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Archive 01/2005

10.Jan.2005 (website)

AmigaOS 4.0 Replacement CDs
Leuven, Belgium - 10 January, 2005

As a service to our loyal customers without broadband Internet, Hyperion Entertainment in collaboration with Soft 3 is now offering all registered Amiga OS 4.0 users the possibility to order a professionally duplicated CD to replace the original Amiga OS 4.0 Developer Pre-release CD which came with your AmigaOne SE or XE.

The new CD not only contains the first Amiga OS 4.0 update and updated SDK which are available for download from our site but also a substantially reworked and updated "contribution folder".

MicroA1 customers need not apply as this CD should already be in their possession.

Further details can be found here. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Software news: Meridian 2.10, AmiMSN 1.0 WIP

Meridian 2.10

The commodity Meridian allows the usage of "virtual hotkeys", maybe better known as "mouse gestures". As starting point and direction of the mouse movement are play a role there are uncounted combinations that you can use.

Download: meridian_1_1.lha (321 KB)

AmiMSN 1.0 WIP

AmiMSN, a console based IM client for the MSNB network written in ARexx, is now available as version "1.0 WIP". The changes can be read in the Changelog.

Download: AmiMSN1.0-WIP.lzx (19 KB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Pascal Gisin (ANF)

Text editor: Textloader v8.3 released
Pascal Gisin has created an update for Textloader. This is a text editor for ASCII and FTXT now available in version 8.3. The program can be downloaded using thr title link and should also be available in some days on Aminet in the cathegorie text/edit.

Download: Textloader.lha (639 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Holger Krefting (ANF)

Tales of Tamar: 3D drivers for Radeon cards anyone?
Martin Wolf from the Tales of Tamar team is searching for a 3D driver for Radeon cards to develop this medieval MMP fantasy RPG played via e-mail further. He wrote:

"This is a call for help to all developers in the Amiga market! For the time being our developers are among other things busy with the realization of a 3D map for the Amiga. Under the title link you can have a look at some of the first screenshots of an early Amiga beta version that is being developed for now on an Amiga 4000/040 with Cybervision 64/3D.

Though we own some Pegasos computers with Radeon cards there does not seem to exist a 3D driver yet for this system that is made available to developers. It's for sure that an Amiga 4000/040 is to slow to develop a good 3D map on it.

So our question is:
  • Is there a 3D driver for Radeon cards?
  • Is anybody right now developing a 3D driver for Radeon cards?
  • And if such a person exists: would this person possibly be willing to put it at our disposal for the development of the "Tales of Tamar" 3D map for the Amiga or Pegasos?
    (Alternatively we would be ready to distribute the driver via Eternity if such an interest should exist.)
At this time the card is fully functional only under WinUAE with Warp3D emulation or via software renderer. Systems with Voodoo or Permedia2 cards we do not own." (snx) (Translation: wk)

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New poll: Which operating system is your workhorse?
In our last poll we asked you about your judgement of the Amiga's future and wether you would perhaps be ready to invest once more in an "Amiga" (respectively a clone). The results of this poll can be found here.

In our current poll (title link) we are interested in the operating system you are using privately most:
  • AmigaOS 3 on a real Amiga
  • AmigaOS 3 on an emulator
  • AmigaOS 4
  • MorphOS
  • AROS
  • A combination of 1-5, e.g. OS4 or MorphOS at home, OS3 on a laptop or at work
  • One of the systems named under 1-5 in conjunction with another system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux...)
  • The OS I use most has nothing to do with the Amiga (Windows, Mac OS, Linux...)
The actual result can be found here, while we explicitly point out that the results aren't representative in any way. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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08.Jan.2005 (website)

AmigaOS4: bugfixed version of the game xbill 2.4
The AmigaOS4 port of the small point'n'click shooter xbill was replaced by a bugfixed version after the original OS4 version had crashed very fast on some systems.

The aim of xbill is to prevent the computers supervised by the player from being infected with a widely spread operating system.

