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Archive 06/2001

Amiga Future

Installer: WHDLoad - New Packets
WHDLoad makes it possible to install floppy-disk-only games to harddisk. The following packets have been added or updated since 18. June 2001:
  • 24. June 01 new: Dick Tracy (Titus) done by Mr.Larmer
  • 24. June 01 new: Pucman (F1 Licenceware) done by Jeff
  • 23. June 01 new: Linus (Palace) done by Codetapper
  • 23. June 01 new: The Blues Brothers (Titus) done by Mr.Larmer
  • 22. June 01 new: Mortal Kombat (Acclaim) done by Codetapper
  • 22. June 01 new: Black Tiger (Capcom/U.S.Gold) done by Jeff
  • 21. June 01 improved: Puzznic (Ocean) several enhancements
  • 21. June 01 improved: Alien Bash 2 (Glen Cumming/Myles Jeffery) speedup
  • 19. June 01 new: Fernandez Must Die (Mirrorsoft/Imageworks) done by Jeff
  • 18. June 01 fixed: Hard Drivin' (Domark) file loading corrected
  • 18. June 01 new: Star Wars (Lucasfilm/Domark) done by John Girvin
To download follow the title link. (sd)

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René Stelljes (E-Mail)

AmigaHelpGuide + Amiga-User-Liste (Update)
René Stelljes wrote:
After Stefan Martens decided not to continue the Amiga-User-List (AUL) due to lack of time, I took over this task.

From today the AmigaHelpGuid and AUL are pooled together. The list is available at only, at this time.

Since I want to keep the Amiga-User-List up-to-date, I ask all of the users already registered to get in contact with me to update their data, if needed. More information are to take from the guide.

Supplement 24 June 2001: Due to great demand a Commodore demo is available for download on René Stelljes' homepage under the 'Sonstiges' link. (sd)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Full Version
With permission of Carsten Magerkurth and Andreas Magerl the Amiga Arena enables the release of 'Colours Professional'.

This is another version of the puzzle game 'Offensive Colours'. 'Colours Pro' is an exciting composition of Tetris and Breakout. (sd)

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Timo Kloss

Inutilis: Moonlight-CD
Timo Kloss wrote:
A short announcement first: the short filmlets video was finished now, too.

The Moonlight-CD is available from now on. Since there is no official distribution path, it only is available directly from Inutilis. Order from the online shop, per post or phone.

If somebody knows about some possibilities for distribution or sale (or even can offer such), please tell me about. On the Moonlight website among other things the original CD cover is online, now.

Great parts of this CD were created using an Amiga and Camouflage. The printed matters also were designed using ArtEffect.

Price: 18 DM (directly from Inutilis)
Time: ca. 73 minutes
10 songs + 5 spacers or intros
Description: Mostly silent, experimental, electronic music in "moonlight" mood, so to speak.

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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help: xvs.library V33.26
The xvs.library (External Virus Support Library) has been updated today.

Here is some info about the release:

Name : xvs.library v33.26
Archive name : xvslibrary.lha
Archive size : 55.988 bytes
Release date : 24 June 2001
Programmer : Jan Erik Olausen
Email :

News for 33.26:
  • Added Bobek2 Link virus
    Thanks to Jan Andersen for the files.
    Thanks to Zeeball for the memory removal routines.
  • Added Expl0de Trojan Link virus
  • Added Expl0de Trigger File virus
    Thanks to Jan Andersen for the files.
  • Renamed 8x8 Link to Motaba-3
Still to do:
  • Add a new link virus...
    This virus is brand new, so if you got this requester:

    in english:
    "This information is just for telling you
    and warn you about extremely
    dangerous virus!"


    you have been infected...
  • Add Neurotic Death 1 - 5. These five link viruses are polymorphic, but crash on my system if I try to infect some test files. It seems that they haven't been spread to the public, I received them anonymously from the author. So it's not that BIG danger at the moment.
  • Try to get and add GlobVec link virus. The only one who has it is Heiner Schneegold (author of VT-Schutz) and VTC Hamburg, but Heiner doesn't give his permission to the VTC to send me the virus :(
Download: xvslibrary.lha (55K), Readme (sd)

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MorphOS: gcc 2.95.3 68k-Crosscompiler updated
Sigbjørn 'CISC-o-rama' Skjæret released a new version of his gcc 68k cross-compiler. This means you can compile 68k programs using the speed of the PPC processor. Also the fsin/fsos -ffast-math inline won't be applied for 040 and 060 processors anymore.

