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Archive 01/2005

28.Jan.2005 (website)

MorphOS: Help 0.91
The command Help written by Nicolas Ramz for MorphOS-Shell describes over 100 commands with all their arguments as well as application examples. Additionally it is a little documentation to MorphOS-Shell itself.

Changes in version 0.91:
  • Some orthography bugs fixed
  • The command "Alias" has now completely documented
  • Missing ARexx-commands added
Download: Help_v09.lha (120 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Volker Mohr (e-mail)

Self made: The worldwide first Pegasos-"Laptop"
Under the title link "Dr. Zarkov" presents his newest project: After making a portable Amiga 1200 now Volker Mohr has faced another challenge - the creation of portable Pegasos solution (photo).
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Forum)

GGS-Data: Firmware-Update for Pegasos II
GGS-Data together with bplan make available an update for the version 1.2 of the Open Firmware for Pegasos II.

If you have installed an older version of the Open Firmware and wish to have an update so please contact the Swedish dealer GGS-Data and give your series number. You can use a contact formular which you can find on the sites of GGS-Data. You will get an update file as well as a documenation how you can update your Open Firmware.

  • Starting via GBit-Ethernet possible
  • USB-support (but not all keyboards)
  • Bug fixes
GGS-Data recommend this update no matter if you use MorphOS or Linux. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (website)

MorphOS: Contents of Available Again
"LouiSe" made the entire content of his recently closed MorphOS website available in the form of a downloadable archive.

Download: dev_innoidea_hu.tgz (5.6 MB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Simon Goodwin (ANF)

Spam Blocker: New Recognition Methods for "SpamFryer"
"SpamFryer" searches the headers of all the e-mails in your Pop3 account and deletes the unwanted ones right at the server. For users with broadband connections, who are not quite as concerned with the download volume, there's also a version that works on the e-mails in your local e-mail directories.

Under the title link the author of SpamFryer releases new recognition methods for SPAM, methods that the user himself may enter in the SpamFryer configuration. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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(ANF) Renewed Fervor in Lobbying Battle over Software Patents
Click on the title link for's summary on the latest developments on the legal events concerning software patents. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Amiforce (ANF)

Amiforce: New AMOS Game Hare Chase Prepared
On Amiforce there's a new game written by the pen of Dietmar Grämer available in the Classic Games section. Like the previous titles this one, Hare Chase, is written in AMOS. The author would be very pleased if you'd write him a few lines using the contact form. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 27. Jan. 2005, 22:14] [Comments: 0]
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Markus Bedurke (ANF)

Amiga 500 Report in the Video Game Magazine MAN!AC
Markus Bedurke notifies us that the new issue (3/05, released this morning) of the video game magazine "MAN!AC" contains a two page report on the Amiga 500. There's a few Amiga games on the attached magazine DVD as well. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Vinnny (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: DarcNES/Amiga and Handy
Matthias 'AmiDog' Roslund has ported the emulators DarcNES/Amiga and Handy to AmigaOS 4.

DarcNES emulates various game consoles, amongst them NES, SMS, SG1000 and the Coleco Vision. Handy emulates Atari's handheld device 'Lynx'.


DarcNES-20050122a.tar.gz (237 KB)
Handy-20050122a.tar.gz (924 KB) (cg)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

R - The GUI generator for MorphOS and AmigaOS
The program R by Guido Mersmann has been updated to version 2.10 and is available in the MorphZone. R is a realtime-generator for graphical user interfaces for almost every DOS command.

Product description by the author: Did you ever feel boring when dealing with DOS commands and their arguments? Did you ever wait for a GUI because the CLI only tool is to complicated for your Shell/CLI skills? Did you ever understand all that cryptic argument names? Did you ever wish DOS arguments would be in your native language for better understanding?

Yes? Then here comes the solution for your problems. "R" - The only weapon to defeat templates! (Something like Airwolf! :) )

Since the early 90s "R" is the one and only weapon to defeat DOS templates and now it returns! Reenforced, upgraded, reworked and ready for the future.

Tons of new features also allow professional to enhance DOS and for all other it's as easy to use as ever:

Simple call "r list" to get a high quality localized gadget user interface for the DOS command list. Set up the options and push execute. Setup predefined options for stuff you need every time and never type it again!

No longer wait for an user interface made by others. Grab a project icon, insert "R" as default tool and there it is!

It's not a hack! It's "R"!

