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Archive 06/2001

John Chandler /

John Chandler: article about AmigaSDL
John Chandler writes monthly articles at based around the Amiga. In the current article he's writing about the Amiga port of SDL (simple direct media layer) by Gabriele Greco. (ps)

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Microcode Solutions

Microcode Solutions seeking developers and beta testers (update)
Microcode Solutions is seeking for software developers and beta testers for a PowerPC plugin board. As it isn't told in the press release about which board they are talking we have asked Microcode Solutions for this information and will post the answer as appendix.

The board can be plugged into your PC, Amiga or any other PCI based computer. On June 9th, 2001 Microcode Solutions received the first working prototype of this board that uses a high speed PowerPC processor and two RAM sockets allowing up to 1 GB memory on the board.

There are numerous projects in development at Microcode Solutions for this board. To finish these they are looking for software developers. Furthermore there's a business plan for the development of many products for this board by third party companies as their own products.

Here's the full message:

June 9th, 2001 - Today, Microcode Solutions received our first working prototype PowerPC board. This concludes nearly 4 months worth of design and negotiations.

The board plugs into your PC, Amiga, or any other PCI based machine, and uses a high speed PowerPC processor with two RAM sockets, allowing up to 1GB of RAM to be placed on the board!

Microcode Solutions has numerous projects in development for this board, and is seeking software developers to complete some of these projects. We also have a business plan for the development of many products for this board, by 3rd party developers, as their own products. Basically, Microcode Solutions would be handing out product ideas that will be huge successes, at no charge. There are just so many things that this hardware is capable of doing, that Microcode Solutions doesn't have the time to write all of the software AND handle developer technical support, at the same time. Microcode Solutions plans to make their money in the sales of the hardware, and will be offering boards and direct technical support for free (to those developers and companies that qualify).

Microcode Solutions is looking for qualified beta testers for this board. Beta testers must be in the U.S.A. (no exceptions), and must sign a multi-page confidentiality agreement. Microcode Solutions is looking for beta testers with extensive experience in Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and MacOS. Experience with BeOS and Linux is a plus.

If you are interested in developer information, please contact Jim Drew via email:

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, please send a summary of your computer experience, what system(s) you have, and how much time you can devote to beta testing to: ps

Appendix 09.06.2001:
On asking Jim Drew, CEO of Mircocode Solutions, informed us that this board was delivered by their board manufacturer. The named PowerPC plugin board comes also from Mircocode Solutions themselves. (mj)

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Zaphod (ANF)

Mailclient: YAM 2.3
The YAM Open Source Team presents version 2.3 of the mailing program. YAM 2.3 contains many bug fixes and some often asked features like SMTP-AUTH and PGP multiple support.

Version 2.3 is available for 68k CPU's as well as for MorphOS (PPC).

Download page (ps)

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Patrick Beerhorst (ANF)

GlowIcons v1.7 with more than 500 icons
The current archive covers more than 500 icons in the areas games, internet, network, sound, graphics, Workbench etc. Required for the use of the icons is the icon.library of the OS 3.5 or OS 3.9 and a starttool that supports this library (for example DirOpus II).

But the icons can be used with the program "Amidock" of the OS 3.9, too. A resolution of 800x600 or higher in HiColor is recommended. (ps)

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V3 Portal

Browser: Voyager³ 3.3.104beta
Of Voyager³, the internet browser, the beta version 3.3.104 with new layout engine has been released. The fifth beta version is for the systems AmigaOS and MorphOS available. These versions work also without keyfile and can be used as demo version.

The sourcecode of these versions isn't optimized yet and does still contain many debug information and probably bugs, too. You can find further changes and details in the readme.

v3_33104beta_morphos.lzx (ps)

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Tales of Tamar

Game: Tales of Tamar v0.36 and v0.36r1
Tales of Tamar is an internet based move game for Amiga, Atari, Linux and PC by Eternity Entertainment Software. For registered beta testers are among other things updates of the versions for Amiga, Atari, Linux and Mac ready on the download page. Current version is v036 and v036r1.

Players having already downloaded all updates and installed them, only need the 0.36r1 update. New alpha testers have to download both archives and install them one after another. This step became necessary to keep new update archives as small as possible.

Further information about the current game progress can be found using the title link under 'News'.

Alpha testers are still accepted. Applications please to (ps)

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Printer driver: Turboprint 7.18 beta
The archive contains the following printer drivers for Turboprint 7.16:

  • Canon S 400, 450, 4500, 800
  • Epson StylusColor 680, 880, 980
  • Epson StylusPhoto 790, 890, 1290
Download: tp718beta.lha (ps)

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Jan Andersen by e-mail

Virus Help Denmark: Safe V15.8
With the virus scanner 'Safe' you can detect viruses but not eliminate them. Here the details on version 15.8 released today:

Name: Safe v15.8
Archive name : Safe.lha
Archive size: 27.789 bytes
Release date: June 8th, 2001
Programmer: Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Requires: Amiga with OS 2.04+ (xvs.library strongly recommended)

New in v15.8:
  • Added memory removals for '212 bytes' linkvirus. This is clone of MadRogerShort and probably isn't on the spread except fact that it was/is available as source code in the net.

