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Archive 11/2003

Genesi (E-Mail)

Genesi Exhibitor at the Southern California Linux Expo
As the computer manufacturer Genesi S.ā.r.l. announced, the company will take part as an exhibitor at the annual Southern California Linux Expo, which takes place on Nov. 22nd in Los Angeles, USA.

Further participators are, among others, IBM, Novell and Debian. Genesi will be represented by the CEOs Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck as well as Paul Adams and Thomas Morris of Genesi USA. At booth #42, the company will not only demonstrate the Pegasos with several variants of Linux and OpenBSD, but also their proprietary operating system MorphOS, which is explicitly mentioned in their self-depiction on the exposition's website:

"To compliment the Pegasos and provide a complete solution, Genesi has developed MorphOS - a preemptive multitasking operating system. MorphOS combines a modest footprint with scalability, high performance, and amazing ease of use for developers and end users. Its beautifully designed interface and modular object-oriented design offers a modern solution.

Together Pegasos and MorphOS provide a singularly powerful solution for both personal and professional applications!" (snx)

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Photos of the AmigaOS4 presentation by "SEAL"
The British users club SEAL organized another AmigaOS presentation yesterday. Today have all photos of the event been published. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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AmigaOS4 video now also available as MPEG video (update)
The video of the AmigaOS4 presentation released on Wednesday by the British users group ANT (we reported) is now available in an MPEG version.

Direct download

Update (cg, 15.11.2003, 11:43):

A comprehensive and pictured report about the event is now online, too. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (Website)

Court records of the trial Genesi vs. Amiga Inc. chronologically adapted
In a still running trial at the court Washington-West in Seattle, USA, has the German Thendic Electronic Components GmbH - respectively Genesi S.ā.r.l. as their legal successor they claim to be with reference to the trial about a licence agreement - brought an action on January, 2nd 2003 against Amiga Inc.

Sammy Nordström, known as "Samface", has now made for the first time the referring court records - as far as they are publicly available - freely available in chronological order.

The lawsuit is all about an OEM licence dated November 2000 in which Amiga Inc. committed themselves against the Thendic Electronic Components GmbH to adapt AmigaDE to their products Cashboy, Mobicash, transponder smart chip readers, Cashboy@Home and WindowsCE terminal (or "Smartboy").

The point at issue here seems to be the second paragraph of appendix A that follows after the product listing that reads as follows: "Thendic has the right with the consent of Amiga at any time to add new products to this list to thereby implicate Amiga's obligations under the Agreement to integrate the Licensed Software into such additional Thendic Products. Amiga will not unreasonably withhold constent to expand the list of Thendic Products."

Therefore has Amiga Inc. given Thendic the right to add further Thendic products to this list at any time with the consequence that AmigaDE would have to be adapted to those. Amiga Inc. commits themselves not to unreasonably withhold their consent to the addition of single such further products to Thendic.

The question to be solved by the judge may well be whether this OEM licence is valid for the at that time by the formerly Thendic-France S.ā.r.l. (now part of the Genesi group) exclusively world wide distributed PowerPC computer Pegasos or whether Amiga Inc. have the right to reject the adaption of AmigaDE to this product.

That Genesi S.ā.r.l. themselves appeared as a plaintiff is based on the - according to them - possible transferability of the licence agreement as the Thendic Electronic Components GmbH as well as Thendic-France S.ā.r.l. and Genesi S.ā.r.l. have the same main shareholder, Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck.

The court records about this lawsuit have already been made available via the Internet before (as far as they had been publicly available) but to have access there you had to register (for free) at the owner of the site, Rich Woods, and then you received a password. Free accessible had made only chosen documents.

Update: (19.12.2017, 23:45, cg)

Changed link to the court documents to point to a local copy, since the original website has gone offline a decade ago. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (Webseite)

Pictures from Pegasos-meeting with RJ Mical
RJ Mical attended the Pegasos application and developer meeting presented by "Finnish Amiga Users Group". Under the title link you can find pictures from this event. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (Website)

Hyperion: Evert Carton now sole Managing Partner
As displayed on the corporate site of Hyperion Entertainment, the co-founder Evert Carton is now the company's sole Managing Partner. Before he shared this function with Ben Hermans.

As Ben Hermans said on, there has been no change in the OS4 project management.

In an e-mail to, Ben Hermans confirmed that he had to hand over the daily administrative work at Hyperion to Evert Carton due to lack of time. But he'll continue to work for the company in legal matters. (snx)

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Michael Garlich (ANF)

BurnIT: New forum online
As Michael Garlich (Titan Computer) informs, a new forum for support and discussion of the CD- and DVD-Writer BurnIT is online now at (snx)

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