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Archive 02/2005

Christian Rosentreter (e-mail)

IRC: Chanel moves
The regular visitors of the IRC channel decided to move to The channel on Arcnet will orphane with time. (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 23. Feb. 2005, 18:38] [Comments: 0]
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23.Feb.2005 (website)

AmigaOS4: Update of the wave datatypes
Kev Sherratt's AmigaOS4 datatype for wave files (not to muddle with the one by Fredrik Wikstrom from yesterday's news) has been updated.

The formats IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, µ-Law, A-Law as well as IEEE 32 and 64 bit floats were added. Additional multi channel samples are supported by filtering the left and right channels.

Download: wav_dt.lha (12 KB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Pegasos forum (website)

MorphOS: Update of the artillery game HighMoon
Herbert Klackl has released an update of the put to space artillery clone HighMoon (screenshot). One may play against the computer or a human player. The current version may be obtained by the title link from the Pegasos forum. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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dietmar (ANF)

GoldED: Friday is free parcel day
Inspired by DHLs latest promotion all GoldED AIX orders until Friday will be shipped free of charge. Every parcel will also include an additional extra from the Lindt&Sprüngli factory Aachen/Aix-La-Chapelle. This promotion is available for Germany only and will end on Friday. (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 23. Feb. 2005, 12:56] [Comments: 0]
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Nicolas Mendoza (ANF)

Announcing AmiTron 2005 - Amiga Expo Trondheim
For the second time around Amiga Expo Trondheim (AmiTron) will be arranged during the course of Saturday 2nd of April. The exposition will mainly consist of having Amigas on display, as many models as possible ranging from A1000 to the MicroA1.

We will show everything from demos, old games to the newest beta of AmigaOS4.0, the PPC-based version of AmigaOS and also AROS and MorphOS.

There will be a raffle with various prizes, people selling Amiga-related equipment, competitions and guides.

There is a kiosk in the same building for refreshments and snacks. The location is in the middle of Trondheim so it's close to several restaurants, shops and hotels.

In addition to be both nostalgic and having a peek at the future in regards of computing technology, you will get the opportunity of meeting persons with the same interests as you in informal environments at Vitensenteret, Trondheim, Norway.

Last time over 100 persons visited, if you want to have a stand, sponsor us, bring equipment or have other questions, please contact us at mail at ami-tron org. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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19.Feb.2005 uploads until 2005-02-19
The uploads at since our last posting:

abandonmi.lha      gra/ico 390kb Abandon Icon Set for AmigaOS4
yeti3dgpl.lha      gam/fps 376kb Yeti 3D engine
scrambly_aos4.lha  gam/puz 207kb puzzle game - port of a cellphone game           aud/pla 119kb Skin for PLAYCD
sdi_headers.lha    dev/mis  21kb SDI headers - A set of helpful C macro/defines
wookiechat.lha     net/cha   1Mb IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
rdesktop.lha       net/mis 311kb Remote Desktop client for OS4 with GUI
stringedithook.lha dev/exa  32kb simple reaction string gadget edit hook example
agg2sdk.lha        dev/lib 969kb Anti-Grain Geometry 2D Graphics C++ SDK
rkeyboard.lzx      dri/inp  17kb Bootkeyboard driver for OS4's USB stack w/source
ww2.lha            gam/boa   3Mb World War II strategy war game
os4gnomeicons.lha  gra/ico 642kb Gnome PNG icon set for Amiga OS4
simplehtml_dtc.lha dat/doc  67kb An html datatype based on SimpleHTML
rmouse.lzx         dri/inp  13kb Bootmouse driver for OS4's USB stack with source
agg2demos.lha      gra/mis   7Mb Anti-Grain Geometry Demos with SVG viewer
simplehtml.lha     net/bro  83kb A simple HTML offline browser
wla-dx.lha         dev/cro   1Mb GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 Macro Assembler Package
qwcl_os4.gz        gam/fps 286kb Quake World client
qwsv_os4.gz        gam/fps 158kb Quake World server
(cg) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 19. Feb. 2005, 22:22] [Comments: 0]
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19.Feb.2005 (website)

MorphOS: PolyOrganiser 0.74
PolyOrganiser by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is a so called "PIM-Tool" (personal information management) to manage dates, contacts and tasks (screenshot). In the latest version were smaller bugs fixed (changelog).

Download: PolyOrga_0.74_Update.lha (331 KB, PolyOrganiser 0.71 needed) (cg) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 19. Feb. 2005, 22:21] [Comments: 0]
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AHT Europe announces CeBIT attendance and AROS support
Birmingham, Feb. 19 2005 - AHT Europe Ltd. will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2005 in Hannover, Germany, March 10-16.

CeBIT is the the world's leading event for information technology, telecommunications, software and services. While AHT Europe's main focus so far have been OEM customers only, the company is also about to address the consumer market directly by establishing their own brand for (high-end) settop-boxes. The ARIANA range of STBs will be officially introduced at CeBIT. AHT Europe will exhibit their products at booth C75 in hall 25.

Furthermore, AHT Europe is pleased to announce their future active support of the open-source operating system AROS. First developer boxes will be shipped to AROS programmers shortly, further support is planned. By addition of the linux-hosted version of AROS to the ARIANA settop-box, AHT Europe Ltd. wants to provide their customers in the future an additional slim operating system with an intuitive user-interface design for simple home-computer functionality.

