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Instant-Messenger: Jabber for Amiga
'JabberWocky' is an instant messenger being developed for the AmigaOS using the Jabber technology. AmigArt released a screenshot of the JabberWocky about requester (AmigaOS 3.x, 68k, MUI). More information about the program hasn't been released, yet.

The Jabber technology is open source. XML is used for data exchange. It is possible to connect to the AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Instant Messengers, Yahoo messenger, and IRC clients via so called 'transports'. SMS support is planned, too.

The system is planned to offer more peer-to-peer services in the future.

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WinUAE: Kaillera Beta 1 - Gaming via the Net
First off
WinUAE-Kaillera was developed by Sane and Thrill. The original WinUAE was developed by Brian King, based on the original UAE. Brian King has no part whatsoever in the development of WinUAE-Kaillera, therefore do not send him any questions about this beta-release, as he can't answer them. Kaillera, the engine on which this product is based, is developed by Christophe Thibault, who also has nothing to do with the actual development of WinUAE-Kaillera. See at the end of the document for related websites. Bug-related questions should go to .

WinUAE-Kaillera enables users of this great emulator to play against another person over a TCP/IP network, such as the internet. For this it uses the Kaillera-Engine, a program developed specifically for enabling emulators to achieve netplay. As Kaillera itself already has proven its merits on emulators such as Mame and Bliss, this was the perfect choice for the development of this program. In this first BETA release there is support for (shared) keyboard and joystick. Mouse does NOT work yet (we're working hard on that one :). Do not expect this BETA release to work flawless. This version uses the source code as released on the WinUAE page, v0.8.14. As there are new versions out already, it could be that this version does not work on your computer. Do not send bug reports/questions about this please.

First of all: netplay requires a fast and good internet connection. A typical ping to the other player should not exceed 150 ms, otherwise the game could become difficult to handle. In theory there is no reason you can't run it on a 56K modem, apart from the fact that modems sometimes prove to be unreliable. Judge for yourself. When you start WinUAE-Kaillera you will notice a few changes over the original WinUAE. On the 'Configuration'-tab there is an extra button 'Start Kaillera', furthermore the 'Gameport'-tab has three extra buttons 'Remote 0', 'Remote 1' and 'None' (default).

Before playing, both players should first acquire the exact same configuration-file. Any differences in these can/will cause the game to 'desync'. Ofcourse the game/kickstart should also be the same.

The 'Remote X' buttons must be configured prior to any netplay. They decide who is using what joyport on the remote end. If you are using joystick 0 in port 0, and the remote player is using joystick 0 in port 1, you should enable 'remote 1'. The remote player should do exactly the reverse and enable 'remote 0'. Furthermore make sure your joystick settings are right. Each player should use joystick 0 on its local port, and have joystick 1 configured for the remote port. See screenshots for clarification.

After you both verified your settings are correct on both ends, press 'Start Kaillera' on the 'Configuration'-tab. The Kaillera-window will now be opened, and you can use a server from the list that appears on the screen or enter an IP of another Kaillera- server. If you are both on the server, one player creates a game using 'create game' on the bottom. After that, the other player can simply join the game, by selecting it and pressing 'join'. If you are both ready, the player that created the game starts it by pressing 'start game', and off you go!

Finally, the local player can start the game, after which both emulators will start loading the game.

The emulator will now sync up (this takes a little while) and the game will be loading. You can now play just as you would play on a single computer, with the extra addition that the keyboard is shared. You can both press keys on it to choose extra options. For clarity and fair play, it is recommended that you decide beforehand who is handling the keyboard.

Close information about how to use it including screenshots and hints how to solve problems are available in the documentation.

This is about a beta release which still might contain bugs. Bug reports can be sent to


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Titan SoftwareDev via E-Mail

Game: 'Shogo MAD' Available from Monday
The 3D shooter 'Shogo MAD' has been finished and will be shipping from Monday, 30 April 2001.

Shogo requires an Amiga with PowerPC, at least 64MB of RAM, a graphics board, CD-ROM drive, and 400 MB of free harddisk space. More information about Shogo are available under the title link or on Hyperion's homepage.

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Amiga Flame

AmigaDE: 'Cyberoxygen' Company
Cyberoxygen is developing software for the AmigaDE. They envisage a new generation of digital appliances spreading to all parts of life. So Cyberoxygen will develop products for desktop computers, PDA's, digital TV-sets, up to computer supported cars and refrigerators.

Java[TM] API's, PDA/desktop games, as well as the sound editor, player and converter 'Sounds Cool' belong to their current projects.

'Sounds Cool' will support different audio formats, such like Microsoft's RIFF WAVE PCM (.wav), AIFF, MP3 (import), Ogg Vorbis (.ogg), and music modules (import, mod, .s3m).

Ogg Vorbis is about an audio format offering similar opportunities like those of MP3. The Ogg Vorbis format is open source and not patented.

On the Cyberoxygen site there is a link to jorbis - being an Ogg Vorbis decoder for Java[TM].

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Amigaharry on ANF

Startup-Tool: BindAssigns
BindAssigns is a tool enabling the replacement of 'makedir' and 'assign' calls inside of both, startup-sequence and user-startup.

Download: bindassigns.lha

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Magazine: Amiga Information Online #46
Issue #46 of the English online magazine 'Amiga Information Online (AIO)' has been released.

