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Archive 06/2001

Dirk Baeyens (E-Mail) online again
Because of some troubles with PHP-Nuke the English speaking news service had canceled the website to completely rework it. Because it takes much time to establish a new editing system is now online again with PHP-Nuke. (ps)

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Christoph Gutjahr (ANF)

New timeline for AmigaOne
Under the title link you can find the new timeline for the AmigaOne. According to it the selling start is at the beginning of October.

Probably at the "secret" meeting at the Benelux Amiga Show they reached an agreement on it explained Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) at the AmigaOne mailinglist.

With this delay AmigaOS 4.0 becomes more important. Still in this version there will be the PPC native TCP/IP stack which according to Fleecy Moss (Amiga) was developed by Olaf "Olsen" Barthel and which is being tested with a 68k version.

There will be the new filesystem "AmFS2" and the support of virtuel memory already in 4.0 as well as drivers for SCSI and Ethernet.

Besides this Picasso96 and Warp3D drivers will be delivered for Voodoo3 (PCI/AGP), Matrox G450 (PCI/AGP) and Matrox G550 (AGP).

Contrary to the original plans USB- and soundcard-support (with "Soundblaster Live") will be there already in the BoingBags of OS 4.0 and not on OS 4.2. (ps)

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MPEG-Player: Frogger 1.65rc7 for PowerPC
There is a new version 1.65rc7 of MPEG-animation-player 'Frogger' for Amiga PowerPC computers.

If the oiriginal Frogger-website (titlelink) is too slow then you can use the following mirrorsite for downloading. The program is shareware and you can directly register at the author Sebastian Jëdruszkiewicz in Poland. (ps)

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Matay: New Voodoo3 graphicboard-driver available
In section 'Archives' (titlelink) you can find the new versions of the Voodoo3 2000/3000 graphicboard-driver for the PCI-board Prometheus.

The increase of the speed is the most important difference to the older versions. This is not a final version. This one is announced for Voodoo4 4500 graphicboards including the drivers and for networkcard-drivers for the NE2000 to the next week. (ps)

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Czech Amiga News

Webserver: Apache V1.3.20 + PHP V4.0.6
On 25th of June in 2001 on the 'SixK Port Page' another update of the webserver 'Apache' has been published for the Amiga. The Apache-version is still 1.3.20. On 23th of June in 2001 the script-language-modul 'PHP' has been published in version 4.0.6.

This version should run more stable and should need less memory.

The binary has been compiled on for the 68040 and for the use with the official Amiga-Apache-archive.

Download: apache1320_php406_040.lzx (sd)

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Czech Amiga News

AmigaOS: French mirror of AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ
The official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ which is led by Greg Donner is also accessible in French under

The translation has been done by Thillot Lionel. During this week the update v1.5 will be published. Thus the mirror will be up-to-date. (sd)

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Darek Dulian (E-Mail)

Elbox: Answers to questions of users
Elbox has issued a statement which answers many questions of the users concerning SharkPPC, sound- and tv-card-drivers as well as Warp3D support.

Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 22:22:13 +0200

X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.7 [pl] (WinNT; I)
Subject: ELBOX about SharkPPC, Sound and TV card drivers and Warp3D support

Below are the answers from Elbox to questions asked by Kay Are Ulvestad. 
The questions (asked in a message to Elbox) refer to SharkPPC cards, 
drivers to Mediator PCI for Sound, TV and other cards, Warp 3D support, etc.

Kay Are Ulvestad wrote: 

> Hi! 
> I'm sorry to hassle, but you know how the Amiga market is. . . keep 
> public relations quiet for a while, and wild rumours start circulating. 
> Anyway, I was hoping you could provide this impatient user with some 
> info by answering some questions. With your permission, I will post 
> the info on the Amiga Mediator ML as well, hopefully calming some 
> people down. The questions may look kind of long, but I think 
> they're mostly easy to answer.  Ok, here I go: 

> 1. There recently was a claim (outside of Elbox), that the Shark 
> products were cancelled. Although I myself don't really believe 
> this on such a weak basis, the recent lack of information about 
> the products as well as the successful marketing of the AmigaONE 
> might lead to some users feeling they've invested in a "dead end" 
> expansion-wise. Perhaps you could tell me how the development 
> is going? Any estimated release date? 

