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Archive 06/2001

Martin Merz (ANF)

Icons: MI News - QuadraMI 4 and new archive available
QuadraMI 4 is available for download.

A new image archive by the name of QuadraMI 4 is available on Mason.Home and Aminet. QuadraMI 4 is an extended collection of icons for toolbars and start menus for applications like Workbench 2000, Toolmanager, Directory Opus Magellan, and many more. The images are of IFF format and available as ColorIcons. Those were created in the popular GlowIcons design with a standard colour depth of 32 and a basic size of 24x24 pixles, but without the glow effect.

Other projects.

Some new and reworked archives are available for download in addition:
  • CManMI - new toolbar for CManager by VaporWare
  • IBrowseMI - navigation bar for IBrowse with additional images by Kristóph Gruber
  • mFTPMI - AppMI basing toolbar set for mFTP-II
  • NRogMI - image set for NewsRog with GlowIcons design
Please, visit the "Projects" page of Mason.Home for more information. (ps)

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Andrew Bell

Unpacking-Frontend: Voodoo-X version 1.5 beta 9
Voodoo-X is a MUI basing interface for the archive unpacking system XADmaster.library by Dirk Stöcker.

Using Voodoo-X you can handily view the content of archive (single files, too). This beta version might contain crash causing bugs. More details under the title link.

Download: VX1.5.BETA9.lha - 120 kB (ps)

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Assembler: ASM-One version 1.47
Today, Boushh released version 1.47 of the assembler packet 'ASM-One'. This version runs on Amigas with the original chip set and on Amigas equipped with graphic boards (RTG). New is the PPC assembling which enables you to mix 68k/PPC code.

Download: asmonev147.lha - 294 kB (ps)

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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Event: Benelux Amiga Show News
Only two days left until the Benelux Amiga Show in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but still new and interesting details are arriving:

A Dutch radio station announced to create an Amiga special on the Show.

VPRO-TV - Amiga Special
The editor board of the TV station VPRO-TV took the task to create an Amiga special. To make that reality they even will travel to the U.S.A. and also the European users shall be reviewed. In cooperation with the Dutch print magazine AmigaScene it will be discussed what is to report about AMIGA on the Benelux Amiga Show, and first shots will be taken.

Matay will attend, too.
The Polish hardware developer Matay, at this time well known by the PCI board ´Prometheus´, shortly decided to attend the show and they sure will have some boards with them. (ps)

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GP-Software / Thomas Wölflick (ANF)

File manager: Directory Opus 6 released
As already reported, yesterday, in the article File manager: DirOpus V4.15m Beta the PC version Directory Opus 6 was released at GP Software. While rummaging in the Aminet uploads I stumbled upon the following text inside the DOpus6 readme file (title link):


This is interesting for Amiga users using a PC, too, and not wanting to miss their favourite file manager. The 30-days-PC-test-version is available e.g. here (DOpusInstall.exe). (ps)

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Golem: Transmeta sales decreasing drastically
»Orders from Japan decreasing
The still fresh processor developer Transmeta now also warns of intelligibly lower sales in 2Q01. For a reason they mention the bad economical situation which now spreads to Japan, too - Japan is Transmeta's biggest market place.

Though additional manufacturers to produce their own chips could have been gained, orders from Japanese Notebook manufacturers are significant low. Therefore Transmeta adjust their sales expectancy to 40% - 45% below sales in 1Q01 (18.6 millions USD).«
Complete article (German) under the title link. (ps)

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Computerwoche (ANF)

HP brings stereos and TV-sets to the Web
»The IT company Hewlett-Packard (HP) from California, U.S.A., is about to present a system to connect stereos and TV-sets to the internet, next week in New York. The "HP Digital Entertainment Center", to be plugged into stereo or TV-set casings, can download, save and play music videos and digital sound from the Web. The appliance has enough memory to save up to 750 audio CD's. It is connected to the Internet by simply pressing a button without to be forced to boot-up a computer.«
Complete article (German) under the title link. (ps)

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Thomas Steidung (E-Mail)

Games: Amiga Classix 3 released
The game compilation CD Amiga Classix 3 was released at e.p.i.c. interactive, today. On this CD available for Mac, Amiga, and Windows are to find more than 100 complete and many of them formally commercial games.

