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Stefan Falke on ANF

New EZP@gerNG Versions
The latest unregistered version 1.4 of EZP@gerNG is available in the download area for free, from today.

There all registered EZP@gerNG users will also find an update archive with which you can update your registered software from version 1.3 to version 1.4.

With the EZP@gerNG, you can reliably send messages to mobile phones and pagers without annoying ads. Sending e-mail through the internet is also supported.

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A.C.T. presenting Plans for Multimedia Network Machine
The AV-NetNode will be an embedded system with a real-time OS which can play besides DVD, VCD, etc. also MP3 from both CD and network from (any!) server platforms.

Also, the system offers MPEG-2 real-time recording (hardware-based), planned are VCD and DVD authoring tools. MIDI, audio and video editing are planned as well as online games, internet access, etc.

First de¿veloper machines are supposed to appear late autumn 2001, but as the entire software will be available as a desktop system, too, developers could probably make acquaintance with the system before.

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John Chandler Article: Amiga Handhelds
John Chandler monthly writes articles about Amiga at This time, he wrote about the Amiga Handhelds which have been much-discussed last month. Read the entire article at the title link.

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Richard Kapp on ANF

Again new SendStuff Version
At the title link, you can find the new version 0.4 of SendStuff. SendStuff is a program with which you can send files simply by drag'n'drop to any directory or device (either copy or move).

The most important new features:
  • Some bugfixes (e.g. Multiview problem with the online help)
  • Move mode (you can now move files)
  • Cycle gadget to switch between copy and move modes.

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Heise: Corel makes Profit Despite Low Sales
»Even if only barely, the software company Corel would make some profit in the first quarter. Despite strongly decreasing sales, the graphics software specialist could reach a profit of 534,000 USD, or one cent per share. In view of being deep in the red in the business year 2000 and the last quarters, Corel is of course happy, since with the presentation of the year's results, getting into the black was announced for the third quarter 2001.«
Entire article (German) at the title link.

More news on the topic:
The Register: Corel's profit, sales predictions hit

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Darek Dulian on ANF

Elbox: Does SharkPPC G3/G4 work only in G-Rex Busboard?
Elbox was frequently asked whether their SharkPPC G3/G4 board works with the G-REX busboard by DCE. In the mail you can find at the title link, Darek Dulian of Elbox explains, why it does not work and cannot work.

Since I doubt that and I am no technician and cannot judge whether the claims of Elbox are correct, I have contacted Thomas Dellert from DCE and asked him for a statement. He cannot and won't leave Elbox's claims as they are and will send us a counterstatement in the next days.

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 23:58:28 +0200
Subject: [Fwd: [Amiga-Mediator] Watch out: Insider's comments on G-Rex]

I am sending you a message delivered today to the Mediator news-list.
You may find it interesting.

Darek Dulian

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [Amiga-Mediator] Watch out: Insider's comments on G-Rex
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 23:00:40 +0200
Organization: ELBOX COMPUTER


We have received a number of inquiries about whether the
SharkPPC G3/G4 card could be used in the G-REX busboard.

Here is the response to clear up these doubts:

The SharkPPC G3/G4 card is a PCI-standard card which
meets all the requirements of the PCI 2.2 specification.
We are using PCI CPC710 bridge chips by IBM
in SharkPPC cards.

Designing the Mediator busboard, we have foreseen mechanisms
to enable full use of the functions offered by the MPC710
interface, which operates as the Mediator PCI  busarbiter.
This required, firstly, implementing the full system for
busmastering management in the PCI slots of Mediator
and the full implementation of interruption system specified
by the PCI standard.

The G-REX busboard design (called PREDATOR in some countries)
has been made available for some weeks now.
The G-REX design is based on the single-slot simplified bridge
designed only with the aim of supporting a graphic card;
this bridge was previously composed within the BVision card.
Applying this bridge in the G-REX busboard resulted in a number
of limitations. The most important of them are:

1. Complete lack of support for the busmastering (DMA)
   between PCI slots (the lines controlling busmastering -
   GNT#, REQ# are not physically connected to the 2nd, 3rd,
   4th and 5th G-REX slot).