About AHT Europe:

AHT Europe Ltd. is a British company formed in 2004 and based in Birmingham, with offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Current products include a PowerPC settop-box for digital video broadcasting, personal video-recording and video-on-demand. (cg) (Translation: cg)

[News message: 19. Feb. 2005, 20:35] [Comments: 1 - 24. Feb. 2005, 20:18]
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Martin Merz (ANF)

AbandonMI: AmigaOS4 iconset released
AbandonMI, a 256 colours GlowIcon set for AmigaOS4 that isn't developed further, is available for download under the title link (screenshot). (snx) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

MorphOS: CD Player update/new SDL games ports

CD Player 1.2

Ilkka "itix" Lehtoranta released this version of CD Player with new graphical user interface for MorphOS (screenshot).

  • CD Player 1.2 (17.2.2005):
    • Supports the CDText function
    • Random playback
    • ARexx support
    • Simple, clear user interface
    • Optional hiding of GUI elements
  • CDDA Ripper 1.1 (17.2.2005):
    • Extracts digital audio data from CDs
    • Supports the CDText function
  • BlankCD 1.0 (21.3.2004):
    • Deletes CDRWs, similar to the function of MakeCD
  • Eject 1.0 (20.3.2004):
    • Opens and closes the CD/DVD tray
  • SetCDSpeed 1.0 (20.3.2004):
    • CD/DVD speed control
Download cdplayer.lha (109 KB)

Airstrike & Super Mario Clone

Pawel 'stefkos' Stefanski made updates of the SDL games ports Airstrike and Super Mario Clone for MorphOS available. The latter needs the new bug fixed version of the powersdl_ttf.library. Thanks for the bug fixed library go to Ilkka 'itix' Lehtoranta and Herbert 'HAK' Klackl.

Furthermore does Pawel Stefanski search for beta testers for the game Miliarderzy (MorphOS and LinuxPPC version). Interested ones may contact the author via e-mail.

airstrike.lha (3.4 MB)
SMC.lha (4.2 MB)
psdlttf.lha (231 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

OpenPCI updated to v2.0
Benjamin Vernoux released OpenPCI v2.0 for Pegasos I + II, GRex A1200/A4000, Amithlon, Prometheus and Mediator. The SDK got enhanced with more descriptions, many examples with C source code and a tutorial, also with C source code examples. The SDK can be obtained via e-mail from the author.

Changes in OpenPCI v2.0:
  • Some routines optimized
  • New functions:
    • pci_physic_to_logic_addr()
    • pci_obtain_card()
    • pci_release_card()
  • Compatible with older drivers written for OpenPCI V1.x; it is advised, though, to support the new PCI card lock mechanism (pci_obtain_card()/pci_release_card()) to avoid problems with drivers using the same PCI card
  • Bug fixed read & write_config for Prometheus
  • Usage of the lock mechanism of the Prometheus, GRex and Amithlons
This library hasn't been tested by the author on Mediator, Prometheus, GRex and Amithlon, thus he asks for feedback regarding this library running on these systems and on Pegasos I + II.

New in the OpenPCI Realtek 8139 SANA2 driver:
  • Bug fixes regarding Genesis and AmiTCP and possibly further TCP/IP stacks
  • Problems solved when the transfer speed was forced into the 100 Mb half or full duplex mode
  • Fixed latency problems/'dead' network caused by an error in the SANA2 driver
  • Optimized interrupt code and main source code
OpenPCI Terratech 512i/FM801 AHI driver:
  • Only 68k version included (a fully working MorphOS native version would be already existing and possibly later released)
  • Full playback mode is supported
  • Recording mode is not supported
(snx) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 19. Feb. 2005, 13:49] [Comments: 0]
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Aminet: uploads until 2005-02-18 (part 2)
Here are the new Aminet uploads since our last posting:

imdbDiff041105.lha          misc/imdb   3.3M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041112.lha          misc/imdb   3.6M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041119.lha          misc/imdb   3.4M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041126.lha          misc/imdb   3.9M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041203.lha          misc/imdb   3.1M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041210.lha          misc/imdb   3.5M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041217.lha          misc/imdb   3.2M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041224.lha          misc/imdb   1.8M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041231.lha          misc/imdb   3.8M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff050107.lha          misc/imdb   3.7M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff050114.lha          misc/imdb   3.2M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff050121.lha          misc/imdb   3.7M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff050128.lha          misc/imdb   3.8M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff050204.lha          misc/imdb   4.4M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
9Lives.lha                  mods/cust   235K  2005-02-13  Custom module from "9 Lives" - (readme)
BardsTale.lha               mods/cust   61K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Bard's Tale" - (readme)
BardsTale2.lha              mods/cust   61K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Bard's Tale II" - (readme)
CrackDown.lha               mods/cust   47K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Crack Down" - (readme)
DragonsLairdem.lha          mods/cust   179K  2005-02-13  Custom module from "Dragon's Lair" demo - (readme)
Gauntlet2.lha               mods/cust   112K  2005-02-13  Custom module from "Gauntlet II" - (readme)
Imperium.lha                mods/cust   55K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Imperium" - (readme)
IndianaJones3.lha           mods/cust   40K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Indiana Jones and The - (readme)
IronLord.lha                mods/cust   16K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Iron Lord" - (readme)
JoeAndMac.lha               mods/cust   171K  2005-02-13  Custom module from "Joe & Mac - Caveman N - (readme)
Loom.lha                    mods/cust   54K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Loom" - (readme)
Neuromancer.lha             mods/cust   14K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Neuromancer" - (readme)
ReturnToAtlant.lha          mods/cust   77K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Return To Atlantis" - (readme)
SDI.lha                     mods/cust   10K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "S.D.I." - (readme)
SkyFox2.lha                 mods/cust   20K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Sky Fox II" - (readme)
SpaceAcedemo.lha            mods/cust   269K  2005-02-13  Custom modules from "Space Ace" demo - (readme)
StarGlider.lha              mods/cust   140K  2005-02-13  Custom module from "StarGlider" - (readme)
Supremacy.lha               mods/cust   190K  2005-02-13  Custom modules from "Supremacy" - (readme)
SwordsOfTwil.lha            mods/cust   42K   2005-02-13  Custom module from "Swords Of Twilight" - (readme)
windsurfcustom.lha          mods/cust   129K  2005-02-16  A Module composed by Pete/Enigma/Reality - (readme)
Candlelight.mpg             mods/mpg    2.3M  2005-02-13  Candle Light at Advent - (readme)
dalliance.mpg               mods/mpg    1.1M  2005-02-13  Dark alliance. PsyTrance (demo) tune from - (readme)
dcatacombs.mpg              mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-13  Deep catacombs. PsyTrance (demo) tune fro - (readme)
drumattack.mpg              mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-13  Drum attack. PsyTrance (demo) tune from T - (readme)
eyeball.mpg                 mods/mpg    9.5M  2005-02-13  Eyeball. Electro/Trance (MP3) tune from E - (readme)
hovestax.mpg                mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-13  High on vestax. PsyTrance (demo) tune fro - (readme)
inhale.mpg                  mods/mpg    8.4M  2005-02-13  Inhale (Eskimoes). Trance rmx by Emulate - (readme)
invaders.mpg                mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-13  Invaders. PsyTrance (demo) tune from Tran - (readme)
katakara.mpg                mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-13  KatakaRa. PsyTrance (demo) tune from Tran - (readme)
loveletters.mpg             mods/mpg    11M   2005-02-13  Love letters. Classic Trance (MP3) tune f - (readme)
robotattack.mpg             mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-14  Robot attack. PsyTrance (demo) tune from - (readme)
WarCrimes.mpg               mods/mpg    1.9M  2005-02-13  Music of war and oppression upbeat rythmi - (readme)
