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Archive 11/2003

13.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

Petition for the Further Development of DeluxePaint
Under the title link you'll find a petition that will be presented to Electronic Arts in an effort to achieve further development of the well-known graphic software "DeluxePaint." (cg) (Translation: dm)

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13.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

Fortnightly Q&A's with Fleecy Moss - episode 23
The English online magazine AmigaWorld has published episode 23 of the regular questions and answers session with Fleecy Moss, CTO at AMIGA, Inc. (Update 2012-03-15, cg: as the original document is no longer available, the following content was moved into our database):

1) Amighista: Is Python to be included in the upcoming OS4.0 release? If yes, which version? Will it include a GUI binding (like wxPython, PyGTK or Python for QT)? Who's the person in charge for the porting?

Fleecy: Python is being considered as the cross platform scripting language for AmigaOS4. It is still too early to talk about the project as AmigaOS4.0 itself is the priority at the moment but progress is being made in determining how to create a version that will integrate well with and make use of all the new features of AmigaOS4. Important issues to consider include the GUI and how best to implement the concept of the "ARexx port".

2) Step: We are continuously seeing improvements on the OS4 front in shape of screenshots, progress reports, etc. but why dont we see this in regards of the DE/Anywhere?

Fleecy: As we have said on several occasions, the AmigaDE was always a technology set from which we were to develop product lines. The first product line we talked about was Amie, which was to be a Smartphone to Server operating environment. However, after 18 months of experience with Intent, it became apparent that it would not be able to span such a wide vision, being better suited to a content solution. This allowed us to restart AmigaOS development, with the aim of developing it over time into something approaching the original Amie concept, whilst implementing the Amiga Anywhere and AACE product lines from the AmigaDE technology set.

The current focus of AACE is content deployment, which means deploying one or more pieces of content in a closed or open mode onto software hosts - Windows, PocketPC, Smartphone, and then Linux and Symbian. We have been concentrating on card, download and on device deployments in standalone format. There have been no screenshots because all you see is the content itself running. Once we have this completed, we will finish the AACE player with the new interface, but again, this is just a content player. If you are looking for the Amie solution then you will be better off playing close attention to AmigaOS4, particular as the AG2 project starts to see technology becoming part of AmigaOS4 releases.

3) Troels: Have any work started in regard to porting DE to AOS4 and who is (or will be) doing the port?

Fleecy: The long announced plan has always been to have AmigaDE technology running on AmigaOS4.2, the first PPC outing for the AmigaDE. This plan has not changed. As is normal, the Tao-Group will do the host port, since the AmigaDE can only run on hosts provided by the Tao-Group. The CII will be exclusively done by them but they have asked that we help them on the PII.

Work on it will start when AmigaOS4.1 has shipped.

4) drebben: Why will the JIT not be used for OS components and how will the system know what is an OS compnent and what is not?

Fleecy: Accelerating only applications eases the JIT design and integration a lot and gives a much cleaner result since there is a clear separation between legacy applications (and their translated code) and the rest of the system. It also gives us the possibility to add certain kinds of code optimisations and otehr JIT options like translation buffer size s.o. on a per application basis.

Another reason are code segments where response time is more important than execution speed, e.g. interrupts.

Of course one could argue that the speed impact resulting from the remaining 68k library parts could result in a bad trade off against the benefits of a cleaner code base but then one should also remember that there will be virtually no time critical 68k code left in the system and therefore also virtually no loss of speed. If push comes to shove we can add a dedicated JIT translation service that takes care of system code but it simply isn't worth the effort.

Regarding the howto: That's a technical detail I don't want to discuss in the public, what can be said is that we can easily track which loaded code segments belong to which task and the JIT makes use of that functionality.

5) HMK: How old versions of AmigaOS will Amiga Inc. support with Boing Bags, security updates (if such), when OS4 gets released?

Fleecy: We obviously want to encourage the community to move towards AmigaOS4.0 with all of its inherent advantages. We also want to encourage them to move to new hardware but recognise that the investment in classic machines and the PPC accelerators has been considerable, which is why we will support them if we can through AmigaOS4.0 and perhaps further.

As far as AmigaOS3 is concerned we have to look at the business arguments for continuing to support it. We are of course interested in the views of the community in this respect. In short, we will end support for AmigaOS3 but it is a question of when.