   This makes the operation of PCI cards impossible, which
   cannot use their mutual resources without overloading the
   processor.  Therefore, the G-REX busboard is not capable
   of offering what Elbox presented in the WOA2000 fair, where
   a TV card in the PCI slot was writing as busmaster data to
   Voodoo3 graphic card at full speed without intermediation
   of the processor.

2. Lack of a parity control system (the PAR parity line
   is not physically connected to the control logics of the

   It means that many standard popular PCI cards will not run
   in this busboard.

3. Reduction of the interruption system from 4 to 1
   - the interruption lines (INTB#, INTC#, INTD#) are not
   physically connected to PCI slots.

The processor card could be then installed only in the 1st
slot, the one to which GNT and REQ signals are connected
(which enable taking over controlling address/data buses).

However, as the G-REX busboard does not support (DMA)
busmastering between slots, co-operation of the PCI processor
cards with any cards working in this mode is impossible.
All the currently produced TV, USB, FastEthernet and more
advanced music cards (e.g. Sound Blaster Live) work solely
in the busmastering mode.

These limitations in G-REX make installation of any advanced
processor cards in it useless and ineffective.

I am really embarrassed to read letters from people who
-- having no idea about hardware -- give their opinions on
various products or designs.
Elbox is a company present in the electronics for many years.
Elbox employs high-standard engineers electronicians
and programmers.

We are not in the habit of commenting devices or software,
but here we make an exception, as the level of misinformation
in the ML like this one reached its critical level.

Best regards,
Darek Dulian
ELBOX COMPUTER, Support Department

For info, links, joining and unsubbing from this group see:
Please do not request the latest driver updates... ask elbox

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David Gerber via E-Mail

New Software for MorphOS: Voyager-PPC 3.3.92beta
David Gerber, one of the programmers of Voyager, has ported the popular browser to MorphOS and released a first beta version (3.3.92). This is the original message:

The first version of Voyager PPC native is available from any VaporWare mirror near you. There's a snippet from the readme file:

This is the first version of Voyager running on PPC native. It is still a public beta version but doesn't require a keyfile to run in demo mode. Everyone can appreciate the speed gain.

MorphOS 0.4 or higher required. You can download MorphOS from

You *must* install the PPC image decoder version coming in the archive and make sure the old one isn't left in memory (if in doubt, reboot). It's still backward compatible with the V 68k version.

You need the Plugins/ dir of the V3.2 full version to make this version run. Copy the included plugins over any of the old ones.

Differences with the 68k version:
- it's much faster :)
- SSL is currently disabled
- JS is currently disabled

They will be added in a later version.

Important: due to some last minute bugs, Voyager-PPC seems to require MUI 3.9 to run. You have to install MUIPPC (available from the MorphOS fileslinks section).

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Mikael Persson via E-Mail

The Coolest Amiga on Earth II
Yesterday, we presented in the article The coolest Amiga on Earth! Mikael Persson's Amiga. Some people doubted about the authenty of the pictures. We contacted Mikael and he sent us three more pictures proving that his Amiga, built into a table, really exists.

The pictures were also put on Aminet, more details can be found in the readme files.


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Amiga-OPEN-ML / Jorge Pino on ANF

Internet-Relay-Chat (IRC) during the Gateway Computer Show in St. Louis
Amiga Inc. invites to a chat during the Gateway Computer Show in St. Louis. Gary Peake and/or Fleecy Moss will dispel rumors and answer to questions on announcements which are made during the show. Here the original message:

Greetings Amiga users around the world,

Amiga Inc. would like to extend an invitation for you to join us on Internet Relay Chat before, during and after the Gateway Computer Show Amiga 2001 in St. Louis.

Amiga supporters, employees and developers and those with interest in Amiga Inc. are welcome.

Amiga notaries are destined to drop in for chat and it is very likely, as time permits, that Gary Peake and/or Fleecy Moss will be joining to address questions and dispel rumors that may be lingering after announcements made at the show.