wessens.mpg                 mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-14  Whiskey essens. PsyTrance (demo) tune fro - (readme)
wildchicken.mpg             mods/mpg    1.0M  2005-02-14  Wild chicken. PsyTrance (demo) tune from - (readme)
aifc2wav_3_mos.lha          mus/edit    20K   2005-02-13  aifc2wav 3 - (readme)
mp3ai_mos.lha               mus/edit    36K   2005-02-13  mp3ai - (readme)
scm2wav_0.1_mos.lha         mus/edit    17K   2005-02-16  Scm2wav 0.1 - (readme)
scm2wav_mos.lha             mus/edit    17K   2005-02-14  Scm2wav 0.1 - (readme)
nallepuh_os4.lha            mus/misc    316K  2005-02-13  Redirects any (hw-banging) sound program - (readme)
AmigaAMP.lha                mus/play    541K  2005-02-13  MPEG audio player with GUI (68k/PPC) - (readme)
anrtransplant.lha           mus/play    11K   2005-02-13  Transplant skin for AmiNetRadio - (readme)
EP_FuturePlay.lha           mus/play    12K   2005-02-13  EaglePlayer "Future Player" external repl - (readme)
EP_JeroenTel.lha            mus/play    14K   2005-02-13  EaglePlayer "Jeroen Tel" external replaye - (readme)
EP_JoHippel.lha             mus/play    10K   2005-02-13  EaglePlayer "Jochen Hippel" external play - (readme)
mp3play.lha                 mus/play    137K  2005-02-13  V1.6.0 keyboard based really advanced gui - (readme)
playOGG.lha                 mus/play    530K  2005-02-13  Sound player for the OGG Vorbis sound for - (readme)
proplayeros4.lha            mus/play    83K   2005-02-14  AHI Protracker player (AOS4) - (readme)
AmiSunset.jpg               pix/back    139K  2005-02-13  Ami sunset backdrop (1280x1024) - (readme)
AsciiRules1.jpg             pix/back    59K   2005-02-13  Amiga rules backdrop (1280x1024) - (readme)
AsciiRules2.jpg             pix/back    59K   2005-02-13  Amiga rules backdrop (1280x1024) - (readme)
AsciiRules3.jpg             pix/back    60K   2005-02-13  Amiga rules backdrop (1280x1024) - (readme)
micollection.lha            pix/gicon   5.1M  2005-02-13  Masonicons collection 2000-2003 - (readme)
os4icons.lha                pix/gicon   89K   2005-02-16  Old 3.9 icons for os4 - (readme)
usbdiskicon.lha             pix/gicon   16K   2005-02-17  USB flash-disk default glow icons - (readme)
cardmi.lha                  pix/icon    10K   2005-02-17  Glowicons (256 Colours) for Mass Storage - (readme)
cardmipng.lha               pix/icon    10K   2005-02-17  PNGIcons for Memory Cards - (readme)
os4gnomeicons.lha           pix/icon    642K  2005-02-17  Gnome PNG icon set for Amiga OS4 - (readme)
os4icons.lha                pix/icon    89K   2005-02-13  Old 3.9 icons for os4 - (readme)
proudleduck.jpg             pix/illu    18K   2005-02-14  Hand drawing picture of seraphim proudled - (readme)
seraphim-proud.jpg          pix/illu    18K   2005-02-14  Hand drawing picture of seraphim proudled - (readme)
seraphim-proudleduck.jpg    pix/illu    18K   2005-02-16  Hand drawing picture of seraphim proudled - (readme)
AP29Covers.lha              pix/misc    355K  2005-02-13  AMiGa=PoWeR n°29 Covers Recto & Verso - (readme)
GS_Cats-BD.lha              pix/misc    268K  2005-02-13  2 Manga/Anime Backdrops - GunSmith Cats - (readme)
Localeflags.lha             pix/misc    55K   2005-02-13  Flags for Locale of OS 3.5-3.9 - (readme)
os1.3likehirespointers.lha  pix/misc    96K   2005-02-16  Os 1.3 like pointers for OS4 - (readme)
Link-Fonts.lha              text/bfont  12K   2005-02-13  Nice! Bitmap-Fonts, Topaz-Replacement - (readme)
amitex.lha                  text/edit   249K  2005-02-16  Text editor (French and english versions) - (readme)
Amitex_5.00.lha             text/edit   249K  2005-02-13  Text editor (French and english versions) - (readme)
antiword_os4.lha            text/edit   732K  2005-02-17  Antiword converts the binary files from W - (readme)
QuickSketch.lha             text/edit   21K   2005-02-13  A simple WB-prg to sketch and write in. - (readme)
Textloader.lha              text/edit   639K  2005-02-13  TextEd (V 8.3) german/english SuperED!! - (readme)
WWorth_fincats.lha          text/edit   27K   2005-02-13  Wordworth 3,4 & 7 Finnish catalogs - (readme)
xpdftools_3.00.lha          text/edit   5.2M  2005-02-16  Xpdftools 3.00 - (readme)
guideml.lha                 text/hyper  77K   2005-02-13  AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI - (readme)
guidemlppc.lha              text/hyper  101K  2005-02-13  AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI for - (readme)
APLKonwerter.lha            text/misc   5K    2005-02-16  Convert files: AmigaPL<->Windows (RxMUI) - (readme)
geekcode_1.7.3.lha          text/misc   80K   2005-02-13  geekcode 1.7.3 - (readme)
geekcode_1.7.3_mos.lha      text/misc   80K   2005-02-16  Geekcode 1.7.3 - (readme)
geekcode_mos.lha            text/misc   80K   2005-02-14  Geekcode 1.7.3 - (readme)
man2web_0.88_mos.lha        text/misc   51K   2005-02-16  Man2web 0.88 - (readme)
man2web_mos.lha             text/misc   51K   2005-02-14  Man2web 0.88 - (readme)
