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Archive 06/2001

Carsten Siegner (ANF)

New tool to create VideoCDs
Because of my suggestion here in the forum several programmers have ported a GNU project named VCDImager to the Amiga. This program can create a VideoCD image file in the bin/cue format from a MPEG system file.

Supported are VCD1.1, VCD2.0, SuperVCD and even CDI. This image file can subsequently be burned with BurnIT or MakeCD from version 3.2d6+, provided you're owning a DAO capable version. The program exists in two different versions (68k and WarpOS). For the time being it is on the Aminet among the new uploads and can later be found in gfx/conv.

Download: vcdimager.lha (311 K)
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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Richard Kapp (email)

GFX-BASE: New tutorial
On the GFX-BASE you can read a new (English) tutorial: this time it's a FAQ explaining how to make games, scene demos and other software running on your graphics card. For this we cover the effective use of mode promotion and problem handling. Among these you'll find tips and tricks regarding some games that have shown to be problematic. Have fun reading! (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Horst Diebel (ANF)

Game development: in-game graphics for Schlachtfeld
Finally there are first graphics shown that will be used for the units on the playfield of the future version of Schlachtfeld. The units "Chap", "David" and "Zyklop" can be found among these.

First we restrict ourselves to a simple topdown view as the representation of the objects is done much easier this way. Later versions will make use of 3d views.

Please enter your criticism in the forum under "Einheitendesign" - so we know what we should improve. Thank you! (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Usenet pionier Jim Ellis died
»Jim Ellis, who invented the todays Usenet in 1979 together with Tom Truscott and thereby an important part of the Internet, died yesterday in the age of 45 years because of cancer. Hundreds of fans released obituaries - of course in the Usenet - and thanked Ellis for his achievements that by the way were honored with no Cent.«
For the complete article (German only) follow the title link. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Amiga Support Network

Amiga Inc.: Amiga Support Network to be extended
Amiga Inc. will revise the Amiga Support Network site. It is planned not only to support the AmigaDE/SDK developments there but also to cover the support for the AmigaOS.

Developers will get extensive developer information, tutorials, program code and general help. What you can expect to get in the whole when subscribing as a developer is comprehensively explained in this FAQ. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

Website: Amiga USB Central
This website collects all known information about Amiga USB projects and is linking to other information sources. There are images of first running prototypes, too. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Sébastien Jeudy (email)

Event: more photos of the Benelux show
The French magazine PLANETamiga has released great photos of the Benelux Amiga Show 2001 that took recently place in Rotterdam.

There are images of the AmigaOne, of the Prometheus PCI board, of the AmigaDE SDK and of many participiants, e.g. Fleecy Moss (Amiga Inc.), Alan Redhouse (Eyetech), Martin Schüler (Escena), Jürgen Haage (Haage&Partner), Ben Hermans, Hans-Jörg and Thomas Frieden (Hyperion), Petro Tyschtschenko and special guest Björn Lynne, the famous musician.

Many more pictures can be found at the Amig@club Holland. These photos were done by Ted van Geest. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Amiga Future

Amiga Future: Interview with Factor 5
Andreas Stürmer has interviewed Factor 5 for the print magazine Amiga Future.

Who doesn't know them? With games like Turrican or Katakis they have gained big reputation. The talk is about Factor 5, the Old-Cologne Team of Amiga-Freaks. Julian Eggebrecht from Factor 5 gave an account and talked about the team and current projects. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Jürgen Theiner (ANF)

Important change at
From the 01.07.2001 on the new email address of playamiga is:

You may also encounter some problems with the URL, so it is adviced to set the bookmark to (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Prometheus Support Net (ANF)

Mailbox program: Prometheus update
There's an update of the popular mailbox system Prometheus (Amiga) to version 2.14 available on the support net and the homepage of the developer. Besides that the uucp-rfc module has been updatet to v3.27.

(ps) (Translation: wk)

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Sebastian Bauer (ANF)

Mail program: SimpleMail Alpha 0.7
Version 0.7 of SimpleMail, the new email client for the Amiga, has been released. Changes since the previous version:

  • The attachment icons weren't displayed on OSses with version below 3.5.
  • Support of signatures.
  • Configurable greetings for a new created email.
  • Fonts and colors can be set for the read window.
  • Hierarchical folders and folder images.
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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Eternity Hard and Software

Eternity: PC with preinstalled UAE with JIT
For some time, Eternity has offered the EternityOne, which is a PC with AMD Athlon processor which has the Amiga emulator UAE preinstalled.

