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Archive 02/2003

Gary7 (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.22r5 published
Today version 0.8.22 release 5 of the Amiga-Emulator 'WinUAE' has been published. The following things have changed:

Bugs fixed:
  • CD32-mode media change detection
  • SlowRAM detection fixes (Commando and more)
  • more compatible CIA keyboard emulation (Back to the Future 2 and more)
  • bsdsocket.library emulation updates (Stephen Riedelbeck)
  • state restore fixes
  • fixed mouse problems in Space Crusade, Billy the Kid etc..
  • writing to custom floppy images was unstable
  • primary sound buffer-checkbox removed and disabled. It is useless and usually only caused huge slowdown problems.
  • PC Competitor interface's second joystick works properly
  • improved compatibility (fixes USGold Murder, Crack Down, Liverpool, Pinball Hazard, future CAPS-images etc..)
  • SuperHires sprite fix (SkidMarks AGA)
  • another Pentium 4 JIT-crash workaround
  • improved Action Replay support (Mark Cox)

New features:
  • configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles and virtual directory filesystems
  • configurable filesystem for regular hardfiles. (Automount/boot for example SmartFileSystem formatted regular hardfiles)
  • FPU state file support
  • configurable keyboard leds (DF0, DF1, DF2, DF3, POWER, HD, CD)
  • floppy write-protect state added to floppies-tab
  • implemented write-support for images that don't support writing natively (compressed images, CAPS-images)
  • Amiga program p96refresh for selecting mousepointer refreshrates in Picasso96 mode (Bernd Roesch)
  • "Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB" works now in fullscreen mode
  • improved input-tab GUI, increased number of input mappings from 1 to 4
  • CD32 pads are now enabled in non-cd32 mode if configured in input-tab
  • state files are saved to SaveStates-directory (was Configurations..)
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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Text viewer: EvenMore version 0.61 from 27.02.2003
Chris Perver has published a new version of his text viewer called 'EvenMore'. In this version now the tabulator again works as good as in the previous versions and you can use fonts with fixed widths. The function of the word wrap has been improved.

Download: EvenMore.lha - 672 KB (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Start menu: AmiStart version 0.64
Darius Brewka has published version 0.64 of AmiStart. AmiStart is a Windows-like start menu with quick-launchbar, Drag&Drop-support and a configurable graphical interface which allows transparency, rounded corners, background textures and much more.

Since version 0.63 AmiStart offers also the so called shape-layer that means configurable and programmable skins for controlling external applications via ARexx. The shape-layer for the Songplayer is an example.

Please have also a look at the screenshots of the program.

AmiStart.lha - 399 KB
ASPlayerShape.lha - 137 KB (ps) (Translation: dr)

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eDonkey-client by SixK in development
The French programmer SixK has developed an eDonkey client for the AmigaOS for some weeks which meanwhile works. For finishing this Peer-2-Peer software talented developer are wanted who want to help creating the GUI and some parts of the codes. If you are interested in then please contact via email. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Mandrake Linux

The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux
You requested it for a long time, now it's available: "The Definitive Guide to Using Mandrake Linux" is a comprehensive new book that provides in-depth coverage of the latest version of the highly regarded Mandrake Linux 9.0 distribution. Learn more about this 646-page book here, and get your Mandrake encyclopaedia now at MandrakeShop (Note: Club members get 15% off). (nba) (Translation: nba)

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Perl5-script:  txt2pdf 6.4
txt2pdf is a flexible PERL5 script which is distributed under a Shareware license. It allows you converting your old text files to the pdf-format. The script is flexible enough to work on each platform which supports PERL. The script can be used for its own but also in connection with other applications. You can find further details and information under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Jürgen Lange (ANF) move
On Saturday 1st March 2003 all servers of Amiga Inc. will be not accessable for 8 - 12 hours because there will be a move of the servers. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: EA Defend Themselves Against the C&CG Decision
»Electronic Arts hopes for withdrawal of express decision

Electronic Arts are defending themselves against the danger arising from categorization of their current game "Command & Conquer: Generals." On the 25th of February the National Inspection Bureau For Youth-Endangering Publications (BPjS) categorized this game in an express decision. The result of this is that "Command & Conquer Generals" may not be advertised nor openly sold after the 28th of February.«

View the complete article (in German) under the title link. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Otto Dette (E-Mail)

Convention: Computer & Video Swap Meet Bremen - March 1st & 2nd, 2003
On the first and second of March 2003 the Computer and Video Swap Meet will take place in Bürgerzentrum Neue Vahr. On both days the hours of this convention are from 9 am until 5 pm. The gathering is a sales convention for end users; there will be hardware and software from many categories offered. The Users of the North Sea Coast have two rooms this time. The Atari Computer Club of Bremen organizes the schedule with individual activities.

