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Archive 11/2003


Status Quo: Summary about the issues regarding Pretory SA
During the last months the French press, among them l'HumanitÚ (1, 2), Les Echos (1) and L'Expansion (1) , reported several times about an insolvency of the American-French company Pretory which is specialized to security services and employed for example security services for the Air France at airports.

The reports were claiming Pretory SA (France) was employing a stuff not sufficient trained or with too less proven reliability at the highly sensible area of security. Inofficial sources are talking about wages not beeing paid since May 2003 for about 560 employees. Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco are shareholders and managers of the US company Pretory USA, which subsidiaries Thendic France S.Ó.r.l. and Thendic Deutschland GmbH are counted as precurors of the Pegasos distributor Genesi S.Ó.r.l.. Thendic is running a court suit against Aminga Inc. since some time ( reported).

In a hearing of the Tribunal of Commerce in Paris last Monday, November the 17th 2003, according to Buck and Velasco at a sentence has been made which declares Pretory S.A. as bancrupt and calls a liquidation manager. Due to that there is now a transfer of Thendic-France S.Ó.r.l.'s assets to Genesi S.Ó.r.l. possible. The issues will not affect Genesi in any kind else, Buck told.

We will keep on track about all news about this issue and report it here at and the AMIGAplus. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Sylvio.K (ANF)

New videos of Soms3D published
At the webpage of the currently developed game "Soms3D" there were two new videos published which demonstrate the running Soms3D engine.

The animations show a test room with a light source and a test fog (alpha shading). All videos were recorded from an Amiga 1200 equipped with a BVision, 603e+@166 MHz and 96 MB fastram. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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New version of TView released
A new version of "TView" has been released. This program offers the possibility to download the TV program to your computer and read it there. The programm is now developed by Daniel Widerstr÷m, the latest version is 1.3.14. (dr) (Translation: ub)

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Genesi (E-Mail)

Genesi USA going to move principal office into Cheyenne Technology Corridor
As Genesi S.Ó.r.l. announces, its American subsidiary Genesi USA is going to move its prinicipal office in January into the Northport building complex in Northern Las Vegas, which has been developed by the Jackson Shaw Company.

Please find the original press release below:

Cheyenne Technology Corridor
Continues to add High Tech Firms

North Las Vegas - Today, the Cheyenne Technology Corridor welcomed another high tech tenant. Genesi USA, a computer systems company, has agreed to terms with Northport, a Jackson Shaw development in the CTC. The company will move into its facility in January.

Genesi SARL, a Luxembourg based company, introduced the Pegasos in October 2003. Culminating over five years of development, the Pegasos is a high-performance PowerPC based modular MicroATX mainboard for use in a variety of applications, including desktops, workstations, servers and communications products. Based on industry standards, such as Open Firmware, the Pegasos supports multiple operating systems including varieties of Linux and BSD. The Pegasos is the first new hardware and operating system platform brought to market in many years. Pegasos computers run multiple operating systems, including MorphOS, a new non-UNIX based operating system, OpenBSD, the standard for security in operating systems and various distributions of Linux for the PowerPC«. Genesi has been designated as an IBM Business Partner and carries the Ready for IBM Technology mark on four of its products, PegasosPPC, PegXLin, MorphOS, and OpenBSD for PegasosPPC. Product details are available at <>. Genesi USA will be the focus of US computer assembly operations for Genesi.

When asked why Genesi USA chose the CTC as its new home, Paul Adams said, "After evaluating Nevada, Maine, Alabama, Florida and Texas as possible locations, we determined that the best overall business climate was in Southern Nevada. The other states offered many things, including free land for our facility and a year's worth of free rent; but, in the end, the favorable tax structure, the assistance of the City of North Las Vegas and the Community College of Southern Nevada provided a business climate that was much more supportive than anything we had seen in other states."

