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Archive 05/2006


MorphOS: File archiver 7zip 4.42
"Schlonz" has compiled the latest version of the shell based archive 7-Zip for MorphOS, which was ridded of several minor bugs. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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31.May.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Mindspace 0.6
MindSpace is a drawing program to create flowcharts, UML diagrams (Unified Modeling Language, screen shot), Mindmaps (screen shot) or vector graphics (screen shot). The most important changes in version 0.6:
  • Wheel mouse support
  • Snap-to-Grid
  • Multiple Select
  • Crop diagram to fit drawing
  • Lock objects to prevent accidental changes
  • Increased flexibility for labels and text objects
  • Enhanced object shadowing and undo features

Download: MindSpace.lha (570 KB) (cg) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Website)

Compiler: ECX 1.5
ECX is a compiler for the programming language E for AmigaOS and MorphOS. ECX requires an already existing installation of the Amiga E package.

Download: ecx50.lha (580 KB) (Readme) (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Edgar Schwan (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: preliminary version of Amaya 8.8.4 for X-Window
A preliminary version of the web editor Amaya by Edgar Schwan was published in the OS4 depot. The programme is able to show CSS based pages correctly. Frames and Javascript are however not supported.

Amaya needs the X11 Window package "Cygnix" ( reported) to run, which is to be foung in the OS4 depot as well. You will find help for concerning the installation as well as further information in the readmefile.

The programme is already running relatively stable, the connection to the internet is however not yet working. As Amaya is primarily an editor, the Amaya porting as an GUI based web editor should nevertheless be interesting.

Download: (9 MB) (snx) (Translation: iw)

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Thorsten Mampel, 1.Vorsitzender ACH (ANF)

Mailing list for the participants of the LAN party of the ACH in Hamburg
The mailing list of the Amiga-Meeting Nord has been released for all participants of the LAN party of the ACH in Hamburg.

With the help of this mailing list it is possible to coordinate car pools or to maintain already made contacts. Everybody who has a vacant seat left in his car to fetch people from other towns in order to bring them to Hamburg will be a great help.

If you want to participate please send an email to To send an email to the list afterwards just miss out the "subscribe". (snx) (Translation: iw)

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DVD: "Digital Memories" - remembering the C64 scene
Press release:  What started with pirate copies during the home computer pioneer time became the first digital youth culture. To achieve the fame of the scene for the fastest "crack" of a computer game, freaks set home made intros in front of the games before they released them to the school yards and mailboxes of the 80s.

Those digital cards became an art form on their own; to be able to master it programming knowledge and audio-visual talent was required. The non-professional programmers and other crackers bettered each other in international competition with adventurous animations and unheard sounds.

Demos are music videos without dancers, without a backdrop and without a camera: the clips run in real-time, often they bring CPU and graphic chips to their technological limits. The most talented programmers and freaks made the impossible possible on the cult computer Commodore 64.

'Digital Memories' is a selection of the best demos for the C64, an exciting retro trip through the colourful, virtual world of FX, bleeps and pixel - multimedia of the first generation.

Content of the DVD:
  • 16 C64 demos
  • Slideshow with 140 scene graphics
  • 15 original SID sounds
  • Eastergeggs
  • Bonus: 4 C64 games: Turrican 3, It's Magic, Metal Warrior 4, Crush

ISBN: 3-9810494-7-0
Price: 9,95 Euro (cg) (Translation: iw)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

New C64 cartridge cases, special prices for clockport-hardware
Press release:  Our cartridge cases for Retro Replay, MMC64 and other standard C64 cartridges enjoy great popularity, therefore we have made a new production run with a few improvements. The cases that we delivered previously were made out of the fairly soft plastic polystyrene. To further improve the quality and stability of dimensions under extreme climatic conditions, we decided to use the harder plastic polycarbonate. In addition to the known colours black, blue-transparent and clear-transparent, the new colours red-transparent and solid blue are now available. Even though polycarbonate is much more expensive than polystyrene, we did not raise the sales price. We even took away the price difference for the different colours, so each case is now 4,- EUR incl. 16% VAT (plus shipment cost, please inquire by eMail). There's only two quantity scales: The single price for purchases of up to 99 units, and 15% discount for orders of 100 units or more. Colours can be mixed in order to reach the quantity scale.

The cases are closed with only one opening for the cartridge connector. If a cartridge with buttons or a pass-through slot shall be used, the holes/openings must be cut into the case. This applies to both the Retro Replay and the MMC64.