Among the commercial highlights on this CD are Der Seelenturm, XTreme Racing, Obsession Pinball, Fatman, Beneath the Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress, Vroom, Wheelspin, Trainer, Ziriax, Sixth Sense Investigation, Blade, Tactical Manager, Risk, Black Sect, Tanglewood, and Ziriax. This CD is available from e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment. (ps)

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Jan Andersen

Virus Help Denmark: VEPatch.Brain Version 1.35
A new update has been published of the 'VEPatch.Brain v1.34' for VirusExecutor. Here the details:

  • Name: VEPatchBrain v1.35
  • Archivename: VEPatchBrain.lha
  • Archivesize: 22.161 Bytes
  • Date: 20. June 2001
  • Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
  • Required: VirusExecutor V2.xx

Changes since the last version:
  • SysTracker v0.1
  • SnoopSetFunction v0.9
  • AslToRT v39.2
  • OutLineFont v1.3
  • imagepool.library v0.8ß
  • New recon to explode.library due to virus...
  • Remember.. If you have a lot of unknown patches, please let me know so I can add them to this patch brain :)

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Fr3dy (E-Mail)

Portings of Fr3dY: New URL
As reported on 11th of June in 2001 Fr3dy has made some ports for 68k and MorphOS and make the tools available on a website.

The url has changed: From now on you can access the website under (ps)

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Neodym (ANF)

User report soundcard "Repulse" and new AlienDesign website
On ANN a lucky man who ordered the soundcard ´Repulse´ in advance has posted a report about it. He seems to be very satisfied.

Besides this Aliendesign seemed to found a GBR because the website can be now accessed under the new url (ps)

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Eyetech: AmigaOne 1200/4000 faq updated
The AmigaOne 1200/4000 faq (frequently asked questions) of Eyetech has been updated and some questions and answers has been added. (ps)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Bill Gates likes Open Source
»Bill Gates recently told that he basicly has nothing against free software: "An ecological system with free and commercial software which leaves the costumer the decision is an important and healthy ecological system". But he criticized the General Public License (GPL) because it forbid commercial enterprises to use work or to build on it which has copyrighted by the "Pac-man-like" character of this licence. What Gates understands under "Pac-man-like" he unfortunately did not told.«
Complete article under the title link. (ps)

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Directory Opus 4 Research Project

Filemanager: DirOpus V4.15m beta
Jacek Rzeuski has published betaversion 4.15m of the filemanager 'DirOpus'. The update contains some improvements which are listed in the History.

This betaversion only contains the files which has changed compared with 'Directory Opus V4.15'. You can find this version and the corresponding source code on the download-site.

DirOpus is a filemanager programmed by Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry of GP Software. The DirOpus version for Windows is already available in version 6.

In 1999 the source code of version 4 was released under GNU Public License-conditions. Jacek Rzeuski then started to rework and improve the program.

Download: DOpus415mbeta.lzx - 472 kB

Alternative download: DOpus415mbeta.lzx (ps)

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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Event: Benelux Amiga Show news
As already announced several times the Benelux Amiga Show in connection with a LAN-party will take place on 23th of June in 2001 in Rotterdam which are organized by the Dutch print magazine called ´Amiga Scene´ and the trader ´Computer City´.

In addition to the already mentioned highlights Hyperion will publicly demonstrate the Warp3D on a Prometheus PCI-Board with Voodoo3 graphic board for the first time. Ben Hermans, Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden and Timothy de Groote are pesent.

A Dutch television station will make recordings of the show and will broadcast it in the programme '7 dagen' ('7 days'). The broadcast will show people who keep their proper distance to Microsoft and rather do not want something to do with it. You could not describe the Amiga community in a better way, could you? :) (ps)

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iFusion Mailingliste (ANF)

Emulator: iFusion Update V1.3.0
We are pleased to announce the availability of V1.3.0 of iFusion. This version enables sound on the emulation. There are three update patches available at the Blittersoft website iFusion section ( to update the three current CD releases (V1.0.0, V1.0.1 and V1.2.0). You will need to have your original CD mounted to patch your program.

Also required are the Mac sound extension (NWEAudio) and revised drivers, all available for download.

Please note that we are also in possesion of the latest Picasso96 update that corrects all screen split problems when used with iFusion. We are unable to make this available as it is beta, but the Picasso96 team should be releasing this update soon. We were able to run iFusion with Voodoo III and Prometheus using this new patch.

Also note that the asyncio.library is no longer required by iFusion. Thanks to Jim/Joe for this update! :-) (ps)

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H&P: Opinion poll to PageStream
In order to better get to know the demands of the costumer concerning PageStream Haage&Partner has prepared a small opinion poll and would be pleased if you took part.

Because PageStream is currently delivered without example files and patterns H&P has also given you the opportunity to upload your patterns to its server. If you have made ones and you want to place it at the PageStream-users disposal you can transfer the files.