Download: m68k-amigaos-gcc2.95.3.tar.bz2 (sd)

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24.Jun.2001 (ANF)

Benelux Amiga Show: More Pictures
Under the title link more pictures of the Benelux Amiga Show were published. (sd)

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Celso (ANF)

Events: AmiWest 2001 - News
From 27th to 29th July, 2001 the AmiWest 2001 show will take place in Sacramento, U.S.A.. According to the latest announcements there will be the following highlights:
  1. Presentation of the working AmigaOne with AmigaOS V4.0.
  2. Presentation of the current version of the AmigaDE, running on the Sharp Zaurus. Sharp Zaurus.
  3. Dr. Alan Havemose (formerly employee of Commodore, and Gateway) and Bill McEwen speak about: "Gateway and Amiga - what really happened".
Furthermore the press release reads, that the AmigaOne 1200 would be in progress from the end of July and available from the middle of August. But this remains subjunctive, since it will be official news only when Amiga Inc. or Eyetech do an announcement about. (sd)

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Czech Amiga News

Games: Shogo Test
Seppo Typpö has published a Shogo test on the 'The Amiga Games Database' website. This test among other things is about the game-play and level design.

Tests of 'King's Quest I - III' and 'Kick Off' were added, too. (sd)

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Czech Amiga News

Amiga Flame with new URL
The commercial Amiga Flame web server account will be closing down as a result of problems with the new company who have taken over. Since the original company went out of the business there has been some serious problems, which have made it difficult to make Amiga Flame up and running under the new company. With it unlikely that their service will improve, the decision was made to move Amiga Flame.

Amiga Flame has moved to Demon, a long established company who tend to provide an efficient and effective service. It is vital that readers update their bookmarks and make themselves aware of the new web address of Amiga Flame: (title link). (sd)

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Mariusz Wloczysiak (E-Mail)

Elbox: Poster "Mediator - Now PCI in all Amigas" (Update)
Elbox have published a new poster for the PCI board Mediator. Title: "MEDIATOR - Now PCI In All Amigas". This is also available as .pdf file (3.7 MB) and can be downloaded at the 'News' section from the press stuff.

Title link corrected. (ps)

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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help: Team Netherlands back
The Virus Help Team Netherlands is back online with updated homepage. The website was not accessible for six months. Now the team is fully active again. Visit their website under the title link. (ps)

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Richard Kapp (E-Mail)

NARR-Site: New Voyager Theme and Update
Again I did a new fresh and sunny theme named 'SummerTheme' for the Amiga web-browser Voyager. The archive contains the usual buttons represented by exotic fruits and with matching background pic, this time. The images a are quite big, so higher screen resolutions are advised.

Screenshot Link - 328 kB
Download: summertheme.lha - 174 kB

Additionally I have completely reworked the NARR website. Most of all the Amiga section now is more clear sorted by categories, to make you more easily finding what you are looking for. There are new downloads, too, e.g. a small icons set, and catalogs. The admin section was enhanced, too: there are new screenshots of my cartoon anims, which are currently available for free, and the biggest animation (Hr. Apfel) now is available as MPEG version, also. Also new is the 'Personal Amiga' section. Have fun while rummaging. :)

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Otto Dette (E-Mail)

Benelux Amiga Show: Report and Pictures by the AUC-HB
The Amiga User Club Bremen, AUC-HB, has send us an extended report and these nice pictures from the BAS 2001.