Picture: various case variants

If you order the bundle with Retro Replay and RR-Net, you can now choose from these case colours. Wordwide shipment is already included in the bundle price of 100,- EUR for the three items!

Special prices for clockport-hardware

Many products for the Amiga are only made for the clockport of the A1200 for economy reasons. Individual Computers has been shipping Zorro cards with an additional expansion port for many years. This expansion port is compatible with the A1200 clockport, but at the same time has a much better performance. Especially for Zorro-systems (so-called "bigbox-Amigas"), we're now offering a bundle with our ISDN-card ISDN-Surfer, which also features a clockport. For the "smaller" Amigas A500 and A1000 we have the clockport adapter for the CPU-socket. Please bear in mind that both the Delfina and the Subway USB-card by E3B require a 68020 or higher processor. All bundles include 16% VAT and worldwide/international shipping!

ISDN Surfer with Subway USB card and Poseidon V3: 100,- EUR
ISDN Surfer with Delfina soundcard: 150,- EUR
A500 clockport adapter with Subway USB card and Poseidon V3: 100,- EUR
A500 clockport adapter with Delfina soundcard: 150,- EUR

Please use our contact form for ordering. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Tom Duin (ANF)

MorphOS: SimpleView 1.6c
Tom 'Amigaharry' Duin released his MorphOS image viewer SimpleView in version 1.6c under the title link. SimpleView is completely written in PowerPC assembler code.

Pictures with a depth of 8 Bit or less are converted and displayed faster. Instead of four, only three bytes per pixels are used now for converting and displaying. (snx)

[News message: 29. May. 2006, 20:58] [Comments: 0]
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Edgar Schwan (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Prerelease of X-Window
Edgar Schwan released a prerelease of X-Window for AmigaOS 4. This is a complete Unix-environment, which is the basement for ports from the Linux-World.

Following Components are included:
  • X-Server X11R6.3 (68k-Version from the GeekGadgets-Project)
  • over 70 Standard-Clients like xclock, xcalc, xman, ...
  • a Toolbar a simple launching of Programs
  • Examples to demonstrat the several GUI-Toolkits:
    • Xgalaga + Xmahjong (X11)
    • The Cardgame "Forty Thieves" (wxWidgets)
    • A Demo-Program from the GTK-Package (GTK+)
  • A Program to konfigurate the screen backround
All Clients are nativ for AmigaOS 4. In case of the pre-status is it possible that the contents of this package will be varying.

For further information read the Readme-File.

Download: x11.tgz (47 MB) (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Thorsten Mampel, 1.Vorsitzender ACH (ANF)

Event: Seventh Amiga-Meeting Nord in Bad Bramstedt
The seventh Amiga Meeting North will be start in Bad Bramstedt (northern of Hamburg/Germany) from Friday 13.October until Sunday 15.October. For 40 Computer is it possible to install network.

Planed are:
  • a presentation of actuel Hard- and Software-developments around the Amiga
  • Exibithion of the Computer-Museums Kiel
  • Demo- and Filmscreening with a beamer
  • A secondhand Hard- and Software-market for free (Amigas and expansions)
  • Producment of a Party-CD performed by participants
  • Network with Internet via DSL
  • Webcam
First the fun is importent. Also for the organizer it is importent to give the last Hard and Software developers a public possibility to present the products. So all developers must be pay only the half price for one weekend (37,50 instead 75 Euro for the weekend).

For further information please ask Thorsten Mampel.

For all Amiga-user (AmigaOS 1-4, MorphOS, AROS and Emulator-user) is linked to the header a registration form or call up the Hotel Tanneneck Norbert Kapahnke direkly under 0049 4192 500071.

  • Friday until Sunday including two overnight stays and two times lunch and breakfast 75,- Euro
  • Friday until Saturday or Saturday until Sunday one overnight stay and one time lunch and breakfast 37,50 Euro
  • for the dailyguest 5,- Euro (a registration is only required if a place for the computer is needed!)
(snx) (Translation: aj)

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29.May.2006 (Webseite)