Direct link to the opinion poll and to the upload: German - English You can find the opinion poll under the title link. (ps)

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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: Safe Version 15.9
With the viruschecker ´Safe´ you can look for virus but you can not eliminate them. It follows the details to version 15.9 which has been published today:

Name: Safe v15.9
Archivename : Safe.lha
Archivesize: 33.767 Bytes
Releasedate: 19. June 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Required: Amiga with OS 2.04+ (xvs.library strongly recommended)

News in v15.9:
  • Added BOBEK2 linkvirus (memory removal and XFD slave to see it in files with VirusZ). This one was very difficult to handle in memory. File detection is very easy and shouldn't generate any false positives.
  • Kicked out TCPPATCH/S parameter in order to make place for code that kills BOBEK2 in memory.

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Richard Kapp (E-Mail)

GFX-BASE: Review of HBMonopoly V 2.6, Apps-section and opinion poll
On the site of GFX-BASE you can read a new review. This time we have tested the new version of HBMonopoly. Besides this we have extended our tools-section and renamed it into 'Apps'. In this section you can find software which either only run on graphic boards or at least take strong advantage of it. Our opinion poll is also new: We would like to know which graphic board you use on you Amiga system. We would be pleased if many users will participate. (ps)

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3ivx news
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 21:48:11 +0200
From: Francis Ennekens

Subject: PR: Happy Machines grants 3ivx resellerships to companiesworldwide

For immediate release:
Happy Machines grants 3ivx resellerships to companies worldwide

June 18, 2001- Happy Machines n.v., a leading video technology 
company specializing in providing the highest-quality video on CD's, 
DVD's and electronic business cards, announced today that ICCIP, a 
Dutch company, will be reselling the 3ivx codec in combination with 
its products.

This deal will allow ICCIP to prove the viability of high quality 
video bundled with CD's, DVD's and electronic business card 
duplicating products and services.

"We are excited to be working with ICCIP and to be expanding our 
market share in the CD industry" said Dirk Laureyssens, Happy 
Machines CEO. "We look forward to making video on CD's available in 

"ICCIP continues to ally itself with the best technology in the 
business," said John Besseling, ICCIP CEO. "By offering the 3ivx 
codec together with our products, we guarantee the finest video CD 
products available on the market today."

ICCIP will begin selling the 3ivx products, their patented electronic 
business cards, long life CD's and labelling kit starting today. They 
will also provide customized CD/DVD duplication and labeling robots.

Happy Machines is able to reach unparalleled levels of quality by 
combining the MPEG-4v3 specifications with its unique proprietary 
algorithms. 3ivx provides a more efficient storage use on CD's in the 
areas of business, education and video entertainment. In order to 
ensure optimum viewing experience, Happy Machines' video engineers 
created an auto-installer that runs automatically on Windows or 
Macintosh PC's when you insert a 3ivx CD and installs the 3ivx codec 
as appropriate.

About Happy Machines n.v.
Happy Machines n.v. is a Belgian company that represents a creative 
team and a large international network of inventors, software and 
hardware developers, designers in various fields such as imaging, 
satellite communications, artificial intelligence, machinery etc., 
which has contacts with top-manufacturers worldwide. The company is 
also a member of the MPEG-group and is an Inmarsat partner. It is 
orientated on project development and related intellectual 
properties. Headquartered in Antwerp Happy Machines may be reached at 
Grote Steenweg 408/19, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium, telephone +32-3-2816858 
or Investor inquiries should be sent to More information is available at

ICCIP is founded specially to present and sell products related to 
data marketing and technology. The company offers unique patent 
protected products and marketing solutions and is specialized in 
digital content, high-end mass storage of data and the distribution 
of data. ICCIP is determined to work right now with technology coming 
available tomorrow. More information is available at

Contact info:
Francis Ennekens

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Achim Stegemann (ANF)

Asyncio.library (68k+WarpOS) update
There's a new update for the asyncio.library with WarpOS support (V40.6). Sadly the last version had the same problems in PPC writing mode than before. This update fixes these problems so that there shouldn't be any more lock-ups on writing with PPC.

If there shouldn't be any problems with it, this will be the last version since there'll be no more optimizations by me that could make the library more efficient.