To join other Amiga users, point your IRC client at any of the following servers and join the channel #developer.

AmigaNet Servers:

Join channel: #developer

We'll see you all there!

Amiga Support Network

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Elbox via E-Mail

ELBOX Computer: New Software for Mediator PCI Busboard
ELBOX COMPUTER - Krakow, 29 March 2001

  • pci.library ver.3.0
  • Voodoo.card ver.2.0
  • MediatorNET.device ver.2.0

ELBOX Computer programmers have been committed to preparing this new revolutionary software for the last couple of months.

Enhancements made in the programming stage offer the user performance that has never been available for Amiga users before.

The new pci.library ver.3.0 enables access to the Config Space, I/O Space and Memory Space in PCI cards directly in the address space of the turbo card processor. Access to the PCI Memory Space is executed through the continuous 1.7 GB area.

The new PCI library supports all the turbo cards with processors: 68030, 68040 (& PPC603e), 68060 (& PPC603e).

The new Voodoo.card driver ver.2.0 enables full control over the memory of the graphic card used as a frame buffer by the P96 system.

This allows using the maximum resolutions offered by the Voodoo3/4/5 cards.

And now something special: the new Voodoo driver offers the possibility of overclocking memory in Voodoo cards for the first time in Amiga.

We are sure this new piece of software will make your work and enjoyment much more effective and playful.

Mariusz Wloczysiak
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

PS. You may want to check the unofficial e-group on MEDIATOR:
For subscribe mailto

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Dennis Lohr via E-Mail

New Song by Psyria
Psyria is a music project which produces songs exclusively with the AMIGA. After about seven weeks, the Psyria homepage was updated.

Dennis Lohr wrote:
»First of all, a new song (MP3) is available for download in top quality. The song "Sleppy Miriam" was transformed by request of the original composer "Techno Overdose" into a club mix. The original song is available at Techno Overdose.

Further, I am negotiating with my "old" record company again. Soon, there will be a new contract. The release of the first record was (if all goes well) aimed for summer 2001 on "Masonic Records distributed by Virgin Europe". (Keep your fingers crossed :-))

Also, I'd like to remind of the other songs which are available for download, as well as the forum and guestbook. Everybody can post his comments on the songs, the homepage and anything else there.«

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Aminet CD 42 - 04/2001
Aminet CD 42 - April 2001 - contains over 800 MB (unpacked) of software in more than 900 archives. Since Aminet CD 41 numerous MBs of innovations have been added.

As special highlight Aminet 42 contains the full version of SuperView Productivity Suite by Andreas R. Kleinert with cheap opportunity to upgrade to SuperView Productivity Suite II.

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Pawel Filipczak on ANF

New TaskiSMS
Pawel 'Paplo/Taski' Filipczak, Taski has published version 3.51 of his program TaskiSMS. Using this program short messages (SMS) can be sent cia cell phone to 112 countries.
  • Some bugs in the main program fixed.
  • New Plug-in for Switzerland (DiAx).
  • New Plug-in for the Czech Republic and Slovakia (D1cz)
  • More send information.
  • Updated Polish translation (others to follow, soon)

You can download the demo version from the TaskiSMS website or from AmiNet.

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Bernd on ANF

Fireball under Additional Address
Additionally to we are now also reachable under

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Dynamite Team on ANF

Dynamite Update 1.1- Download Now!
Today a new version of the online game dynAMIte has been published which of course is better, more colourful, and louder. Some bugs were fixed, a new bonus and a new chat command (/msg) were added. One new feature e.g. is the "Afterburner" which lets the flames last a bit longer.

For the time being Pulpfiction is the first server this new version runs on. And the rest (especially the mostly fastest server, RNO) hopefully would not take too long to 'wake up'.

Download: dynAMIte.lha - 2,2 MB

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Virus Help Denmark

VirusExecutor V2.09 Released
Version 2.09 of the anti virus program 'VirusExecutor' has been released.
Here are the details:

Name: VirusExecutor v2.09
Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
Archive size: 258.021 Bytes
Release date: 29. März 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
Recommends: xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library

New in Version 2.09:
- OS 3.9 ROM-Updates added.
- SystemPatch added.

