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Otto Dette (E-Mail)

Convention: Computer & Video Swap Meet Bremen - March 1st & 2nd, 2003
On the first and second of March 2003 the Computer and Video Swap Meet will take place in Bürgerzentrum Neue Vahr. On both days the hours of this convention are from 9 am until 5 pm. The gathering is a sales convention for end users; there will be hardware and software from many categories offered. The Users of the North Sea Coast have two rooms this time. The Atari Computer Club of Bremen organizes the schedule with individual activities.

On the first level:
  1. Video-processing with the Amiga. DVD on the Amiga, Digital cameras on the Amiga, direct comparison between PPC and 060 (Earth 2140 and other games). The following software will be demonstrated: MediaPoint, SCALA-MM-400, Digital-Almanac, AmiAtlas-6 and eventually iFusion and naturally TV on Amiga (PixelView in comparison to Picasso IV). Additionally a highly upgraded Amiga 4000D in an Elbox tower with PPC, USB and PCI (TV, ethernet, sound und graphic cards) will be shown. The innards of this computer are visible through plexiglass casing under blue illumination, and it is just one of several Amigas to be seen
  2. Video-processing with Amiga, PC and Mac; here's where the newest programs line up to go for it. Old films may be digitally processed and placed on DVD through the use of internal or external expansions, and all this without using a PC or Mac.
  3. Linux KNOPPIX 3.1 (the CD is from the Federal Bureau for Security and Information Technology) will be demonstrated in an hard-drive installation.
On the second level:
  1. The Mac display area will be found here, and the following computers shown: Pictures and Info.
  2. Many diverse hardware technologies of storage media clear through to viewable opened components will be shown. These systems will mostly be shown running, with explanations and demonstrations of the equipment. They'll be actively shown with the operating systems and software performing functions.
  3. During this time visitors themselves may do hands-on utilization of the equipment and/or play games.
  4. Additional some advertising spots from the 70s and 80s will be played.

The company Falkemedia will have free newspapers for Amiga and Mac available. A big thanks to A. Goukassian of Kiel.

Both days we're going to be running a webcam, reachable at the following URLs:

Addendum by Otto Dette by email:
We received news from Falcon that we'll be first receiving a preview CD of the video from the Aachen convention, in order to show it. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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