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Archive 01/2006

Sven Scheele (ANF)

ACSH hardware meeting the oncoming Saturday
Sven Scheele from the AmigaClub Schleswig-Holstein wrotes:

"Due to the many unexpected registrations (approximately 15) of users who want to bring along their own computers to the meeting in Kiel on Saturday, all seats are taken in the meantime. We are not able to accept further registrations, since our event rooms are quite small this time.

We will try to get bigger rooms for the next meeting in the second quarter of 2006 and hope for a similarly positive response. (cg) (Translation: iw)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Sierra online-game-interpreter FreeSCi 0.3.4c
Ilkka Lehtoranta has recompiled the MorphOS version 0.3.4c of the Sierra online-game-interpreter FreeSCI, which had been ported bei Rdiger Hanke and was no longer available.

download: FreeSCI_MOS.lha (763 KB) (snx) (Translation: iw)

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Instructions: installation of the Amiga emulator E-UAE on Mac OS X
With Michael Rner has established a new German website, which attends to the installation and configuration of the Amiga emulator E-UAE on Mac OS X thourougly and with several screenshots. (snx) (Translation: iw)

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WHDLoad: New Packets til 30.01.2006
With WHDLoad is it possible to install games and scene-demos made to work only on floppydisks. Also the incompatibility with newer Amiga-models is fixed.

Following installer are added oir updated since our last report: (snx) (Translation: aj)

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AROS: Status update January 2006
In his latest status update, Paolo Besser gives a summary of the recent developments around the open-source AmigaOS reimplementation AROS. He writes:

This is the first status update of 2006, and we wish to thank all AROS users, sponsors and enthusiasts for their support: at the beginning of 2005 AROS-Exec had about 250 members, now this number has doubled with more than 500 (and growing). During these months AROS has achieved some key goals such as network support, CVS to Subversion migration and PPC porting. More and more applications had been ported or added, lots of bug had been fixed, and there's also a flavour of AROS running on top of classic AmigaOS, in order to modernize it. We're all sure that 2006 will be a very interesting year for AROS. And now, let's go with our fresh news...

Georg Steger has fixed input preferences for mouse, in order to improve mice tracking and pointer precision on the screen.

Mathias Rustler has updated documentation for users and developers, adding some nice hints and removing obsolete informations. You'll find signs of his work through this site. Mathias has also commited ExecuteStartup, a little tool that executes whatever application you'll copy in the SYS:WBstartup drawer. (snx)

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Michael Lanser (ANF)

Logicgame: Sudoku 1.0
Michael Lanser ported Sudoku, it is one of the logicgames with a increasing popularity, for the Amiga. The minimum requirement are AmigaOS 3.1 and a Graphic-card; the game is available in german and english.

The game consists of a 9x9 square devided into 3x3 blocks. Some blocks are already filled at the beginning of the game. The number of prefilled blocks will depend on the level of difficulty. Aim of the game is to fill the blocks with the right numbers. Each row, each column and each block must contain the numbers 1 to 9. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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30.Jan.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell 0.0.38
The abc-shell ("Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell") is a with POSIX resp. Bourne compatible Shell, which provide a Unix/Linux environment to decrease the effort to port software.

Beside included in Version 0.0.38 is now possible to use inside of a shell the Amiga-Format to handle the path.

Download: abc-shell.lha (535 KB) (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Event: Presentation of the FPGA-Amigas "Minimig" in Maarssen (Netherlands)
On the next meeting of the netherlands Commodore Gebruikersgroep at 18. February in Maarssen will Dennis van Weeren present his FPGA-Reimplementation of a Amiga 500 ( reported). (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Bernd Roesch (ANF)

AfA: AROS for AmigaOS 3.92
AROS for AmigaOS (AfA), a Project to enhance the AmigaOS 3.x with a reimporting of newer AROS-Functionen, is Update to Version 3.92.

The newer version provided a faster drawing of icons in high color. But in the default config is the FastIcon-option off. To activate this AfA-config is a system restart required. At this moment this option is only with AGA and Picasso96 tested - a feedback of the usability with CyberGraphX is requested.

As second change was a SaferSystem-option added to the AfA-config, which make it possible to switch the Exec-Guardfunction on and off (during operation) to protect the system agains a crash or makes it compatible. In default is this option deaktivated. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Genesi (E-Mail)

PPCZone: PowerPC-Developerprogram
Genesi initiate a developerprogram on the PPCZone which is for everybody who has a project, a software port or a dissertation which works and valorize a PowerPC-Platform.