Report about the Benelux Amiga Show 2001 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

In the morning at 3:00 h four members from Nordenham, Leer, Langwedel, Bremen of the Amiga User Club Bremen met to travel to the show. After four hours of traveling by car we arrived in the Hammerstraat in northern Rotterdam.

We were hungry and wanted something to eat in a moment (Mc´D or some bakery). But unfortunately we had to realize, that hairdressers open their shops before the bread shops; not to talk about Mc´D, cause they open not before 9:00 am. After we finally found a baker, who pleased us with a marvelous breakfast, we went to the show which was supposed to begin on 10:00 am.

On 9:30 am Juergen Haage and Petry Tyschtschenko arrived by taxi. Since we know Mr. Haage and Petro in person we had a short talk. Mr. Haage and Petro then disappeared to join a meeting with Fleecy Moss, Alan Redhouse, and Ben Hermans.

On 11:00 am, one hour later than announced, the inlet started. The admission charge for visitors from outside was at the promised DM5. Our impression was that the organizers really took pain to build up the show. The show was arranged on two floors. There were enough seats and room for discussions.

At one booth we could have a look at an Amiga 4000D with the Prometheus PCI board by Matay, equipped with a Voodoo 3000 and running the game Heretic II. We were glowing by the display by this graphics board.

At the booth beside of this booth a PC with the AmigaSDK installed was running. We were impressed by this presentation, too. Moreover several Amigas from club-members were networked and a LAN party took place.

Petro opened the Amiga museum with a speech and then was helpful and councillor and his assistance was heavily enlisted; he handed out stickers and pins.

The show was attended very well and from 2:00 pm it was really filled, since the Scala presentation of the AmigaONE took place, done via screen by Alan Redhouse and Martin Schueler. They had a good projector and sound was well, so everyone could get it.

The strategy for AmigaONE and AmigaOS 4 to 5 was put across, but which was already known by us. During the break we had the opportunity to have a look at the AmigaONE board plugged into a V-Tower. We don't want to address the information we got from Martin Schueler, now. The board was shown working, but we can imagine it to able to be presented working, soon.

During the discussion with Fleecy Moss, Juergen Haage, Alan Redhouse, Ben Hermans, and Martin Schueler queries regarding the AmigaONE AND AmigaOS 4 - 5 could be done. This was richly done, and as we learned the organizer of the show is about to put those questions and answers online.

We took a lot of pictures on the show, but to edit all of them will take some time. We handed out to a first selection. Our video specialist Ralf has done a video of the show for our members.

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

(493 x 373)

We met Mrs. and Mr. Does (Vesalia, German Amiga vendor) and Jens Schoenfeld (Individual Computer) and intensively talked. The show was a clear success to us not comparable with the last years' shows in Cologne and Neuss, since that was an Amiga only show. We felt to be part of a big community. From Mr. Haage we got the latest BoingBag for OS3.9 on a bank card sized CD. At 4:00 pm we went on our journey back home to Bremen.

Thanks to the organizers of the Benelux Amiga Show 2001 !!!

Amiga User Club Bremen (ps)

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Carl Sassenrath (REBOL-ML)

REBOL: REBOL/View V1.2.1
REBOL/View 1.2.1 has been released on June 22, 2001. It is recommended that you upgrade your copy of REBOL/View and View/Pro to this new version. Among other things has a security bug been fixed in this version. This release also introduces REBOL/View for the Macintosh. This is a significant accomplishment. The following has been changed compared with the previous version:
  • Bugfix: Icon DRAW evaluation bug that allowed foreign code to be executed at the desktop level. That problem has been eliminated. (Note that this bug did NOT compromise REBOL's built-in sandbox file protection, as that protection still remained in effect at the REBOL/View root directory level. Files outside of REBOL's directory tree were safe.) DRAW is no longer allowed within desktop icons.
  • Bugfix: The HTTP POST operation has been fixed to properly ignore line termination in the transfer. You no longer need to pad out your HTTP uploads. (This is for read/custom http://... [post "data"]).
  • Bugfix: Bugs that caused load/markup and debase to crash in rare cases have also been fixed.
The current version for different systems can be found in the download area of (sd)

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Magazine: .mag Boing issue #2 released
Issue #2 of the Swedish online magazine .mag Boing has been released today. (ps)

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Paul Nolan

Image processing: Photogenics for PocketPC
Paul Nolan, known for his image processing software Photogenics for several operating systems, has renamed his company to Idruna Software. Besides that Nolan introduces today his new product Photogenics for PocketPC.