Moorhuhn-Klon: Blackshoot 1.3
Blackshoot a Moorhen-clon writen in AmiBlitz with a GFX and Soundcard support. (Screenshot). This vision includes several minor bugfixes. (cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. May. 2006, 15:45] [Comments: 0]
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Aminet-Uploads until 28.05.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
dopus4-morphos.lha      biz/dopus   1.3M  MOS  Directory Opus 4
Arbeitszeugnis.lha      biz/misc     31K  OS3  Generates job references (German only)
AnimsAWeb.lha           comm/www     18K  GEN  Transfer anims for A-Web browser
apache_1.3.36.lha       comm/www    240K  OS3  Apache 1.3.36
PAR_bwBASIC.lha         dev/basic     4K  OS3  PAR: access using bwBASIC.
bintoc.lha              dev/c        21K  VAR  Binary to C source converter
z88dk.lha               dev/cross   3.4M  OS4  z80 C cross compiler
bogo.lha                dev/gg       31K  VAR  BogoMIPS - the UNIX CPU speed tester
detok.lha               dev/lang     34K  MOS  OpenBIOS detokenizer
lua.lha                 dev/lang    821K  OS4  powerful embeddable programming language
Python_14.lha           dev/lang    750K  OS3  Python V1.4 for a STANDARD A1200.
agg2sdk.lha             dev/misc    1.1M  OS4  Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
MCC_MonthNaviSP.lha     dev/mui       6K  GEN  MCC MonthNavigator 16.8 spanish catalog
tsgui.lha               disk/misc    80K  OS3  Create or write back image files (ADF/HD
HDandCD-Guide.lha       docs/help    13K  GEN  Simple guide for connecting HD and CD to
installation.lha        docs/help   211K  GEN  Install WW, TurboCalc + Pagestream on OS
SkinsArTKanoid.lha      game/wb     223K  GEN  Extra skins for ArTKanoid
agg2demos.lha           gfx/misc    8.2M  OS4  Anti-Grain Geometry Demos with SVG viewe
fakepad.lha             hard/drivr   35K  OS3  Emulate CD32 joypad using joystick & kb
mmkeyboard.lha          hard/drivr  564K  VAR  Use entire Multimedia Keyb. on Amiga/Ami
ASense.lha              misc/sci    910K  OS3  Professional astrology software
ASenseFPU.lha           misc/sci    295K  OS3  Professional astrology software
Pholy.lha               mods/misc    43K  GEN  Helgis' PholyEcho Song!!!
Reach.lha               mods/misc    44K  GEN  Helgis' Out Of Reach Song!!!
rockbeat.lha            mus/edit    1.7M  OS4  Create drumming tracks and export them a
HornyLite.lha           mus/midi      1K  GEN  German HornyLite catalog, unofficial
tunenet-calculator.lha  mus/play      3K  GEN  tiny (but comprehensive) skin for TuneNe
tunenet.lha             mus/play    465K  OS4  Music Player (Shout/Icecast, MP3, PT, AI
PrintMagic.lha          text/print    7K  OS3  PrintMagic
DepthMenu.lha           util/cdity   53K  OS3  Popup menu for depth gadgets. V2.43.
meridian.lha            util/cdity  310K  VAR  PDA like input system
ejecttool.lha           util/cli     17K  VAR  Load/Eject/Toggle drive tray command
r.lha                   util/cli    162K  VAR  Just in time GUIs for nearly any DOS com
TDFSB.lha               util/dir    223K  MOS  3D file system browser w/o MPEG
StartBar-ITA.lha        util/misc   103K  OS3  Italian version of StartBar
(cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. May. 2006, 01:02] [Comments: 0]
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29.May.2006 Uploads until 28.05.2006 uploads since our last report:
anotherxg_sf.lha        aud/pla   28Mb  AnotherXG - soundfont
timidity.lha            aud/pla  425kb  TiMidity - MIDI-files player/converter
lua.lha                 dev/lan  820kb  Lua powerful embeddable programming lang
bogo.lzx                uti/she   28kb  BogoMIPS - the UNIX CPU speed tester
tunenet-calculator.lha  aud/pla    2kb  tiny (but comprehensive) skin for TuneNe
tunenet.lha             aud/pla  464kb  Music Player (Shout/Icecast, MP3, PT, AI
rockbeat.lha            aud/tra    1Mb  Create drumming tracks and export them a
cvs_amiga_bin.lha       dev/uti    1Mb  CVS version control system
cvs_amiga_src.lha       dev/uti    1Mb  CVS version control system
aggdemoicons.lha        gra/ico  225kb  Anti-Grain Geometry Demo Icons
z88dk.lha               dev/cro    3Mb  z80 C cross compiler
agg2sdk.lha             dev/lib    1Mb  Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
agg2demos.lha           gra/mis    8Mb  Anti-Grain Geometry Demos with SVG viewe
(cg) (Translation: aj)

[News message: 29. May. 2006, 01:02] [Comments: 0]
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