Pdftohtml_0.36.lha          text/misc   515K  2005-02-13  Pdftohtml 0.36 - (readme)
psmark_2.1_mos.lha          text/misc   31K   2005-02-13  psmark 2.1 - (readme)
supermanppc.lha             text/misc   157K  2005-02-17  Show the User a directory of documents to - (readme)
unroff.lha                  text/misc   50K   2005-02-16  V2.0 - Remove Backspace-chars from nroff - (readme)
bibvision.lha               text/show   150K  2005-02-13  Bible text viewer for 68k/WOS/OS4 V1.6 - (readme)
bzip2_1.0.2.lha             util/arc    439K  2005-02-13  bzip2 1.0.2 - (readme)
lha.lha                     util/arc    123K  2005-02-13  lha 2.8 os4-native - (readme)
rearg.lha                   util/batch  4K    2005-02-17  Adds flexibility to Alias command - (readme)
startmeup.lha               util/boot   83K   2005-02-16  A startup files manager - (readme)
TagLiFE.lha                 util/boot   7K    2005-02-18  TagList-FastExecutable patch with source - (readme)
Assign-morphos.lha          util/cli    17K   2005-02-13  Unofficial experimental "Assign" command - (readme)
banner_mos.lha              util/cli    34K   2005-02-14  Banner 1.3.1 - (readme)
CDIDtools.lha               util/cli    9K    2005-02-13  3 CDID tools - AudioCD ID - (readme)
EasyHex.lha                 util/cli    4K    2005-02-13  View the header on large files as hex - (readme)
HowDif.lha                  util/cli    9K    2005-02-13  File comparison/examination utility - (readme)
TestSound.lha               util/cli    5K    2005-02-13  plays a test sound via all 4 audio channe - (readme)
Tree178.lha                 util/cli    19K   2005-02-13  Lists Directory content tree-like - (readme)
vcdgear176.lha              util/conv   689K  2005-02-16  MPEG-Video conversion/extraction/repair t - (readme)
deepdt.lha                  util/dtype  41K   2005-02-17  Loads IFF DEEP and TVPP files (TVPaint pr - (readme)
cvs-1.11.4.lha              util/gnu    993K  2005-02-13  CVS 1.11.4 - Concurrent Versions System ( - (readme)
libytnef.lha                util/gnu    61K   2005-02-13  Library for decoding winmail.dat files. v - (readme)
ytnef.lha                   util/gnu    124K  2005-02-16  Decodes winmail.dat files. v2.6 - (readme)
MathLibs881.lha             util/libs   21K   2005-02-13  free 68881/2 mathlibs with source +bonus, - (readme)
AllKeys.lha                 util/misc   7K    2005-02-13  Use ALL mapped rawkeys which includes Mul - (readme)
confgui.lha                 util/misc   72K   2005-02-17  GUI builder for configuration files - (readme)
DagensTV.lha                util/misc   32K   2005-02-13  Viewer for the TV-guide e-mail from Dagen - (readme)
killwingui.lha              util/misc   59K   2005-02-17  Kills the windows of crashed apps - (readme)
MPlayer-GUI.lha             util/misc   15K   2005-02-13  GUI for MPlayer for OS4 - (readme)
MultiRen.lha                util/misc   200K  2005-02-13  Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI) - (readme)
nrg2iso_0.4.lha             util/misc   25K   2005-02-13  Nrg2iso 0.4 - (readme)
ReportPlus.lha              util/misc   297K  2005-02-13  Report+ 6.12a: Multipurpose utility - (readme)
tellme.lha                  util/misc   20K   2005-02-16  TellMe script for OS4 and OS3.9 - (readme)
SysCheck14t.lha             util/moni   41K   2005-02-13  System List Monitor - (readme)
unrar-bin.lha               util/pack   195K  2005-02-16  Unpacks RAR files - (readme)
HW-ARexx-Hack.lha           util/rexx   6K    2005-02-13  Parallel And Games Port Access Using ARex - (readme)
winuae-hr.lha               util/sys    7K    2005-02-16  Usefull stuff for Croatian WinUAE users - (readme)
bin-clock_mos.lha           util/time   30K   2005-02-16  Binary-clock 0.5 - (readme)
binary-clock_m.lha          util/time   30K   2005-02-14  Binary-clock 0.5 - (readme)
DCF77.lha                   util/time   490K  2005-02-13  Radio clock receiver, clock, time signal - (readme)
clink.lha                   util/wb     9K    2005-02-13  Adds a menu item to create filesystem lin - (readme)
limpidclock.lha             util/wb     63K   2005-02-18  Transparent clock / calendar - (readme)
os4reboot.lha               util/wb     54K   2005-02-18  Reboot utility for AmigaOS4 - (readme)
RandomWBPatt.lha            util/wb     32K   2005-02-13  Timer controled Slideshow-like random WBP - (readme)
saveramdisk.lha             util/wb     19K   2005-02-14  Save the fixed Position of the RamDisk - (readme)
titleclock.lha              util/wb     7K    2005-02-17  Display the date and time in the WB title - (readme)
wallpaper_tj.lha            util/wb     4K    2005-02-13  Workbench backdrop picture in fast RAM - (readme)
wet.lha                     util/wb     222K  2005-02-17  Show weather conditions in WB titlebar (O - (readme)
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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Aminet: uploads until 2005-02-18 (part 1)
Here are the new Aminet uploads since our last posting:

lohnsteuer.lha              biz/misc    154K  2005-02-13  Calculate the taxes and social insurance - (readme)
TextBlocks.lha              biz/swood   5K    2005-02-13  Rotatable paragraphs - (readme)
bitlbee_0.85a.lha           comm/irc    337K  2005-02-13  BitlBee 0.85a - (readme)
fisg_0.2.0_mos.lha          comm/irc    75K   2005-02-13  fisg 0.2.0 - (readme)
gruftistats_mos.lha         comm/irc    92K   2005-02-14  Gruftistats 0.2.4 - (readme)
wookiechat.lha              comm/irc    1.3M  2005-02-17  IRC client (Internet Relay Chat) - (readme)
PtpDigCam-AOS.lha           comm/misc   263K  2005-02-13  Download images from PTP digital camera - (readme)
PtpDigCam-MOS.lha           comm/misc   396K  2005-02-13  Download images from PTP digital camera - (readme)
Savvy.lha                   comm/misc   72K   2005-02-13  V1.0 Savvy (as in Savvy Networker -- a GU - (readme)
jday_1.3.lha                comm/net    65K   2005-02-13  jday 1.3 - (readme)
micq_0.4.11.lha             comm/net    897K  2005-02-13  mICQ 0.4.11 - (readme)
micq_0.4.12_mos.lha         comm/net    1.0M  2005-02-16  MICQ 0.4.12 - (readme)
micq_mos.lha                comm/net    1.0M  2005-02-14  MICQ 0.4.12 - (readme)
mpgtx_1.3.lha               comm/net    129K  2005-02-13  mpgtx 1.3 - (readme)
ncftp_3.1.8.lha             comm/net    643K  2005-02-16  Ncftp 3.1.8 - (readme)
netmon.lha                  comm/net    70K   2005-02-13  Network Monitor for Roadshow and AmigaOS - (readme)
rdesktop.lha                comm/net    311K  2005-02-17  Remote Desktop client for OS4 with GUI - (readme)
savvy.lha                   comm/net    117K  2005-02-14  SavvyPPC.lha - (readme)
savvyppc.lha                comm/net    98K   2005-02-17  V1.2 Savvy (as in Savvy Networker) - (readme)
xlhtml_0.5.lha              comm/net    221K  2005-02-13  xlhtml 0.5 - (readme)
AmiDiction.lha              comm/tcp    31K   2005-02-13  Online Dictionary - (readme)
AmiMSN.lha                  comm/tcp    48K   2005-02-15  (1.0-WIP) MSN Messenger client w/ file tr - (readme)
amitorrent.lha              comm/tcp    325K  2005-02-17  AMITorrent - An Amiga BitTorrent clone - (readme)
facts.lha                   comm/tcp    199K  2005-02-13  NTP clock time synchroniser AutoDST/GUI - (readme)
WeatherCheck.lha            comm/tcp    29K   2005-02-13  Gets Australian weather forecast informat - (readme)
FakeUUCP.lha                comm/uucp   167K  2005-02-13  NNTP/POP3 <> UUCP module for MicroDot - (readme)
apache_1.31.1.lha           comm/www    275K  2005-02-13  Apache 1.3.31 for MorphOS - (readme)
apache_mos.lha              comm/www    293K  2005-02-14  Apache 1.3.33 for MorphOS - (readme)
httplog_2.1_mos.lha         comm/www    31K   2005-02-16  Httplog 2.1 - (readme)
httplog_mos.lha             comm/www    31K   2005-02-14  Httplog 2.1 - (readme)
MakeHTMLMap.lha             comm/www    682K  2005-02-13  Good (Web-) Gallery Creator, many useful - (readme)
surfboard_1.1.10.lha        comm/www    48K   2005-02-16  Surfboard 1.1.10 - (readme)
webalizer_2.01-10.lha       comm/www    828K  2005-02-16  Webalizer 2.01-10 - (readme)
Liquidtros.lha              demo/intro  801K  2005-02-13  Intro Collection from LiQuiD - (readme)
The_Gallery.lha             demo/mag    767K  2005-02-13  Disk Magazine for graphicians - (readme)
mds-rsh.lha                 demo/sound  2.6M  2005-02-13  Moods Plateau with a brand new musicdisk - (readme)
XADDevBas.lha               dev/basic   85K   2005-02-13  Using XADmaster library from HBasic - (readme)
XFDDevBas.lha               dev/basic   41K   2005-02-16  Using XFDmaster library from HBasic - (readme)
cprofilerppc.lha            dev/c       199K  2005-02-17  Generate a Call-diagram for a program's s - (readme)
minicrc_0.2.2_mos.lha       dev/c       32K   2005-02-16  Minicrc 0.2.2 - (readme)
minicrc_mos.lha             dev/c       32K   2005-02-14  Minicrc 0.2.2 - (readme)
pgmasstppc.lha              dev/c       281K  2005-02-13  A GUI (V2.0) for various text editing & f - (readme)
SDI_headers.lha             dev/c       21K   2005-02-13  SDI headers - A set of C macro/defines to - (readme)
splint_3.1.1_mos.lha        dev/c       1.6M  2005-02-16  Splint 3.1.1 - (readme)
statemachineppc.lha         dev/c       408K  2005-02-17  Generates Finite State Machine source cod - (readme)
tooltypeseditorppc.lha      dev/c       79K   2005-02-17  V2.1 ToolTypesEditorPPC - (readme)
Annotate.lha                dev/cross   47K   2005-02-16  Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-disas - (readme)
cazm.lha                    dev/cross   59K   2005-02-13  Z80 Cross Assembler with source - (readme)
wla-dx.lha                  dev/cross   1.4M  2005-02-17  GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/ - (readme)
DECH.lha                    dev/e       45K   2005-02-13  Deniil's E-Compiler Handler v1.45 - (readme)
q-device_src.lha            dev/e       66K   2005-02-13  E Source Code to Q-Device! V0.6 - (readme)
autoconf2.59.lha            dev/gg      669K  2005-02-15  GNU automatic configuration generator - (readme)
fileutils_mos.lha           dev/gg      1.4M  2005-02-16  File management utilities, MorphOS binari - (readme)