As we have explained many times, we will start producing 
SharkPPC G3/G4 and ShakPPC+ cards when AmigaOS 4.0 is ready 
for releasing. 

> 2. When is the next driver release from you? What kind of drivers 
> can be expected, and how soon? 

Tomorrow we will make available the MediatorUP2.3 update, which 
is a simultaneous update for the users of Mediator PCI 1200 and 
Mediator PCI ZIV.  All the system files and the enclosed drivers 
have been optimized and adjusted to operation with Mediator PCI 1200 
and ZIV. In the pci.library, workaround has been made to avoid the 
incorrect recognition of 68LC060 processors by the LC060.library. 

The next drivers to be made available within the coming two weeks 
will be drivers for SoundBlaster 128 music cards. 

Drivers to TV cards, which were presented in WOA 2000 in Koln 
are ready and will be released in one package with drivers 
for SounBlaster 128 music cards.  

Further drivers, on which we are now working, are drivers for 
SoundBlaster Live! cards.  The work is advanced in ca. 80% on these 

Writing drivers is a very time-consuming work. Unlike drivers to 
the previous Amiga cards, like those in Zorro slots, writing drivers 
for PCI cards requires much more time. The reason is that drivers 
for Amiga cards were prepared usually for one specific series (mask) 
of chipsets around which they were produced.  For example, CyberVision 
64 3D cards were produced around the S3 ViRGE 86C325, chipset  but 
always only and solely for one series (mask) of these chipsets. 
Our drivers for S3 cards support various chipsets of the S3 ViRGE, 
but also have to run with all the series (masks) of these chipsets.  
This applies to other drivers written by us, as well.

In the recent several months , production of other PCI busboards 
for Amiga was announced. Probably many people believed that this 
would result in co-operation of companies for writing drivers 
for PCI cards.  We guess such co-operation would be beneficial for 
users of Amiga with PCI slots.

Elbox has written drivers for Voodoo3, Voodoo4, Voodoo5 and S3 
Virge graphic cards and Ethernet cards. 

We hoped that if a new busboard is to be introduced to the market, 
its authors will prepare drivers for these PCI cards, for which 
no Amiga support is available as yet. Then, by licensing, they 
would make available their drivers for working with Mediator, 
receiving in return licences for drivers  prepared by Elbox. 

Well, as we see , the trend is completely different: 

The only drivers which are made for other PCI busboards are drivers 
to these PCI cards, to which Elbox has already written drivers. 
Writing drivers to these PCI cards, to which drivers have been 
written and made available by Elbox, is like solving a difficult 
problem in physics, when you already have seen its solution...

Therefore, soon we will make available drivers for Mediator to 
such PCI cards, which due to technical reasons cannot work in PCI 
busboards other than Mediator. 

We also hope that external developers will write drivers for 
PCI cards.  SDK for Mediator is available free of charge after 
signing NDA.
However, prospective developers have to remember that: 
- They should approach appropriate companies about documentation 
  to PCI card chipsets, to which they want to write drivers. 
  Usually, such companies require signing an individual NDA. 
  Also, questions about operation of the PCI cards of interest 
  to them must be asked with these companies. 
- PCI specifications are property of PCI SIG and may be acquired 

> 3. Is there a solution within reach to the 4mb memory window problem 
> on early mediators with BlizzPPC cards? Or will AND have to wait 
> for the Shark? 

For users of BlizzPPC cards with Mediator PCI produced last year 
we are preparing a special offer for upgrading to the appropriate 
MACH chip.

> 4. It seems Hyperion has mostly completed the Warp3d drivers for 
> Voodoo3. How long until we can see the true power of Voodoo3 on the 
> Mediator? 

This question should be asked to Hyperion.

Elbox accepted financial conditions of the Hyperion company. 
However, the Hyperion company so far was not able to give any 
specific date when their Warp3D drivers to Voodoo3 for Mediator 1200 
could be released, despite numerous earlier assurances (since December 
2000) on the part of the Warp3D team that preparing such drivers is 
only a matter of a few weeks. 
As soon as Hyperion are able to give a definite date, there will 
be nothing to be an obstacle for signing the contract. 

