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Archive 06/2001

Amiga Future

Database: SatraDB for AmigaOS 3.5 is being developed
Satra Systems develops a new database-management-system for AmigaOS 3.5 called SatraDB. Soon there will be published a first beta version. You can find more details under the title link. (ps)

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The Legacy

The Legacy: Game museum with new layout
The Legacy which is the nostalgic game museum fro C64, Amiga, Atari, PC and Schneider/Amstrad CPC presents itself with a completely new design and has added a powerful search function. The site concerns itself with games and offers screenshots, coverscans and information about the developer. (ps)

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Fun Time World

Compiler: GenesysOne for Amiga announced
With the following press release Xin Software Design announces a new compiler which first is to be developed for AmigaOS (68k).

4. Juni 2001: GenesysOne announced
Considering the pros and cons of Amiga situation: For a longer time Genesys Compiler is being planned and is now to be developed for AmigaOS (first only for 68k), too - all tests have been successfully completed for making a compiler for Amiga.

Genesys compiles Genesys-sourcecodes as well as C and C++-sourcecodes. This is possible without any problems because of the high similarity of the programming languages because the compiler is an extension of the programming language C++.
Additional features will simplify the use of ARexx-ports, several tasks and lists as well as deliver additional datatypes for scientific tasks and allow a better control over datatypes and data.
Genesys-projects are object-orientated in all sectors but it is also possible to program processor independable assembler. The abilities of the programming language are being extended concerning the machine as well as the concept.

In order to ensure the controlled development presently there are defined a lot of test cases and the project as well as the implementation are being exactly planned. Also the connection to the developer area 'void' is being defined.
After the Amiga-port further Genesys-compilers have been into consideration for Linux as well as x86 and PPC-hardware.

GenesysOne-Compiler will be the compiler which exists first and which is the equivalent of the incomplete beta version of the final Genesys-compiler. The first final versions will be probably published at first quartal of 2002. (ps)

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GoldED support site

Editor: GoldED Studio 7 in progress
GoldED Studio 7 of Dietmar Eilert is in progress. The beta-testing will be started this month. The work will be probably finished this summer. You can buy the new version then as CD-ROM-upgrade. (ps)

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M. Albrecht (of the QNX developer-ml) (ANF)

QNX 6 now ith PPC support
The current beta version of QNX RTP (the system which was formerly planned as "new AmigaOS") now supports as runtime-platform PPC (additional to many other processors), too. Because of that with QNX software can be developed (currently on x86) which run on PPC-platforms.

This is very interesting because QNX is still always a very powerful and multimedia-able operating system and the producers (as always up to now) have carried out their promises to support PPC. (ps)

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Michael Asse (ANF)

PC: Shareware version of Frontier
On 31st of May in 2001 Elite Club announced that Frontier-Elite II and Frontier-First Encounters can be downloaded within the present or the next week at last. These are the PC-shareware versions of the titles which are restricted to 30 days.

Soon the Eliteclub will place games, merchandising, sourecodes (official) and other stuff about the topic of Frontier Elite II/First Encounters at your disposal.

Maybe you can encourage the maintainer of the club site to take care of the Amiga versions of the games, too. (ps)

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No Risc No Fun (ANF)

NRNF: LOG review and iFusion update
On the page of NoRiscNoFun there is a review of 'Land Of Genesis'. Read if Turrican can be a pensioner or if it will hold the first place forever.

The compatibility list of iFusion was wildely extended and offers now a lot of diverse applications and games. (ps)

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Ralph Torchia (ANF)

Palm desktop for Amiga: Spitfire² version 1.6
Spitfire² is a Palm-desktop for AmigaOS. The software enables a connection to the Palm-computer of 3Com and compatible ones. It offers among other things hotsync-functions between Amiga and Palm.

Changes to the current version 1.6:
  • Fixing of bugs
  • Ability to convert text files to Palm DOC via Install app added (requires docdatatypes)
  • New System Backup app
  • New 8n1nodsr.device compiled
All features of the program has listed on the homepage. Additional to the main archive there are ClockSync plugin (V1.2) and YAMSync plugin (beta 2) for registered users for download.