Download: r.lha (202 KB) (snx)

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ANN (website)

amrss updated to version 3.6
The program amrss offers in version 3.6 now Favicons and some kind of raw cookies implementation to make sites like those of the Yahoogroups usable.

amrss shows so called RSS feeds, short news in text form offered e.g. by (snx) (Translation: wk)

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22.Jan.2005 (website)

OnyxSoft: MPlayer GUI and program updates released
Onyxsoft released a graphical user interface for the video player MPlayer as well as updates for AllKeys, MultiRen, QuickSketch and Zapper.
  • MPlayer-GUI 1.12 by Daniel Westerberg is a graphical user interface for MPlayer (MorphOS and AmigaOS4) and requires MUI. MPlayerGUI is compiled for AmigaOS-68k but restricted to Kickstart v50.
  • AllKeys 1.0 by Daniel Westerberg makes it possible to use all mapped keyboard rawkeys including multimedia keys. The program is now available in a native AmigaOS4 version.
  • MultiRen 1.61 by Daniel Westerberg is a tool with many functions to change several file names and comments. The program requires MUI and needs at least AmigaOS 2.04.
  • QuickSketch 1.02 by Daniel Westerberg is a Post-It clone that allows you to make notes not only as text but also graphically. For AmigaOS 2.04 and higher.
  • Zapper 0.10 by Adam Waldenberg allows it under MorphOS to use the zoom gadget of windows for maximizing to the full screen size instead of the Amiga typical change to an alternative size. It is also possible to do a smart resize that just uses the maximum free area until other windows are reached.
allkeys.lha (35 KB)
mplayergui.lha (15 KB)
multiren.lha (201 KB)
quicksketch.lha (21 KB)
zapper.lha (20 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Vinnny (ANF)

Vaporware: mo more online registrations possible
As can be read on the Vaporware website has Silicon Circus stopped the possibility for online registration for Vaporware products from December, 25th 2004 on. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Ambient source code under GPL released
The source code of the current version 1.40 Workbench replacement Ambient by David 'Zapek' Gerber was released today under the GPL.

The latest released version of Ambient together with MorphOS 1.4.2 was V1.29. Next to this the author has set up a Paypal link for users who want to give as a thank you for the release a small donation.

Some features of the current v1.40:
  • MUI-based: The user interface toolkit is MUI (Magic User Interface). It is one of the most flexible and powerful out there. Every window is resizeable thanks to the built-in layout engine. Moreover, the user can change the look of the interface himself. No need to hardcode settings from the main program.
  • Multi-threaded: The whole design of Ambient is asynchronous. One of the key point during the development was that Ambient must never look busy and keep reacting whatever happens. Each job that has a locking possibility (eg. I/O) or can take some time is scheduled to a thread that handles it separately. Conditions which usually upset other desktops, like a network device being unreachable, are not a problem for Ambient.
  • Various icon formats: Ambient handles a numerous format of icons: the original Amiga format, the MagicWB variant with proper remapping, the 256 colors indexed Newicons, the 256 colors indexed Glowicons and its own true color format with alpha based on PNG. Creating an icon is easy, use your favorite paint package and save the icon as PNG.
  • Truecolor rendering: There is no support for CLUT (paletted) modes. This simplifies the internal design greatly as Ambient does quite a lot of graphics processing. 8-bit screens are a thing of the past and not worth supporting with current hardware.
  • 64 Bit arithmetic: 64-bit arithmetic is used for operations related to storage and file handling. Large disks and large files are handled properly.
  • Localisation: Ambient uses a so-called catalog system which means all its strings can be fetched from some external source if the desired language is different than English.
  • Fast I/O: Ambient is very efficient regarding I/O operations and is finetuned to common storage speeds. Its buffers automatically adapt themselves to the given situation.
  • Built-in disk-formatting: Actual formatting of disk partitions can be done from Ambient. The various modes includes quick format, full format and a complex verification format.
  • Different file views: Depending on the media content, a different view can be used. For example an icon view with thumbnails, a list view showing most attributes of files, a view showing pictures. Everything is possible and views are pluggable modules.
  • File handling: Each media can be handled differently depending on its mimetype. Ambient allows to configure exactly what to do with a given media. For example you might want to run some player tool when double clicking on a sound file or use Ambient's built in replayer.
  • Panels: Ambient offers a quick way of creating panels and populating them with programs or applets. There're various options to configure the look and the behaviour of each panel.
  • Visual effects: Ambient has various visual effects to make things nifty and smooth. They are heavily optimized to avoid any impact on the general responsiveness. High quality resizing, alpha effects, blurring, .. they all take advantage of MorphOS' graphics subsystem: CyberGraphX.
  • ARexx support: There's a built in ARexx port which offers scripting support. Ambient uses these commands itself and allows scripts to perform various tasks.
  • Sound engine: Ambient features a built-in sound engine with drivers and API. It allows to play various sounds easily and offers asynchronous modes.
  • Hardware support: Ambient uses Altivec optimized code and takes advantage of the streaming features offered by the Pegasos 2 MPX bus.
This release has been made possible also by Oliver Wagner and Stefan Stuntz, who gave David Gerber the permission for a few include files and parts of code. (snx) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 22. Jan. 2005, 08:49] [Comments: 0]
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