> Well, that's all I can think of for now. Thanks in advance, 
> and keep up the good work for the Amiga market! 

June is a month of very intense work for us, as , apart from 
all the things I have already written above, we now begin 
production of three more Mediator busboards: 
 - Mediator PCI ZIV for the Z-IV busboards, 
 - Mediator PCI ZIII for any Amiga with Zorro III slots, 
 - Mediator PCI 4000 for controlling Elbox Zorro III/PCI (7xZIII, 
   5xPCI, 1xVideo) busboard of the E/BOX 4000 tower system (known 
   also as Power Tower 4000 or  Winner Tower 4000) for Amiga 4000D.
The two last models of Mediator are technologically the most 
advanced busboards in the Amiga market for Amiga 3000/4000 computers.
Mediator ZIII and Mediator 4000 busboards for Amiga 3/4000 computers,  
unlike other simplified bridges offered for Amiga with Zorro III slots, 
support the most advanced Zorro III  mechanisms like e.g. DMA between 
PCI cards and memory in the turbo card and other features omitted in 
these bridges, which are necessary for cards like SoundBlaster 128 
or SoundBlaster Live! to work properly. 

We are glad to be able to answer your questions. If you still have 
any doubts, please drop us a line.

Best regards,

Darek Dulian
ELBOX COMPUTER, Support Department

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Ben Yoris (E-Mail)

NO Voodoo3-drivers of Hyperion for Mediator?
With permission of Ben Yoris (pr-manager of Hyperion) we post an e-mail of the Amiga-Mediator mailing list. It says that Hyperion Entertainment could not agree about licencing of Voodoo 3 drivers with Elbox. That means that at least Hyperion will not produce drivers for the PCI-board Mediator.

Read now the full comment of Ben Hermans of Hyperion:

Response from Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment:

"Elbox and Hyperion did NOT come to an agreement about licensing Voodoo 3 drivers because Elbox insisted that the Mediator 1200 would be the very first PCI solution to be supported (of all PCI boards on the market regardless for which machine A1200 or A4000).

There never was discussion about delivery dates.

The fact of the matter was that Elbox wanted us to do something which was clearly impossible both practically and legally.

Practically: we can't "unsupport" the Matay Prometheus PCI solution. Drivers are shipping with the Prometheus for some time now and it's impossible to turn back the hands of time and allow the Mediator 1200 drivers to be shipped first.

Legally: We entered into a legally binding contract with Matay for driver support. They paid us, Elbox didn't. We cannot legally delay release of the Prometheus drivers (which are already released anyway) just because Elbox wants us to. This is a clear breach of contract and runs contrary to the requirement of good faith which is a general principle of contract law.

In short, Elbox was trying to impose an impossible condition on us and as a result we failed to reach agreement about Voodoo 3 drivers.

I have e-mails from several staff members of Elbox to back up these claims.

Despite numerous attempts we could not convince Elbox that Mediator 1200 users really could care less about the fact that the Voodoo 3 drivers for an A4000 solution were shipping first.

The result is apparently that there won't be any 3D drivers for the Elbox products unless Elbox drops this ridiculous condition. Or somebody could invent a time-machine.

As anybody could see at the Benelux show, the Voodoo 3 drivers are quite ready and could be adapted to the Mediator 1200 in a relatively short time.

Mediator 1200 users interested in Voodoo 3 drivers should e-mail Elbox explaining that they don't care if an A4000 PCI busboard is supported first as long as they can finally get their Mediator 1200 drivers.

