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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

VEPatch.brain for VirusExecutor V1.31
Name: VEPatchBrain v1.31
Archive name : VEPatchBrain.lha
Archive size: 22.469 Bytes
Release date: 17. April 2001
Coder: Jan Erik Olausen

Changes since last update:
WB2Fast v1.0
PowerWB v0.8
PrintManager 39.31
CleverWin 37.9
RAWBInfo 1.24
RAWBInfo 1.28

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AROS-ML Aaron Digulla

AROS Website with New Layout
The website of AROS was completely reworked and has now added an easy navigation, so all informations ca be found fast and easy.

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Andre Jansen on ANF

Software for Studying Languages for the AMIGA
At the title link you will find software to learn: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish with the AMIGA (CD-ROM)

This software is not new, it is more like a sales out, but there is no such software then so it is worth to mention. I have bought this software and like it.

This is a training for vocabulary and speaking (with digitalized voices), and for Asian and Russian languages with the special letters.

The vocabulary is presented by pictures, the computer prints on a click on a thing the respective word (with translation if wanted) and plays a sample of the word. A training/quiz is available, too.

Also there is a short summary of the most important rules of grammar (in English). For the version to learn Japanese you can download a demo version from the website.

The programme is available in different versions for OS1.x and OS 2.x and higher, but even this is some years old, so it will open on PAL or NTSC screen. You can promote it without any problem to any screen mode you like, it runs even on a 68060 and with OS 3.9 and MagicMenu.

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Diverse Sources

Software News
Scalos News
For the Workbench substitute Scalos is a DefIcon-plugin as replacement for the FileType-plugIn for download available. The "Persistant_Window"-plugin was updated.
Scalos-Plugin_DefIcons.lha - 12 kB
Scalos-Plugin_Persist.lha - 19 kB

MAS mpeg.device Version 1.2
Chris Hodges has released the version 1.2 of his MAS MPegDevice. It is a standard device for the MAS-Player of Dirk Conrad
Download: MASMPegDevice.lha - 129 kB
At you can find a new archive with 100 game icons in NewIcons style on the All icons are made in the standard size 120*96 pixel and contain a second icon that appears if you click on it. Download page.

New style for Dynamite
You can play "Dynamite" in different styles. At Amisource the new style bdynamite for the Online-Bombermann/Dynablaster clone is available.
Download: BDynamite.lha - 522 kB

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Mekka-Symposium 2k+1 Results
The team of Boingworld has been in Fallingbostel, Germany and has taken part in the Mekka-Symposium 2001, the Amiga-Scene-Demo-Party at the last weekend. The crew, very happy but really tired, has returned to Sweden and promises to write a complete report after getting some sleep. Most impressed was the team about the 20 shown Amiga-demos. The winner of the demo contest is the group Black Lotus (TBL) with its demo "Perfect Circle". An overview on the results you will find here.

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New main page
You sure realized by coming here today, we implemented our English news page to the same PHP-system already used for our German page, since some time.

Now you are able to chose your preferred and private settings for displaying the start page.

There are several possibilities you can chose from the buttons above. You can determine if the page should be displayed showing complete news messages (standard button) or with a compact version of each message on it (compact button). You can also determine the number of messages shown or if you rather want a titles only version (titles only button), and all that for a certain number of days.

Just play around with the buttons and press 'Show' to find out what meets your needs, best. Default setting is 'Per page 3 days - titles only'. Furthermore you can chose if you only want messages regarding Amiga to be displayed or if you want to see other messages, too. Just tag/untag the respective check-box.

Once you found your preferred settings you can update your bookmark to have this available all the time. You can also use the cookies function to have a cookie saved with your settings (check-box).

If you prefer the prior display use for your bookmark.

One more feature is the possibility for you to comment news messages. To do so click on the "Comments:" link below any news message or on the number below the comments item to the right of the respective message in the title only version.

We hope you like the new possibilities. Have fun!

Supplement 03 June 2001
Sorry, the system doesn't work properly, by now. For example it is not possible to change settings. Be sure, we are working on it.

And sorry for the wrong date of this message, too. We are also working on that problem. We ask you for your understanding.

Supplement 03 June 2001
Everything seems to work now, incl. changing settings for the start page. There's just this date thing left, but only for this message. I'm currently not able to post messages for the English page, only. This might change in the future. If you encounter any problem using the new start page, please mail me or post a comment to this message.

Update 01.05.2002:
Accepting cookies new and updated messages will be presented in bold stamp.

Update 04.01.2003:
Here you will find more changes.

Update 25.03.2004: voluntary registry in the comment area
More details see in the following messages: 09.03.2004, 19.03.2004 and 24.03.2004.

Please, tell us what do you think about the new features!

[News message: 16. Apr. 2001, 23:28] [Comments: 2 - 06. Jun. 2001, 18:03]
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Richard Kapp via E-Mail

This time we examined the new Workbench-game MagicNumbers and we made MacOSX-like imageset available.

[News message: 16. Apr. 2001, 20:05] [Comments: 0]
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AROS-ML - Aaron Digulla

Since there has been some confusion, here are some reliable infos about the relationship between AROS and MorphOS.