Mike Carroll, Vice President of Development for Jackson-Shaw said, "We are very proud to welcome Genisi USA to Northport. The CTC continues to thrive and add new businesses to the North Las Vegas economy. We look forward to more successes for the CTC."

Mike Majewski, who is the Economic Development Director for the City of North Las Vegas said, "It took a community-wide effort to secure Genesi in North Las Vegas, but the potential economic impacts to the CTC and all of Southern Nevada is phenomenal. This partnership between the City, real estate developers, and education was recently honored as the recipient of the Excellence in Economic Development award sponsored by the International Economic Development Council."

Through a public/private alliance, the Cheyenne Technology Corridor is bringing more technology businesses to Southern Nevada. The partnership includes the City of North Las Vegas, the Brennan Brothers, Jackson Shaw, RDS/Insight, LLC, Stoltz Management and Harsch Investment Properties.

The Cheyenne Technology Corridor is an integrated, accessible and diversified technology district offering advanced systems and infrastructure, state-of-the-art transportation and communication alternatives, and a knowledgeable and experienced workforce. (snx)

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Michael Lanser (Forum)

Realms of Power: looking for graphics artits
For Realms of Power, a Civilization/Colonization clone, we are looking urgently for some gfx artists. Michael Lanser writes:

"We are in a urgent need for some gfx artits for our project. Several units (e.g. ships, tanks, infantery etc.), buildings (e.g. church, factory, habour, etc.) of the different epoches still have to be designed. And also the GUI could get some improvement..."

A screen shot of the current alpha version is available by the title link. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Christian Rosentreter (ANF) 3ivx D4 4.5 - New MPEG4 codec conform to ISO
The Australian company 3ivx Technologies has released its commercial MPEG4 codec as a reworked version D4 4.5 for Windows and MacOS. For BeOS the 3ivx codec is planned to be released soonly in version D4 4.5 as well while an announcement for Linux, Unix and AmigaOS is missing currently. The latest Amiga version still the version D3.

Read more (German) by the title link. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Matthias Henze (ANF)

New web- and e-mail-address for the stormamiga.lib
Up to now the stormamiga.lib is available under the address The new e-mail adresses are WebMaster@stormamiga-lib.HSMathLibs.deand At the moment the old adresses are still available, but they are deactivated shortly. Please change your bookmarks and your entries in your addressbook. (cg) (Translation: gf)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

3-Wire Bus-Interface for Amiga
Carsten Siegener tells that he finished the first hardware test for the "3-Wire Businterface" for the Amiga. With this interface the Amiga is allowed to read and control ICs with serial datatransfer. A very important group of ICs with this bus art are f.e. the 12bit analog-digitalchanger.

It was Carsten's aim to get an analog measuring recording for the amiga, which is useable on other systems. This ist the ground for him to think out the 3-Wire Interface, which you can put on your serial port of your computer.

The software speakes to the interface via the standard-APIs (serial.device), because of that it is possible to be used with the Pegasos or with the Amithlon.

There are many application areas to use such an interface, f.e. weather stations, alarm systems, etc. The interface was tested by the LTC-1292 (12bit ADC).

The software just exists as a simple test version with datalogging and debugging. It should be adapt to the LTC-1292 chip, where the software is for the measuring recording. A more exact scheme of the interface with the LTC1292 will be published shortly (cg) (Translation: gf)

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WHDLoad (Website)

WHDLoad: new packets until 16.11.2003
With WHDload you are able to install games to your hard disk, which are only made for your floppy disk. Following packets are added after our last news:
  • 16.11.03 new: FirePower (Silent Software/MicroIllusions)
  • 15.11.03 new: Mental Image Game Disk 1 (Mental Image)
  • 15.11.03 improved: Simulcra (Graftgold)
  • 14.11.03 improved: Turrican 3 (Factor 5/Rainbow Arts)
  • 14.11.03 new: Blue Max: Aces Of The Great War (Three-Sixty)
  • 09.11.03 new: Third Reich (Avalon Hill)
  • 09.11.03 new: 9 Lives (ARC)
  • 09.11.03 new: Les Manley - Search For The King (Accolade)
(nba) (Translation: gf)