Download: Spitfire2.lha - 818 kB (ps)

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Amig@lien (E-Mail)

Amig@lien: Homepage update
Since yesterday our new homepage design is online. We have used it to add new pictures of the computer party in Jonsdorf 'Computerrevolution 2001'. (jm)

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anarka^skt (ANF)

Event: Scene-party in Spain: 'CatCon2k1'
From 13.-15. of July the biggest scene party in spain will take place in Barcelona (Calella). The ´CatCon2k1´ is really large with 500 places.

Systems like Amiga, Atari, Msx, Commodore64, Spectrum, PC, Macintosh, Linux, BeOS and other ones will be present performing their demos, graphics, 3d-animations, musics and games. There will be tutorials and conversations and a demo-contest will take place. Because not all stations can be connected there will be an internet-service-bar.

The admission fee is 4.000 Pesetas. You can reserve under the following email address: In a few days there will be an English version of the invitation, too. (ps)

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Oliver Tacke (ANF)

Game: dynAMIte V1.4
An update (version 1.4) for the network game 'dynAMIte' is available at the dynAMIte website. (ps)

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Oliver Tacke (ANF)

Game: Cinemaware releases 'Wings' for free download
Cinemaware has kept their promise and have released "Wings", another Amiga game classic, for free download. Prepare yourself for a journey into 1916 and get ready for air combat in 230 missions with uprising level. (ps)

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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

Hardwaretip: Volume-Control with multimedia keyboard
Thomas Wenzel describes how to use a multimedia keyboard for volume control:

Control the master volume of your Amiga/Prelude soundsystem with the special keys of a multimedia keyboard:).A normal PC-Multimedia keyboard, Guido Mersmanns MMKeyboard Interface and my new mixing commodity for the Prelude make it possible.

That's how it works:

In combination with the delivered "driver" commodity MMKeyboard Interface is able to control the special keys of the multimedia keyboard and configure them with free choosable functions. For audio purposes many keyboards have "Volume +", "Volume -", and "Mute"-keys for this special functions. The new Prelude mixer has now an AREXX port that understands VOLUP, VOLDOWN, and MUTE. With the Prelude you are still able to use the Amiga soundsignal (PAULA) and now control its volume, too, with the keyboard.

PrlMixer.lha (ps)

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Matay: Prometheus driver-CD list
The PCI board Prometheus will be delivered with a driver CD. Here you can find a list of contained and work in progress drivers for it.

For now there are drivers for Voodoo3 boards, 2D boards for Picasso 96, and 3D drivers for Warp3D contained. Several drivers for network cards are listed. Drivers for TV- and soundcards are work in progress. (ps)

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3.000.000 visitors at
The 3,000,000 visitor had come to see our side. Our service is available for 33 months now. The average visitornumber is 90,900 visitors per month. Currently there are about 174,000 visitors per month, they produce nearly 1,000,000 pageviews.

We would like to use this ocassion for saying thank you for your support and help. There are many companies, programmers, developers and maintainers of websides supporting us by reporting news or using the Amiga News Forum (ANF). All of this makes it easier for us to keep our sides up-to-date.

We are a team of enthusiastic Amiga-users using much of our sparetime to support the project. This is why we are strongly interested in any feedback and support. Because without it had not become as good as it is today. (ps)

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Sebastian Bauer (ANF)

E-Mail-Client: SimpleMail Alpha 0.6 released
There is a new alpha version (0.6) of SimpleMail available for download at the titlelink.

  • Improved E-Mail-account-management (for example several SMTP-server)
  • POP before SMTP
  • Addressbook now stored as XML
  • Support for filters
  • Support for folder-creation within the GUI and storage of the preferences
  • Many bugfixes

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WHDLoad Support Page (ANF)

Installation: WHDLoad Version 14.3
Release of version 14.3 of WHDLoad, a harddisc-install-package. WHDLoad lets you install many floppy based games onto the harddisc.