The first part is concentrated on Genesis Efika-Board and is also supported by Freescale. Accepted Project get his own blog-like subpages with version administration and file area. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Aminet: Uploads til 29.01.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
Smart_SMBFS.lha           comm/net      10K  GEN  smart mount/demount script for SMBFS
CTorrentUI.lha            comm/tcp      74K  OS3  GUI for CTorrent v1.4.3 (BitTorrent clie
TimeLess.lha              demo/euro    203K  OS4  Scene Demo From 1994 , lots and lots of 
Fastidium.lha             demo/mag     672K  OS3  DiNX Project Polish Scene Magazine: Fast
SAFIntroForThePartyV.lha  demo/tp95     48K  OS3  SaF Intro For The Party V - NoAGA MULTIT
CapsDeviceDevBas.lha      dev/basic     39K  OS3  Using CAPSimage device from HBasic
xa-mos.lha                dev/cross    190K  MOS  6502/65816 cross assembler
awk.lha                   dev/misc     331K  OS4  awk, a programming language
coreutils-bin.lha         dev/misc     4.6M  OS4  GNU core utilities
libart_lgpl.lha           dev/misc     147K  OS4  libart_lgpl - A fast 2D Graphical librar
libfribidi.lha            dev/misc     296K  OS4  GNU FriBidi is an implementation of the 
AmsterServerList.lha      docs/misc      4K  GEN  Amster Server List
WwPartCale2006-ITA.lha    docs/misc      3K  GEN  2006 italian calendar made with Wordwort
scummvm-frak.lha          game/misc    2.7M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
Easy1541.lha              misc/emu     137K  OS3  Full package to manage a 1541 Drive 1.3.
DED_FFA1.mp3              mods/anakir  1.6M  GEN  "begin to fear" FFA track 1 by DeadPOP 0
DED_FFA2.mp3              mods/anakir  1.7M  GEN  "grit" FFA track 2 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA3.mp3              mods/anakir  2.0M  GEN  "disdance" FFA track 3 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA4.mp3              mods/anakir  2.7M  GEN  "placid" FFA track 4 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA5.mp3              mods/anakir  1.9M  GEN  "astroturf" FFA track 5 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA6.mp3              mods/anakir  2.6M  GEN  "killygirl" FFA track 6 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA7.mp3              mods/anakir  874K  GEN  "punx dead" FFA track 7 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA8.mp3              mods/anakir  3.4M  GEN  "useless c---" FFA track 8 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFA9.mp3              mods/anakir  1.3M  GEN  "muvaf--inc---z" FFA track 9 by DeadPOP 
DED_FFAa.mp3              mods/anakir  1.4M  GEN  "anthrax spores" FFA track 10 by DeadPOP
DED_FFAb.mp3              mods/anakir  2.2M  GEN  "ten k" FFA track 11 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAc.mp3              mods/anakir  3.6M  GEN  "bodily fluid" FFA track 12 by DeadPOP 0
DED_FFAd.mp3              mods/anakir  1.4M  GEN  "astroi" FFA track 13 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAe.mp3              mods/anakir  1.6M  GEN  "undastandin" FFA track 14 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAf.mp3              mods/anakir  1.7M  GEN  "rebellion" FFA track 15 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAg.mp3              mods/anakir  1.9M  GEN  "kobi" FFA track 16 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAh.mp3              mods/anakir  5.0M  GEN  "but kiss her" FFA track 17 by DeadPOP 0
DED_FFAi.mp3              mods/anakir  2.0M  GEN  "like a cat" FFA track 18 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAj.mp3              mods/anakir  1.5M  GEN  "henry ford" FFA track 19 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAk.mp3              mods/anakir  1.8M  GEN  "L.F.U." FFA track 20 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAl.mp3              mods/anakir  1.1M  GEN  "crusty" FFA track 21 by DeadPOP 01
DED_FFAm.mp3              mods/anakir  1.3M  GEN  "out of it" FFA track 22 by DeadPOP 01
ADPCM_dec.lha             mus/misc      29K  OS3  Decoder for Christian Buchner's ADPCM pa
sapmaker-mos.lha          mus/misc      98K  MOS  Making SAP files from Atari XL/XE's musi
waveutils-mos.lha         mus/misc     186K  MOS  Wave utilities (Info/Repair/Simplify)
PTPlayLibrary.lha         mus/play      75K  VAR  Play ("decode") protracker modules
EVSkullflags.lha          pix/icon      93K  GEN  Patch with Skullflags for Eye Viewer 2.x
aoneshampoing.jpg         pix/misc     330K  GEN  Funny picture about the AmigaOne (in Fre
ikir_theme.lha            pix/theme    1.1M  GEN  ikir's Amiga OS4 Theme
Amigaz_OS3.9.png          pix/wb       549K  GEN  My A4000 OS3.9 desktop