The ball is clearly in Elbox's court."
Ben Hermans
Managing partner Hyperion Entertainment

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Aminet Uploads until 26.06.2001
TaskiSMS_BOS.lha     comm/tcp   171K+Bosnian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_DEU.lha     comm/tcp   167K+German translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_ESP.lha     comm/tcp   164K+Spanish translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_FRA.lha     comm/tcp   156K+French translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_ITA.lha     comm/tcp   159K+Italian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_MAG.lha     comm/tcp   159K+Hungarian translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_POR.lha     comm/tcp   161K+Portuguese translation for TaskiSMS
TaskiSMS_RUS.lha     comm/tcp   143K+Russian translation for TaskiSMS
GDS-DISC11a.lha      demo/mag   1.9M+D.I.S.C.#11 by Gods (1st Release)
GDS-DISC11b.lha      demo/mag   1.9M+D.I.S.C.#11 by Gods (2nd Release)
SceneArchives.lha    demo/mag   1.3M+SASU v1.09: Ultimate Demo CDs-11 CD's (8
StolenData09.lha     demo/mag   1.1M+Stolen Data #9 by Anarchy (100%)
GfxSndSystemSr.lha   dev/c      284K+C++ Sources of an independant graphic/mu
millibar.lha         dev/c       57K+Millibar Barcode Library v 0.1
FD2Pragma.lha        dev/misc   185K+V2.131 create pragma, inline, ... files
HunkFunc.lha         dev/moni    15K+V1.14 display executable file structure
Dismount.lha         disk/misc    4K+Dismounter for volumes and drives
PPaintHTML.lha       docs/hyper 665K+HTML Version of PPaint Guide
FltMate1.lha         game/2play 572K+4 player skydiving simulator. Disk 1/2
FltMate2.lha         game/2play 645K+4 player skydiving simulator. Disk 2/2
BRAlltimeleagu.lha   game/data    6K+All time greatest teams from Brasil for 
F1GP_2001.lha        game/data   10K+2001 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (24 June
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  723K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
aminano.lha          game/jump  127K+AMIGA Nanotech (ONLY GFX-BOARDS)
WormWars.lha         game/misc  731K+Worm Wars 6.7a: Advanced snake game
mccontrol.lha        hard/hack  730K+V1.62 PSX MemoryCard Reader
imdbDiff010615.lha   misc/imdb  2.1M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
vdo_puls.lha         mods/vdo   565K+Pulse width [xm 14ch]
Alecos-WB.jpg        pix/wb     120K+A nice desktop 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos
carls_wb.lha         pix/wb      73K+Snapshot of Carl Svensson's Workbench
BareED.lha           text/edit  281K+Simple text editor which supports propor
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   26K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
GlowAttackFix.lha    util/misc    5K+A Guide for GlowAttack (That works)
ReqAttackUpd.lha     util/misc   77K+RAPrefsMUI 1.82
CopyReplace.lha      util/sys    19K+V1.18 powerful Copy replacement
VirusExecutor.lha    util/virus 259K+VirusExecutor v2.19
xvslibrary.lha       util/virus  55K+External Virus Support Library v33.26
AddItem.lha          util/wb     25K+Tiny helper to launch programs from tool

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Chip online: Rumour: Radeon 2 available from end of July
A programmable vertex- and pixelshader will be integrated in the Radeon 2 chip.
As the french hardware magazine "Puces3D" reports will gfx-boards with the 3D-chip Radeon 2 from ATI be available from end of July. Also it reports about some new features of the Radeon 2 chip. So there will be six instead of four rendering pipelines to do the job.
The pixel accelerator produced in 0.15 micrometer technology will have a clocktime of 350 MHz. Even the Dual-Monitor-functions as used by the Radeon VE gfx-boards will be integrated on the first boards with the Radeon 2 and offered together with the software HydraVision. For complete article follow the title link (german only). (ps)

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eBund - Der Bund online

Exhibition: Control - Alt - Collect. Computer im Ruhestand
The exhibition "Contro-Alt-Collect. Computer im Ruhestand" (Computers in Retirement) has opened at June, 22nd 2001 in Bern, Switzerland at the Museum of Communication. Besides some computer rarities developed in Switzerland you can see computers from Commodore, Amiga, and Atari. You will find more details under the title link (german).

It is nice that you can see Amiga computers, too, but Amiga will not be in retirement so soon. :-) (jm)

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DCE News: WIN-TV runs under DMA at GREX Board
We are proud to announce to you that after an intensive developingtime we have finished the first beta version of the WIN-TV driver based upon the chipset BT878/BT879.