  • fix: without PreLoad/S LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad returning error (Philippe)
  • fix: LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad was returning wrong result on failure and WHDLF_NoError wasn't set (Jeff)
  • fix: now resload_Load functions can load files larger than 2.091.108 bytes (MrLarmer)
  • new: option NoFlushMem/S added to avoid memory flush at WHDLoad startup
  • fix: TDREASON_OSEMUFAIL works again (Jeff)
  • fix: bug in resload_Relocate removed (MrLarmer)
Download: WHDLoad_usr.lha - 137 kB (ps)

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Frank Fenn

Musik: Audiomaster 2000 Version 0.72
Audiomaster, a sample-editor, version 0.72 released. The program uses MUI and has a builin support for AHI-devices. The AHI part was completely rewritten and is now able to control single devices. (Known bugs: CDDA grab only supports SCSI drives at the moment.)

The programm by Frank 'Fenny' Fenn is shareware. The demoversion is not able to store something. Download: audiomaster2k.lha - 278 kB (ps)

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Tom Parker

Browser: AWeb PowerPC JPEG Plugin V0.6
Tom Parker has written a PowerPC plug-in for the Internet browser AWeb. Currently the software is in beta status. Who wants to test the plug-in will find more details and the latest version 0.6 at the title link. Tom Parker is looking forward to your feedback to be sent to (ps)

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Stephan Rupprecht

Tool: Image2Icon Version 1.18
Stephan Rupprecht released a new version of his program 'Image2Icon'. Download: Image2Icon.lha (ps)

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MPEG-Player: Frogger 1.65rc6 for PowerPC
Version 1.65rc6 of the MPEG-player 'Frogger' for PowerPC released.

If the original Frogger-webside (titlelink) is to slow, please use this Mirror. The program is shareware. (ps)

[News message: 04. Jun. 2001, 15:18] [Comments: 1 - 05. Jun. 2001, 21:32]
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Andrew Bell

Tool: Voodoo-X Version 1.5 Beta 6
Voodoo-X is a MUI-based GUI for the archive-extractionsystem XADmaster.library by Dirk Stöcker. Further details are available at the titlelink.
Download: VX1.5.BETA6.lha - 110 kB (ps)

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Richard Kapp per E-Mail

GFX-Base: ManiacBalls Review
Kevin Hansen published a review of the game ManiacBall (a BreakOut-clone). (ps)

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Codepoet (ANF)

Emulator: WinUAE 0.8.16 R4
WinUAE, the Amiga-emulator for Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2K and WinXP, version 0.8.16 R4 released. The following changes were made:

  • FIXED: 50Hz/60Hz switching (B.C. Kid) works again. (Toni Wilen)
  • FIXED: Various Picasso96 issues. (Bernd Roesch)
  • FIXED: F11 should be again.
  • ADDED: .GZ support in floppy dialog. (Timothy Roughton, aka Inner)
  • CHANGED: Tweaked the sound-code yet again, hopefully will be less choppy.
  • CHANGED: Tweaked the exception-handling code for JIT. (Bernie Meyer)
  • REMOVED: icon1.ico from the source-code archive.
Additional information is available at the titlelink

Download: WinUAE0816R4.exe (ps)

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Celso (ANF)

JavaOne: Sharp unveals partners
A pressrelease of Sharp, made today, unveals three more partners, beside of Amiga, for the development of content for the Zaurus-PDA. These are the companies: Access, Office Noah and Pumatech. According to the pressrelease, the areas they will develop for will be:

Access: browser development
Office Noah: multimedia/video
Pumatech: synchronisation
Amiga: games, 2D, 3D, animation, video and music (ps)

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Aminet Uploads until 04.06.2001
STEP_Txt.lha         biz/dbase  797K+Star Trek StarBase-Text (637.2)
DosControl60.lha     biz/demo   559K+DosControl V6.0m Demo (German only)
STEP_Gde.lha         docs/hyper 787K+Star Trek Guide (637.2)
SkyChase.lha         mods/misc    7K+Custom module from "SkyChase"
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit   183K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
MP3TagEditor.lha     mus/edit    23K+Editor of MP3's ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags
Amoralplay1.5.lha    mus/play   123K+A no fuss multiformat audio player.
EP_PRobotham.lha     mus/play     8K+EaglePlayer "Paul Robotham" external rep
EP_RJosephPlay.lha   mus/play    10K+EaglePlayer "Richard Joseph Player" exte
EP_TFMXPro.lha       mus/play    19K+EaglePlayer "TFMX Pro" external replayer

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