With this image processing becomes possible even on pocket computers. On the product page you can find the technical details and further information. (ps)

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Dirk "Docki" Dockbreyder (ANF)

Game: 'Genetic Species' full version on Aminet
The Aminet recent-upload-list of today contains the action game Genetic Species as full version, splitted into 19 archives with around 180 MB in size altogether.

This game is a development by Marble-Eyes Development. It was distributed by Vulcan Software Limited.

Download: Uploads of the 23.06.2001, and there is GS-FullGame01.lha - GS-FullGame19.lha for download. (ps)

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Aminet Uploads until 23.06.2001
DOpusCFG.lha         biz/dopus   85K+DOpus4.x configuration V2.25, biggest co
DalHelper.lha        comm/irc    40K+Interface to Dalnet Services: (Chan/Memo
ML_Support_Tur.lha   comm/mail    5K+ML-Support Turkish Catalog
YAMMiami.lha         comm/mail   32K+YAM-->Miami-->Yam2NN, united. V1.01
SMS2D2.lha           comm/misc   14K+Send sms to german D2 via modem or ISDN
adt_ixemul.lha       comm/tcp    78K+Aminet Download Tool 2.6, AmigaOS
AmiDiction.lha       comm/tcp    26K+Online Dictionary
CManMI.lha           comm/www     3K+GlowIcons Toolbar for CManager
IBrowseMI.lha        comm/www     7K+GlowIcons Toolbar for IBrowse
mFTPMI.lha           comm/www     7K+GlowIcons Toolbar for mFTP-II
NRogMI.lha           comm/www    21K+GlowIcons Toolbar for NewsRog
dkg-wtow2.lha        demo/aga   638K+Welcome To Our World 2
dkg-boozenow.lha     demo/intro   4K+Booze Now - Breeze Now Remix
dkg-trip98inv.lha    demo/intro 133K+Trip `98 - The Invitation
BlitzLstMay01.lha    dev/basic  133K+Blitz mailing list archives for May 2001
MakeTagBase.lha      dev/misc     6K+Make methods and tags bases 1.1 (17.06.0
SettingsWin_Fr.lha   dev/mui      9K+French Catalog for Settingswindow_mcc
ChunkyStartup2.lha   dev/src     89K+Chunkystartup.asm CGX/AGA/PICASSO useful
RKM2_ASM.lha         dev/src    427K+R.K.M codes - Translated into Assembly.
RKM_ASM2.lha         dev/src    427K+R.K.M codes - Translated into Assembly.
FindChanges.lha      disk/misc   97K+Finds changes made to disk
TSGui_Fr.lha         disk/misc    2K+French translation for TSGUI
GS-FullGame01.lha    game/actio 7.0M+Genetic Species The Full Game (01/19)
GS-FullGame02.lha    game/actio 8.0M+Genetic Species The Full Game (02/19)
GS-FullGame03.lha    game/actio 7.7M+Genetic Species The Full Game (03/19)
GS-FullGame04.lha    game/actio 7.1M+Genetic Species The Full Game (04/19)
GS-FullGame05.lha    game/actio 7.0M+Genetic Species The Full Game (05/19)
GS-FullGame06.lha    game/actio 7.2M+Genetic Species The Full Game (06/19)
GS-FullGame07.lha    game/actio 7.8M+Genetic Species The Full Game (07/19)
GS-FullGame08.lha    game/actio 6.8M+Genetic Species The Full Game (08/19)
GS-FullGame09.lha    game/actio 7.6M+Genetic Species The Full Game (09/19)
GS-FullGame10.lha    game/actio  15M+Genetic Species The Full Game (10/19)
GS-FullGame11.lha    game/actio  13M+Genetic Species The Full Game (11/19)
GS-FullGame12.lha    game/actio  11M+Genetic Species The Full Game (12/19)