6) IonMane: Why would you want to develop on a cross-platform environment (= CPE) to draw people specifically to your own platform? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having AmigaOS 4 in the first place?

Fleecy: I'm afraid I don't understand this question, or at least have read it to mean at least two contradictory things. Can you send me a clearer version privately ( and I'll answer you and have Amigaworld update this Q&A.

7) kvinkunx: Did you already enter into talks with the authors of OpenOffice? This freeware office package already runs on several platforms defined as 'main' and would be really handy for Amiga users, an official approach of Amiga Inc. may convince the authors to do an A1 port I think.

Fleecy: I don't want to provide answers relating to specific third party applications or products but rest assured that we are well aware of the essential applications needed by Amiga users if the Amiga platform is to be a compelling choice for digital users and activity is progressing. I would point out as I have done before that it all boils down to size of market and amount of resources, two things we are working hard to improve.

8) Asemoon: AmigaOS4 is the main reason for me to get an AmigaOne. However I would also like to give Linux a try but I do not want to have to deal with bootloader menus all the time I boot the hardware. Wouldn't it be a good idea to create a bootloader for the AmigaOne which automaticly boots AmigaOS4 and only brings up the bootloader menu after pressing a certain key?

Fleecy: Yes it would 8-)

The situation is more complex than that. The booloader is designed to boot OS4 and Linux (or any other OS that is able to live on RDB partitions); however no actual code for Linux is ready. What we are planning as a temporary measure is yet-another-env-variable with an indicator on which kernel to load by default. The whole issue is only valid if you install OS4 and Linux on the same HD. If you install on different HDs, no problem: you set a default boot method and can change it by interrupting the autoboot.

9) TheJackal: Are there plans for the new graphics library (or Vega) to have the ability to use 32bits per channel, (128bits per pixel). This would allow floats to be used instead of u8's (0..255)?

Fleecy: I don't want to say too much about Vega since we are often accused of talking about things rather than doing. We recognise however that most people will judge AmigaOS4 by what they see and if Vega is to be the mechanism by which what they see is created, then it is going to have to have some pretty impressive and far sighted technology within it.

10) Angrybrit: I'd like to ask about the Media player that's gonna be included in AmigaOS4. Is there gonna be an official one or are we gonna have to adopt a third party like Mplayer/VideoLan?

Fleecy: MooVid is planned for AmigaOS4.0.

(Copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.
Originally available at
You may freely redistribute this article, providing that a URL is provided to the original source,
and the copyright notices remain intact)
(cg) (Translation: dm)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena Anniversary Contest: Half a Year AMIGAplus Subscription
In cooperation with the AMIGAplus, speciality magazine for Amiga fans, Amiga Arena is raffling a half year subscription of AmigaPlus issues, to commemorate its anniversary!

To be eligible to win, just answer the following question:

"What is the name of the chief editor of AMIGAplus?"

Please send your answer by the 16th of November 2003 to Amiga Arena.

"Amiga Arena History" online: "Amiga Arena History" is now also viewable online in a text version. Have fun reading! (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Christian Effenberger (ANF)

CD Tools: More than 1000 ViCaDo Downloads since 7th November, 2003
After more than 1000 users downloaded the VideoCD software "ViCaDo" since 7th November 2003 (as reported), the developer Christian Effenberger is hoping for a bit more feedback than he has received up until now. Of special interest is ViCaDo's performance on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS 1.4 (both under 68K emulation).

For a general test of whether AV1 programs can run on the platform, try the tool GetImageInfo, in the download area. In the event the program doesn't run on your system, please list your computer specifications and configuration in the Forum.

Requests, observations, and improvement suggestions are gladly accepted by Christian Effenberger, who is happy about any kind of feedback. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Picture Report from this Year's Meeting of the Finnish Amiga User Group
The Finnish Amiga User Group had an annual meeting on 27th September in Riihimäki. Not even counting the officials points of order from the meeting agenda, demonstrations of OS4 beta version as well as Pegasos and MorphOS were shown. It was also possible to take a look at the Swedish Amiga magazine Azine and purchase it right there from the Amiga dealer Gentle Eye Ky.