m4-68k.tar.gz               dev/gg      61K   2005-02-13  M4 - Unix macro processor - 68k bin - (readme)
m4-ppc.lha                  dev/gg      165K  2005-02-13  M4 - Unix macro processor - OS4 bin - (readme)
m4-src.tar.gz               dev/gg      326K  2005-02-13  M4 - Unix macro processor - src - (readme)
make-3.81beta1-1-mosbin.lha dev/gg      487K  2005-02-16  POSIX compatible 'make' program, MorphOS - (readme)
make-3.81beta1-1-mossrc.lha dev/gg      1.6M  2005-02-16  POSIX compatible 'make' program, MorphOS - (readme)
make-3.81beta1-mos-bin.lha  dev/gg      488K  2005-02-16  POSIX compatible 'make' program, MorphOS - (readme)
make-3.81beta1-mos-src.lha  dev/gg      1.6M  2005-02-16  POSIX compatible 'make' program, MorphOS - (readme)
thttpd_2.25b.lha            dev/gg      211K  2005-02-13  thttpd v2.25b - (readme)
feelin041218.lha            dev/gui     598K  2005-02-13  041218 Powerful Object-oriented System & - (readme)
AmigaTalk.lha               dev/lang    1.4M  2005-02-13  V2.7 Update of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI) - (readme)
nano.lha                    dev/lang    234K  2005-02-13  New virtual machine, assembler like langu - (readme)
CopperED.lha                dev/misc    72K   2005-02-13  Copper List Editor (AGA) - (readme)
diffstat_mos.lha            dev/misc    33K   2005-02-14  Diffstat 1.34 - (readme)
gtbtranslatorppc.lha        dev/misc    263K  2005-02-17  V2.3 GTBTranslatorPPC generates source co - (readme)
robodocbuilder.lha          dev/misc    245K  2005-02-17  V3.0 RoboDocBuilderPPC (Source included) - (readme)
commonfuncsppc.lha          dev/src     121K  2005-02-17  GadTools support object file.  Source inc - (readme)
diskhelpers.lha             dev/src     276K  2005-02-13  HardDisk report programs.  Source include - (readme)
HW-Access.lha               dev/src     3K    2005-02-13  Parallel And Games Port Access Using Arex - (readme)
ifffuncs.lha                dev/src     73K   2005-02-13  IFFParse library interface functions. Sou - (readme)
inifuncs.lha                dev/src     63K   2005-02-17  V3.0 Link library of .ini file functions - (readme)
listbrowserexa.lha          dev/src     160K  2005-02-14  V2.0 Update of ListBrowserExample (ReActi - (readme)
listbrowserexample.lha      dev/src     160K  2005-02-16  V2.0 Update of ListBrowserExample (ReActi - (readme)
programlauncherppc.lha      dev/src     269K  2005-02-17  Launches Programs from a GUI.  Source inc - (readme)
timedserial.lha             dev/src     54K   2005-02-16  Serial I/O functions that time-out. Sourc - (readme)
xad_UCSD.lha                dev/src     1K    2005-02-16  UCSD filesystem xadmaster client - (readme)
BackUp.lha                  disk/bakup  44K   2005-02-13  A simple backup tool.. v1.41 - (readme)
cfd.lha                     disk/misc   73K   2005-02-13  use CompactFlash cards in your PCMCIA slo - (readme)
diskspeed.lha               disk/misc   52K   2005-02-17  DiskSpeed & ScsiSpeed for AmigaOS4 - (readme)
ls120                       disk/misc   0K    2005-02-17  LS120 Driver - (readme)
myformat1.32.lha            disk/misc   67K   2005-02-13  Format replacement.  OS4+ required - (readme)
q-device.lha                disk/misc   99K   2005-02-14  V0.6 SCSI/IDE Query, Command & Diagnostic - (readme)
SFS.lha                     disk/misc   268K  2005-02-13  Smart Filesystem copyrighted by John Hend - (readme)
thermometer.lha             disk/misc   4K    2005-02-16  V0.1 Displays temperatures of SCSI Hard D - (readme)
AMIthlon_CD.lha             docs/help   180K  2005-02-13  How to make an updated bootable AMIthlon - (readme)
AmigaPower.lha              docs/hyper  59K   2005-02-16  AMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine (28 Nov - (readme)
Companion.lha               docs/hyper  35K   2005-02-16  AmigaGuide frontend for Amiga Developer C - (readme)
OS39AGAD.lha                docs/hyper  772K  2005-02-16  OS3.9 autodocs in AmigaGuide format - (readme)
ThePolice.lha               docs/hyper  56K   2005-02-13  The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more - (readme)
AmigaFuture51.lha           docs/mags   587K  2005-02-13  Great german paper mag preview - (readme)
saku46.lha                  docs/mags   3.3M  2005-02-14  Saku #46 (2/2004). Finnish e-zine. - (readme)
lbreakout2.lha              game/actio  2.9M  2005-02-13  Free SDL-based Breakout clone - (readme)
Saga.lha                    game/board  345K  2005-02-13  Saga 1.51: Conversion of TSR boardgame - (readme)
Anime_MaP.lha               game/data   978K  2005-02-13  Manga/Anime cardset to MarryamPic - (readme)
BubbleGum_REKO.lha          game/data   565K  2005-02-13  Manga/Anime REKO Cardset - BubbleGum Cris - (readme)
GS_Cats-REKO.lha            game/data   590K  2005-02-13  Manga/Anime REKO Cardset - GunSmith Cats - (readme)
Liga04-05.lha               game/data   13K   2005-02-13  Update of Liga 2004-05 for SWOS game - (readme)
SwosGreece2005.lha          game/data   8K    2005-02-13  SWOS Update File Greece 2004-05 - (readme)
FloPreview.lha              game/demo   271K  2005-02-13  Jump'n'Run Game - (readme)