Download: xbill_os4.lha (187 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

MorphOS: bugfixes for OpenSSH
Marek Szyprowski fixed a bug that existed in all OpenSSH ports for MorphOS until now. With his patch does the key combination Ctrl-C now work correctly under MorphOS 1.4.

openssh-3.9p1-MOS-ttyfix.lha (3.6 MB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

Game: dynAMIte 2.4 released
The Bomberman/Dynablaster clone 'dynAMIte' is now available as version 2.4. The game can be played (only) via TCP/IP by up to eight players.

Changes next to bugfixes are among other things a GoldenHeart bonus (reviving all players in the team mode) and an increasing of the laser limit to ten per card. In addition, the dynAMIteAI.library for MorphOS got an update to version 3.269.

dynAMIte runs on Amigas with a CPU 68020+, AmigaOS 3.x, TCP/IP stack, CyberGraphX/P96 or AGA with BlazeWCP, MUI3.8, AHI, identify.library 13.x,NList.mcc, BetterBalance.mcc (optional) and XPK V4.0 (optional).

dynAMIte 2.4 (full version) (2 MB)
update to dynAMIte 2.4 (686 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Software-News: MUIrc 1.03, amrss 3.2

MUIrc 1.03

MUIrc is an IRC-/bitlbee-client written in ARexx which can communicate with several servers simultaneously and for this it uses a single window performance. MUIrc requires RxMUI 41.1, CManager 31.4 and RxSocket.library (all these archives are available here).

Link: Homepage

amrss 3.2

amrss shows so called "RSS-Feeds" that means short messages in text form as they are offered by or

Link: Homepage (cg) (Translation: dr)

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07.Jan.2005 (website)

MorphOS: Normalize 0.7.6 and KeyMorpher 1.1

Normalize 0.7.6

With Normalize you can correct the volume of different WAV-files to a common level.

Link: Download site

KeyMorpher 1.1

KeyMorpher is a keymap editor for MorphOS.

Link: Download site (cg) (Translation: dr)

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07.Jan.2005 (website)

Emulator: E-UAE 0.8.27 (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux, Mac OS)
Richard Drummond has published a new version of the Amiga emulator E-UAE. E-UAE is the attempt to make available the newest version of WinUAE to users of different operating systems.

In E-UAE 0.8.27 the compability has been further improved because elements of the "Core Emulation" from WinUAE 0.9.9.x have been used. The 68k-emulator is now 5 % faster because of some optimations and under Mac OS X the emulator now works up to 20 % faster. Furthermore several bugs have been fixed. You can get a complete list of all changes from the Changelog.

The version for Linux (x86) is already available under the title link. Versions for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux (PPC) and Mac OS X will follow soon. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (website)

Guide for using Directory Opus Magellan 2 under MorphOS
Under the title link you can find an English FAQ which helps you running Directory Opus Magellan 2 (V5.82) under MorphOS 1.4. The functions which can be changed are listers, datatypes, start menus, buttons, keymap shortcuts and FTP. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Markus Weiss (mausle) (ANF)

OpenOffice: Project for Amiga port started
A project which is supposed to port OpenOffice has been started.

In order to make easy the communication of the developers some services have been established:

Obviously it was decided to use SVN for managing the source code versions. Currently it was started preparations for an AmigaOS-Port of SVN. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Christoph Dietz (E-Mail) More than 100,000 documents
During the change of the year the message part (including comments) of has become over 100,000 pages. We want to say thank you to all of our readers for their loyalty and support. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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AMIGAplus 01/2005 (#154) - Lost Games (CD incl. full version of "Liquid Kids")
AMIGAplus 01/2005 (#154) with its cover CD is out now - including the platform game "Liquid Kids" from Ocean which has never been released before! Content of this issue:
  • Lost Games Report
  • Karate Fighter reviewed
  • ReAction coding under OS4 (#1)
  • Amiga and XML (#1)
  • 15 top cameras reviewed in our own photography test laboratory
  • Descent Freespace for OS4 reviewed
  • Demoscene anno 1995
  • Amiga ClassiX 4 review
  • AmigaSys 1.5 review
  • Amiga Meeting 2004 report
  • and many more articles
AMIGAplus is available via subscription and as single order at (nba)

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