A picture report of the event is available for download from Aminet, here (directory pix/misc, 2.4 MB). (snx) (Translation: dm)

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ZoneXplorer: Version 1.2 Released
The fractal generator ZoneXplorer by Elena Novaretti has reached version 1.2. The main thing is that JPEG support for saving images has been integrated (with the Navigator as well as the Renderer), a functionality advance for which the author extends thanks to Frank Wille, due to his support.

System Requirements:

PowerPC Version:
- MorphOS (Pegasos or PowerUP)
- ClassAct (Aminet) or ReAction (AmigaOS 3.5+)
- Hi-/True-Color-Desktop (8-Bit not supported)

68k Version:
- AmigaOS 3.5+
- Hi-/True-Color-Desktop on P96-/CGX-compatible graphic card (8bit not supported)
- png.datatype

The use of an emulator like Amithlon or UAE on a fast x86 computer is not strictly required for the 68k version, but is strongly recommended.

ZoneXplorer V1.2 (3.5 MB)
Update auf V1.2 (550 KB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-EuroArchiv Coin Collecting Program Available from Aminet
SN-EuroArchiv V1.0 is now available from Aminet (109 KB).

SN-EuroArchiv is a coin collection management program designed especially for European coins. It manages single coins, coin sets, memorative coins, coin rolls, and starter sets in a simple fashion and allows an overview of one's coin collection through tables and statistics.

For the next few days to two weeks the appearance of the version 1.1 on Aminet is already being announced. Two functions are included, one for the overview of the conditions and strike quality, along with counting of the Euro coins, and one which points out the expenditures involved with your collection in monthly steps, so that you receive an overview of how much you spent each month on Euro coins. Further, there is to then be a possibility to also calculate the expenses of associated materials like coin cases, albums and so on. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Heise Newsticker

Rumor: T-Online Wants to Acquire AOL (Update)
The rumor appeared yesterday that T-Online (the Internet division of Deutsche Telekom) wanted to acquire the majority of AOL (TimeWarner's Internet division). Apparently, discussions are already underway between the two sides. You can read the related article from the Heise Online news-ticker by clicking on the title link.

Update (cs, 13.11.2003, 10:10): reader "Eule" let us know about a related article at Spiegel Online about this same situation.

Update (cs, 14.11.2003, 10:30):
In the meantime, Kai-Uwe Ricke, the chairman of the board at Deutsche Telekom, disclaimed the report of an AOL takeover by T-Online, and T-Online themselves rejected such speculation. (cs) (Translation: dm)

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13.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

Amithlon: the Amithlon Kernel Project
Because the development of the Amiga emulator Amithlon has ceased for a while, it's become considerably more difficult to get Amithlon to cooperate on modern PC hardware. On account of that Gary Colville decided to start the Amithlon Kernel Project.

In doing this, Gary has taken advantage of a characteristic of the Amithlon product: Amithlon consists of two components - the actual emulator as well as a tailored Linux kernel, on which the emulator runs. While the former has commercial status and thus may not be modified by outsiders, the latter is under an open source license and may therefore may be expanded by a third party. Through this, support for modern chipsets and graphic cards is made possible.

Because new hardware costs money, and Gary can really only focus on the hardware that he personally owns, he is calling (title link) for financial support from interested users.

Which hardware he can purchase, and thereby support in Amithlon, depends on demand on the part of the users. The most needed support at this time seems to be for the "NForce 2" chipset, used in the products "GeForce FX", "VIA KT600" and "GeForce 4MX." (cg) (Translation: dm)

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13.Nov.2003 (ANF)

MorphOS: MLdonkey 2.5-4 released
MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client. Originally, it was the first open-source client to access the eDonkey network. The protocol was 'reverse-engineered' using an efficient protocol sniffer, Pandora.

Currently, with eDonkey , it supports several large networks, such as Overnet, Bittorrent, Gnutella (Bearshare, Limewire, etc), Gnutella2 (Shareaza), Fasttrack (Kazaa, Imesh, Grobster), Soulseek (beta), Direct-Connect (alpha), and Opennap (alpha).

The MorphOS release does not only come with the mlnet binary which was done by Sigbjørn Skjæret using his Objective-Caml port for MorphOS, it also features some extra stuff like zuul, an open-source PHP interface for MLdonkey, which was adjusted for use with Amiga browsers. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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CD32-Allianz/Thorty (ANF)

CD32-Allianz with a new forum
The CD32-Allianz informes:

"Today our new forum (reachable by the title link) was launched. We would like to invite all users to come around and have a look.

