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Archive 11/2003

AmigaWorld (ANF)

Event: Photos of the AmigaOne presentation in Beijing (Update)
In the last September Alan Redhouse, owner of the AmigaOne distributor Eyetech has presented the plans of the company about the AmigaOne PPC systems on a big computer meeting in the Chinese Beijing.

He demonstrated the AmigaOS 4 on the AmigaOne inside the meeting hall. You can see some photos of this event on the website and read a by Babelfish translated version of a news of the newspaper Guangming Daily online here.


The presentation Alan Redhouse used on a first meeting in the Far East in February 2003 is also available on the net. The presentation is available as Powerpoint file and can be downloaded here. (nba) (Translation: gf)

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Martin Rebentisch (DaFreak) (ANF)

Music: Liquid Skies records #059
Liquid Skies has released the music pack #59. It contains a track from the musician Lcr and the cover from Kuadziw.

Information about the track:
  • Title: Psycho Being
  • Artist: Lcr
  • Style: Drum'n'Base
  • Length: 3:19
  • Format: mp3 (128kbps)

The zipped file (size: 3.1 MB) is available for download under the title link. (cg) (Translation: gf)

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IBM wins the CPU contract for the Microsoft's X-BOX 2
Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp.'s Technology Group announced today (Nov. 3) that the next-generation Xbox electronic game console will use a yet-to-be-designated IBM processor. IBM's chip will replace Intel Corp.'s Pentium III processor now in the current Xbox version. IBM is producing the chip for Nintendo's Gamecube and is developing the CPU for the Playstation 3 in cooperation with Sony.

Further information: EE Times and Heise (German). (snx) (Translation: gf)

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Amigan Software (Website)

Software-Updates by Amigan Software
The shareware developers Amigan Software released updates for three programs.

Version 7.61 of the snake clone 'Worm Wars' is now available for AmigaOS and Windows.

A new version (5.76) of the freeware program 'Report+' has been released. The tool is based on ReAction/GadTools and requires AmigaOS 3.9. With the help of 'Report+' one can create for example Aminet readmes, replace the Commodore bug reporting tool or check the size (in bytes) of a directory.

Of Saga, a conversion of the board game "Saga: Age of Heroes" released in 1981 by TSR, a new version (1.34a) is now available. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Thore Böckelmann (ANF)

System-Monitor: Scout Version 3.3
Thore Böckelmann released version 3.3 of the system monitor 'Scout'. 'Scout' offers you a closer look on current system resources and lets you manipulate them if possible.

Due to the fact that the list of changes is quiet long we recommend to read the changelog. The source code is no longer available as a seperate archive. The sources are now accessible via as a public CVS repository.

The binary archive is also available in the Aminet. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Chris Hodges (Website)

Poseidon: Unknown person spreads crack-instructions
As the author of Poseidon, Chris Hodges, informs on his website, someone spread instructions how to crack his USB stack on three mailing-lists yesterday.

According to Chris Hodges, this happened under the fake name "Dan Gaines" and, as a smokescreen, by using a freemailer in London as well as an anonymous proxy located in the UK. But the high amount of grammar mistakes in the posting would make it unlikely that this person was a native speaker. "Dan Gaines" would have been registered only a week ago, by which this seems to be a thoughtfully planned assault.

As the author states, the effects on the development of Poseidon are still to be considered - but the effect on his motivation would have been already devastating.

The further speculation by Chris Hodges regarding the background of this incident can be found on his website in the message from November 3. (snx)

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Brad Webb (E-Mail)

Amiga Update Newsletter by Brad Webb #031031
The complete newsletter of October 2003 by Amiga Update can be found at the title link. Contents:
  • Amiga Shows in Ottawa, Canada, and near Valence, France
  • Amizilla widens scope for prize
  • STFax 5 goes freeware
  • fxPAINT 2.02 Update available
  • StarAM Plan Spreadsheed Update
  • DVD Tools for Amiga
  • PowerIcons 1.04 Release
(nba) (Translation: sk)

