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Archive 11/2003

Martin Steigerwald (E-Mail)

Amiga Magazin: "AROS - Amiga neu gemacht" by Martin Steigerwald
Martin Steigerwald has written an article for issue 9/2003 of the Amiga Magazin about AROS which is worth the read for all those interested in that alternative system. The article is written in German and to get at the title link. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ANF)

Event: Report from the "Ottawa Amiga Show" by Kermit Woodall
Kermit Woodall by Nova Design has edited a report about the Canadian Event "Ottawa Amiga Show 2003" and put it - coupled with some pictures - online by the title link. The show was held at the Canadian metropole Ottawa on November, the 22nd 2003. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Website)

Game: Memory clone "DonSimon"
The programmer "Anarkskt" has done a new memory game "DonSimon", which is based on the classic "Simon". The game is available in native versions for 68k-AmigaOS and MorphOS and is downloadable by the title link at the website from the MorphZone. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Marc Cloppenburg / AMIGAplus (ANF)

GoldED: Webworld-update and Espresso License
Registered GoldED-users can download a service pack for the HTML add-on Webworld. The Nov/2003 version of Tidy has been integrated (Amiga port courtesy of Edgar Schwan). Tidy is a code cleanup utility. The new version supports XML and XHTML.

The Espresso License is a single shot of hot software: You get the latest and best version of GoldED Studio AIX. Once. No updates, no service packs, no bug fixes and no support in any form or shape. At a massive 40% discount for only 39.90 EUR (plus p&p)! Offer available once per person, while stock lasts. (nba) (Translation: nba)

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IOSPIRIT: Internet browser IBrowse now also available on CD
At IOSPIRIT a CD-version of IBrowse 2.3 and IBrowse 2.3 Update is now also available. The CD contains the browser itself, the new documentation (in English) and other goodies.

Instead of a keyfile, each CD ships with a certificate, that can be exchanged against a keyfile in the customer's account.

Due to legal reasons regarding the export of encryption technology, AmiSSL is not contained on the CD, but can be downloaded for free from the area.

Dealers interested in ordering CD-versions of IBrowse are invited to contact IOSPIRIT by eMail. (snx)

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WHDLoad (Website)

WHDLoad: New packets until 25.11.2003
With WHDload you are able to install games to your hard disk, which are only made for your floppy disk. Following packets are added or actualized after our last news.
  • 25.11.03 new: Mickey Mouse (Gremlin)
  • 24.11.03 new: Space Cutter (Maelstrom Games/Telecomsoft)
  • 23.11.03 new: Mousetrap (Micro Value/Tynesoft)
  • 22.11.03 new: Bubble + (Infogrames)
  • 21.11.03 improved: History Line 1914-1918 (Blue Byte)
  • 20.11.03 improved: The Lost Vikings (Interplay)
  • 20.11.03 new: Flying Shark (Taito/Firebird)
(nba) (Translation: gf)

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Richard "DawnBringer" Fhager (ANF)

AMOS-game: FlagSweeper 1.0 published
Richard "DawnBringer" Fhager has with AMOS a Minesweeper clone called FlagSweeper produced (Screenshots). The Archiv has 180 kilobytes (snx) (Translation: gf)

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Giancarlo Piscitello (ANF)

Icons: first complete Freeware-Workbench-Packet with PNG-Icons
The first complete Freeware-PNG-replacement package for Workbench icons has Giancarlo Piscitello provided. You can find a screenshot of his work in Album of (snx) (Translation: gf)

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ANN (Website)

AROS: Status Update
David Le Corfec reports at about the latest changes of the AROS project.
Further details are available at (snx) (Translation: sk)

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IDE: IDE for AmigaOS
Daniel Allsopp is currently developing a new IDE (integrated development environment) for AmigaOS. The project is based on a MUI gui and will use GCC and GNU make.

A screenshot of the current version is already available. According to the developer this version is just a pompous autodoc viewer. (cg) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 24. Nov. 2003, 17:44] [Comments: 1 - 26. Nov. 2003, 13:13]
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24.Nov.2003 AmigaOne-Mainboard contest
According to a note by, the operators of the FreeCiv servers donate an AmigaOne-XE-Mainboard with 512 MB RAM for the winner of the upcoming FreeCiv tournament.
The winner of the FreeCiv Challenge League Matches, which will be held between January and March 2004, will also be the winner of the mentioned mainboard. The number of players will be restricted. Twelve training matches will be played in advance in December.

Additional information is to be found at AW-FreeCiv-Support-Page or in the IRC channel #awfreeciv at (snx) (Translation: sk)

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Aminet (Website)

Aminet Uploads until 24.11.2003
New Aminet uploads since our last note:
MiamiDX_Fr.lha       comm/tcp    27K+French catalog for MiamiDX
TView.lha            comm/tcp    82K+List TV-programs in Europe.
bst-abracadabr.lha   demo/intro  28K+Abracadabra cracktro from BST
Abnormalia1hd.lha    demo/mag   532K+Abnormalia 1 (HD friendly and more)
Abnormalia3hd.lha    demo/mag   856K+Abnormalia 3 (HD friendly and more)
q-device_src.lha     dev/e       37K+E Source Code to Q-Device! V0.2      dev/lang     2K+Use Amiga File Requestor with perl    
Draco2C.lha          dev/lang    16K+Draco-to-C source code translator
q-device.lha         disk/misc   25K+V0.2 SCSI/IDE Query and Command Tool (MU
ThePolice.lha        docs/hyper  51K+The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more
WorldCup2002.lha     docs/hyper  61K+All about World Cup 02: results, stats++
KingKong.lha         game/jump   69K+Donkey Kong clone. Port of famous handhe
TotalChaosAGA.lha    game/misc   39M+640x512 256 colors 50fps Magic & Monster
SASkin6.lha          gfx/misc    64K+Saskin number 6 for Kaya player (MOS)
QLView.lha           gfx/show   222K+Sinclair QL Screen viewer and iff saver.
MorningCall.mpg      mods/mpg   4.1M+First movement of a four part suite
AmySequencer.lha     mus/edit   240K+MIDI sequencer for the AMIGA
TeamChaosLogo1.mpg   pix/3dani  6.1M+Team Chaos 3D animation with sound
MrCarlitoWB-06.jpg   pix/icon   312K+First FREEWARE full PNG icons replaceman
msdos-amiga.lha      util/conv   37K+Convert MSDOS texts to AMIGA text format
EasySync.lha         util/dir   114K+Synchronize two directories
StartBar-ITA.lha     util/misc   88K+Italian version of StartBar
ARxShell12beta.lha   util/rexx   78K+A shell for ARexx V1.2beta
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 310K+VirusExecutor v2.31
PowerIcons.lha       util/wb    503K+NEW! 32bit PNG icons on your Amiga !!! (
(nba) (Translation: sk)

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ANN (Website)

Software: MiniShowPicture V1.35 released
Of the program MiniShowPicture by Pawel "Stefkos" Stefanski version 1.35 for MorphOS and Amiga-68k is now available.

'MiniShowPicture' is a simple, MUI based picture viewer that uses datatypes. It includes functions like Drag&Drop, scaling and shortcuts. (snx) (Translation: sk)

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