Among other things this issue takes a critical look on AROS.

AOI is looking for a new editor for the games section. People interested in writing game tests for AOI might e-mail to using the subject 'Games Editor Position'.

Download: AIOV46.LHA

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Richard Kapp via E-Mail

GFX-BASE: Interview, WBGags, New URL
You can read an interview with Ronald van Dijk, the author of SameGame. SameGame is a think-game about removing bowls of different colours from the game's board.

Additionally there is a new section called WBGames, an new extended link list, a fresh and better forum, and last but not least a new and hopefully easy to remember URL:

GFX-BASE offers overviews and other information about games and demos running on graphic boards.

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Andreas Guenther on ANF

ScanQuix 5 Homepage
Since February this year the popular scanning software "ScanQuix 5" is no longer distributed by rbm digitaltechnik. Production and distribution now is done by Vesalia-Computer. Please, contact Vesalia Computer regarding questions about ScanQuix.
Recently a ScanQuix 5 homepage was created. There you will find information about the program's features and a list of supported scanners. Furthermore you have the opportunitiy to online register yourself as ScanQuix 5 user. This is to find out about how many active ScanQuix users still exist. Since data of already registered users were not handed down by rbm, these users should register for Vesalia, once more.

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Faces of Mars on ANF

FOM: Three New Freeware CDs Assembled
'The Faces of Mars' has assembled three new CDs:
  • Paranoia: playable versions of Doom, Genetic Species, Brainkiller, Charly the Mercerer and Cyber Games. Further on there are many add-ons for Doom and Quake on the CD.
  • Scorpius: the complete collection of Scorpius Software, beginning with their early works up to Blade and Burnout.
  • Classic Revolution: German and English version of the first class dark future graphics adventure Beneath a Steel Sky. Tested under OS 3.9 for CD, hard disk and disk. There can further Lure of the Temptress in the disk version be found on the CD.

The price per CD is DM 5.- plus p&p and you can get them directly from FOM.

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Mac emulator: iFusion v1.1.1
Blittersoft makes two different updates to version v1.1.1 for the Mac emulator iFusion available that fix some reported bugs (CD mountlist, direct mode on hard drives, and memory issues). Before downloading, please verify the version of iFusion on your CD and then download the needed update for 1.0.0 or for 1.0.1. Further details can be found under the title link.

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Olaf Koebnik via email

Amiga Arena Special Discount Offer: SViewIV, akMPEG
In co-operation with Andreas R. Kleinert the Amiga Arena makes a special discount for SViewIV and akMPEG possible. SViewIV is an Amiga picture viewer and processing program, akMPEG is a MPEG video player. The bundle is available until the 31.05.2001 for a unique special price! Further information regarding the registration can be found in the Amiga Arena in the area "Aktionen".

TaskiSMS special price!
The SMS sender for the Amiga is only available at the special price until 10 May 2001!

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Jan Andersen via email

Virus check: VirusExecutor v2.16
Virus Help Denmark reports the availability of VirusExecutor v2.16. Here the details:
  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.16
  • Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archive size: 267.132 Bytes
  • Release date: 28. April 2001
  • Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
  • Requires: xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library, xadmaster.library

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Amiga Alternative Audio Page

MP3 encoder: LAME v3.89 alpha
Alpha version 3.89 of the MP3 encoder LAME by Sigbjørn Skjæret has been released.
Download: LAMEbeta.lzx

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BTTR team

Back To The Roots Amiga News 229
'Back to the Roots' is a website that offers old Amiga classic games for download with the agreement of the copyright owners. New added are the two great games 'Carrier Command' and 'Battle Command'. Those can be downloaded for free from "Back to the Roots". Besides these two, there are also 'Valhalla 2', 'Garfield', 'Hattrick!', 'Soldier of Light', 'Detroit' and many other games available.

For friends of effects there were tons of brilliant demos at the annual Mekka Symposium demo party. The best of those were added to the BTTR archive. New pixel art works by artists like Critikill or Acryl can be admired. Great screenshots of the 3D action game Genetic Species, the Turrican clone Land of Genesis and the classic Disposable Hero are waiting in the picture gallery, too. For music friends there are 115 new pieces.

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Amigan Software

Tool: Report+ V4.51
Report+ Version 4.51 was released. With Report+ bug reports, Aminet readme files, documentations and similar reports can be easily created. The program is freeware and bases on ReAction and GadTools.
Download: report.lha - 381 kB

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Google: Entire Usenet Archive Available Now
In February the search engine Google took over the Usenet service from (Dejanews), but only integrated parts of it into the search engine. Google now has integrated the entire Usenet archive beginning from 1995 and by that enables searching in 650 million of messages (over 1 terabyte of communication).
Until the middle of May it should be possible to post messages to single news groups on the Usenet via Google Groups.

Some links to AMIGA relating news groups:


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New Caricature by Eric Schwartz
The new caricature was named 'The AMIGA that wouldn't die!'

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Amiga HTTP-Server hserv V26.0
Alfonso Ranieri has released version 26.0 of his ARexx HTTP server 'hserv'. 'hserv' is a HTTP/1.1 server for Amiga, which can run on it's own or as an inetd service. It is capable of GET, HEAD, and POST. More technical details under the title link.

Download page.

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