BareED.lha                text/edit    347K  OS3  Text editor supporting proportional font
twiglets.lha              text/misc      5K  OS4  Make big text from normal fonts
d64tozipcode_aos4.lha     util/arc      35K  OS4  Converts D64 image files to Zipcode form
unrar-bin.lha             util/arc     161K  OS4  Unpacks RAR files
unrar-src.lha             util/arc     140K  GEN  Unpacks RAR files - source
unzip-bin.lha             util/arc     148K  OS4  UnZIP - binary archive
unzip-src.lha             util/arc     1.3M  GEN  UnZIP - source archive
zip-bin.lha               util/arc     154K  OS4  Zip
zip-src.lha               util/arc     905K  GEN  zip source archive
disappear101.lha          util/batch     1K  GEN  shell script to wipe out unwanted volume
StackAttack2.lha          util/boot      7K  OS3  Set minimum stack size for new processes
DirSize_IL.lha            util/cli      45K  VAR  Calculate directory sizes (68k + MorphOS
akGIF-dt.lha              util/dtype    43K  VAR  akGIF-dt V45.31 (GIF, 68000-060/MOS)
WarpJPEGdt.lha            util/dtype   187K  VAR  JFIF-JPEG datatype V45.5 (68k,OS4,WarpOS
StormMesa_Archive.lha     util/libs    1.9M  GEN  Sources for StormMesa 3.1 / AMesa
StormMesa_Demos168K.lha   util/libs    524K  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos1PPC.lha   util/libs    483K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos268K.lha   util/libs    907K  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos2PPC.lha   util/libs    677K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos368K.lha   util/libs    896K  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos3PPC.lha   util/libs    655K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos468K.lha   util/libs    536K  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos4PPC.lha   util/libs    517K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos568K.lha   util/libs    1.0M  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos5PPC.lha   util/libs    730K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos668K.lha   util/libs    1.0M  OS3  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Demos6PPC.lha   util/libs    841K  WUP  Demos for StormMesa 3.1
StormMesa_Dev.lha         util/libs    397K  VAR  StormMesa Developer archive
StormMesa_LibsPPC.lha     util/libs    503K  WUP  MESA/OpenGL implementation for AmigaOS
StormMesa_Src.lha         util/libs    1.5M  GEN  StormMesa 3.1 - The sources for GL, GLU 
StormMesa_VPerf68K.lha    util/libs    164K  OS3  StormMesa/OpenGL benchmark program
StormMesa_VPerfPPC.lha    util/libs    149K  WUP  StormMesa/OpenGL benchmark program
zlibrary.lha              util/libs     41K  OS4  zlib core as a shared library for AmigaO
AslToRT.lha               util/misc     31K  OS3  Asl/Arp/Req/Intuition/RT requester to RT
flite-ahi-bin.lha         util/misc     15M  OS4  Flite: speech synthesis engine (with AHI
NoLed.lha                 util/misc     19K  OS3  Low-Pass Filter Killer
zhxpk.lha                 util/pack     27K  OS4  zhxpk - (un)packer using xpk
isomount122.lha           util/rexx      5K  GEN  mounts CD isos, 1.44mo pc and 880ko Amig
wet.lha                   util/wb      668K  OS4  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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30.Jan.2006 Uploads til 29.01.2006 uploads since our last report:
timeless.lha       dem/sce  202kb  Scene Demo From 1994 , lots and lots of 
zlibrary.lha       dev/lib   40kb  zlib core as a shared library for AmigaO
scummvm-frak.lha   gam/adv    2Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
coreutils-bin.lha  dev/uti    4Mb  GNU core utilities
libfribidi.lha     dev/lib  295kb  GNU FriBidi is an implementation of the 
depthmenu.lha      uti/wor  106kb  Popup menu for depth gadgets.
awk.lha            dev/lan  330kb  awk the text processing language
libart_lgpl.lha    dev/lib  146kb  libart_lgpl - A fast 2D Graphical librar
zhxpk.lha          uti/arc   26kb  zhxpk - (un)packer using xpk
d64tozipcode.lha   uti/fil   34kb  Converts D64 image files to Zipcode form
flite-ahi-bin.lha  aud/mis   15Mb  Flite: speech synthesis engine (with AHI
unzip-bin.lha      uti/arc  147kb  UnZIP - binary archive
unzip-src.lha      uti/arc    1Mb  UnZIP - source archive
zip-bin.lha        uti/arc  154kb  Zip
zip-src.lha        uti/arc  905kb  zip source archive
twiglets.lha       uti/tex    5kb  Make big text from normal fonts
wet.lha            uti/wor  668kb  Weather conditions on Workbench 4, AppIc
unrar-bin.lha      uti/arc  160kb  Unpacks RAR files
unrar-src.lha      uti/arc  140kb  Unpacks RAR files - source
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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antibike (ANF)

