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Archive 11/2003

Sprocki (ANF)

New versions of OpenSSH and OpenSSL released
Diego Casorran has released new versions of OpenSSL and OpenSSH for the Amiga on his website under the title link. OpenSSL is now available in version v0.9.6 L, OpenSSH in v3.7.1p2.

The OpenSSL project is a common effort of developers worldwide to create a stable, fully featured and on OpenSource basing toolkit implementation of the protocols Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) as well as creating a powerful cryptography library.

OpenSSH is a free version of the SSH protocol suite and shall give the users of Telnet, rlogin, ftp and similar clients more security on the Internet by effectively encrypting all sent data including password. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Genesi news in short
  • After their products Pegasos, MorphOS and PegXLin and their Pegasos port of OpenBSD has the company Genesi S.ŗ.r.l. itself now been registered on the "Ready for IBM-Technology" list.
  • Felix Schwarz leaves Genesi and is concentrating completely on his company IOSPIRIT again as Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck posted in a comment on The company owe among other things the creation, support and moderation of many of their websites to him.
  • The official Japanese site of the Pegasos network is now online:
(snx) (Translation: wk)

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28.Nov.2003 (website)

Archive tool: Mui Unarc 45.10
Jocke SjŲblom has written a clone of the tool "Unarc" which is delivered with AmigaOS3.9. This is called "MUI Unarc" and is based on MUI. It uses the xadmaster.library and therefore can display and extract many archive formats.

Direct Download (11 KB). (cg) (Translation: dr)

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GŁnter Horbach / KDH Datentechnik (ANF)

KDH Advent Calendar 2003
This year again KDH Datentechnik offers an Advent calendar. Each day there are special offers from December 1st until December 24th. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Constantinos Nicolakakis (E-Mail)

Tool: SRename 3.8.0
Constantinos Nicolakakis has published the final version 3.8.0 of the tool "SRename". With this tool you can comfortably rename files. The following features have been added in the new version:

New features:
  • Added the STATS (ST) option to display statistics such as:
  • Directories scanned
  • Filenames processed
  • Directory names processed
  • Files renamed
  • Directories renamed
  • File comments changed
  • Directory comments changed
  • Time taken in seconds
  • Added "SRbench"-script to archive for performing standard toggle case benchmark
  • Removed the 255 directory depth level limit. Now more than 2 billion levels of depth are allowed.
  • Now when the name or comment of a directory is changed "(dir)" is appended to the output to indicate that the object type is a directory.


  • Fixed bug where giving FILES and DIRS together would result in no files being renamed. Now FILES cancels DIRS as it should have.
  • In renumbering mode directories that match the basename are no longer processed. Now if the starting number is in a filename only filenames will be renumbered, and if the starting number is in a directory name only directory names will be renumbered.

Further changes:

  • Numerous optimizations resulted in speed gains, particularly in startup time. Because the main bottleneck for SRename is the speed of the OS Rename system call, the percentage of increase in speed relatively to the previous version, will be greater for fast systems and smaller or non existent for slow systems.
(nba) (Translation: dr)

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Marcus Neervoort (ANF) currently not accessable
Because of a change of the provider currently is not accessable. As soon as all has been done the site will be available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Patrick Henz (E-Mail)

Samba de Oruga - Sexy PC-game for Amiga-fans
SAMBA DE ORUGA is a sexy version of the well-known Tetris. It was born with the idea to create the ultimate Tetris, so the Peruvian group The Twin Eagles Group (well-known because of their Amiga game Gunbee F99, published by the APC-TPC) laid their foces on game-play and fun and later then combined it with sexy photos of their game member Orugaloca, where she poses for example only with an Amiga T-Shirt or a Boing-Ball.

  • 1 player or 2 player battle mode
  • Selectable difficulty: Easy - Normal - Hard
  • A highscore for each game difficulty
  • 8 hot photos + 5 game secrets (1 player)
  • 8 additional photos (2 players)
  • 5 Power-Ups + Max Turbo monkey
  • 10 fantastic latin music themes + 36 sound effects
  • Smooth pieces movement
  • English or Spanish version on the CD-ROM

You can order it for only 9.50 Euro in the limited version incl. hand-signed cover by the model and a condom from the website of Faces of Mars. Samba de Oruga runs on x86-PCs with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP.

There you find also an interview with her, some screenshots and feedback from fans. (nba)

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MorphZone (Website)

Games: MathRace and Rock! Paper! Scissors! by La Sekta
In the MorphZone there are two minor new games made by La Sekta for AmigaOS and MorphOS. You must have a Pegasos or an Amiga with RTG.

While MathRace challenge your mathematical knowledge Rock! Paper! Scissors! is a realization of the known child game "Rock - Paper - Scissors. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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28.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

Mirage Interactive offers old Amiga games for free download
Some time ago the Polish games distributor Mirage Interactive has made available some of its older games. You can download it under the title link. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Genesi (E-Mail)

Genesi: Taking Part in HCC-Dagen Show in the Netherlands
Genesi SARL announced their participation at the Dutch HCC-Dagen from 28th through 30th November. Reportedly this is the biggest show of its kind in the Benelux lands, with attendance in previous years reaching 100,000 by some accounts.

They'll be guests at the stand (D106, hall 9) of Tyra-Group.

Tyra-Group is going to introduce their CS-2 system ("Communication Station 2") at HCC-Dagen. This is a new system configuration that is small in size (A4), but with space for a standard 5.25" drive, a 5.25" slim bay, a 5.25" "quarterdrive bay," a 3.5" floppy drive, two hard-drives as well as expansion cards of normal height with additional room for high graphic cards. The TFT screen can be changed out as can the powerpack, both standard, off-the-shelf components.

The "CS-2 Deluxe" is a complete home multimedia system based on Genesi's Pegasos and running MorphOS as well as Tyra-Group's proprietary software. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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The CAPS Team (ANF)

CAPS Update
The CAPS team (who concern themselves with the archiving of old, copy-protected Amiga games, to include copy-protection written on the flags) has converted another bunch of games into CAPS format. This format may for example be read by new UAE versions.

A list of the new games is available from the CAPS homepage. In the meantime more than 1200 games have been archived, among them some very scarce titles such as "Hacker" or a few of the first games from Electronic Arts. CAPS is now looking for people who own other original games and would like to help with the archiving.

Additionally the Amiga version of CAPS Library, which makes possible the use mounting of diskette images that are then worked on by CAPS, is being overhauled. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Falcon (ANF)

FinalWriter Helper: "PDF-Creator"
Falcon has written a little program that may be incorporated in FinalWriter. Using Ghostscript, it allows a comfortable conversion of current documents to PDF format.

  • Final-Writer
  • Ghostscript (preferable V8.00)
  • rexxreqtools.library
  • reqtools.library

Direct Download (93 KB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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