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Aminet Uploads bis 03.11.2003
New Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
ix2xml.lha           comm/misc   25K+Microdot-II index file to XML converter.
ReadAIMLogs.lha      comm/misc   41K+AmigAIM logfile to text converter.  Sour
MakeHTMLMap.lha      comm/www   531K+Powerful WWW Gallery/Catalog Creator (A+
MCC_HotkeyStr.lha    dev/mui     45K+HotkeyString custom class for MUI
AmiWBOnPegasos.lha   docs/help    4K+How to install and run AmigaOS 3.9 Workb
AmigaPower.lha       docs/hyper  61K+AMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine (26 Oc
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/lists 1.7M+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 10/2003 (Itali
Saga.lha             game/board 330K+Saga 1.34a: Conversion of TSR boardgame
DC2Lvl-EMine2.lha    game/data  454K+99 levels for Diamond Caves II
WormWars.lha         game/misc  538K+Worm Wars 7.61: Advanced snake game
AS-FlowerGarde.lha   game/think 202K+Windmill Solitaire Game
AS-Scottish.lha      game/think 199K+Scottish Solitaire Game
AS-Windmill.lha      game/think 168K+Windmill Solitaire Game
trilero68kb2.lha     game/think 878K+Second beta version of trilero simulator
ArakAttack.lha       hard/drivr 166K+V0.92 USB Driver for Amithlon & OpenPCI
X-Media.lha          hard/drivr 276K+Clean Software hack to see modes >1024x7
ADC-WinUAE.lha       hard/hack   10K+ADC For Amiga Forever 5, WinUAE, GPL.
calculus.lha         misc/math  315K+Mathematics Calculator
acidtake.mpg         mods/mpg    10M+AcidTakeOver. Techno (MP3) tune from Emu
amphetarmx.mpg       mods/mpg   9.2M+AmphetamineRMX. Techno/Trance/House (MP3
nofuture_Music.lha   mods/synth 147K+Music Demos from Games 
nofuture_Phase.lha   mods/synth 147K+Music Demos from Games 
EasyPlayer.lha       mus/play   109K+The GUI for *all* shell-based music play
MiniPlayer16.lha     mus/play   104K+Simple module player
PNGicons128x12.lha   pix/icon   1.4M+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons16x16.lha    pix/icon   741K+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons22x22.lha    pix/icon   209K+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons32x32.lha    pix/icon   1.9M+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons48x48.lha    pix/icon   3.4M+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons64x64.lha    pix/icon   4.7M+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
PNGicons96x96.lha    pix/icon   335K+Collection of PNG icons for Amiga Pegaso
USBStickPowerI.lha   pix/icon     6K+A cool PowerIcon for USB MemorySticks
WHD-Icons.lha        pix/icon   391K+Games icons for WHDload installs
AP24Covers.lha       pix/misc   340K+AMiGa=PoWeR n 24 Covers Recto & Verso
mv_gfx.lha           pix/wb     254K+NewGfX for Mysticview
SinisrusOS3.9.jpg    pix/wb     531K+Screen Grab of OS 3.9 Workbench
ExtraLib.lha         util/libs  357K+Complex dynamic buffer system, and other
ReportPlus.lha       util/misc  308K+Report+ 5.76: Multipurpose utility
StartBar-ITA.lha     util/misc   95K+Italian version of StartBar
Gyrok_PowerIco.lha   util/wb    321K+Gyrok_PowerIcons
PowerIcons.lha       util/wb    393K+NEW! 32bit PNG icons on your Amiga !!! (
(nba) (Translation: sk)

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Mikey C (ANF)

OS4-demonstrations in England in the middle of November (Update)
South Essex Amiga Link are pleased to announce that they will be demonstrating AmigaOS4 running on an AmigaOne at its next group meeting. The meeting will be held on Friday Nov. 14th, between 7 pm to 11 pm, in Basildon, Essex.

On Sunday 16th November SEAL will once more demonstrate AmigaOS4 running on an AmigaOne machine, by travelling to the Amiga North Thames group meeting, being held in Enfield, NE London, between the hours of 1 pm to 5 pm.
Both events are no shows, there will be no dealers and no speakers, but everyone is welcome, admittance is free.

For Venue directions please see:

Update: The meeting in Enfield has been re-scheduled and will take place already on Nov. 9th. (snx)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

ArakAttack - USB driver for Amithlon & OpenPCI
The ArakAttack demo version is now available. The demo version is time limited and much slower than the full version.

What is ArakAttack?

ArakAttack is an USB driver paket that allows the usage of USB on any AmigaOS compatible system with PCI slots. ArakAttack isn't an USB stack, it's a driver paket for Chris Hodges great USB Stack Poseidon.

What are the features of ArakAttack?
  • Amithlon optimised version.
  • OpenPCI compatible version.
  • UHCI controller support. (incl. on board)
  • OHCI controller support. (incl. on board)
  • Unlimited number of USB controllers supported at the same time.
  • Unlimited number of parallel USB transfers garantees maximum performance.
  • Only one device with multiple units makes installation very easy.
  • Intelligent transfer descriptor caching mechanism.
  • Several user options allow an optimisation of resource management to the users requirements.
  • Full mem handler support. (Frees resources and caches if the system signals low system memory)
  • No HUB depth limits.
  • Separate time out handling for each USB request garantees the driver never freezes the USB stack or the system.
  • External interrupt fallback for systems with interrupt trouble.

What is also required to use ArakAttack?

The latest version of Chris Hodges' Poseidon USB Stack.

In addition to that other components are required:

Amithlon: powerpci.library - version 2.13 or better.

Amiga PCI / Pegasos: openpci.library - version V1.20 or better.

Which USB Controller is required for ArakAttack?

Most of the current USB controllers are supported. Just take care it's UHCI, OHCI or EHCI compatible. Well, you will have difficulties to find any other within the stores now.

Amithlon user may be happy to hear that on board USB controllers are working, too!

How can I register?

Well, currently the registration makes no sense, because ArakAttack is quite useless without a registered USB Stack.

If you own a Poseidon key feel free to register. Further information can be found in the manual.

PLEASE: Don't bother Chris Hodges with questions about registering Poseidon. He is very busy at the moment, so please keep quiet until the registration site will be up again. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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