MorphOS wants to provide an Amiga clone and they need some code to fill gaps in their emulation (for example, parts of Intuition). They asked us if they could use our work and, being an open source project, we "allowed" them to port parts of AROS to MorphOS.

This is exactly the same what we did when Haage&Partner approached us whether they can use our Colorwheel gadget in OS 3.9 which we "allowed", too.

I say "allowed" because that is essentially what we want them to do :-) AROS is meant as a test laboratory to develop new technologies which might prove useful for the next versions of the AmigaOS. We do this independently of Amiga Inc, MorphOS and H&P but always with the goal to provide them with something useful as well as providing adventurous Amiga users with something that feels quite familiar.

So AROS and MorphOS have not "joined forces" or become one project. MorphOS just uses part of our work which is what our work is meant for.

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase   96K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.6-full
EZPagerNG_CE.lha     comm/misc  412K+Send messages to german pagers (Scall,Sk
AKTaskiSMS.lha       comm/tcp    19K+V1.5, YAM2-like Toolbars for TaskiSMS 2.
BabelDoc.lha         comm/tcp    33K+Translate docs or strings from one langu
MWI-SDV31.lha        demo/mag   1.1M+SAVE DA VINYL #31 - packmag by Madwizard
BlitzLstMar01.lha    dev/basic   35K+Blitz mailing list archives for March 20
JMildred_ScrMd.lha   dev/basic  140K+How to use Mildred+BBasic with GFXCards
d65.lha              dev/cross   51K+A symbolic 65xx disassembler
Comal.v3.4.lha       dev/lang   521K+Comal v3.40
m2latex.lha          dev/m2      65K+LaTeX files from Modula-2 and Pascal sou
VCDGear.lha          disk/cdrom 132K+Create VideoCD images for burning or ext
BlackIRC1.1PL.lha    docs/help   11K+Polish Locale for BlackIRC1.1
Lupe1.9PL.lha        docs/help    9K+Polish Locale for Lupe1.9
saku36.lha           docs/mags  1.7M+Saku #36 (2/2001). Finnish e-zine.
Spy3dgame.lha        game/2play 133K+3D game beta for WB (Balrog Soft)
GS650-68k.lha        gfx/conv   816K+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50r2 68k binary
GS650-Data.lha       gfx/conv   1.9M+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50 data archive
GS650-Fonts.lha      gfx/conv   2.6M+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50 fonts archive
GS650-PPC.lha        gfx/conv   905K+AFPL Ghostscript 6.50r2 WarpOS binary
BetaScanMustek.lha   hard/drivr  90K+Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver For BetaScan
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  723K+V1.60 PSX MemoryCard Reader
Dictionar.lha        misc/edu   207K+Vocabulary trainer for Your data
DIGIOchmann09.lha    misc/edu   127K+Versatile and user friendly vocabulary d
HexCon.lha           misc/math   16K+Simple Hex <-> Dec <-> Bin converter
sprawl.mpg           mods/elbie 5.3M+Sprawl Pneumatique [electro] by ElbiE^t1
TheX0XPackage1.lha   mus/edit    44K+A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303
mattaki.lha          pix/misc   214K+[ancor] just a practise
BlazeWCP.lha         util/boot   31K+Very fast Replacement for the OS chunky 
fblit.lha            util/boot  171K+V3.73a Use CPU in place of the blitter.
killAGA2.5.lha       util/misc    4K Run old demos on A1200/4000 hard drives.
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 253K+VirusExecutor v2.10
freakbar.lha         util/wb      2K+Toolbar. V1.2.

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V³ Portal

V³ Beta Image Decoder Version 18.1
Oliver Wagner released a new betaversion of the image-decoder for Voyager 3.3. The decoder is available for AmigaOS and MorphOS. Attention: This release is only works with Voyager 3.3 (not 3.2 or 3.2.13 !!!).

[News message: 16. Apr. 2001, 13:20] [Comments: 0]
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Apex Designs

Payback Update 3 Released
Apex Designs released the third update for the game Payback. The update is available here. The current demoversion can be found here.

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Richard Kapp via E-Mail

URL of PlayGUI Changed
The PlayGUI-support page is now available at

[News message: 16. Apr. 2001, 10:57] [Comments: 0]
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Finnish Amiga Users Group has a New URL
The website of the 'Finnish Amiga Users Group', which is also known as online-magazine 'Saku', is now available under this more easy to remember URL

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 23:42] [Comments: 0]
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Interview with Hans-Joerg Frieden
An interview with Hans-Jörg Frieden (Hyperion) has been released at Digital Dream Arena. The interview contains information about several areas. At the beginning Hans-Joerg Frieden describes how he started put with programming and then how he made his way to learn 3D programming. The following paragraph talks about the creation of Hyperion and the port of Heretic II and Shogo for the Amiga, which is close to finishing now. At the end, the interview describes the motivation to develop Warp3D and MiniGL for the Amiga as well as a statement about AmigaOS V4.x and AmigaDE.