GS-FullGame13.lha    game/actio  11M+Genetic Species The Full Game (13/19)
GS-FullGame14.lha    game/actio  11M+Genetic Species The Full Game (14/19)
GS-FullGame15.lha    game/actio  11M+Genetic Species The Full Game (15/19)
GS-FullGame16.lha    game/actio  12M+Genetic Species The Full Game (16/19)
GS-FullGame17.lha    game/actio  13M+Genetic Species The Full Game (17/19)
GS-FullGame18.lha    game/actio  13M+Genetic Species The Full Game (18/19)
GS-FullGame19.lha    game/actio 4.1M+Genetic Species The Full Game (19/19)
ETWUpdates.lha       game/data  181K+Various league updates for eat the whist
JumpingAround.lha    game/demo  188K+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
WHD_HardDrivn2.lha   game/patch  38K+HD Installer for Hard Drivin' II
WHD_StarWars.lha     game/patch  38K+HD Installer for Star Wars
dungen3ecs.lha       game/role  201K+Dungeon floorplan generator/editor
KC.lha               game/role  102K+Programme for RPG players
YambMUI.lha          game/wb     49K+Game with dices. (V1.28) *BUGFIX*
Warp3DDev-u.lha      gfx/board   67K+Warp3D V4, Autodocs
JP-Guide.lha         gfx/conv   130K+Jpeg Converter (V1.1), supports datatype
tga_to_iff24.lha     gfx/conv    15K+Convert tga to iff24 (CLI)
DiamondBOX.lha       gfx/edit   466K+Layer based 24 bit image editing V1.10
SvIVFix917.lha       gfx/misc    75K+*Fix* for SViewIV V9.17 (19.6.2001)
Ant.lha              misc/sci    76K+Another cellular automata
MiraPLOT_Fr.lha      misc/sci     2K+French translation for MiraPLOT
irix-lha             misc/unix   89K+SGI Mips Irix version of LHA
Mobyle.lha           mods/mpg   2.4M+Famous "Mobyle" as MP3
id3taglibgui.lha     mus/edit   146K+MPEG Audio ID3Tag (V1.x and V2.x) Editor
ID3TaglibGUI_F.lha   mus/edit     3K+French translation for ID3TaglibGUI
AmiTiMiDiTy.lha      mus/midi    14M+Timidity68k/PPC GUS patches - Plays MIDI
SmallPlugin3.lha     mus/play    18K+AmigaAMP plugin with fire effect
QuadraMI.lha         pix/gicon  302K+Images and Icons for Toolbars and Menues
CoolOS4.jpg          pix/wb      43K+Stylish WB-pic made with PerfectPaint
CoolOS5.jpg          pix/wb     273K+Stylish WB-pic made with PerfectPaint
Nokiafont.lha        text/bfont   2K+The Nokia 51x0/61x0/+++ series font.
scenefonts.lha       text/bfont   6K+Three C64/Scene/retro inspired bitmap fo
HTMLstrip.lha        text/misc   26K+HTML stripper which can also replace HTM
Bindechex.lha        util/conv   21K+Converts Binary<->Decimal<->Hexadecimal
akJFIF-dt.lha        util/dtype 216K+AkJFIF-dt V44.99 (JPEG, 68000-060, PPC/M
akPNG-dt.lha         util/dtype 237K+AkPNG-dt V44.99 (PNG, 68000-060, PPC/MOS
akTIFF-dt.lha        util/dtype 226K+AkTIFF-dt V44.99 (TIFF, 68000-060, PPC/M
asyncioppc.lha       util/libs   23K+Asyncio.library with WarpOS functions (V
GlowAttack.lha       util/misc  199K+"Glow" anims for ReqAttack v1.80+
Safe.lha             util/virus  33K+*Recognizes BOBEK2 linkvirus!* (v15.9)
VEPatchBrain.lha     util/virus  22K+PatchBrain v1.35 for VirusExecutor v2.xx
AmigaDE_GUI.lha      util/wb     98K+VisualPrefs Bitmap set based on the new 
GHelpDeluxe.lha      util/wb     77K+Provides access to and searching of all 
outlinefont14.lha    util/wb      5K+Draws outline/shadow on WB 3.5+ icon tex