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   79K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.5
tummy_020.lha        biz/dbase  887K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.05
tummy_040.lha        biz/dbase  888K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.05
tummy_060.lha        biz/dbase  887K+The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.05
NickServAuth.lha     comm/irc     1K+NickServ identify AmIRC script
UidlRem.lha          comm/mail    4K+Automatic daily YAM .uidl file deleter :
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   343K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
Puchdemo.lha         demo/slide 1.4M+Really stupid slideshow demo. Swedish.
muimaster020.lha     dev/mui     98K+Muimaster.library 020 patch
TextEditorExam.lha   dev/src     11K+ReAction texteditor.gadget example
charlemagne.lha      docs/anno  744K+New C64 CD to release!
AIOV45.lha           docs/mags  437K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 45 (Marc
AquaDemo.lha         game/demo  2.6M+Demo of Aqua a great new commercial adve
FlashNG.lha          game/misc   74K+Small GPL Arkanoid clone with RTG suppor
angband.lha          game/role  726K+Angband 2.9.2 - Roguelike solo RPG
kangband.lha         game/role  842K+Kangband 2.9.2 - Roguelike solo RPG
MagicNumbers10.lha   game/think  33K+A small but good mind game
SvIVFix917.lha       gfx/misc     5K+*Fix* for SViewIV V9.17 (24.3.2001)
imdbDiff010316.lha   misc/imdb  2.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
listchopper.lha      misc/imdb   11K+Prevent buffer overflow in MovieMUI 3.5a
ThatsWhat.lha        mods/s3m   239K+That's what friends are for
TIM_0040.lha         pix/3dani  1.3M+TIM's rendered animations (Cinema4D)
GameIcons.lha        pix/gicon  490K+Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games.
fomst28.jpg          pix/henz   309K+NCC-1701D (Star Trek)
fomst29.jpg          pix/henz   280K+Romulan Warbird (Star Trek)
Hipsamtab1.jpg       pix/misc    57K+A picture of the best Amiga on earth! (r
Hipsamtab2.jpg       pix/misc    53K+A picture of the best Amiga on earth! (r
Hipsamtab3.jpg       pix/misc    51K+A picture of the best Amiga on earth! (r
Cruiser.jpg          pix/trace   54K+D7 Klingon Cruiser
StationK7.jpg        pix/trace   62K+Classik Series Star Trek"The K7 Station"
theworld.jpg         pix/views  100K+Poem with background pic
guideml2.lha         text/hyper  51K+Cool AmigaGuide -> HTML converter (V2.1)
AutomaticRead.lha    text/misc   40K+An Automatic Reader that speaks your tex
CGXrndLIB.lha        util/boot  1.6M+Random Bootpic.library Selector
titleshadow.lha      util/boot   20K+Add shadows or outines to your window ti
WoW.lha              util/conv   40K+Text converter (Html, Ww6, Rtf, AGuide, 
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 215K+AkJFIF-dt V44.97 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/M
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 230K+AkPNG-dt V44.97 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/MOS
akPNG-PPC.lha        util/dtype  79K+AkPNG-dt PPC plugin V44.97
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 226K+AkTIFF-dt V44.97 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/M
WarpPSDdt.lha        util/dtype  44K+Adobe Photoshop  datatype V44.1 (68k,War
ArgueGUIColl.lha     util/misc   53K+Argue GUI for SoftCinema, Moovid, Visage
ReqAttack_mgr.lha    util/misc    5K+RAPrefsMUI hungarian catalog

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Thomas Steiding via E-Mail

"Knights and Merchants" to be Ported to MAC
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment porting "Knights and Merchants"

e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment GmbH has signed an license agreement to port the real time strategy game "Knights and Merchants" to MAC.

