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Frank Röger (ANF)

The Grid: A new Tron-clone for up to 10 players
Today, LogicalByte launched the game The Grid. This is a Tron clone with support for up to ten players simultaneously. The requirement for this number of players is an OctaPlayer adapter from Alinea Computer, which is currently still under development and is due to be released later this year. Until then, the game can currently be played against just one human opponent.

The gameplay of The Grid is based on the original game and therefore also on the classic film: players control so-called light cycles and fight for survival in intense arena duels while trying to lure their opponents into light traps.

The system requirements are a PAL Amiga with at least 1 MB Chip RAM and at least 2 joysticks.

According to the website, The Grid is undergoing further development. Open features to be implemented in the course of the year include player names, various grids, power-ups, speed options (currently only one speed is implemented) and memory optimisation (to support Amigas with only 512 KB Chip RAM).

The Grid can be downloaded free of charge from the title link. (nba)

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Aracde classic: Beta version of Galaga500
Jean-Francois 'jotd' Fabre has started to realise another game for the Amiga: this time Namco's Aracade classic Galaga. He has now released a first beta version, which is already fully playable, but may still have minor bugs and not all features. A standard Amiga 500 is sufficient (YouTube video) (dr)

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Puzzle game: Ami Robbo 2 V0.1
Paweł 'tukinem' Tukatsch's latest project will be a contribution to AmiGameJam 2024: Ami Robbo 2 is the successor to Amirobbo by Polish game developers Bernard Krzymowski and Artur 'Szafir' Szafrański, which was released in 1992. With his permission and assistance, new graphics and levels were created for the second part. Robbo is a universal combat robot that has got into trouble and needs to be rescued from abandoned military bases with the player's help.

The gameplay is based on the classic Sokoban but there are many other elements and a top-down view that Tukatsch invented. There will be a lot of graphics from different artists, and the animations themselves will be different and more rich. The early version 0.1 that has now been released implements basic control of the robot and interaction with objects. (dr)

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