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 23:42] [Comments: 0]
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Jan Andersen via E-Mail

VirusExecutor V2.12
On April 15th 2001, Jan Erik Olausen released version 2.12 of the virus killer 'VirusExecutor'. Compared to former versions, the following changes have been made:
  • The'Bastard'-Link virus can now be recognized and removed. (Thanks to Zbigniew Trzcionkowski for analysing this virus.)
  • The 'TeamMOS TCP'-Trojan has been renamed to 'Zakahackandpatch'. Furthermore a small error in the decrypting code has been removed.

Name : VirusExecutor v2.12
Archive name : VirusExecutor.lha
Archive size : 262.139 bytes
Release date : 15 April 2001
Programmer : Jan Erik Olausen
Requires : xvs.library (included), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library

Download: VirusExecutor.lha (256K), Readme

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 19:00] [Comments: 0]
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Timo Kloss via E-Mail

Graphic Adventure Engine 'INGA'
The graphic-adventure-engine 'INGA' now has got a homepage at Inutilis which contains technical information as well as the current development status.

'INGA' is an engine for graphic-adventures (Amiga) like Monkey Island 3, which has been developed for graphic boards. There is already a game which is being developed using this system, Ermentrud, and more are planned.

The engine includes also a comfortable developer-package which is also presented at the homepage. This will allow everyone to design their own adventures.

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 19:00] [Comments: 0]
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Warp3D: Voodoo3 Status
Thomas Frieden(Warp3D, Hyperion) has posted information about the status of the Voodoo3-driver for Warp3D to the Amiga-Mediator-Mailinglist.

The driver is now stable - even after 3 hours of continuous graphics output it didn't crash. The command-FIFO does not work yet, so the speed is still bad.

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 17:25] [Comments: 0]
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Fun Time World

New Entries in the Big Book of Amiga Hardware
On April 14th, 2001 the 'Big Book of Amiga Hardware' has been expanded. Following new entries have been added:
  • ISDN Surfer
  • Amigo Ethernet
  • Amigo Serial
  • Shuffleboard

In addition to this there are different, smaller updates, new pictures and correction of a link. The complete list of changes can be found here

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 15:18] [Comments: 0]
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Fun Time World

Spitfire²: YAMSync V1.0
Version 1.0 of the YAMSync-Plugin for the Palm-Desktop 'Spitfire²' by Ralph Torchia has been released. This version is only available for registered users. Additionally, the whole website has been reworked.

Spitfire² offers different possibilities to communicate with Palm-PDAs from 3Com, including data-synchronisation with the Amiga.

Download: YAMSync.lha (44K)

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 15:18] [Comments: 0]
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Interview with Peter Molyneux (Populous, Black&White)
In MeriStation-Magazine an interview with Peter Molyneux has been released in Spanish. Peter Molyneux is the game designer of Populous, Black&White and other successful games. During the interview, Commodore and Amiga are named.

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 14:49] [Comments: 0]
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Czech Amiga News

Magazine: Obligement #26
The current issue of the french Amiga-Online-Magazine 'Obligement' is available for download.

Issue #26 contains amongst others a report about the fair in St. Louis, interviews with Fleecy Moss, Oliver Roberts and Georges Halvadjian(Author of Perfect Paint), tests of Earth 2140 as well as Payback and much more.

Download: obligement26.lha (804K)

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 14:34] [Comments: 0]
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Martin McKenzie via E-Mail

Imagine 3D Support-Website with New URL
The support-website of Imagine 3D will be available from now on under the following, newly registered domain .

This is why the E-Mail adresses have changed too. Please use the following from now on:

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 01:17] [Comments: 0]
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Happy Easter Holidays!

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 00:35] [Comments: 0]
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#AmigaZeux in EuIRC on ANF

dynAMIte CD-Edition Needs Pre-Orders
When we distributed 150 preview disks at the World of Amiga 2000 in Cologne, we didn't know how the Amiga community would accept the then still very young project of a TCP/IP-Dynablaster. During March 2001 we have made dynAMIte available for free download after a long beta test stage. Our website recorded 8000 visitors since December and there are 326 players recorded in the general database, which have played several 10.000 games on different servers.

The success of dynAMIte has encouraged us to improve the game even more : A cd-version with many special features, especially for fans of the explosive rods and a very affordable price is in preparation.

However we have a small problem with the realisation at the moment: dynAMIte is Freeware and it will remain freeware - however we can't offer the CD-Version and its extras for free. Since the project includes a financial risk for us, we would be very happy to receive binding pre-orders - the price will be approximately 30,- DM (15 Euro) including shipping with prepayment. To be able to realize the project we need 100 pre-orders from private customers.

Those who are interested to give us their money in exchange of a fancy silver disk with even more distinguished contents, can report this here. You can however only report your general interest there.

Retailers can bindingly order the game exclusively at AMISOURCE and will obtain a discount, there is no retail at GTI (as long as they don't order at our place themselves). Retailers please use this form! We thank all the persons that supported us

[News message: 15. Apr. 2001, 00:29] [Comments: 0]
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