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Oliver F÷rster (ANF)

Source code of BOINC published
Berkeley has published the new source code of Boinc today, the succesor of SETI@Home clients to support special plattforms and the safety of clients are tested. The source code could be downloaded at the website There is a work unit in the source code, for counting, because of testing the unit. A published BETA-test of BOINC will be come this week. (nba) (Translation: gf)

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18.Nov.2003 (Website)

Turkish Pegasos-Site online
How told there is now an official Turkish Pegasos site online

The new Genesi-Turkey-Team will grow around Guvenc Kaplan and Yilmaz Yori. (snx) (Translation: gf)

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MorphZone (Website)

MorphZone: New event portal
A new event portal is available at MorphZone. The portal contains all events attended by Genesi or offering a demonstration of MorphOS. Link:

The events are accessible via a calendar as well as a search engine. The portal is powered by Rebol".

If you want to add your own MorphOS event please feel free to contact the co-ordinator of Genesi USA: (snx) (Translation: sk)

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Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ANF)

New Unix ports from Diego Casorran
Once again, Diego Casorran ( ported a collection of assorted Unix tools and utilities to AmigaOS:

cURL v7.10.8

cURL is a client to get documents/files from or send documents to a server, using any of the supported protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, GOPHER, DICT, TELNET, LDAP or FILE). The command is designed to work without user interaction or any kind of interactivity. cURL offers a busload of useful tricks like proxy support, user authentication, ftp upload, HTTP post, SSL (https:) connections, cookies, file transfer resume and more.

Direct download

Wget v1.9.1

Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies.

It can follow links in HTML pages and create local versions of remote Web sites, fully recreating the directory structure of the original site. This is sometimes referred to as "recursive downloading." While doing that, Wget respects the Robot Exclusion Standard (/robots.txt). Wget can be instructed to convert the links in downloaded HTML files to the local files for offline viewing.

Direct download

ngIRCd v0.7.5

ngIRCd is an Open-Source server for the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), ngIRCd means "next generation IRC daemon", it's written from scratch and not deduced from the "grandfather of IRC daemons", the daemon of the IRCNet.

At present, the ngIRCd is under active development, some features are not implemented, some only partly. Till today (more or less complete) implemented IRC-commands:


Direct download

dbacl v1.5

dbacl is a command line program which can be used to categorize several types of text documents. Each document category is constructed as a maximum entropy language model, with respect to a reference measure based on digrams (character pairs).

Before recognition can take place, a number of text corpora must be "learned". For example, an English category could be based on a text file containing the collected works of Shakespeare. The Gutenberg project makes freely available many public domain works in electronic form.

After learning, any number of text files can be compared, in terms of Bayesian posterior probabilities, with up to 128 learned categories. The actual number of categories is limited only by available memory.

Direct download

gifsicle v1.40

Gifsicle twaddles GIF image files in a variety of ways. It is better than many of the freely available GIF twaddlers on the market -- for one thing, it has more options.

It supports merging several GIFs into a GIF animation; exploding an animation into its component frames; changing individual frames in an animation; turning interlacing on and off; adding transparency; adding delays, disposals, and looping to animations; adding or removing comments; flipping and rotation; optimizing animations for space; and changing images' colormaps, among other things. Extensive command-line options control which, if any, of these occur.

Direct download (cg) (Translation: cg)

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David Brunet (E-Mail)

Amiga Games Hit Parade: November/December 2003 vote
The operators of 'Amiga Games Hit Parade' request your vote for the game of November/December 2003. You can participate by sending an email containing your 20 favorite games to David "Daff" Brunet or by using the online form at

Any game can be submitted. The final findings will be published early December 2003. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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