This driver supports the G-REX PCI DMA mode. You as G-REX users are able to display an overlay window in any size or depth with a minimum of CPU time. To get a first impression you can look at this: voodootv_grab.jpg - 391 kB

The release of the end-product is to be expected within in the next four weeks. (ps)

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Amigan Software

Software: Worm Wars und Report+ updated
Version 6.7a of the game Worm Wars and version 4.7 beta of the tool Report+ released.

With Report+ you can easily create bugreports, Aminet readmes, documentations, and other reports. It is Freeware and based upon ReAction and GadTools.

wormwars.lha - 730 kB
4_7beta.lha - 403 kB

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Game: Tales of Tamar Amiga-Version V0.36R3
Changes of the latest Amiga version 036R3 of "Tales Of Tamar", the round based online game:

  • Paula DMA sounds were not played correctly if the samples were too long. Fixed
  • FigurMenu could be drawn outside the screen. Fixed
  • A building that was build but not finished could not be build again, only if you reset the town. Fixed
  • All screens check now ChipRAM and if there is not enough availble leave out DMA samples.
  • Map has not freed all elements, the memory was fragmented. Fixed.
  • The Corn Store has not freed all memory. Fixed.
  • If you want to increase your army incl. armor the number of weapons and armor was not checked correctly. Fixed.
  • In armies like heavy and medium Infantry other / wrong units moved. Fixed.
Registered beta testers will find the update at the usual location. (ps)

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Magazine: AmigActive preview of issue #22
In the latest version of the english magazine AmigActive you will find a review of Shogo:MAD, an article about the sound package SoundFX, an appraisal of the emulator WinUAE JIT, and basic knowledge information about Photogenics. (ps)

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Hyperion Entertainment

Hyperion/DCE: Licence for Voodoo3-driver
DCE and Hyperion have made an agreement about the usage of the Warp 3D drivers for the G-REX PCI line Voodoo 3. Read the press release:

DCE licenses Voodoo 3 Warp 3D drivers for its G-REX line of PCI products

Hyperion Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has entered into a license agreement with DCE, producers of the G-REX line of PCI hardware for the Amiga.

Under the agreement Hyperion will support DCE's G-REX 1200 and G-REX 4000 products with fully featured Warp 3D Voodoo 3 drivers for both 68K and PPC.

« We're very pleased that DCE has decided to respond to demand by its customers for Warp3D drivers for Voodoo 3 », says Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment . « Amiga users currently have quite a number of PCI solutions to chose from and the manufacturers offering the widest range of drivers for their PCI solutions will clearly have a competitive advantage. From the large number of e-mails we have received, we can only conclude that the availability of 3D drivers is a key consideration for users when they make their decision to purchase a specific PCI solution. To avoid disappointment, we once again urge users interested in 3D graphics to investigate the availability of Warp3D drivers before purchasing a specific PCI solution. » (ps)

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Thomas Unger (E-Mail)

The Kickstart Archives is a collection of actual and dead AMIGA related websites and more on CD. A list of the contained material you will find here.

Updates since the last issue:
  • Updated: LexSite from Alex Luptak (updated May, 3rd 2001), peripherie section
  • Added: The Art of James D. Sachs by himself and Jeff Palmer in the specials section Jim Sachs had drawn for example as Art Director for the game "Defender Of The Crown" and was responsible for the GUI of the Commodore CDTV.
  • Added: AS WE MAY THINK from Vannavar Bush in the hstory - Amiga patents section In this 1945 published article V. Bush mentiones may things that are realized decades later (Internet, GUI, ...) and that takes influence on the design of the workbench.
  • Added: reedBench - A Workbench emulation by Jaakko "Reed" Kaitaniemi in the specials section. A reproduction of booting with Kickstart/OS 1.3 and 3.1 (needs JavaScript)
  • Reworked: Index page for better Overview and navigation.
The changes since last update are marked. No Amiga browser is able to interprete the JavaScript file to generate the linklist.

