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Tales of Tamar: price for the first emperor of 2005
The round based fantasy strategy role playing game Tales of Tamar increases the price for the first new emperor of 2005. The player who manages it as first this year to earn the title of an emperor and whose empire was registered after January, 1st 2005 will be rewarded with a price of 500 Euros.

The rules of the competition are as follows:
  • Members or former members of the developers team mustn't take part in the competition
  • The player has to play the game in the registered mode
  • Name, address and other data of the potential emperor have to be entered correctly
  • The empire has to be registered after December, 31st 2004
  • Every player is only allowed to own one empire. Payed second matches are not allowed. Payed single matches are possible
  • The team from "Tales of Tamar" is not liable for any software bugs or other errors in the program, even if these should cause the loss of the account meaning that this does not give the right for earning the 'ToT Prize'
  • Old vassal contracts may not be ported to new games
  • Existing players may not form new and name an emperor only to share out the 'ToT Prize' among themselves
  • Any way of 'manipulated try to win' is forbidden. The emperor ahould reach his aim by clever diplomacy, accomplished strategy and clever trading
  • The purpose of the 'ToT Prize' is the enrichment of the game with new players
You can find further information under the title link. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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