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Benelux Amiga Show: first report (update 3)
Otis from the Amiga User Club Bremen has just given us first details about the show by phone. First of all it has to be said that the dance school where the event is taking place is overcrowded as many, many visitors have come. For the promoters of the show in any case a big success.

The event is taking place on two floors with the exhibitors being downstairs and the LAN party happening upstairs.

During the call I had the opportunity to talk to Martin Schüler from ESCENA who's working on the design of the AmigaOne board by Eyetech. The AmigaOne board is presented as prototype in second revision. The board isn't working yet. For now they continue step by step and every step done until now has worked without any problems. He'll try to give us more technical information during the day via email.

I just had again the chance to talk to Thomas from the AUC-HB, who gave us more impressions via telephone about the show. Those will be posted here as short notes as there'll be a full report done by the AUCB following tomorrow:

Petro Tyschtschenko hold the opening speech.

Interesting was the presentation of the PCI board Prometheus by Matay on which a Voodoo3000 graphics board was running. A version of the game ´Heretic II´ running on this board was shown so everyone could convince himself of the board's quality.

Fleecy Moss of Amiga Inc. presented the SDK (Software Developer Kit) and was at disposal to answer questions. On this occasion the AmigaOS 5.0 planned for the year 2003 was mentioned.

On a Q&A round Fleecy Moss, Alan Redhouse, Martin Schüler and Jürgen Haage answered to the questions of the visitors.

Supplement 2:
At Fun Time World you find some photos of the show, and a comprehensive report will follow.

Supplement 3:
Here's the full report of Fun Time World. (ps)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena special discount campaign
In co-operation with Andre Beer the Amiga Arena makes a special price for GeoWorld possible. GeoWorld is the only geography program for the Amiga that is still in development. Please visit for further information the GeoWorld homepage.

Amiga Arena - GeoWorld call
GeoWorld is one of the very few programs that stand out against the usual Amiga software. The developers have collected a huge amount of information and data to make GeoWorld as comprehensive as possible. Despite this such a program "lives" of its up-to-date data.

To make faster updates possible and offer furtheron an allround program the developers need your help. The following tasks are available:

  • Continuing the recollection of the nature data of the countries.
  • A co-operation on the information data of GeoWorld would therefore need an intellectual reception of the source texts made available (scanned encyclopedia pages, html/text files taken from the internet, partly in English) and put them into corresponding texts (e.g. description of a country's nature).
A free full version will of course be made available. Further fees - participation in sales returns - for appropriate extensive co-operation are possible but don't expect any wonders. People with interest may please mail to: Andre Beer.

Amiga Arena remark by Olaf Köbnik
Surely many of you wonder why this all? Sources for information are offered by the internet, and many programs for the PC do so, too. But I belong to the little number of Amiga users who are "Amiga only", and I personally think it is very valuable that such programs will be developed on the Amiga in the future. Additionally it is much more fun for me to use information sources on the Amiga. I can only ask you to support programs like AmiAtlas and Geoworld with feedback etc.! (ps)

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Merlancia Industries (ANF)

Merlancia announces Tsunami Designs
Merlancia Industries has released some concept images of the Tsunami setup, showing a complete "Merlancia MMC Tsunami Setup", the "Merlancia Touchsmart Keyboard" and the "Merlancia Tsunami Tower":

Please see also and MISEL Engineering-TORRO/MCC for further information.

Update: (14.01.2017, 21:00, cg)

Pictures added to the news item. (ps)

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Matay news
Warp3D Treiber for Voodoo3
Matay informs that the promised Warp3D drivers for Voodoo3 graphics cards on the PCI board Prometheus are in the works and has put some screenshots online.

