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Archive 01/2006

David Brunet (ANF)

Database: Amiga Games List with 10893 Amiga games now
The newest release of David Brunet's "Amiga Games List" lists 10893 Amiga games and is the most extensive one of this kind. New in this update:
  • Category "AROS" for AROS games introduced
  • Category "POS" for "Portable OS" games
  • New category "Div" for games running on modified Amiga hardware (Arcadia, CuboCD32, POD, und 1000CS)
  • Option "Interp" for games running only with an interpreter. Furthermore this games now are significantly marked
  • New category "Réalisé en" shows the language the game was realized on
  • Mehr details to the license of a game
  • History added
  • Page of informations added
(cg) (Translation: ts)

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04.Jan.2006 (Website)

Operating System: NetBSD 3.0 for Classic Amiga
Shortly before christmas version 3.0 of the operating system NetBSC has been released for the Classic Amiga. NetBSD is similar to Unix and is distributed under the open source licence making it easy to port it. 53 platforms are currently supported along with the Amiga/68k including the DraCo.

NetBSD needs a MMU as well as an 68020 CPU or higher and 8 MB FastRAM. A list of changes in version 3.0 can be read in the Changelog. (cg) (Translation: nba)

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AmigaOS 4: grep 2.5.1a
Henning Nielsen Lund has ported the newest version of grep for AmigaOS. (cg) (Translation: nba)

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AmigaOS 4: Update of Frozen Bubble
Frozen Bubble (Screenshot) is a clone of the classic arcade game Puzzle Bobble. The update eliminates a few minor bugs which were reported by the users:
  • relink against older SDL, music and sound problems fixed
  • increased sound buffer size to 4096 as recomended by toaks
  • found a few more instances of $ENV{HOME} replaced them with /bubbles
  • added a timidity config to stop SDL from looking for it in /usr/local/lib. I suspect though that it's not actually used.
(cg) (Translation: nba)

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o1i (ANF)

AROS: GTK-MUI wrapper included in the Nightly Builds
After all functions required by the Team AROS bounty #30 being implemented by Oliver 'o1i' Brunner into a GTK-MUI wrapper and the current version being judged by the developers to be stable enough that all GTK examples in the CVS do work, Jack Patton has imported a snapshot of the source code into the contrib-sources of AROS. Thus the GTK-MUI wrapper is included in the Nightly Builds of AROS from now on.

The further plans for the (near) future are the integration of as many GLib functions as possible and, as far as this can be achieved, the usage of the original header files. For MorphOS, Ilkka 'itix' Lehtoranta is also turning the wrapper into a dynamic library (gtkmuippc.library). (snx)

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Charlene McNulty / VHT Canada

The end of VirusExecutor
Jan Erik Olausen has proclaimed the end of VirusExecutor, so there will be no more updates for the anti-virus-software released for Classic AmigaOS. This was announced by the Virus Help Team, which thanked the Dane for his commitment in the past years.

Olausen was among other things also jointly responsible for xvs.library. With the help of this library virus definitions can be edited in external software. This is why the VirusExecutor also will stay up to date and can be used in the future as well. Xvs.library will definitely not be affected by the stopping of VirusExecutor. (nba) (Translation: iw)

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AmigaOS 4: Drumcomputer Rockbeat 1.3.2
The software-based drum computer Rockbeat is now available in its version 1.3.2. Changes since the last version:
  • AHI device is released on exit now, so apps such as Audio Evolution and HD-REC can start after quitting RockBEAT.
  • "Scroll while playing" is now optional. Sometimes its useful to turn off scrolling, so you can edit a portion of a pattern while it loops This setting is remembered on quitting.

Download: rockbeat.lha (1,6 MB) (Readme) (cg) (Translation: nba)

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AmigaOS 4: Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell 0.0.37
abc-shell ("Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell") is a POSIX-/Bourne-compatible Shell which offers an environment similar to the one from Unix-/Linux-systems. abc-shell should ease the porting of Unix-software to the Amiga platform.

The newest version has been bugfixed and is now compatible to Configure-scripts which were created by newer versions of autoconf.

Download: abc-shell-0.0.37.lha (532 KB) (Readme) (cg) (Translation: nba)

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AmigaOS 4: TuneNet 0.72a (Beta)
TuneNet is a MP3-, OGG-, AHX-, AIFF- and Protracker-player for AmigaOS 4 that even plays MP3-streams from the internet (Screenshot). Updates in version 0.72a:
  • MP3 detection improved (for use with the OGG Vorbis plugin!!!).
  • Double click on Plugin List added to get a description of the plugin.
  • Docky D&D Send Message improved to fix problems with other dockies such as YAM.
  • Playlist detection from WB / CLI / D&D (.m3u extension recognised).
  • m3u files with comments are now handled.
  • m3u relative paths now supported (great for files produced by CD Rippers).
  • Playlist loading now silently checks for the playlist files existence before (checking &) adding them to the list.
  • New OS4 style Requester boxes added.
  • Help "bubbles" can be toggled on or off from the settings menu and at startup from the preferences.
  • Fixed a bug in the Find routine which could give some false positives.
  • MP3 Icecast support added (wasn't too difficult)
  • http streams within m3u files now allowed.
  • Improvements to stream recovery and forced restarts on buffer empty.
  • Single streams specified from the cli "-stream" option or from m3u files can now be saved along with the playlist.
  • DNS timeout added to finally halt any long term network related lockups (6 second time out by default).
  • Blank URLS in PLS files are now handled without crashing the task.
  • Spaces in URL's are now converted to %20

Download: TuneNetV0.70a_CR.lha (680 KB)
Link: OGG Vorbis Plugin (cg) (Translation: nba)

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