans inform
VEPatchBrain.lha   util/virus  22K   0 PatchBrain v1.31 for VirusExecutor v2.xx
VirusExecutor.lha  util/virus 256K   0 VirusExecutor v2.12
freakbar.lha       util/wb      2K   0 Toolbar. V1.2.
SendStuff.lha      util/wb    117K   0 Windows-like Send tool for the AmigaOS

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KDH News

iFusion Support
After a long time of waiting the iMac emulator iFusion is available, now. With this the entire world of software a for the iMac opens to the Amiga users. To be able to use iFusion an Amiga PPC-card and a 'new world' MAC operating system is required. iFusion along with the operating system MAC OS9.1 can be delivered at a special price.

KDH Datentechnik is distributor of iFusion in Germany. To ensure smooth distribution KDH Datentechnik and Eternity are co-operating. Eternity took the task of iFusion support in Germany.

Applications and games for the iMAC will be tested by NoRiscNoFun and play!Amiga and both will determine if such are runnable under iFusion. Test results will be published and summarized in a iFusion compatibility list. iFusion, the tested MAC games and applications will be available at the online shops of Eternity and KDH Datentechnik.

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Crystal Software

Crystal Software becomes ClearWater Interactive
Crystal Software, known by games like 'Bubble Heroes' or 'Land of Genesis' reorganized and now is named 'ClearWater Interactive'. Along with the reorganization the website was completely reworked and is available under the new domain, from now on.

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Unofficial iFusion-FAQ
AmigArt has created an unofficial English FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the new Mac PPC emulator for the Amiga 'iFusion'.

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STL for StormC 4
Raymond Zarling has ported the standard template library (STL) to StormC 4. This library is an extended collection of algorithms and data structures which can facilitate very much the creation of programs. It is also stated to be part of the current C++ standard.

The Amiga sources are to find at Aminet, original sources are to find at, and documentations are at

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Sven Ottemann via E-Mail

Amiga Port of LhA1.14i for Unix
There are new versions of the Amigaport of LHA1.14i for Unix for download. There are versions for 68000, 68020+ and PPC (WarpOS). The following bugs have been fixed:
  • Wrong data when compressing and extracting
  • Rename across devices (This error results in failing of making archives on other drives than RAM:.

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Christian Effenberger on ANF

Web-Tool: New SiteWay-Module Published
PicBase (beta v0.98) is a complex tool to library pictures for the Web. The program completely automatically generates web-suitable catalogue sites, navigation inclusive. It uses patterns for decorating (e.g. for slide-frames) and navigating and has a completely new GUI-system, preview-engine inclusive.

Currently the following datatypes are being supported: BMP, GIF, IFF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PBM, PSD, SUN, TGA, TIF.

PicBase.lha - 1,5 MB
Screenshot - 80 kB

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Voyager Mailinglist

Aminet: Flash-Update for PPC-Cards a Fake
The flush-update of PPC-cards (flashupdates.lha, size 940kbyte) which was uploaded on April 17th, 2001 is a fake which was not written by Ralph 'Laire' Schmidt being the author of PPC-software as he confirmed.

Ralf: "No..i haven't uploaded it. I notified the aminet admins to remove it."

Matthias Scheler, who is the co-admin of the Aminet, confirmed to that the supposed ppc-update has been removed.

Each user who downloaded and installed the flash update is advised to remove it and to control the integrity of the software by using a current anti-virus-software because it is possible that it is a virus or a Trojan.

Ralph Schmidt furthermore confirmed that he would never upload PPC-updates to the Aminet. The only sources for his Flash-Updates are:

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Olaf Koebnik via E-Mail

Amiga Arena News: KidHTML Full Version
In co-operation with Marcio Esper Amiga Arena makes possible the unlimited use of the full version 1.26 of KidHTML. With KidHTML you can create HTML-documents without having a lot of experiences.

KidHTML stays being shareware and can be registered over Fun Time World which is the partner of Amiga Arena. This modus has been chosen so that many users do not have to send smaller amounts to the author to Brasilia but a total amount can be sent. Amiga Arena wants to support foreign authors with it and appeal to the honesty of the users. You can find further information in the download area under "Vollversionen".

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Amiga Fire

Amiga Fire: AmigaGames top 20
Amiga Fire regularly makes an opinion poll concerning the most favourite Amiga-games. The results of March/April has been established. The list is being led by Quake, Napalm and Payback as expected.