You can get THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES for a special price of DM 18,- or US-$ 10,- (incl. p&p) till July, 31st 2001. (ps)

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H&P: Pictures of the meeting at the Benelux Amiga Show
There was an internal talk about the AmigaONE at the Benelux Amiga Show. Participants in the talk were Alan Redhouse, Martin Schüler, Michael Rock, Fleecy Moss, Ben Hermans, Hans-Jörg & Thomas Frieden and Jürgen Haage. Unfortunately it is not allowed to unvail any details. But there are some pictures of the meeting at the titlelink. (ps)

[News message: 25. Jun. 2001, 20:17] [Comments: 5 - 28. Jun. 2001, 15:58]
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Sinan Gurkan (E-Mail)

AmigArt: Return to the old URL
The newsservice 'AmigArt' can now be accessed again by using the old URL (ps)

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Gregor Galwas (E-Mail)

Game: dynAMIte Version 1.5
Version 1.5 of the networkgame 'dynAMIte', a Bomberman-clone, released. All the changes made can be found in changes.txt.

dynAMIte_update.lha (only the update) - 182 kB
dynAMIte.lha (complete) - 1,9 MB (ps)

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Martin Schueler (E-Mail)

AmigaOne Board: Status Report by Martin Schueler
As promised on the BAS2001 (see First report) Martin Schueler has sent us a summary of the lecture about the AmigaOne board and technical details.


The lecture mainly was similar to the one already lectured on the WoA, but of course contained updated information regarding the time schedule. Important about this is that the beta test will close middle of September, which at the same time will mark the starting shot for the first line.

Moreover the new revision of the AmigaONE boards - plugged into an Eyetech tower - was shown. One was able to tangible ("forcibly") convince oneself of how sophisticated and solid even the mechanical solution was done, and that it is by no means some unstable kind of tinkering solution. But we deliberately used a board only quipped with PCI/AGP sockets, to prevent our electrostatic sensible testing boards from any possible damage.

Following the status report from which I took the answers on respective questions, on the show:

During production the first revision formed short cuts on several points of which some were irreparable. It was not possible to obviate the latter during production without knowing the problem in advance.

For the new revision we had changed the respective points, but also several other points, in a way that reduced production requirements. Furthermore we corrected mechanical reference measurements, which prevented the first revision from being precisely assembled inside the casing.

Also the non-technical problems were fixed and the testings efficiently proceed on schedule since June 8th. It is especially joyful that all of the testings (contrary to common expectations due to complexity) succeeded on the first go, which was finally a result of their carful preparation, too.

All significant testings on board level are already finished. The following testing work is limited to verification of the logic within WestBridge and NorthBridge and it's interaction with the standard components.

This is to talk about ca. 10% of those testings are done. But virtually this means that already 50% of the problematic and time critical points are covered. Nevertheless those succeeded on the first go. So schedule risks are more and more decreasing. Furthermore 100% of the problematic points are functional of which malfunction would mean total outage, in worst case.

I also added three pictures:

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

(640 x 480)

The first one shows the rev2 board (equipped with PCI/AGP only) as it was presented on the show in Rotterdam. But the other one shows one of the equipped rev2 boards as these were used for the testings. All of the testings succeeded on the first go using the board in the picture. Third picture: The slots in this picture are simply put on, cause I think it looks much nicer if it is fully equipped :-).

For the rest the board will be tested as stand-alone for a very long time. The connection to the A1200 will be done at the very end.

Martin Schueler

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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Events: More Pictures from the BAS 2001
Marvin Droogsma has sent us some more exclusive pictures of the BAS 2001. The photos were taken by Lejon Hamstra.

(533 x 400)

(533 x 400)

(533 x 400)

(533 x 400)

(533 x 400)

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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: VirusExecutor V 2.19 and virus-warning (Update)
Minor update of VirusExecutor (2.19) released. Details:

Name: VirusExecutor v2.19
Archive name: VirusExecutor.lha
Archive size: 265.021 Bytes
Release date: 25. June 2001
Programmer: Jan Erik Olausen
Required: xvs.library (contained), xfdmaster.library, reqtools.library, xadmaster.library

New in v2.19
  • Added MuMove4K right!
  • Removed library version check for xadmaster.library.
  • Added Amiga OS Update IDE_scsidisk right...
  • Removed all internal virus checking as they are added in xvs.library v33.26
  • Fixed bug when running on kickstart lower than 3.0 Thanks to Jan Andersen for telling me...