On the first level:
  1. Video-processing with the Amiga. DVD on the Amiga, Digital cameras on the Amiga, direct comparison between PPC and 060 (Earth 2140 and other games). The following software will be demonstrated: MediaPoint, SCALA-MM-400, Digital-Almanac, AmiAtlas-6 and eventually iFusion and naturally TV on Amiga (PixelView in comparison to Picasso IV). Additionally a highly upgraded Amiga 4000D in an Elbox tower with PPC, USB and PCI (TV, ethernet, sound und graphic cards) will be shown. The innards of this computer are visible through plexiglass casing under blue illumination, and it is just one of several Amigas to be seen
  2. Video-processing with Amiga, PC and Mac; here's where the newest programs line up to go for it. Old films may be digitally processed and placed on DVD through the use of internal or external expansions, and all this without using a PC or Mac.
  3. Linux KNOPPIX 3.1 (the CD is from the Federal Bureau for Security and Information Technology) will be demonstrated in an hard-drive installation.
On the second level:
  1. The Mac display area will be found here, and the following computers shown: Pictures and Info.
  2. Many diverse hardware technologies of storage media clear through to viewable opened components will be shown. These systems will mostly be shown running, with explanations and demonstrations of the equipment. They'll be actively shown with the operating systems and software performing functions.
  3. During this time visitors themselves may do hands-on utilization of the equipment and/or play games.
  4. Additional some advertising spots from the 70s and 80s will be played.

The company Falkemedia will have free newspapers for Amiga and Mac available. A big thanks to A. Goukassian of Kiel.

Both days we're going to be running a webcam, reachable at the following URLs:

Addendum by Otto Dette by email:
We received news from Falcon that we'll be first receiving a preview CD of the video from the Aachen convention, in order to show it. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Emulator: Status Quo of UAE for Mac OS X
Both the port of the Unix Amiga Emulator for Mac OS X by Marin Saric and the development of Max UAE by Alex Kasic have been on ice for several weeks. AMIGAplus editor Wolfgang Böhl reports on the status of UAE for Mac OS X:

The current Mac-modified source code version 0.8.22 beta 1 of Max UAE emulator was placed online at the beginning of January. This means that compilation attempts and continued development by third parties are theoretically possible.

From the assortment of alternatives Wolfgang Böhl took a look at the UNIX sources, compiled them for the Mac OS X kernel, and tried to get them running with Apple's X11 offering. And look: it works! After the first problems with a high crash tendency the emulator port is fairly stable. Nevertheless there are problems with mouse emulation and poor performance. Accordingly, a graphical configuration menu is being prepared right now.

With wideranging programmer experience nothing should stand in the way of a successful port of UAE to Mac OS X. On that basis we applaud the contributing coders!

Further Leading Links:
Mac UAE (nba) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 27. Feb. 2003, 14:56] [Comments: 1 - 01. Mar. 2003, 16:25]
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Martin Heine (ANF)

Genesi: More Details about STBs, Pegasos I, and OS4
In two public comments on ANN Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco made known some more details on, among other things, their STB (set-top box) activities and AmigaOS 4 for the Pegasos. The previously announced first major contract for DTV/STB has an initial quota of 150,000 units (with the previously mentioned option of over one million units).

Beyond that, in the meantime, there has been a further DTV-STB project, which, it is stated, will insure the company's financial stability. This is to allow them to solidify their contractual obligations with business partners, developers and associates, building a stable foundation for the future.

The Debian team alone encompasses 20 developers, Genesi reports.

Of about 400-450 new Pegasos 1s there are supposedly only around 85 remaining.