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Magazine: AmigActive issue #21
Issue #21 of the English print magazine AmigActive is available at newsstands since yesterday. In addition to many news, reviews and workshops there are the following highlights in the current issue:

  • Groovy Software! - An overly-elaborate and exotic run-down of the top ten commercial Amiga titles of all time, as voted by you.
  • Stars in your eyes? - Digital Almamac 3 reviewed. Bearded prime-time television presenters not mentioned.
  • Quasi-Futuristic - NextGen Watch goes on the beat with the boys in blue.
  • Fire the "Laser" - A bluffers guide to the future.

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Amigan Software

Tool: Report+ version 4.64
With Amigan Software's Report+ you can easily create bug reports, Aminet readme files, autodocs and similar reports. The program is Freeware and supports the GUI systems ReAction and GadTools. Download: report.lha - 381 kB (ps)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Netscape: Browsers only second-best
»Netscape does not want to be regarded as a browser manufacturer any longer. "The browser is a crown jewel. But in six months, you won't think of Netscape as a browser company anymore," Netscape president Jim Bankoff told Agency Reuters. With the media blessing of the holding company AOL Time Warner, the former synonym for browser software will become an internet media center. In future surfers will find a broad range of contents by Time Warner there. Under discussion are among others Fortune, Time magazine and news by CNN.«
Full article (in German) at the titlelink. (ps)

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Marvin Droogsma by e-mail

Event: Benelux Amiga Show and Amiga LAN party
As previously reported, the Benelux Amiga Show is taking place in Rotterdam on June 23rd, 2001 together with a LAN party which are organized by the Dutch print magazine ´Amiga Scene´ and the dealer ´Computer City´.

In addition to the already mentioned highlights (AmigaOne presentation by Eyetech) and VIPs (Petro Tyschtschenko), Bjorn Lynne will be there who made a name for himself in the Amiga scene with his lengendary music which he produces as Dr. Awesome.

In his personal invitation which you can find at the titlelink, organizer Marvin Droogsma mentions the unbeatable Amiga community and the fact that we can still count on one another even though we were ´overtaken´ by other systems. He says we're no rookies and that the AmigaOne gives us the chance to be active once more. He invites all Amigans to create this special feeling by visiting and experiencing the Benelux Amiga Show. (ps)

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Andreas Widdelmann (ANF)

New Versiones of the Quake Port by Frank Wille
While visiting Frank Wille's homepage I discovered that new compilations of Quake (31.05.2001) and QuakeWorld (03.06.2001) are there available for download.

Unfortunately thee is now new version of glQuake (previous Amiga port by Massimiliano Tretene), though the glQuake version contained on one of the Nightlong CDs and the latest one on Aminet still contain bugs (rendering of underwater sequences). (ps)

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Michael Asse (ANF)

No Download from Back2roots
The download service of 'Back 2 the Roots' is expected not to be completely operative during the following two days, wherefore games, demos, etc., might not work for download, in certain circumstances. The page itself is fully operative. (ps)

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Alfred Knötig via E-Mail

Game: Robot Shooter 'Apano Sin'
´Apano Sin´ is a classic robot shooter game, developed for ECS machines in 1993. Alfred Knötig then took over development and distribution and presented the final version in 2000 at the Neuss Amiga Show. Apano Sin will run on any Amiga model and is available on floppy disk, only.

Since the release of the game ´Apano Sin´ was one year ago and a new edition would not be profitable, Alfred Knötig decided to sell the copies remaining (incl. wrapping and manual) a the historical price of only 20DM. Once these copies are sold, the game might vanish to never be seen again. (ps)

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Directory Opus 4 Research Project

File Manager: DirOpus V4.15l Beta
Yesterday, Jacek Rzeuski has released beta version 4.15l of the file manager 'DirOpus'. This update contains some enhancements which are listed in the history.

The beta version only contains files differing from those of 'Directory Opus V4.15'. This version and the source code are available from the download page.

DirOpus is a file manager, coded by Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry of GP Software. In 1999 the source code was released under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. Jacek Rzeuski then started to rework and enhance the program.

Download: DOpus415lbeta.lzx - 325 kB

Alternative download: DOpus415lbeta.lzx (ps)

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Wolf Faust (ANF)

Scanner Calibration Software Update: ICS V2.02
All users of the ICS scanner calibration software with built-in timeout will have to update their ICS software within the following weeks, since the timeout will strike, otherwise. The new ICS software v2.02 with a built-in timeout for 01 Dec. 2001 is available, now. So, update in time, before the timeout hits you. (ps)

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