smoother.lha                game/gag    15K   2005-02-17  Small joke program to "smoothen" your mou - (readme)
Arkanos.lha                 game/misc   494K  2005-02-16  Break out game like ARKANOID ** V2.1 ** - (readme)
crimsonfields.lha           game/misc   2.1M  2005-02-13  BattleIsle-like free strategy game - (readme)
oes.lha                     game/misc   4.8M  2005-02-17  Port of Orbital Eunuchs Sniper 1.29 for A - (readme)
Quinielator.lha             game/misc   465K  2005-02-18  Spanish Quiniela game simulator - (readme)
rubb.lha                    game/misc   196K  2005-02-14  The Rubber (AGA Race game) - (readme)
scummvmos4.lha              game/misc   2.3M  2005-02-14  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter - (readme)
WormWars.lha                game/misc   703K  2005-02-13  Worm Wars 8.2: Advanced snake game - (readme)
HexagonsPatch.lha           game/patch  1K    2005-02-13  Fix a serious bug in Hexagons - (readme)
spaceinv.lha                game/shoot  60K   2005-02-16  99% arcade perfect Space Invaders - (readme)
adv770.lha                  game/text   829K  2005-02-13  Text adventure Adv770 - (readme)
scrambly_aos4.lha           game/think  195K  2005-02-17  Puzzle game - port of a cellphone game - (readme)
SopoBlock.lha               game/think  3.1M  2005-02-13  SopoBlock - Cute tiny MiniGL puzzler v1.0 - (readme)
AlphaQuad.lha               game/wb     34K   2005-02-13  Place the letters in the right order! - (readme)
Simonize.lha                game/wb     35K   2005-02-13  Recreate the pattern created by the compu - (readme)
Triom.lha                   game/wb     37K   2005-02-13  Make trios of shapes! - (readme)
autotrace.lha               gfx/conv    247K  2005-02-14  Converts bitmap to vector graphics. - (readme)
png2ico_mos.lha             gfx/conv    316K  2005-02-14  Png2ico 2002-12-08 - (readme)
png2linuxlogo_mos.lha       gfx/conv    90K   2005-02-16  Png2linuxlogo 1.02 - (readme)
tiff2png_0.91_mos.lha       gfx/conv    244K  2005-02-16  Tiff2png 0.91 - (readme)
DIYprep.lha                 gfx/ifx     3K    2005-02-16  Prepare picture for use with DIYreko - (readme)
DIYrekoIII.lha              gfx/ifx     52K   2005-02-16  Create REKO, Soliton and AS-... cardsets - (readme)
DIYrekoTutor.lha            gfx/ifx     24K   2005-02-16  Example files for DIYreko - (readme)
ImageFX45txtFR.lha          gfx/ifx     111K  2005-02-13  ImageFX 4.5 French interface Text - (readme)
amishots.lha                gfx/misc    91K   2005-02-17  AMIShots for Amiga. An Amiga clone of Web - (readme)
mpegrip.lha                 gfx/misc    807K  2005-02-15  Rips/splits/extracts/video system/vid/aud - (readme)
os1.3hiresptrs.lha          gfx/misc    96K   2005-02-14  Os 1.3 like pointers for OS4 - (readme)
real_iconz.lha              gfx/misc    11M   2005-02-17  Amiga PNG Icons for use with Power Icons - (readme)
vobTools_1.5_mos.lha        gfx/misc    68K   2005-02-16  Vobtools 1.5 - (readme)
qlview.lha                  gfx/show    239K  2005-02-17  Sinclair QL Screen viewer and iff saver. - (readme)
swfplayer.lha               gfx/show    569K  2005-02-16  Standalone player for Amiga (v1.3) 68k+WO - (readme)
visio.lha                   gfx/show    295K  2005-02-18  A simple image viewer - (readme)
WallpaperView.lha           gfx/show    39K   2005-02-16  RxMUI script to display/set wallpapers! - (readme)
xpaint272amiwin.lha         gfx/x11     1.5M  2005-02-16  XPaint 2.7.2 for AmiWin - (readme)
PreludeAHI.lha              hard/drivr  14K   2005-02-13  AHI driver for Prelude series v5.33 - (readme)
GamePortMIDI.lha            hard/hack   462K  2005-02-13  MIDI-Interface for standard game-ports - (readme)
softPSUoff.lha              hard/hack   7K    2005-02-13  Turn off an ATX-PSU from the shell + ATX - (readme)
atari800.lha                misc/emu    302K  2005-02-17  V2.3 of the Atari 8-bit emulator - (readme)
sge.lha                     misc/emu    87K   2005-02-16  SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper - (readme)
warpsnes.lha                misc/emu    1.5M  2005-02-17  Nintendo SNES Emulator - (readme)
xmamegui.lha                misc/emu    106K  2005-02-17  GUI for the OS4 xMAME port v0.11 - (readme)
ZXLive.lha                  misc/emu    88K   2005-02-16  ZX-Spectrum 48/128k emulator v0.20 - (readme)
imdbDiff040910.lha          misc/imdb   3.0M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff040917.lha          misc/imdb   2.4M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff040924.lha          misc/imdb   5.0M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041001.lha          misc/imdb   2.5M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041008.lha          misc/imdb   2.6M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041015.lha          misc/imdb   4.7M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
imdbDiff041029.lha          misc/imdb   5.5M  2005-02-13  Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase - (readme)
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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