Additionally it was once again pointed out that a broad web-based sales and support strategy will be built up. To this end better documentation and more online resources are needed, and a full palette of applications must be programmed or ported. This will require time and talent. And so more people are currently being sought for this mission. Interested parties should make themselves known to

With respect to AmigaOS: BBRV finds it a foregone conclusion that when OS4 is ready, it will find its way to the Pegasos. Not that Genesi will do this nor that it will require Genesi's support, only that somebody is going to do it. In relation to this BBRV intended to contact Ben Hermans (Hyperion) today. It is seen as a likelihood that in the end Hyperion will posess the IP rights to the classic AmigaOS, and then surely they will want to sell OS4 to every user with a PPC computer, and so BBRV is convinced that the Pegasos family of products will be there as the largest target market. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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clickBOOM: S-Files 22 - Cinemaware-Games
clickBOOM publishes details about Cinemaware-games in its latest S-Files 22: "Below you will be able to find more information on the current state of PC/Mac Digital Remasters (Wings, Lords of the Rising Sun, It Came from the Desert and Rocket Ranger) which we have been developing for over a year for Cinemaware, Inc.

Digital Remasters proved to be a very challenging, yet very satisfying undertaking, as it required disassembling a 10-15 year old code which was originally never meant to be used on anything other than the computers of that era (namely Amiga 500 and 8-bit consoles).

Late last year, however, regularly scheduled payments for development from Cinemaware suddenly stopped. Being a small team, it is imperative for clickBOOM that work we take makes financial sense. Therefore, our parent company, PXL, had to put development on hold or risk a financially difficult situation when working without payment.

We were willing to work towards a solution and were patiently waiting for payment from Cinemaware which would allow us to continue development. Unfortunately, lack of payment was also followed by 6 weeks of no communication from Cinemaware. It seemed as if they had gone out of business. Not even phone calls were being returned.

In the course of the past 3 months every effort was made on part of PXL to secure voluntary payment from Cinemaware, Inc. However, that has proved to be impossible, so PXL has no other alternative but to file a lawsuit against Cinemaware, Inc. for breach of contract and unpaid development cost.

Even after enduring all of this, it is still our hope that the situation can be resolved, so that we can finish these almost completed games. We believe it would be a shame for players around the world never to enjoy them.

To the many fans who have written and called, we want to say thank you. We will keep you posted." (nba)

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Heise Newsticker

heise: IBM PPC 970 Now up to 2.5 GHz
The IBM R&D group wants to show prototypes of the PowerPC "Blades" at the CeBIT convention. In a press release IBM relates that the PowerPC 970 operates "with speeds from 1.8 to 2.5 GHz" and is the "fastest PowerPC to date." A few months ago speeds of only 1.8 GHz were talked about. Read the complete story at heise online under the title link. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Emerald Imaging

RPG game: eVe status update
In January 2003 Emerald Imaging, known for the adventure game 'Aqua', announced a new game called 'eVe'. The game will include hand drawn scenes and selected good music might increase the fun factor, too. Today some first early stage screen shots were published.

For the screen shots at the website of the title link it is emphasized that these are from an early and not final version and that they just should demonstrate the progress of work on eVe. Actually the focus is on development of the main game play and core programming, later on the graphics will be finished. Most main characters are finished already. Further information will follow soon. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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AMIGAplus 02/2003 - a wolf in a sheep's robe
The Pegasos has arrived - even currently in small numbers. Within the new AMIGAplus 02/2003 (#133), which is currently on mail delivery, there are the following topics to read about:

Pegasos & MorphOS - the wolf in a sheep's robe
Walker, Boxer, Amirage, Hombre, pre\box, Puma, A5000 or MCC - all these have something unpleasant in common: Afther an announcement there was only deep silence. Ten years after the CD32 as the last real Amiga innovation, this year the PowerPC based Pegasos brings some new winds to the poor sails of the Amiga market. Within our test we measure if this is more of a fresh storm or just a mild breeze.

indivision - Scandoubler & Flickerfixer
Scandoubler and flickerfixer which brought the world of the PC monitors to the Amiga screen modes were there and are there from time to time. But individual computers are still good for a surprise with the introduction of their Scandoubler/Flickerfixer indivision: For the first time there is a device available which can be used in conjunction with a genlock and so is usable for video post production.