PPC for Prometheus
As many people ask about CPU boards for the PCI board Prometheus, Matay gives the following statement:
  1. Matay is not going to produce the PPC card by itself. We will choose among the CPU solutions available at the market (not necessarily "Amiga native" only). It would take too much time and concern to produce such a card, time we can spend providing you with other Amiga-specifict products. Why to invent wheel again?
  2. The only problem to solve is software support to make the hardware cooperate with our PCI bridge. However, with the help of AmigaOS4 developers from Amiga Inc. it is not a problem at all. We will cooperate with them to make Prometheus+CPU card combo 100% compatible with the upcoming AmigaOS.
  3. We are not limiting our support to one CPU card only. You should view a CPU card expansion the same as - for example - a graphics card expansion. More than one solution is possible.
  4. The details will be announced after we finish talks with the CPU cards manufacturers. As we always state - no promises, only facts, so please be patient. In meanwhile, you can use Prometheus boards with the existing Amiga CPU cards. The software, i.e. AmigaOS4, will arrive later this year, so will our hardware to run it on.
Vacation time
Because of vacation time, the phone number +48 609394778 and the e-mail address won't be available from June 22nd to July 9th, 2001 and from July 21st to September 6th, 2001. Contact Matay during these times at +48 603785100 and instead. (ps)

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Olaf Köbnik

Amiga Arena news
Amiga Arena full version: Offensive COLOURS
With permission of Carsten Magerkurth and Andreas Magerl, Amiga Arena makes the release of Offensive COLOURS possible! Offensive COLOURS is the exciting synthesis of Tetris and breakout.

You steer a spaceship in the center of the screen; colored blocks grow out of the screen borders towards you. To stop them, you are armed with a colored disc with which you can shoot at the blocks.

Should the color of the disc match that of the shot block, your score increases and the block vanishes. If not, the disc will be thrown back to you and the colors of block and disc will be exchanged. The new color of the disc then maybe allows the elimination of another block.

If your disc hits a row of blocks that have the same color, the entire row vanishes. The first block scores the usual points, any further two times the usual points. The game ends when the blocks have reached you.

Amiga Arena download: Renegarde
With permission of Wayne Ashworth, the action game "Renegarde" is available for download. It is a freeware game. "Renegarde" is an "Alien Breed" clone for two players, fun and the inspired design speak for themselves. (ps)

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Solar (BAUD) (ANF)

Java on handheld devices - in vogue
Should somebody still question whether it makes any sense to work in the embedded market with Java - SaveJe brings Java2SE to the ARM/XScale processor. Planned release of version 1.0 is in september.

This means that who's interested in programming for handheld devices should take Java into consideration. It also means that Amiga Inc. has to hurry. (Solar)

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Marvin Droogsma (e-mail)

Event: Amiga Benelux Show - phone service
Tomorrow the Amiga Benelux Show opens its gates at 10 o'clock. The organizers have set up a phone service through which you can get information on the way to the event and the like; for example if you should have become lost.

You can reach the phone service on Saturday at the following numbers:

06-20189215 - (International: +31-6-20189215)


06-15407476 - (International: +31-6-15407476)

Address: Dansschool Wuyster
Hammerstraat 15

City map
Route planner

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Sinan Gürkan (e-mail)

AmigArt with new URL
Please use for reaching Amigart pages until is directed to our new host. Currently redirects to another website that has nothing to do with Amiga... (ps)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (e-mail)

CD32 Install Kit for Windows
As some emulation sites already posted this news, here's the official announcement for the Windows version of my CD32 Games Install Kit: It will work in connection with WinUAE and it will be available quite soon.