The world "Knights and Merchants" plays in is a counterpart to the medieval age. Expect for the imaginary geography of our world all of the game contents were take from the European and especially from the Anglo-Saxo medieval times around 1200 u.C.. There are no additional fantastic elements as like e.g tale creatures used. The player takes the role of a simple captain serving the kings commands. Due to a confederacy against the king and his empire the captain (the player) gets assigned the job to defend the royal provinces remaining. Expect for this land the kingdom has fallen apart to many small principalities and counties. After disposal of the ancient empire was lost the king himself in his capital city gets threatened by hostile forces. This is the starting situation the player faces at the beginning of the game. The players task is to reconquer all of the provinces which have belonged to the ancient empire.

The game "Knights and Merchants" can be taken for a strategical economy simulation. Cardinally the economic part represents the main element of this game running in real-time. With numerous medieval buildings in combination with then customary producer goods can manufacture several wares. He lets build and maintain buildings and streets by his 'bondslaves'. The economic structures are simulated in detail whereby each ware is produced using several raw materials and passes the respectively number of manufacturing sites. All of those manufacturing systems are visualized in detail and comprehensible enabling the player to fast and reliable control economy. The result of all productive activities is the manufacture of weapons and armaments. Mentionable in this are the logistics the player prearranges by the structure of transport rout (streets). All of the wares must be transported between the houses by assistants which marks down planning of the town, production times, and buildings, thus the efficiency of economy. Also in this the player gets the transported wares graphically displayed. All game figures have their specific operational area and do their work independently. The do not depend on any control by the player. The players opportunities are limited to indirect commands for creating buildings, streets, corn fields, etc.. Only the military units can be directly commanded by the player.

More information about "Knights and Merchants" are to find at the projects section of our homepage:

Consulting Thomas Steiding via telephone arose that there is no version for Amiga planned for the time being, because apparently there is not enough demand.

Well, this game sounds quite interesting. Maybe we are able to assure Thomas Steiding of the antipode. ;-)

[News message: 29. Mar. 2001, 14:42] [Comments: 0]
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Richard Kapp via E-Mail

NARR-Site Update
Again there are three new downloads on the Narr-Site:

SendStuff v.0.3Beta - a program to send files to other directories or devices by drag'n'drop.

MagicSets - 3 nice 256-colour sets for the newly released WB game 'MagicNumbers'.

CoolsOS - 3 backdrops for the Workbench (very stylish and good matching for high-resolutions).

Moreover the is a new status update, again.

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Michael Rupp on ANF

Update: TAWS v0.7 is Online
A new version of TAWS - the Amiga Workbench simulation - is now online. TAWS is a pure JavaScript simulation of the Amiga Workbench for Win32 Internet Explorer 5.x, just for fun and of course in dedication for the Amiga. ;-)
Innovations are:
  • Real Amiga-Menue
  • Implementation of the menue commands «Open», «Close» and «Close Workbench ...»
  • Preferences program for user settings which even can be saved (pay regard to the simulated BOOPSI elements)
  • Background patterns for windows and Workbench
  • Configurable fonts, font size and colours
  • OS3.5 Icon-Dragging-Patch (for dragging several icons without SHIFT key)
  • SolidWindows-Patch (no fram while dragging or enlarging windows, but those will be redrawn immediately)
  • PowerWindows-Patch (window parts can be placed out of the visible area)
  • ClickToFront-Patch now can be disabled, too
  • Transparency while dragging icons (configurable, too)

Feedback is always welcomed, as well as your favourite patterns which I think about to implement into TAWS, then.

[News message: 29. Mar. 2001, 11:26] [Comments: 0]
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The Coolest Amiga on Earth!
Among yesterday's Aminet uploads AmigArt has found three pictures by Mikael Persson from Sweden showing his super-cool Amiga built into an "Amiga" table (Aminet-Readme):

Our Danish translator Viggo has done a raw translation of the readme text:

What do you think about my new Amiga? Cool, eh? I started to work on it right after Christmas, so it took more than four month to finish this thing. Are my grandfather and I just slow, are we?