Subway - Highspeed for the little
After the Zorro version Highway of the USB controller family by E3B/Michael Böhmer gained big attention there is a version for the clockport available now: The Subway. For us a reason to examine this card and to report about the progress made with the driver software Poseidon.

Crossfire II - Firepower party in space
During the last year there were not too much games for the Amiga community released. But this is no reason for desparation. There are numerous small teams all over the world that work on new Amiga games. Mostly theses are new developments and no repeated ports. One of these teams is called Dreamworlds Development. If the new action adventure "Crossfire II" can create coloured dream worlds shows our test.

Also read about:
  • Quake II at the A+ focus
  • Talk with Genesi
  • SuperView 5 1.0 at a test
  • Digital Almanac III 5.0 tested
  • Interview with the Breakpoint organizers
  • Programming workshop: Simple DirectMedia Layer, part 2
  • Amiga Status Report: To be or not to be...
  • and much more

The AMIGAplus is available by abonnement, via direct order and at the Amiga dealers for EUR 5.-.

Please mind that the CD-ROM 20 will be delivered with the coming issue 03/2003.

Preview: In the coming issue #134 we will report about the following topics: Tests of TKR LAM200E, IBrowse 2.3, VHI Studio 6 and Birdie Shoot, compatibility report of MorphOS, launch of a video workshop with Draco and much more. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

individual Computers is the first sponsor of the Breakpoint Party
Since many years, individual Computers supports so-called scene-parties that offer a forum for demo-programmers. A "demo" is a program that does not require interaction with the user, as opposed to game demos. It's a combination of graphics, music and special effects - a presentation of the hardware capabilities, the programmer's and the artist's skills (graphics and music).

The term "artist" is no exaggeration: The "Euro-style demo" has evolved from a subculture of the 80s to a form of art that we already supported with cash and hardware prizes on the legendary Mekka&Symposium parties.

Mekka&Symposium will not take place this year. The same experienced team that was responsible for these parties organizes the Breakpoint Party on Easter this year. It'll take place in Bingen, Germany. Many people still confuse scene-parties with LAN-parties, but this is a big mistake: A large-scale network is available, but gaming is frowned upon by the scene's etiquette. (ps)

[News message: 26. Feb. 2003, 14:40] [Comments: 0]
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Satra Systems

Data base: SatraDB for AmigaOS 4.x only
The data base management system for Amiga 'SatraDB' is under development for quite a while already. Because it is a hobby project progress was reported only rare. AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4 will arrive soon. Therefore the development team has decided to abandon the version for Classic-Amiga and develop SatraDB for the new system only.

The design of SatraDB is finished up to 90% and the development is up to 81%. Further technological details are to find by the title link at the "Product Information" area. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Erik Johansson / AmiGBG (E-Mail)

Event: AmiGBG, Gothenburg on 03-29-2003
On March the 29th 2003 the AmiGBG in Gothenburg, Sweden will open its doors for the 2nd time. AmiGBG is an Amiga fair, organized by Amiga users, it is the only Swedish Amiga show. Read the full press release:

AmiGBG 2003 Press Release

For the second year in a row, the user group AmiGBG will organize an Amiga fair at Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden. AmiGBG 2002 was the first Amiga fair in Sweden since 1998 and had over 450 visitors. At the fair you will see both the Amiga system of tomorrow, based on G3/G4-processors, and Classic Amiga (based on 68k). We hope to be able to present, among other things, a complete version of the new AmigaOS - OS4 - running on the new PowerPC based hardware - AmigaOne.

The fair is aimed at both Amiga enthusiasts as well as for people interested in other alternative platforms. Amongst other things, Linux will most likely be demonstrated on the new AmigaOne. The exhibitors will be everything from abroad companies to Swedish usergroups. The invitation to participate at AmiGBG 2003 has not only been sent to "pure" Amiga companies but also to other hardware manufactures.

About AmiGBG

AmiGBG is a Swedish usergroup who's mainly goal is to organize fairs and increase the interest for Amiga. The team AmiGBG has organized AmiGBG 2002 (see above) and AOne Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event, an event where the new Amiga was shown in Scandinavia for the first time.

For more info regarding those events, please look at the links below:


For more info:
Email: (ps) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 26. Feb. 2003, 10:47] [Comments: 0]
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