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Tech-Demo: Last update for "Street Fighter 2" port
"Street Fighter 2" is the attempt to recreate the well-known beat'm up on the Amiga using the Scorpion Engine in a better way. The author is not going to develop a full game but hopes to inspire other developers. Now he has released a last update. The source code is supposed to be released soon on the Scorpion Engine Unofficial Demos repository. Changes:
  • Added Shoryuken move and sound to Ryu
  • Special moves are mapped to "Forward + C" (Shoryuken) and "Backward + C" (Hadouken)
  • Added more energy to Ken to have more fun
  • Added some grace time after Ken dies before playing the winning stance
  • A bit more accurate parallax scrolling values
  • Fixed bug where punch and kick animation could be performed mid air
  • Fixed initial camera position jump after fade in

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Erik Hogan (Mail)

Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine V2022.3
The "Scorpion Engine" developed by Erik 'earok' Hogan allows you to develop games. The engine itself is closed source, all demos and example games are open source. The editor runs under Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, levels created by using the editor Tiled eingesetzt. For importing and creating sounds, music and animations the Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5) are used.

A few moments ago he has relesaed version 2022.3 with the following changes:
  • Custom splash screens for Patreon backers.
  • Improved AGA support, including "GothicVania" triple parallax demo.
  • One click export to Win/Mac (FS-UAE), AmiBerry/A500 mini, Workbench.
  • Improved code and animation editing.
You can support the developer on his Patreon website. (dr)

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Workbench distribution: AmiKit XE 11.7.0 Update for Raspberry Pi 4/400
Version 11.7.0 of the Workbench distribution AmiKit XE for the Raspberry Pi 4/400 increases performance and security and provides program updates. Changes:
  • Amiga side changes:

    • ADDED: host-multiview 1.0 by Dimitris Panokostas. It allows you to open Amiga files with default Linux app!
    • UPDATED: ADiffView 2.0 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    • UPDATED: AmiSSL 4.10 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    • UPDATED: HippoPlayer 2.47 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    • UPDATED: Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.28 by Pawel Nowak
    • UPDATED: JFIFdt44 44.15 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    • UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_NList 0.127 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
    • UPDATED: RapaGUI 2.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    • UPDATED: RNOPDF 1.4 by jPV^RNO
    • UPDATED: SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, Thomas Richter et al.
    • UPDATED: UnRAR 6.02 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    • UPDATED: VirusZ 1.04Ăź by Georg Wittmann
    • UPDATED: xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
    • FIXED: Initialising of YAM theme works now
    • FIXED: If you're experiencing sound glitches, in new Amiberry increase the sound buffer to 8

  • Linux side changes:

    • UPDATED: Amiberry 4.1.5 by Dimitris Panokostas, the emulation engine of AmiKit, now with MANY bugfixes and increased performance including Fast Copper too!
    • UPDATED: Game Controller and WHDLoad databases
    • UPDATED: Linux updates (included with new image only; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)
Besides, 3 music tracks have been added in memory of Paul van der Valk who recently passed away. (dr)

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