The frame contains of aluminium rods with two hardened 6 mm glass plates put in between. The drawing was done by print office. Inside of the table there are two strong and above all silent fans for cooling the system. There are also four fluorescent tubes of 18 watts each - this can make the thing warm.

On the forefront you can see the floppy drive next to the CD-ROM drive and the on/off switch (on the left). The other switches are to control a "lightning control station" with which I can let the light inside of the table blink in different colours (note: like in a disco). On the backside of the table (not visible on the picture) there are infrared units and all of the Amiga ports (note: serial, parallel, etc). Inside of table there is an Amiga 4000 which was completely reconstructed. Please, pay attention to the wireless keyboard and mouse on the table.... and the best of all... the TFT flatscreen, which even works with my Amiga.

This was a brief description. If you would like to get more information just write to me! Of course I have got many pictures of my Amiga's reconstruction.

I also do other things. As soon as I can get a little help I will build a new Amiga table which even will be lifted to the ceiling after use.

Regards, Mikael Persson
(Englisch translation by mj)

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Grzegorz Juraszek via E-Mail

New PCI-Board "Prometheus"
Announcement - Warsaw, March 29, 2001

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest product - "Prometheus" card for Amiga.

It is the most advanced PCI bridge adapter available for Amiga computers equipped with Zorro III expansion slots. With "Prometheus", a world of cheap, standard PCI cards opens before you! Some features of the product:
  • Works with any Zorro III equipped Amiga, regardless of the turbo/processor card installed in the system,
  • Four 32-bit PCI slots clocked with 33 MHz,
  • Fits any tower case, also works with desktop A3000/4000s when open,
  • Works with other Zorro III cards, supports AutoConfig (TM),
  • Real transfer rates between Amiga and PCI cards - up to 12 MB/s,
  • Real transfer rates between PCI cards - up to 120 MB/s,
  • Additional on-board connector for the power supply,
  • Professionally designed four-layer printed-circuitboard with gold-galvanized contacts - complies the PCI standard specifications.

Together with the "Prometheus" card we bundle a CD-ROM with:
  • Drivers for the Voodoo3 graphics card, developed in close co-operation with Hyperion and the authors of Picasso96. 2D drivers work under the P96 system, 3D functions are available through Warp3D,
  • Drivers for a sound card and a network card,
  • A completely FREE software development kit for programmers. There is no need to sign NDA and no additional fees - we want to make "Prometheus" the most open PCI bridge solution as far as the drivers development goes,
  • Demo versions of the games that use the 3D functions of Voodoo3: Heretic 2, Shogo.

The "Prometheus" package also contains multi-lingual reference manual (also in English), holders for the bridge and PCI cards and the extension cord for a graphics card.

Prometheus - no promises, just solutions.

Our webpage:
For information about Prometheus in English, contact Grzegorz Juraszek:
e-mail: or cel. phone: +48 609 394778 (from 10 am to 6 pm).

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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

Virus Help Denmark created Support Shop
Virus Help Denmark, the Virus experts from the upper north, have created their own support shop with merchandising articles like T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee cups, and mouse pads with the Virus Help Denmark logo at

The profit of 2USD for each unit sold will benefit the anti virus programmers (which are not only commercial programmers).

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Andreas Falkenhahn via E-Mail

Updater v1.3 for the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM
For the program updater, on the 'The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM' enabling access to updates, a new version was released. With this new version it is no more necessary to type in the serial code each time, but it will be saved local. The program can be downloaded from the update section on the Airsoft Softwaire homepage (title link).

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Diverse Sources

Software News
There is a new demo version of the recently published adventure game 'Aqua' by Emerald Imaging. The game is distributed by Crystal Interactive. Download: AquaDemo.lha

Tales of Tamar
There is a new Amiga client v0.34 for registered beta testers of Tales of Tamar which is a round game based on the Internet.
For the first time with version v0.34 it is possible to create armies on Tales of Tamar. You have to equip your armies on ToT with the help of bought or self produced weapons and arming. The damage of an army depends on the level of arming and the quality of the weapons as well as the class of the arming depends on the arming of an army.
There are over 50 several weapons such as a one-handed weapon, two-handed ones, crossbow or complex besieging weapons like catapult or trebuchet. There are also 15 different opportunities of equipping the army with arming.
You can only produce several weapons when gaining a certain level of research. Armies can be generated, renamed, increased, split, connected, deleted and trained.

