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Andreas Falkenhahn via E-Mail

NewInstaller 2 Announcment
Press Release
Soon a big update of NewInstaller, the NewInstaller 2, will be released. This version will be capable of being used for standard installer (Sys:C/Installer) including all of the advances like background pictures, sounds, Internet integration, etc.

An exclusive preview version of this revolutionary tool will be made available for users of The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM in a few days. The final version will be made available in full version for owners of the CD-ROM, too.

The NewInstaller 2 will set new standards, since for the first time it will enable complete software packets to be offered as one single exe-file (as it is usual on other systems, longest). More details will be announced, soon.

Who is not owner of The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM, but however wants to inspect the NewInstaller version 2, already, will be able to have a look on some screenshots on the Airsoft Softwair homepage, next Monday.

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MP3-Encoder: Lame V3.88 for WarpOS
Version 3.88 of the MP3 encoder Lame by Jarmo Laakkonen for WarpUp has been released.
Download: lame.lha

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
FLeagues_BB2.lha     biz/dbase  117K+Football Database For 50 Leagues (1.5.6)
Even_more_ksm.lha    comm/irc     7K+5 more ksm filesfor kuang ksmaster say
nc_update_beta.lha   comm/news  150K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
newscoaster_b.lha    comm/news  372K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
newscoaster_be.lha   comm/news  372K+NewsCoaster FULL VERSION, but beta (v1.3
TaskiSMS.lha         comm/tcp   421K+Sends SMS to GSM phones (MUI).
TaskiSMS_GR.lha      comm/tcp    13K+Greek documentation for TaskiSMS v 2.5
TaskiSMS_PL.lha      comm/tcp   216K+Polish catalog & documentation for Taski
Lynx.lha             comm/www   968K+Great WWW Browser,v284dev20 with SSL
MassDL.lha           comm/www    39K+Less work on WWW pages file leching. (AW
rno-lhti.lha         demo/slide 3.2M+RNO: "Goes Lahti" a RNO&DCS Meeting part
JMildred_ScrMd.lha   dev/basic  147K+How to use Mildred+BBasic with AGA/RTG
GetCRC.lha           dev/c       23K+V1.15 calculates different checksums
COP.lha              dev/debug  159K+Low Level Debugger
MuForce.lha          dev/debug  270K+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAngl.lha   dev/debug  292K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
MuLink.lha           dev/misc   120K+Memory protect selected hunks of binarie
MuScan.lha           dev/misc   117K+Print the MMU tree layout.
vahunz.lha           dev/misc   304K+Make source code un-/more legible.
AmigaFuture30.lha    docs/mags  601K+Great german paper mag preview
MuManual.lha         docs/misc  787K+Tutorial, examples, includes, (auto)docs
kamband.lha          game/role  949K+Kamband 2.0 - Roguelike solo RPG
VideoEasel.lha       gfx/misc   611K+THE flexible Cellular Automata (LIFE...)
MuEVD.lha            misc/emu   127K+MuLib driven ShSh driver for ECS,AGA,P96
Nostalgia.lha        misc/emu   288K+THE Multi-Emulation system (2.0a)
NallePUH.lha         mus/misc   161K+Redirects any (hw-banging) sound program
MathVision.lha       pix/back   658K+24Bits Backgrounds for your WB made with
BTopaz.lha           text/bfont  24K+Bulgarian Cyrillic Topaz font + Keymap (
ltdic_engesp.lha     text/misc  232K+English-Spanish dictionary for LangTools
ltdic_enghun.lha     text/misc  2.6M+English-Hungarian dictionary for LangToo
ltdic_gerhun.lha     text/misc  516K+German-Hungarian dictionary for LangTool
ltdic_huneng.lha     text/misc  3.1M+Hungarian-English dictionary for LangToo
adfzip.lha           util/arc     1K+ADF file compression utility
MiraWizARC11b.lha    util/arc   166K+NEW GUI for LHA-LZX-ZIP-TAR-GZIP-DMS
MuFastChip.lha       util/boot  116K+Chip memory cache mode fine tuning tool
MuFastRom.lha        util/boot  116K+MuLib conformal ROM to RAM remapper
MuFastZero.lha       util/boot  132K+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
MuLockLib.lha        util/boot  110K+Lock the mmu.library in memory on startu
MuOmniSCSIPtch.lha   util/boot  114K+Make the omniscsi.device MMULib aware
MuProtectModul.lha   util/boot  115K+MuLib ROM Modules Write Protection
MuSetCacheMode.lha   util/boot  119K+MMU tree adjustment tool for experts
PatchRAM.lha         util/boot   19K+Patch Os 3.9 RAM-Handler to show right s
WinToFront18.lha     util/cdity  62K+Replaces ClickToFront, with more options
SimpleSplitter.lha   util/cli    49K+Easy file split/join v1.0 (Ami,PC,Linux)
xlhtml.lha           util/conv  167K+Convert Excel/PowerPoint files to HTML, 
DisLib.lha           util/libs   17K+A library based MC68K disassembler
MMULib.lha           util/libs  527K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha            util/libs   54K+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
Utilities.lha        util/libs   20K+Handle strings and numbers V1.1
beer2001.lha         util/misc  137K+Calculates the cheapest alcohol drink fr
SnoopDos.lha         util/moni  133K+SnoopDos 3.7, the well known system moni
SnoopDos_Src.lha     util/moni  256K+SnoopDos 3.7 sources
FastIEEE.lha         util/sys   143K+Speed up your mathieee libraries!
Mu680x0Libs.lha      util/sys   327K+MuLib aware 68060, 68040, 68030 and 6803
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 261K+VirusExecutor v2.15
ccskins.lha          util/wb    148K+6 Skins for CoolCALC
classaction.lha      util/wb    228K+AmigaOS multipurpose filemanager
Help.lha             util/wb     77K+V45.1, AmigaDOS System Help Command
JotNote.lha          util/wb    178K+Simple no-nonsense sticky notes!

