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Constantinos Nicolakakis (E-Mail)

Tool: SRename 3.8.0
Constantinos Nicolakakis has published the final version 3.8.0 of the tool "SRename". With this tool you can comfortably rename files. The following features have been added in the new version:

New features:
  • Added the STATS (ST) option to display statistics such as:
  • Directories scanned
  • Filenames processed
  • Directory names processed
  • Files renamed
  • Directories renamed
  • File comments changed
  • Directory comments changed
  • Time taken in seconds
  • Added "SRbench"-script to archive for performing standard toggle case benchmark
  • Removed the 255 directory depth level limit. Now more than 2 billion levels of depth are allowed.
  • Now when the name or comment of a directory is changed "(dir)" is appended to the output to indicate that the object type is a directory.


  • Fixed bug where giving FILES and DIRS together would result in no files being renamed. Now FILES cancels DIRS as it should have.
  • In renumbering mode directories that match the basename are no longer processed. Now if the starting number is in a filename only filenames will be renumbered, and if the starting number is in a directory name only directory names will be renumbered.

Further changes:

  • Numerous optimizations resulted in speed gains, particularly in startup time. Because the main bottleneck for SRename is the speed of the OS Rename system call, the percentage of increase in speed relatively to the previous version, will be greater for fast systems and smaller or non existent for slow systems.
(nba) (Translation: dr)

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