From now on, the PC is shipped with only 1.2 GHz and a DVD-ROM. Further, WinUAE with JIT is installed automatically which results in two to four times faster speed than an Amiga with 060 processor. With the DVD-ROM and the very fast processor, you can for example watch DVD movies fullscreen on this computer. (ps) (Translation: rh)

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Aminet Uploads until 29.06.2001
DigiCamGUI.lha       comm/misc    4K+TritonRexx based GUI for DigiCam v1.0
UrlBase.lha          comm/www    70K+Universal file based Favorit Link List S
vzy-murderer.lha     demo/aga   2.5M+Monochrome Demo by Veezya
obligement27.lha     demo/mag   651K+Obligement #27 - The Famous FRENCH fanzi
vzy-emb02.lha        demo/sound 619K+Embrion #02 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb03.lha        demo/sound 594K+Embrion #03 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb04.lha        demo/sound 784K+Embrion #04 Chippack by Veezya
vzy-emb05.lha        demo/sound 806K+Embrion #05 Chippack by Veezya
xit-itf.lha          demo/sound 324K+Into The Flow by X-It
clockita.lha         dev/basic   74K+Italian clock+alarm+source code (bugfix)
Sashimi.lha          dev/debug   17K+Enhanced drop-in replacement for Sushi, 
Wipeout.lha          dev/debug   65K+Traces and munges memory and detects mem
gtlayout.lha         dev/gui    408K+GadToools layout toolkit
tsgui.lha            disk/misc   44K+Create or write back image files (ADF) f
BRAlltimeleagu.lha   game/data    6K+All time greatest teams from Brasil for 
JumpingAround.lha    game/demo  189K+JumpNRun demo game, working in progress
Mattonite.lha        game/demo  475K+BreakOut demo game, working in progress
Diamchal.lha         game/misc  367K+Platform: collect diamonds V1.2 !UPDATE!
stefadv.lha          game/text   23K+Little italian text adventure
stefadv2.lha         game/text   68K+2nd little italian text adventure
Aye_Q.lha            game/wb     36K+My version of a peg game...
Hexa_Q.lha           game/wb     37K+Surprise!! A new peg game...
Knight.lha           game/wb     36K+Move a Knight on a chess board
YambMUI.lha          game/wb     49K+Game with dices. (V1.29) *BUGFIX*
DblPal_ME.lha        hard/drivr  83K+DBLPAL:825x564 monitor driver for AGA
Euro72_ME.lha        hard/drivr   4K+Euro72(79Hz):825x625 monitor driver for 
dzy-a_spell_on.lha   mods/med   288K+A Spell on you, Trance mod by Dazzy
DZY-Lick.lha         mods/med   945K+Lickit - Trance mod by Dazzy of Soundfor
DZY-The_sound.lha    mods/med   288K+The Sound, Nu-NRG mod by Dazzy
GameIcons3.lha       pix/gicon  3.5M+Great GlowIcons for 232 Amiga games.
fom3p23.jpg          pix/henz   452K+Lonely beach on the planet Venus
fom3p24.jpg          pix/henz   389K+Lonely beach on the planet Venus
Textloader.lha       text/edit  630K+TextEd (V 8.2b) german/english SuperED!!
KillCD0.lha          util/boot    6K+Kill CD0 on CDTV, A570 & CD32 & use othe
ToolManager_GR.lha   util/boot    1K+Greek locale catalog for ToolManager 
ToolsDaemon_GR.lha   util/boot    2K+Greek locale catalogs for ToolsDaemon
GhostBusterV2.lha    util/cdity  35K+Automatically hides invalid disk icons

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Elbox (e-mail)

Elbox drivers: MediatorUP2.3
Elbox has updated the drivers for the PCI boards Mediator PCI 1200 and Mediator PCI ZIV. All Mediator system files and PCI drivers are now available in a new version.

The update archive MediatorUP2.3.lha contains the following drivers: pci.library 2.2 (NO_MMU) - pci.library 3.2 (MMU). Both variants are developed and supported. Here more details:

MMU drivers:
  • pci.library ver.3.2 NEW
  • Voodoo.card ver.2.3 NEW
  • Virge.card ver.1.2 NEW
  • MediatorNET.device ver.2.0

NO_MMU drivers:
  • pci.library ver.2.2 NEW
  • Voodoo.card ver.1.4 NEW
  • MediatorNET.device ver.1.2

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Merlancia Industries (ANF)

Merlancia: Open letter to the Amiga Community
Merlancia Press Release #MPR29062K1


29th June 2001

Merlancia Industries
3516A West Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85029 USA

1-877-53-AMIGA | ++1 602-789-0956 |

Merlancia Open letter to the Amiga Community by Ryan E. A. Czerwinski, CEO of Merlancia Industries

Greetings to all. We are happy that the Amiga community is taking a deep and serious interest in our products and what we are working on in the background! We will be releasing some more critical information to answer your questions soon, however, we are currently gagged until some other contracts are completed.