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KDH News

AmigActive Issue 20 Available at KDH
The latest issue of the English print magazine AmigActive is available at KDH Datentechnik, from today. The magazine comes with a CD full of software.

Issue 20 contains a.o.t.:
Extended G-REX PCI board test
Tests of Photogenics 5.0 and the game Earth2140
What will the future be for the Amiga (a foresight)
St Louis 2001 (an extended show report)
Report about the plans of Ideas2Realty
Linux on the Amiga (Workshop)
OS3.9 (Workshop)

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Willerts Homepage

CompressHTML V0.85
Thorsten Willert has released version 0.85 of CompressHTML. Using CompressionHTML you can compress HTML, AmigaGuide, and Arexx files.
Download: CompressHTML.LZX, Documentation of CompressHTML

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DocDatatypes V40.0
Yesterday, Amarpreet Singh Munde has released version 40.0 of his DocDatatype. New are Mac text file support and saving of Palm db TEXt documents, as well as MS Word support. Additionally a new and faster and easier file finder is included in the archive, which offers file search by name, size, date, and file type.
Download: docdatatypes.lzx - 46 kB

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Dirk Stoecker via E-Mail

Improve XAD and Win OS3.9 CD
As already known by many people one can register the decrunching system XAD for a new archive format by writing an own client. Since XAD is also distributed along with OS3.9, now, Dirk Stoecker offers a little extra item. Somebody doing something valuable for XAD (as Stuart Caie, Andrew Bell or Ronald van Dijk already did) will receive a free OS 3.9 CD (and of course an own keyfile, too). This work can be such like new and valuable clients, a great new program or ......

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Olaf Koebnik via E-Mail

Amiga Arena: Image/Visuell Engineer at Special Price
Image/Visuell Engineer CD-ROM Special Price Project
In cooperation with Fun Time World and Marco Seppaenen the Amiga Arena is able to offer 'Image Engineer/Visuell Engineer as CD-ROM Edition' at a special price. Image Engineer is supposed to be the most popular image editing software. It offers a variety of possibilities for image editing. Please visit the Image Engineer homepage for more information. To enable this special edition Marko Seppaenen recommends at least 30 orders!

The Image Engineer CD-ROM is being created by Fun Time World exclusively and will include all of the additional programs as like as Visuell Engineer, Arexx scripts, manuals, homepage, tutorials, and much more! The CD-ROM Edition special price of 49,- DM would be possible for two month.

If you would like to purchase this CD-ROM, please fill in the binding pre-order on this page: Image Engineer Bestellung.

Image Engineer - Mail: Marko Seppaenen
Amiga Arena - Mail: Olaf Koebnik
Fun Time World - Mail: Sebastian Brylka

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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

Virus Help Denmark: VirusExecutor V2.15
'Jan Erik Olausen' has published version 2.15 of "VirusExecutor". This version can remove the new 'BOBEK' virus.
  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.15
  • Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archive size: 267.036 Bytes
  • Release date: 25. April 2001
  • Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
  • Requires: xvs.library (enthalten), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library, xadmaster.library

Meantime the installer of the link virus 'BOBEK' was found. It is about the archive OozeAGA.lha (460.510 bytes), which was removed from aminet, meanwhile. The installer is to be the oozeaga/boardmak file at 23.484 bytes. If you have installed this archive named to be a "very cool freeware game", you can remove the virus using VirusExecutor v2.15.