Our forum might be seen as a German pendant to the English AMIGA CD32 & CDTV Board. Therefore we hope for the user support, especially from the CD32 and CDTV fans." (cg) (Translation: ub)

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12.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

AmigaOS4: Pictures and a video of the OS4 presentation
Last weekend the British user club ANT presented AmigaOS4 in the UK. Some photos from that event were published shortly afterwards.

Now there is a video from the OS4 demonstration available also:

Direct download (windows media file, 19 MB)

An MPEG version of that video will be published soonly. The video was shortend at some points (e.g. booting, crashes). Further details from the author are available by the title link. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ICQ)

Game: Amiga Freespace Singleplayer-Pack 3 released
Last weekend the "Singleplayer-Pack 3" for the Amiga game "Descent: Freespace" has beeen released. It is including 10 new missions for the single player mode and is at the Amiga Freespace website at the MOD area available for download by the title link. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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12.Nov.2003 (Webseite)

Board game: New version of "Total Chaos" (Update)
A new version of "Total Chaos", a fantasy board game for up to eight human or computer players, has been published. The changes are listed within the Readme.

System requirements:
  • CPU: 68020 (68040 for the intro sequence)
  • 16 MB FastRAM
  • AGA or gfx board
  • 68 MB free space at the hd

Direct download: TotalChaosAGA.lha (40 MB)

Update (cg, 12.11.03, 14:18)

Just after release the author has dicovered a bug: during the first launch of the game the still packed sound archive will be extracted. For this process the necessary. If this library is not installed the program aborts this routine without any comment. Nevertheless the game is useable but sound is missing then. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Scenia (Website)

Music: Liquid Skies records #060
The scene group Liquid Skies has released their 60th music pack today. It contains the Techno-track "Revolt" composed by the musician Maxus. The cover was created by Angeldust.
  • Title: Revolt
  • Composer: Maxus
  • Style: Techno
  • Length: 5:26
  • Format: mp3 @128kbps
  • Filesize: 5 MB

The zipped file is available for download under the titlel link. (nba) (Translation: nba)

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New poll: Which icon-system do you use?
We currently started a new poll in which we ask our readers which icon-systems they most commonly use. There are the following possibilities to answer:
  • AmigaOS 3.x-Icons
  • classical NewIcons
  • GlowIcons
  • MorphOS Icons
  • PowerIcons
  • MagicWB Icons
  • another icon-system not being listet here
  • several icon-systems in combination

The intermediate and final datas may be watched here. (nba)

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Apex Designs (E-Mail)

Game: New and updated extra-maps for Payback
Two new and one updated extra-maps for the action-game "Payback" have been released by Apex Designs: Rocket Car Heaven, Destra City (Night) and Alabastra City. In this game being the first clone of Grand Theft Auto for the Amiga you have to rise from a nobody to a gangster boss. (nba) (Translation: nba)

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11.Nov.2003 (Website)

Linux: First Beta-version of Debian-Installer available
A first beta-version of the Debian-Installer have been published for downloading on the official Debian-website.

This installer deals with a new installation system for Sarge, which supports the following architectures:
  • i386
  • PowerPC
    - Apple Newworld
    - Pegasos PPC
    - IBM RS/6000 (PrEP, CHREP)
Further architectures will be supported in one of the upcoming beta-versions. (snx) (Translation: nba)

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Alchimie 3: Photos from the event
At the title link you can find pictures taken at the Alchimie 3, which took place Nov. 8th in Tain l'Hermitage, France - among them are several photos of AmigaOS 4. (snx)

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z5 (ANF)

Amiga Demoscene Archive: Second anniversary
z5 from the Amiga Demoscene Archive writes: "Exactly 2 years ago, we put the first version of A.D.A. online, starting with 123 productions and about 900 screenshots. I hope you had as much fun visiting the site as it was for us maintaining it. Keep the votes and comments coming, because in the end, this is what makes it interesting and this is what will make it a true archive. Motivation is still as high as it was when we started, so here's to another year. Keep the Amiga spirit alive!" (snx)

[News message: 11. Nov. 2003, 12:05] [Comments: 0]
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