The compatibility is very high because every game uses custom patches (just like in the Amiga version). Additionally you won't have to install the game, you can run it right from the CD although in some cases some files have to be copied (which need to be patched). CD audio support is not supported yet but will be added for sure later. The first version of the CD32 Games Install Kit 4.5 (Win32 1.0) can be expected in one week. But currently it will be only available for owners of the The Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition CD-ROM. There are some screenshots of the Windows version available at the Airsoft Softwair homepage. (ps)

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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Chip: Amiga: New computer and software
»With AmigaOS 4.0 and the computer AmigaOne PPC 1200, a myth will be brought back to life within the next weeks. This was announced by Bill McEwen, CEO of Amiga, on Thursday. The owner of the Amiga trademark warned in a press release of an abuse of the name of the once popular home computer. According to information from McEwen there's besides the American company headquarter only one more office in Braunschweig.«
Full German article at the titlelink. (ps)

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Thomas Steiding (e-mail)

e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment: status update
Add-on CD Earth2140 Mission Pack with 80+ new single player missions, 6 new units, 2 new buildings and 1 new terrain will be available for Mac and Amiga by the end of July. For Amigaplayers the Mission Pack will bring multiplayer support to this RTS via LAN.

The MAC version of our cartoon adventure THE FEEBLE FILES is in late beta stages and will propably go into production next week. You can find some screenshots taken from the Mac version in the news section of our homepage. The game will come on 3 CDs and comes in english, french, spanish, german and italian versions. You will find more information on this game and how pathetic rebellions really can get in the projects section of our homepage.

Empire builder Knights and Merchants is now in early beta testing on the Mac. We expect a demoversion to become available by mid July. (ps)

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Frank Fenn (ANF)

Instructions: Amiga & Mac printer sharing
As questions about printer sharing between Mac and Amiga arise ever now and then, I have attempted to write some instructions on the topic. Required are the software packages TCP stack, Samba, Turboprint and Ghostscript, as well as DAVE on the Mac side. (ps)

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22.Jun.2001 problems with PHP-Nuke
Eight months ago, has changed the entire site to PHP-Nuke, an all-in-one portal package. The portal offers all required functions, including news, forums and comments.

According to, PHP-Nuke got instable under heavy load which lead to frequent breakdowns. Wayne Hunt will now rebuild the entire website and asks for comments or suggestions to Especially the news have highest priority. (ps)

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Ray A. Akey (e-mail)

AMIGA Inc.: News from CEO Bill McEwen (Executive Update)
Greetings To The Amiga Family:

There have been some recent mis-representations that I have recently received about Amiga, Inc., and our office locations. Amiga is doing very well, and we are excited about the future of Amiga. The Amiga Family continues to grow with new partners, new products, and the very near release of AmigaDE 1.0.

However with all of this activity there have been some out there who have recently sent out false information about Amiga, and I need to clarify this now.

Amiga Incorporated is headquartered in Snoqualmie, Washington USA.

Amiga Deutschland is still in business. We have only closed the Langen office. There are going to be some new additions, and a new office location announced in the next couple of weeks, but know now that Amiga International was a Gateway company, and was not and has not been associated with Amiga, Inc. since 1999. The dealer in Germany that is making claims that they are Amiga International is completely false, and Amiga Incorporated the parent company of Amiga Deutschland is going to take legal action against those who make these false claims.

There is another dealer in India who has started claiming that they are Amiga in India. This again is also false. Amiga does NOT have any official representation in India outside of the Amiga dealers who are there. Amiga Incorporated is currently evaluating an office in India, and other countries where we do business.

To those of you who continue to try and tear Amiga apart, it is time to stop. Amiga is moving forward, there are great things ahead, and for the first time in many years, the Amiga family will have new products, and choices.

I look forward to a great year.

Kindest regards,

Bill McEwen (ps)

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Soren Ladegaard (ANF)

de Volkskrant: "Tulip" reviving the Commodore brand?
It's been reported in a Dutch national newspaper that computer company Tulip intend to bring the Commodore brand back to life in some capacity. Tulip spokesman J. van den Berg claims the company is simply responding to customer calls for Commodore. Whether this means some real Commodore hardware is on its way or all it is is simply a line of PCs with the Commodore logo slapped on the outside is still unclear, but Dutch readers will no doubt find this article very interesting...! (ps)

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