I assure you all that welcomed good news is fact, look forward to a feature article about us in an upcoming issue of Amiga Active Magazine, where we hope to answer many of your questions. We are currently looking for those that are interested in developing for our system(s). (As the Tsunami will only be the *first* system we are releasing.)

To answer some common questions that have been asked:

Re bPlan:
Yes, we are working with bPlan on the Tsunami design. The details of this partnership are due out soon. Let it be said that we are designing hardware, not just sitting idle and waiting for others to do our work for us. We have very talented people on staff, both software and hardware (not to mention press relations and marketing) and we are spending our $$$ wisely.

Release dates:
The Tsunami system is expected to be released in it's final consumer form in November to December 2001. We are working very hard to meet this deadline, though we cannot foresee any problems that may arise. The Pilot release will most likely be after the AmiWest conference, not at as we had hoped, as we are currently having a slight fault in the gfx display; We will have a demonstration system at the show. We plan to have a press conference as well as other 'events' at AmiWest, and we hope that there is a large amount of Amigans that think it wise to attend. ;)

We need your talents!:
We are looking for both software and hardware developers. A platform like this cannot succeed without a full range of software to run on it. Sure, the current software will run on our system, but we need a full library of up-to-date software, both multimedia and business applications, to be able to achieve our place in the market.

We have already received orders for developer systems from some very impressive firms and individuals. We hope to grab up as much talent as possible, as it makes sense to have PowerPC software for new PowerPC hardware. We are looking for both the absurdly simple (tiny games or utilities) to the fairly complex (graphics packages, office suites) software titles. An option will be available to have your software included with each unit sold, or special unit packages.

AmigaOS 4/5:
We are unfortunately unable to release details on this currently, however, we hope to do so shortly; most likely at the AmiWest conference.

Let it be said currently that our system both meets and exceeds the Zico specification, as do all of our 'in development' systems.

Our market:
We are designing our Torro systems to be a natural complete system solution upgrade path for current Amiga users (see examples of how/why below) but we are not limiting our products to the current Amiga market or community. We anticipate high sales volumes to the consumer and industrial multimedia markets; Our systems are designed to be as CHRP resembling as possible. We are pitting them against the big names like Apple and SGI.

Our partnership with Blittersoft was only the first step in this process - Working together on the iFusion project will allow us to migrate iFusion to our systems easily, allowing full Macintosh compatibility on our products, both under AmigaOS and stand-alone (later). We are also planning on offering other OS solutions as separate packages including QNX, Linux, Solaris, BeOS (hopefully), and others. We cannot provide MacOS ourselves, but the user will have the option of installing it, and we will also be working on an x86 emulator so that if the user desires he/she can use x86 operating systems including UNiX, Linux-x86, BeOs-x86, and (gasp!) even MS Windows (though we won't support it directly).

We are also working on a firmware OS (think what Exec is to Amiga) that allows not only selection of startup devices via an 'early startup' screen, but also setting up multiple machine states that can be launched with ease and switched between instantly. (Thus allowing multiple OSs to be run at once.) This may not be included with the first launch, but an updater will be available to patch the firmware, which is flash updateable. Speaking of which, your machine state setting will be able to be saved, as well as your other setting, including screen mode and startup volume (individual to each machine state), thus allowing you to start up with those options each time you reboot.

Why is it a natural upgrade path?:
Unlike other machines promised in the past, and other projects in the works, we are working on something that will be completely natural to the Amiga user of today. Features like the ability to read and write to floppy discs and other media in native Amiga formats (880k and 1760k on floppy discs) as well as simple things like the layout of the keyboard and the look and feel of the design of the system all around all total up to Amiga-like. We are trying to make a product that is impressive from the inside and out, not just another ëboxí. Not to say that all offerings that are currently being made are bad. in fact, I look forward to the EyeTech AmigaOne. I know I will buy one personally, and our retail division will carry them. (We have the worldís largest stock of A1200 NTSC systems; other dealers are now ordering them from us.)

The future and beyond:
What lies in store for us, the Amiga community? I canít say for sure, but I feel that the future is brighter than ever; due both to the commitment from Amiga ( a lively bunch of bright and intelligent individuals) as well as out commitment to you, the Amiga community. As always, you come first in our thinking and our product design. This product is designed for you; We wouldnít have bothered if it wasnít.

As always, best wishes to everyone. Thank you for being a customer, current, or future.

Ryan E. A. Czerwinski
CEO - Merlancia Industries (ps)

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Merlancia Industries (ANF)

Merlancia announces strategic alliance with 'individual Computers'
Here the original press release by Merlancia on the strategic alliance with Individual Computers:

Merlancia - Press Release #MMC29062K1


29th June 2001

Merlancia Industries
3516A West Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85029 USA

1-877-53-AMIGA | ++1 602-789-0956 |
individual Computers -Jens Schönfeld |

Merlancia Industries' Announces Startegic Alliance with 'individual Computers

Merlancia Industries is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with 'individual Computers'; to design a controller device that will be utilised on our Torro series systems.