Java fr den Amiga: JAmiga Status-Update
The JAmiga-Team released a new Screenshot , which shows the last progress of the implementation of a Java Virtual Machine for Amiga. The developer notify that a lot "AWT Test Suites" working correctly. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Quake 3 wins the Amiga Games Award 2005
The winner of the public voting on the Amiga Games Award 2005 is Quake 3, followed by Virtual Grand Prix 2 and Descent Freespace 2.

The results in detail:
  • 01. Quake 3: Arena
  • 02. Virtual Grand Prix 2
  • 03. Descent Freespace 2
  • 04. Foobillard
  • 05. Noiz2sa
  • 06. Neverputt
  • 07. Neverball
  • 08. rRootage
  • 09. Hexen 2
  • 10. Battle Of Wesnoth

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Alinea Computer (ANF)

Alinea Computer: AmiPhoto 1.2 and ANotice 2.01 available
Press release - Wehrheim, Germany, the 28th of January 2006.

AmiPhoto 1.2
Today a new update 1.2 of AmiPhoto is available. In this update we have fulfilled a lot of our customers wishes. If you are not a customer of Alinea Computer because you miss a few features, then please contact us. We hope we can fulfill your desire.

Version 1.2 changes:
  • you can rotate JPEG files
  • you can jump from one page to another
  • new menu item: "Save catalog"
  • some new tooltypes: NO_APPICON => No AppIcon on the WB NO_STARTLOGO => no AmiPhoto logo at the start VIEWER (e.g.: VIEWER="Work:Tools/MysticView") => use another viewer instead of MultiView
  • and some bugfixes and internal improvements
We also updated the PDF manual. All registered customers can access the new version in our download section. If you have not registered, please register your copy here.

ANotice 2.01
This little update of ANotice 2 simply consists of bugfixes and deletion of inconsistencies. Big thanks go to Remo Constantin for his bugreport. We recommend this update even if your ANotice 2 works perfectly. All costumers will receive the update within the next few hours.

English site reworked
Our english sites are completely reworked. A very special thanks go to Darren Glenn for his work.

New partner sites
We are glad, that we have two new partner sites: and Together with we started a little article competition. We would be very happy if you would enter this contest.

AmiPhoto at dealers
We want to mention that you can get AmiPhoto also from our trade partners GuruMeditation and GGS-Data.

New items in our shop
Our shop has a lot of new items. You can find Radeons for your AmigaOne or Pegasos and a lot of other things. Please pop down to our online shop and have a good browse. (snx)

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28.Jan.2006 (software list)

GCC macro: API_MUI 1.7
API_MUI by Marian Guc is a macro for the GCC compiler to simplify the creating of MUI programs. The macro works with AmigaOS 3.x as well as with MorphOS and now also AROS.

Download: API_MUI_1.7.lha (8 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Martin Merz (ANF)

News from Masonicons: apageMIK
The site, well known for offering lots of icon sets in the 'Glowicons' style, got a new design and there are some new downloads available.

'apageMIK' is a construction set for creating Amiga related standard websites. The package provides a basic environment for creating a simple standard page, hosting e.g. your program files. You just need a HTML editor - the design is delivered by 'apageMIK'.

There are also new wallpapers available: 'Dancing in the Sunshine of the Dark' inspired by a song of 'Fury in the Slaughterhouse' and 'The Wretched' inspired bei the music of 'Nine Inch Nails'. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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