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Patrick Henz (E-Mail)

Samba de Oruga - Sexy PC-game for Amiga-fans
SAMBA DE ORUGA is a sexy version of the well-known Tetris. It was born with the idea to create the ultimate Tetris, so the Peruvian group The Twin Eagles Group (well-known because of their Amiga game Gunbee F99, published by the APC-TPC) laid their foces on game-play and fun and later then combined it with sexy photos of their game member Orugaloca, where she poses for example only with an Amiga T-Shirt or a Boing-Ball.

  • 1 player or 2 player battle mode
  • Selectable difficulty: Easy - Normal - Hard
  • A highscore for each game difficulty
  • 8 hot photos + 5 game secrets (1 player)
  • 8 additional photos (2 players)
  • 5 Power-Ups + Max Turbo monkey
  • 10 fantastic latin music themes + 36 sound effects
  • Smooth pieces movement
  • English or Spanish version on the CD-ROM

You can order it for only 9.50 Euro in the limited version incl. hand-signed cover by the model and a condom from the website of Faces of Mars. Samba de Oruga runs on x86-PCs with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP.

There you find also an interview with her, some screenshots and feedback from fans. (nba)

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