Download: asyncioppc.lha (ps)

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Amiga Future [News]

Game: Aqua directly distributed by Emerald Imaging
Emerald Imaging is selling their new game 'Aqua' from now on through CCNow, an online store that works with the Amiga and accepts all major credit cards. Amiga dealers will be supplied directly by Emerald Imaging. (ps)

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Aminet Uploads until 19.06.2001
LocalePL_OS39.lha    biz/dbase  105K+Polish locale for OS3.9 ver 1.8
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    26K+Online Dictionary
AWebcolor2CED.lha    comm/www     5K+Html color selecting from AWeb to CED
Dvn2-Prom.lha        demo/aga   151K+Devotion 2 - Promotional Intro
wpz-frozen44.lha     demo/aga   550K+Frozen#44 - Underscore Party Edition
Hjb-DVN2.lha         demo/mag   1.3M+HJB - Devotion, issue two. 
amiga13.lha          dev/cross   73K+LUnix SDK (binary distribution)
FindChanges.lha      disk/misc   96K+Finds changes made to disk
tsgui.lha            disk/misc   31K+Create or write back image files from an
RDBrecov.lha         disk/salv   24K+Search lost PFS/SFS partitions on a hard
starmagb1_ag.lha     docs/mags  391K+German Amiga-Online-Magazine AmigaGuide-
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  475K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
Warp3DDev-4.0.lha    gfx/board  315K+Warp3D V4, Developer archive
ASIE.lha             misc/emu    88K+ASIE (AMIGA Space Invaders Emulator)
p-interp.lha         misc/emu   165K+P-Code interpreter (to run the apple pas
imdbDiff010608.lha   misc/imdb  1.7M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
Fire_Forget2.lha     mods/misc   51K+Custom module from "Fire & Forget II"
dmdev.lha            mus/play   136K+Mpeg.device for Delfina DSP
EP_BeathovenSS.lha   mus/play     6K+EaglePlayer "Beathoven Synthesizer" exte
EP_DaveLowe.lha      mus/play     8K+EaglePlayer "Dave Lowe" external replaye
EP_DaveLoweNew.lha   mus/play    13K+EaglePlayer "Dave Lowe New" external rep
EP_Soundfactor.lha   mus/play     7K+EaglePlayer "Soundfactory" external repl
RAPlay.lha           mus/play   256K+Play/decode RealAudio v1&2 files. (w/src
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   31K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
ltools21_demo.lha    text/misc   46K+Dictionary and Document Translator
Move21.lha           util/batch   7K+Moves Files, For Use With Shell

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AmiDog: AMP movieplayer beta page online
Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund has created a download page for beta versions of his PPC movie player 'AMP' and offers a current beta version for download. As soon as there'll be changes to the beta version the more recent versions will be available from the beta download page.

With 'AMP' you can currently play the following multimedia files:
  • MPEG1/2 video with sound (optional)
  • MP2/MP3 audio streams
  • AC3 streams

Download: AMP2-BETA-010618.lha (ps)

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Golem: Matrox Millennium G550 - Vertex Shader included
»After rumors had been around for months, Matrox Graphics Inc. has now finally announced their long-awaited graphics card Millennium G550. The graphics chip G550 working on it integrates as second - after the much more expensive GeForce3 - a DirectX-8-compatible Vertex Shader. Matrox nevertheless does not target the card at hardware for game freaks but rather for online communication and web entertainment.«
Full article in German at the titlelink.

More news on the topic:
AnandTech: Matrox Millennium G550: Matrox's Next-Generation chip arrives
Toms Hardware: Matrox Launches The G550

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

TecChannel: Metabox loses supporting banks
»The multimedia company which has been shaken by scandals has lost two supporting banks. After the insolvency Merck Finck & Co as well as M.M. Warburg quitted their cooperation with the company.
With these news a spokeswoman of Metabox confirmed a report of the online edition of the Manager Magazine. Metabox had, however, found a new bank. Required for the official quotation however are at least two banks. Metabox produces settop boxes for using internet by television.« Full German article at the titlelink. (ps)

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GNU website

GNU Compiler Collection version 3.0 finished
Version 3.0 of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) has been finished. Now integrated is a Java compiler that creates native and Java bytecode and an interpreter for Java bytecode. More information and details at the titlelink. (ps)

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Mirko Engelhardt (ANF)

Amigaland: 17 new games for free download
Amigaland has 17 more games for free download on their website! These are freeware games like Blade, Spectrum, One On One, Xenox.

All these games are by Scorpius Software (Information Software) and were kindly provided for Amigaland.

The Amigaland logo contest with a draw and prices is still running until July 15th. (ps)

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Slawomir Wilk (e-mail)

Online magazine: Amiga Minus #2
The second issue of "Amiga Minus" - online magazine dedicated to polish Amiga users has been released! Inside: an interview with Ralph Schmidt and Eric Schwartz, what people think about war between polish PCI-interface developers, what is the condition of polish Amiga companies, how did Commodore look like under Jack Tramiel's control, what are the plans of game developers like Hyperion or Epic Interactive, review of "Dzien, Dejection" - XTD's music CD and Amiga Meeting 2001 pre-invitation. (ps)

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