Yesterday, there was a warning at the VTH-mailinglist concerning a very dangerous virus. (ps)

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Chip online: Graphic Chips: New Details about Kyro III
»David Harold, Press-Relation Manager of Imagination Technologies, gave a sight on the upcoming Kyro III - developed by the code name of STG 5000 - to the German game magazines PC Action. ST Microelectronic will integrate a freely programmable vertex- and pixle-hader along with the also integrated T&L unit into this pixle accelerator. This chip, which is manufactured in 0.13 µ technology, thus addresses Microsoft's DirextX-8-API (application programming interface), as like Nvidia's GeForce3. «
Complete article (German) under the title link. (ps)

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Thomas Eichler (ANF)

E.T. Productions: Looking for graphics-designer
E.T. Productions is looking for graphic-designer for some time. If you are interested please have a look at our 'Free Amiga Jobs'-section. (ps)

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Marvin Droogsma (E-Mail)

Events: BAS 2001 - Report form the organizers
The Benelux Amiga Show 2001 has ended..., we tasted a lot of welding while organization, but it was worth it cause more than 400 visitor mean a brilliant result to us. Only as number 400 visitors are not much, but in case of an Amiga only show in the Netherlands this is an encouraging number. Amiga still exists!

A short report from our point of view:

Very early in the morning, at 8:00 am, we started to set up the show. With three overloaded cars full of hardware and software, posters, beamers, audio equipment, and somewhere in between all that even the drivers, we took the first stuff to the show. Bjorn Lynne was already there and had put up at table on the first floor.

At about 10:00 am a quite normal dancing school was converted to an Amiga building....

The first visitors contacted already at 9:00 am (with well dressed hair and gem chewing). One or the other way it was announced that the show would start already at 10:00 am. We would like to apologize for this misinformation and we hope that waiting was less hard, cause of the good weather.

This was our first time to organize such a show; hopefully this was not too clear to see.... Anyway, we learned some things to do it better next time (?). Nevertheless most of what we organized succeeded very well, as we think.

10:00 am: Petro Tyschtschenko arrives, as usual in a good temper, also after little sleep (he has sat with Juergen Haage until 4:00 am and has had a few beers too much).

10:30 am: The participants of the LAN party are let in and guided to the first floor. Very much people are waiting outside, now. Might it be that we unnecessarily were in doubt about enough visitors?

11:00 am: The show begins! There are plenty, plenty, PLENTY OF PEOPLE! A heavy burden is taken from us....

I won't talk about everything in detail, now. That was already done by other people (for which we say thank you). Just a few things which attracted us in especially.....

In our opinion the presentation of by Eyetech and Escena were a bit too technical and might have been done more attractive, some how. The slides could have been done more interesting than it was actually done. However the presentation gave a good sight of what is being done and why. After the presentation people had the opportunity to consult Alan Redhouse and Martin Schueler for more information.

Fleecy Moss impressed us. His jokes and his enthusiasm are really great. A good exponent of the Amiga Spirit. Unfortunately he could attend the show for a short time, only.

Bjorn Lynne presented his music and sold his CD's on the first floor. According to what he told us, he sold more CD's than he expected. He was very satisfied and did a lot autographs. But the Dutch beers were a little to small to him...., the British are used to something different.....

Did anybody notice that there was a not announced ´special guest´? Bill Buck of VIScorp. He talked to many of the Amiga VIP's. Could that be of any meaning? Who knows..... (

Mr. Does of Vesalia and his wife were on the show, too.

Matay showed a first class product; who missed it ..., what a pity, what a pity.

There was another premiere, too (more about this later on); the first game (Asteroids look-a-like) for the AmigaDE by an unknown SDK user (I could not find the name).

Some of the VIP's whispered some nice news to the print magazine 'AmigaScene', which we will publish in the next issue (in cooperation with For example there are good news regarding Amiga OS4.

One small anecdote: On his train journey to Rotterdam Fleecy really was in dire need of a toilet, but nobody informed him that he was floundering waiting in front of a strictly and all-the-time closed toilet for staffers only, for minutes.... Poor Fleecy.

