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AMIGAplus 02/2003 - a wolf in a sheep's robe
The Pegasos has arrived - even currently in small numbers. Within the new AMIGAplus 02/2003 (#133), which is currently on mail delivery, there are the following topics to read about:

Pegasos & MorphOS - the wolf in a sheep's robe
Walker, Boxer, Amirage, Hombre, pre\box, Puma, A5000 or MCC - all these have something unpleasant in common: Afther an announcement there was only deep silence. Ten years after the CD32 as the last real Amiga innovation, this year the PowerPC based Pegasos brings some new winds to the poor sails of the Amiga market. Within our test we measure if this is more of a fresh storm or just a mild breeze.

indivision - Scandoubler & Flickerfixer
Scandoubler and flickerfixer which brought the world of the PC monitors to the Amiga screen modes were there and are there from time to time. But individual computers are still good for a surprise with the introduction of their Scandoubler/Flickerfixer indivision: For the first time there is a device available which can be used in conjunction with a genlock and so is usable for video post production.

Subway - Highspeed for the little
After the Zorro version Highway of the USB controller family by E3B/Michael Böhmer gained big attention there is a version for the clockport available now: The Subway. For us a reason to examine this card and to report about the progress made with the driver software Poseidon.

Crossfire II - Firepower party in space
During the last year there were not too much games for the Amiga community released. But this is no reason for desparation. There are numerous small teams all over the world that work on new Amiga games. Mostly theses are new developments and no repeated ports. One of these teams is called Dreamworlds Development. If the new action adventure "Crossfire II" can create coloured dream worlds shows our test.

Also read about:
  • Quake II at the A+ focus
  • Talk with Genesi
  • SuperView 5 1.0 at a test
  • Digital Almanac III 5.0 tested
  • Interview with the Breakpoint organizers
  • Programming workshop: Simple DirectMedia Layer, part 2
  • Amiga Status Report: To be or not to be...
  • and much more

The AMIGAplus is available by abonnement, via direct order and at the Amiga dealers for EUR 5.-.

Please mind that the CD-ROM 20 will be delivered with the coming issue 03/2003.

Preview: In the coming issue #134 we will report about the following topics: Tests of TKR LAM200E, IBrowse 2.3, VHI Studio 6 and Birdie Shoot, compatibility report of MorphOS, launch of a video workshop with Draco and much more. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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