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Martin Heine (ANF)

Genesi: More Details about STBs, Pegasos I, and OS4
In two public comments on ANN Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco made known some more details on, among other things, their STB (set-top box) activities and AmigaOS 4 for the Pegasos. The previously announced first major contract for DTV/STB has an initial quota of 150,000 units (with the previously mentioned option of over one million units).

Beyond that, in the meantime, there has been a further DTV-STB project, which, it is stated, will insure the company's financial stability. This is to allow them to solidify their contractual obligations with business partners, developers and associates, building a stable foundation for the future.

The Debian team alone encompasses 20 developers, Genesi reports.

Of about 400-450 new Pegasos 1s there are supposedly only around 85 remaining.

Additionally it was once again pointed out that a broad web-based sales and support strategy will be built up. To this end better documentation and more online resources are needed, and a full palette of applications must be programmed or ported. This will require time and talent. And so more people are currently being sought for this mission. Interested parties should make themselves known to

With respect to AmigaOS: BBRV finds it a foregone conclusion that when OS4 is ready, it will find its way to the Pegasos. Not that Genesi will do this nor that it will require Genesi's support, only that somebody is going to do it. In relation to this BBRV intended to contact Ben Hermans (Hyperion) today. It is seen as a likelihood that in the end Hyperion will posess the IP rights to the classic AmigaOS, and then surely they will want to sell OS4 to every user with a PPC computer, and so BBRV is convinced that the Pegasos family of products will be there as the largest target market. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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