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Archive 01/2005

Guido Mersmann (ANF)

SimpleCat V2.10 released
If you know the original CatComp, you know that inserting and especially removing of single texts is a real pain, because you need to edit any language file and the descriptor. Just four languages and you need to edit 5 files and run CatComp 5 times to get updated catalogs and source files.

SimpleCat supports much more flexibility and more features. The main argument is that SimpleCat just needs one file to create an unlimited amount of different catalogs and source files. In addition to that the usage is much easier compared to CatComp.

Thanks to the massive import and export features it's worth a look anyway. SimpleCat is able to import and export catalogs, #?.cd and #?.ct files in any combination. This for example allows to create source files by importing normal catalogs.

  • Just one file needed to create all locale related files
  • Catalogs and source-files will be created in one pass. This saves time in parsing the same data over and over
  • It's possible to import and export any number of different source files at once
  • Optional auto numbering for all IDs
  • Highly specified storage system provides maximum processing speed
  • Possible import formats: #?.cs, #?.catalog, #?.cd, #?.ct files
  • Possible export formats: #?.cs, #?.catalog, #?.cd, #?.ct, #?.c and #?.asm files
  • Automatically creates full featured #?.cs files from catalogs, #?.cd or #?.ct files
  • Fully localized
  • 68000 and MorphOS PPC version

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Aminet: Status Update
September last year, the server hosting the main Aminet archive, went down due to a broken RAID controller. Since then, Aminet doesn't accept uploads.

Despite the original announcement that would only host "sponsered" archives once the server would be up and running again, went back online November last year. Uploads are still not being processed though.

Approached by, Mark Bober from Washington University ( explained that the backup that was used to re-establish is incomplete - several scripts are broken or missing. This information has been forwarded to Aminet admin Urban Mueller, who will be cooperating with Mark Bober to repair the damage on Aminet's main server or help to establish a new main server.

Further news will be announced soon. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Compiler: vbcc 0.8h released
The C compiler vbcc by Volker Barthelmann (compiler kernel) and Frank Wille (Amiga specific adaptions) is available as version 0.8h. The compiler supports ISO-C following ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a part of the newer standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99).

The main changes:
  • M68k code generator: Fixed -O2 optimizer bug with switch statements
  • Any register can be selected to hold a function's return value
  • Preprocessor (ucpp) supports the #warning directive
  • Improved linker script for OS4: allows linking with CODE, DATA, BSS and unnamed sections (from 68k hunk objects). Fixed _LinkerDB definition
  • M68k- and MorphOS-headers must not contain inline code for MUI_NewObject(), which confuses the preprocessor
  • vclib: Improved precision for ASCII to floating point conversions in vfscanf()
  • vclib: A set error indicator in the stream no longer blocks further read/write/seek operations
  • vsend crashed when trying to break with ctrl-c
  • vasm: Fixed problem with small data mode and 68k hunk objects
  • vasm's new option -opt-fconst automatically optimizes float constants to a lower precision when possible. Enabled this in vbcc's 68k scripts
  • vlink bug fixes: PHDR definition, 64k segment alignment for PPC/ELF, absolute symbols in hunk format, etc.
(snx) (Translation: wk)

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der_letzte_Amiganer (ANF)

Computer- & Videobörse on March, 5th and 6th in Bremen
On March, 5th and 6th takes place the Computer- & Videobörse in Bremen in the Bürgerzentrum in the Neuen Vahr once again.

Jörg Dittmar wrote about it: "We, the 'Users der Nordseeküste' will be there, too, and will showcase our computers. Next to the new AmigaOne of Ralf 'Mika' Tönjes, I - Jörg 'the_last_Amiganer' Dittmar - will be there with my Pegasos 2 again. Let's see whether it will work out all right with the new BurnIT 3.0?

Of course there will be our little Amiga but also PCs and numerous Macs. We hope for the appearance of Michael Garlich (Titan Computer) and some more faces known from the Amiga and Pegasos scene. In October, KDH-Datentechnik made a short visit.

The consumers area of the fair won't be neglectable, too. There are always some good things to get but also monitors, LCDs, hard discs, memory, and so on, new as well as used - the visit will be worth it in any case.

The entrance will cost 4 Euros respectively 3 Euros with special ticket. Parking possibilities are plenty in the multi-storey car-park." (snx) (Translation: wk)

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29.Jan.2005 (website)

Guru Meditation (Sweden) offers AmigaOne XE repairs
The Swedish Amiga retailer Guru Meditation offers a repair service for the USB and DMA/Ethernet faults of the AmigaOne XE. Please notice that the warranty will cease by doing the repair.

If you are interested in a repair you can contact Guru Meditation via e-mail. You then get a booking number sent. Please send your board only after receiving this booking number and package it with care, if possible by using the original packaging. Take also care to avoid damage caused by statical electrostatic charging. In addition should heavy heatsinks be particularly wrapped for the transport. An insured parcel is recommended.

If you bought your AmigaOne board at Guru Meditation you only pay the sending. Otherwise you have to pay an additional 30 Euros for the repair. The time for repairing and sending is an estimated two weeks from the day on you send the board.

Additionally they offer the installation of a Swiftech heatsink free of charge if you buy it in conjunction with the board repair at Guru Meditation. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Tales of Tamar: price for the first emperor of 2005
The round based fantasy strategy role playing game Tales of Tamar increases the price for the first new emperor of 2005. The player who manages it as first this year to earn the title of an emperor and whose empire was registered after January, 1st 2005 will be rewarded with a price of 500 Euros.

The rules of the competition are as follows:
  • Members or former members of the developers team mustn't take part in the competition
  • The player has to play the game in the registered mode
  • Name, address and other data of the potential emperor have to be entered correctly
  • The empire has to be registered after December, 31st 2004
  • Every player is only allowed to own one empire. Payed second matches are not allowed. Payed single matches are possible
  • The team from "Tales of Tamar" is not liable for any software bugs or other errors in the program, even if these should cause the loss of the account meaning that this does not give the right for earning the 'ToT Prize'
  • Old vassal contracts may not be ported to new games
  • Existing players may not form new and name an emperor only to share out the 'ToT Prize' among themselves
  • Any way of 'manipulated try to win' is forbidden. The emperor ahould reach his aim by clever diplomacy, accomplished strategy and clever trading
  • The purpose of the 'ToT Prize' is the enrichment of the game with new players
You can find further information under the title link. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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