The device, a custom chip controller, named 'CLeo' will be available as an add-on kit for the Pilot release systems (to be included with all systems shipping after it's release, and to be sent to all developer systems sold before-hand).

The 'CLeo' custom device is based on technology first implemented in individual Computers' 'CatWeasel' disc controller, and will allow the reading and writing of Amiga native disc formats (880k and 1760k) on our Tsunami system as well as future directives. Other formats will be supported as well including PC-DOS, and Macintosh-HFS.

We expect to have a prototype of this design at AmiWest Conference (28th to 29th July 2001- Sacramento, CA; USA) as well as our prototype Pilot system.

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Amigan Software

Tool: Report+ version 4.7
Report+ by Amigan Software allows the easy creation of bug reports, Aminet readme files, autodocs and similar reports. The program is freeware and supports the GUI systems ReAction and GadTools.

Download: report.lha - 395 kB (ps)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Individual Computers: strategic alliance with Merlancia Industries
Merlancia Industries (Phoenix, AZ), the creators of the Tsunami System, have licensed a controller from Individual Computers that was derived from the technology in the Catweasel and is able to read and write Amiga disks as well as a huge number of other disk formats.

The device called "CLeo" is an add-on for Tsunami and other Pegasos-based computers. A prototype of CLeo is expected to be shown at the Amiwest show on 28th and 29th July 2001 in Sacramento, CA. Individual Computers will not attend the show in Sacramento, though. (ps)

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Frank Fenn

Music: Audiomaster 2000 Version 0.76
Version 0.76 of the sample editor Audiomaster 2000 was released. This program utilized MUI and supports any AHI device.

This program by Frank 'Fenny' Fenn is shareware; there is no saving possible in the demo version.

Download: audiomaster.lha - 352 kB (ps)

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Olaf Koebnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena News
Amiga Arena Full Version
With permission of Michael Taupitz and Andreas Magerl the Amiga Arena enables the release of "Tautrix", which is a Tetris like puzzle game.

Short description:
Building blocks have to be put down sorted by colour and without gaps. If a cuboid was created (4x4), this one will vanish and make way. But since only the cuboid will vanish, it will not be that easy to handle overhanging parts. (ps)

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28.Jun.2001 / Jorge Pino (ANF)

Apple to buy PowerPC from Motorola?
It's sill just a rumour; according to The Register Apple will buy Motorola's PPC branch, next year. Following an extract from the article:

»Apple is set to wrest control of the PowerPC platform away from long-time partner Motorola through a clause in its agreement with the chip maker that allows it to buy Motorola's PowerPC assets for $500 million next year.«
Complete article under the title link. (ps)

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28.Jun.2001 of own concern
Now our English pages have the same extended features as the German part, even commenting/annotating of news messages is possible. On this account we would like to ask every webmaster of non-German websites, which contain in their link lists, to change their link to to the following:

This will bring your readers to the proper version.

Please, change your bookmarks.

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Michael Asse (ANF)

Game: Frontier Elite II Sources? (Update)
Michael Asse wrote:
Again I sent an e-mail to Andrew Gillett of the Eliteclub and got a clear YES as answer to my question about the release of the sources of the Frontier Elite II Amiga version on Eliteclub. This would give interested people the opportunity to patch or extend the game or to learn from the "grown-up".

Editor's note: Michael, please tell us your e-mail address, too. We don't like to publish anonymous messages and moreover we have no chance to further inquire without an address given. (E-mail-address updated). (ps)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2001, 16:25] [Comments: 2 - 05. Jul. 2001, 12:22]
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Da SixK Port Page

Webserver: Apache V1.3.20 + PHP V4.0.6
As already reported an update of the Amiga webserver 'Apache' was released on the ´SixK Port Page´. This Apache version still is 1.3.20. The script language module 'PHP' is available in version 4.0.6 as released on 23. June 2001. Now the entire debug code was removed and a test.php added for testing purposes.

This version should require less memory and run more stable.

The binary was compiled for the 68040 and for use with the official Amiga Apache archive on

Download: apache1320_php406_040a.lzx (ps)

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Heise [Newsticker]

Heise: Another two Top-Level-Domains activated
»The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) addresses a "historic milestone for the Internet community" in their statement about the activation of another two top level domains. This is about the domains .biz for companies and .info for offerers of information sites, which both are available technically from today, that is. The Department of Commerce, which still reserves to itself the superintendence of root servers of DNS, agreed with the adoption and root server entry of these two new domains, according to ICANN.«
Complete article (German) under the title link. (ps)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2001, 00:45] [Comments: 0]
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