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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

SimpleCat V2.10 released
If you know the original CatComp, you know that inserting and especially removing of single texts is a real pain, because you need to edit any language file and the descriptor. Just four languages and you need to edit 5 files and run CatComp 5 times to get updated catalogs and source files.

SimpleCat supports much more flexibility and more features. The main argument is that SimpleCat just needs one file to create an unlimited amount of different catalogs and source files. In addition to that the usage is much easier compared to CatComp.

Thanks to the massive import and export features it's worth a look anyway. SimpleCat is able to import and export catalogs, #?.cd and #?.ct files in any combination. This for example allows to create source files by importing normal catalogs.

  • Just one file needed to create all locale related files
  • Catalogs and source-files will be created in one pass. This saves time in parsing the same data over and over
  • It's possible to import and export any number of different source files at once
  • Optional auto numbering for all IDs
  • Highly specified storage system provides maximum processing speed
  • Possible import formats: #?.cs, #?.catalog, #?.cd, #?.ct files
  • Possible export formats: #?.cs, #?.catalog, #?.cd, #?.ct, #?.c and #?.asm files
  • Automatically creates full featured #?.cs files from catalogs, #?.cd or #?.ct files
  • Fully localized
  • 68000 and MorphOS PPC version

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