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Gary7 (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.22r5 published
Today version 0.8.22 release 5 of the Amiga-Emulator 'WinUAE' has been published. The following things have changed:

Bugs fixed:
  • CD32-mode media change detection
  • SlowRAM detection fixes (Commando and more)
  • more compatible CIA keyboard emulation (Back to the Future 2 and more)
  • bsdsocket.library emulation updates (Stephen Riedelbeck)
  • state restore fixes
  • fixed mouse problems in Space Crusade, Billy the Kid etc..
  • writing to custom floppy images was unstable
  • primary sound buffer-checkbox removed and disabled. It is useless and usually only caused huge slowdown problems.
  • PC Competitor interface's second joystick works properly
  • improved compatibility (fixes USGold Murder, Crack Down, Liverpool, Pinball Hazard, future CAPS-images etc..)
  • SuperHires sprite fix (SkidMarks AGA)
  • another Pentium 4 JIT-crash workaround
  • improved Action Replay support (Mark Cox)

New features:
  • configurable boot priority and device name for regular (non-RDB) hardfiles and virtual directory filesystems
  • configurable filesystem for regular hardfiles. (Automount/boot for example SmartFileSystem formatted regular hardfiles)
  • FPU state file support
  • configurable keyboard leds (DF0, DF1, DF2, DF3, POWER, HD, CD)
  • floppy write-protect state added to floppies-tab
  • implemented write-support for images that don't support writing natively (compressed images, CAPS-images)
  • Amiga program p96refresh for selecting mousepointer refreshrates in Picasso96 mode (Bernd Roesch)
  • "Middle-Mouse-Button -> ALT-TAB" works now in fullscreen mode
  • improved input-tab GUI, increased number of input mappings from 1 to 4
  • CD32 pads are now enabled in non-cd32 mode if configured in input-tab
  • state files are saved to SaveStates-directory (was Configurations..)
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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