MUI PPC for MorphOS
PPC MUI 3.9 Public Release 2 has been published for MorphOS. Please read the documentation before installing it! Download: MUI_Release2.lha - 969 kB

Amster V0.8a
Today version v0.8a of the Napster-client Amster has been published for Amiga computers. Amster is a client for exchanging MP3-files which supports features like chatting, search, download, announcement-lists and so on. Downlaod: Amster-main.lha - 199 kB and Amster-locale.lha - 352 kB

AutoPDF V1.2
With this small but very useful script by you can convert Ghostscript-files to PDF-files with your Amiga. Download: AutoPDF_Archive.lha

Stephan Rupprecht has published version 45.3 of his ilbm-PPC-datatype. Download: ilbmdtPPC.lha - 10 kB

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AmigActive issue #19 Available from Today on
From today on issue #19 of the english print magazine 'AmigaActive' is available with the following topics:
  • Payback! - Smell the burning rubber...
  • Zoned! - Digital Art.
  • Powered Up! - The latest on MorphOS.
  • Netted! - The Eye-Surf.
  • Bitmap Bonus! - Paging Mr. Montgomery...

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Strato-Domains Offline Possibly Because of Attack
Since yesterday many websites which are hosted at Strato cannot be accessed any longer. Many Amiga-sites are also concerned.

Heise writes:
«An attack to the Strato-server cannot be excluded any longer - in contrary to the loss of current which Strato called to be the reason. The press spokesman Sören Heinze called the incident as a "abnormal shutdown of the memory unit" and told heise online that he accepts a report against unknown in the next time. KPNQwest technician said that an attack from outside is almost impossible. Heinze didn't want to exclusive any possibility as the reason for the offline.»
The full article under the title link.

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Amiga Classix 3
Next month there will be a new multi platform game collection CD called 'Amiga Classix 3' (Windows, MAC and Amiga) which contains many nice classical Amiga games distributed by E.p.i.c. Interactive Entertainment.

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Richard Kapp on ANF

GFX Games Database: Interview with Giles Burdett
On GFX-games-database there is an English spoken interview with Giles Burdett, the programmer of the WB-game called Connect4, where he speaks about his new and old projects and where he expresses his opinion about MorphoS, AmigaDE, Amiga magazines and much more. Have fun reading the interview!

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Thomas Unger via E-Mail

The Kickstart Archives V1.1
The most important innovation of version 1.1 of KICKSTART ARCHIVES is the integrated freeware-search-engine "S@lz&Pfeffer Leicht 1.0" by Rainer Eschen.

With the help of a pre-calculated JavaScript-file it is possible searching the websites offline on the CD-R. The search engine does not depends on platforms and is directly integrated in the index-tree of KICKSTART ARCHIVES. It is only expected a web-browser which supports frames and JavaScript-standard 1.1. There is a german spoken help function at any time. But there must be said that interpreting the ca. 8 MByte script-file when starting the search engine takes ca. 10 minutes on a 900 MHz Pentium III-system (WinME, IE 5). But each search for a string takes just ca. one second. (Remark: THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES themselves and images are put on a harddrive of Amiga 2000 with Blizzard 2060 and 64MByte RAM under AmigaOS 3.5. The images are burned with MakeCD 3.2.)

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Horst Diebel on ANF

Strategy game Schlachtfeld
The strategy game SCHLACHTFELD is supposed to be developed on.In order to give some users a first impression the side is being created in the link. If there is sufficient interest there will be also a seperate domain.

Up to now you can find the intro-story, a first opinion poll, a forum, a download area and several outlines to the units in the game.

Please have a look at our side and maybe you've got an idea which things still could be integrated.

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