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No Risc No Fun on ANF

POING: Killer of Tediousness at NoRiscNoFun
On our site you can find a test of the fantastic breakout-clone POING. This version provides some really extraordinary features. The results of the opinion poll of the 30th of March are also available. Of course there are two new opinion polls concerning "What do you like of Amiga/What do you hate of Amiga". Please participate on it. And last but not least a shot has been added to the WB gallery.

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Martin R. Elsner via E-Mail

Tools: Choowin V1.1 Available
There is a an improved version v1.1 of Choowin. The design of the menus has been reworked and sub-menus have been added to the start-menu. Other characteristics can be now configured above all the background pattern and the aligment of the text.
Download: choowin.lha - 32 kB

Choowin is a small help program starting programs and putting windows to the foreground and activating them. It is comparable with a task-manager. You simply push one of the buttons in a corner of the Workbench-window and then choose either the program or the window title in the appearing list. With the tooltypes you can define the position of Choowin and the size of the appearing window and can decide which windows are to be displayed. The programs in the start-menu are also defined with tooltypes. Choowin is freeware and requires at least AmigaOS 3.5.

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Marvin Droogsma - AmigaScene on ANF

Amiga Show Benelux Planned
We are looking for exhibitors, clubs, Amiga-freaks and so on for a planned AmigaDE show in Rotterdam - Netherlands, which is supposed to take place in June 2001. If you have something to exhibit then please mail to:

It will become a great show with a lot of new hardware and software, demos, VIPs and fun.

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Ruben Monteiro on ANF

Software producer for the AmigaDE
cyberoxygen is a new AmigaDE software creator. Projects include java APIs, PDA/desktop games and the "Sounds Cool" sound editor/player/converter.

cyberoxygen aims to create a variety of software for AmigaDE enabled devices. Please visit the website for more information, and subscribe to the newsletter, so you can be up to date with the news. We have more projects in the pipeline which will be announced soon. Also distributing "Immortal" - The Amiga game music CD.

Ruben Monteiro
Software for a digital world

[News message: 18. Apr. 2001, 05:16] [Comments: 0]
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Met@box Stops Producing PC-Card-Projects
As you could already assume on March 30th in 2001 the announcement of Met@box giving up "non-strategical-parts" results in consequences in the fields of PC-card-development. (We have already reported (German)).

On the website which is specially made for PC-cards by Met@box you can now officially read what this have to mean:

»In the procedure of restructuring of Met@box AG to a producer of Set-Top-Boxes the departments of Macintosh and Amiga has been closed down with effect from March 30st in 2001. All developments has been closed down.«

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Jan Devos via E-Mail

3ivx News
In future licence fees will be charged for using 3ivx as the following press release supposes. Private users pay 10$, commercial users pay 400$. 3ivx is a video-compression-format for MPEG4 which is used by some Amiga-programs as SoftCinema and MooVId.

Press Release: 3ivx, solving the streaming video problem
Truly multi-platform MPEG-4 video means encode anywhere, play everywhere

April 17, 2001 - Happy Machines releases its third preview version of the 3ivx codec. 3ivx takes video compression to a higher level. This is the first release which includes a free personal test encoder as well as a version for MacOS X.

"Streaming video is very important for our customers," says Marcel Bor of On The Road, an Equant Service Provider "That's why I am extremely pleased with the quality of 3ivx movies, even better than Real 8!"

This release includes a lot of enhancements resulting in improved video playback while maintaining small file sizes and low bit-rates. Technically this translates into:
- Scheduled Asynchronous Decompression
- Advanced frame queue management
- FrameCache and Flextime Frame management
- Hardware Accelerated YUV Output

The encoder and the decoder are available on the site for immediate download. There are 3 versions of the codec available, a free test codec, a $10 version for personal use and a $400 version for commercial use.

3ivx is a natural video compression system that is compliant with MPEG-4v3. The strengths lay in its open architecture, multi-platform approach (Windows, MacOS, Linux/Unix, BeOS and Amiga) and it's high compression ratio which compresses video's and moving images to one thirteenth (1:13) of the size of a DVD or MPEG-2 movie while maintaining approximately the same quality.

Happy Machines is a Belgian company that represents a creative team and a large international network of inventors, software and hardware developers, designers in various fields such as imaging, satellite communications, artificial intelligence, machinery etc., which has contacts with top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is also member of the MPEG-group and is an Inmarsat partner. It is orientated on project development and related intellectual properties.

[News message: 18. Apr. 2001, 00:15] [Comments: 0]
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