There were visitors from Norway, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, England, and Spain (20 hours by car....!).

An editor of a Dutch TV station talked to Petro, Juergen, Alan, Fleecy, and many of the visitors about the Amiga and it's cult status. She was very impressed and will - like already announced - do a broadcast about Amiga only, after summer. She will talk to even more Amiga personalities. It is planned to take more shots in Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S.A..

People from a Dutch radio station were also on the show and on the following Saturday a special broadcast about the show and anything to see there will be put to air.

Petro acted as a fairy of fortune at 4:00 pm and drew the winners of the lottery in which any visitor could take part. He twice drew visitors from Germany but which unfortunately already had left the show. Those missed among other things an Amiga poster with Bill McEwen's autograph on it, a number of Amiga CD's, a music CD by Bjorn Lynne, and a VIP diner.

Between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm we closed the show. The show was followed by the VIP diner with 27 guests. These guests had the opportunity to talk to each other about the show and Amiga subjects, without ruffle or excitement in an easeful atmosphere. The VIP's were very excited about the multitude of visitors. This encourages them to go on developing.

About 11:00 pm it all was over. Petro and Juergen were picked with a long Mercedes and taken to the hotel, like super-stars. Then the rest of the people went home, too.

Still many pictures will follow by us - from the set-up to the after-party - and Juergen Haage promised to send us pictures from the secret VIP meeting at 11:00 am.

We would like to use this opportunity to heartily thank all of the visitors of the show. You really showed that the Amiga is alive and has good chances to return strong. We thank for reporting; the way Petra Struck supported us really rules!

More information, pictures, and links to other reports can be found at and of course on the BAS 2001 website.

A lot of greetings to the Amiga community
The organizers of the Benelux Amiga Show 2001

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Amiga Future

AmiSectorOne: New members, games, demos, and covers
Probably you remember my news posting of 12 June which was called "New staff members are required". Finally I have made my choice and here are the new team members (sorted by the time they joined):
  • Marcos Alves from Portugal
  • Keith Michaels from the USA
  • Tony Whent from Australia
  • Holger Herrmann from Germany
The new team members will be responsible for different parts here on AMI Sector One. Also I am just working with a kind contributor called Gustavo to improve our scripts. Some other projects are in preparation too... More about this in the next weeks. You can read some notes about the new members in the staff section.

Now the games update:
Patricia Curtis (formerly project manager and assistant programmer at Apache Software) as well as Mark Page (formerly programmer at Apache Software) allowed us to upload the Amiga game Super Methane Bros. (a game similar to Bubble Bobble, but with better graphics and sounds). You can download different versions of this game: There is a CD32-HD version (does not run on emulators) and an ADF version. Like so often I would like to stress that this game is NOT freeware. P. Curtis and M. Page are still the copyright owners and they granted a permission which is ONLY valid for this site.

Btw: I am looking for the game "Murder makes strange Deadfollows CDTV" by Tiger Media. Is there somebody of you who has it? Please get in contact with me (Bernd)...

And here are the high quality Public Domain games of this update:
  • Jouster 3 (the arcade classic Joust for the Amiga)
  • Kamakazi Killers (good Galaga game)
  • Rattlesnake (street fighting game)

New AGA demos are:
  • Repugnance
  • Roswell
  • Response
  • Tear down the Wall
  • Some Justice
Also a disk with the results of the Amega Party - Gfx Competiton was uploaded.

Here are some new cover- and box scans:
  • A320 Airbus (the game itself will soon be available here)
  • Big 6- Dizzy Collection CD32
  • Case of the Cautious Condor CDTV
  • Chinese Karate
  • Euro Soccer '88
  • Fallen Angel
  • Hard Drivin'
And here is a last minute update:

You can now download ALL 18 LSD Sprint Docs Disks (Sprint Docs provide cheats, solutions, freezer addresses etc). Of course every Sprint Disk has got its own HTML and screenshots. Thanks to the new member Marcos who made it possible. I hope you enjoyed this update. In the future the updates will be bigger since the staff has grown. Also you can expect more updates during the week. (sd)

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