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Tales of Tamar

50 Additional Beta Testers for T.o.T. Wanted
50 additional beta tester are being looked for Tales of Tamar, which is an internet-based round game for Amiga, Atari, Linux and PC developed by Eternity Entertainment Software. With the new version v0.35 the player is able to "annex land" for the first time.

By annexing land your empire becomes larger and the proportion between raw material and population will change enormously. We will see that the high prices for weapons and arming will go down at the markets and will even out on a normal level. And we will see how countries will be formed and rulers occupy Tamar.

Annexing is nothing different than leading war which is the fight against the original inhabitant of a country. To that function Tales of Tamar offers an efficient fighting machine. It assesses armed forces in over 50 points and then let the armies fight against each other to the rules of the mediaeval fighting strategy.

That fighting machine take note of the following aspects:
  • Arming
  • Weapons
  • Second weapons
  • Experience
  • Training
  • Cavalry
  • Armies with missiles
  • Ratio of troops
  • Morality
  • Surroundings
  • Race
  • Exhaustion

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Pawel Filipczak on ANF

TaskiSMS V2.55
The new version v2.55 of TaskiSMS is released. New in this version:
  • Jumpy plug in added (Italy)
  • errors in the bug report routine removed
  • doc updated
With this program you can send short messages (SMS) into 160 countries of the world. You can get it from the TaskiSMS-homepage or from the Aminet.

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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

Virus Help Denmark: VirusExecutor V2.14
With this update of VirusExecutor V2.14 the new virus "BOBEK" can be deleted from memory and detected in files. But there is actually no routine to repair infected files. That means you have to replace the infected files.

More information:
  • Name: VirusExecutor v2.14
  • Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
  • Archive size: 266.569 Bytes
  • Release date: 24. April 2001
  • Coded by: Jan Erik Olausen
  • Requires: xvs.library (enthalten), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library, xadmaster.library
News in v2.14
  • Fixed enforcer hit when adding files from SYS:WBStartup
  • When Enforcer or CyberGuard is running the MMU: text turns blue.
  • Using xadmaster.library for extracting archives.
  • Improved Bastard file checking a bit
  • Added memory checking and file checking for Bobek link virus. Please wait for a new update of the xvs.library for removals of the Bastard and Bobek virus...
  • Shows only the diskdrives that you have.
  • Removed the requester 'VirusExecutor is already running'. When starting VE when VE is already running the screen just comes to front and gets active.

Because of the new Bobek virus I had to release this version of VirusExecutor. Hope it works with the xadmaster.library ;)

Remember to join the Amiga anti-virus mailing list for free. Just send an empty email to:

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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

Virus Help Denmark: New Link-Virus Found
A new link-virus has been found, the installer is still unknown, we are looking for it. This new virus will add 460 bytes to every file that is opened or executed. That also means that even an antivirus program (that the virus is unknown to), will infect every file it checks for virus. The new virus patches dos.library ExNext function to spread it self. The new virus has been given the name "BOBEK", this is the text you can read in the end of every infected tile.

Okay, here is what we know so far:

Archive name : ?
Archive size : ?
Virus name : BOBEK
Virus size : 460 bytes
Infection : dos.library ExNext

At this time no anti-virus program can find this new virus, so take big care out there. We are right now testing a beta version of the anti-virus program VirusExecutor, that will be able to find the virus and to remove it from memory.

If you find or have the installer for this virus, please send it to me.

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Czech Amiga News

PPC Mac-Emulator: iFusion Update
As Paul Lesurf from Blittersoft wrotes in a note on the iFusion-mailing list in the next days registered users of iFusion will receive an update, because the delivered CD does not contain the latest version of iFusion.

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Richard H. Poser via E-Mail

Update: AmigAIM 0.9414 Beta
A new beta version 0.9414 of AmigaAIM, the AOL Instant Messenger for Amiga from Richard H. Poser, is now available.
Download: AmigaAIM_Beta.lha

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SixK via E-Mail

MySQL for Amiga website moved
The website of SixK, who wrote a SQL-port for Amiga, has moved can now be reached under

[News message: 24. Apr. 2001, 00:25] [Comments: 0]
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