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Archive 02/2005

Elbox Computer (ANF)

Elbox: FastATA/Winner High Speed EIDE controller Trade-Up Program
Elbox Computer is now offering European Union consumers the opportunity to trade-in an older FastATA 1200, A1200 Power Flyer or A1200 Winner Hi-Speed controller and get the newest FastATA 1200 MK-III.

FastATA 1200 MK-III provides up to 16.6 Mbytes/s for up to four ATA/IDE storage devices. This new controller offers enhanced performance with lower processor load when compared against the earlier FastATA 1200 controller. The 48-bit LBA (Logical Block Addressing) capability ensures support for EIDE drives beyond 137 GB (up to 2 TB).

For a limited one month period, the Trade-In, Trade-Up Program offers FastATA 1200 MK-III controller customers a 40 EUR mail-in rebate when their older FastATA controller is received by Elbox Computer. For details see Special Offer page. (snx)

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Wanted: AmigaOS 4 experienced users
For existing and future projects we are searching for users knowing AmigaOS 4 and using it actively and who think to be capable of working as free author for a limited period of time respectively to help an editor in an advisory position when it comes to special fields of AmigaOS 4. If interested, please send an e-mail to Nico Barbat. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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Bjorn Lynne (e-mail)

New audio CD by Gustaf "Lizardking" Grefberg
Those who were following the Amiga and PC demo scene in the last years know the great musician Gustaf Grefberg who had worked in the scene as "Lizardking". Now Grefberg is back with a new audio CD and a new pseudonym: as artist "Xain" does the Swedish present his album "Born in the Stars". The CD contains new remixes of his most famous demo scene tracks like Claustrophobia or Doskpop as well as brand new material of the same style. "Born in the Stars" offers 68 minutes of pure upbeat, melodic synthi pop and dance/trance music.

Track list:
  1. Quantum Leap
  2. Ghosthouse (Fright version)
  3. Claustrophobia (Open Fields version)
  4. The Hunter (Remix)
  5. Flight of Xain
  6. Born in the Stars
  7. Machineworld II
  8. Space Diablo (Space Angel version)
  9. The Resurrection (Remix)
  10. DOSK (Xain version)
  11. Xain and the Droid Invasion
  12. Space Diablo (Extended Diabolic version)
  13. Open Fields (Ambient version)
(nba) (Translation: wk)

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05.Feb.2005 (website)

Web browser: AWeb APL Lite 3.5 beta release 5
In the new beta version of "AWeb APL Lite" were numerous bugs removed, details can be taken from the changelogs of the OS3 respectively the OS4 version.


AmigaOS 3: aweb3.5.05b68k_20050125.lha (1.9 MB)
AmigaOS 4: aweb3.5.05bos4_20050125.lha (2.6 MB)
MorphOS: AWeb_3.5.05_MorphOS.tar.bz2.tar (1.5 MB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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MorphOS: PolyOrganiser 0.71 & amifish

PolyOrganiser 0.71

PolyOrganiser by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is a so called "PIM tool" (personal information management) to handle dates, contacts and tasks (screenshot).

The changes compared with the previous version can be taken from the changelog.

Link: homepage
Download: PolyOrga_0.71.lha (579 KB)


"amifish" is a translator with support for several languages. For the translation is the Internet service used. A MorphOS version was added today to the archive.

Link: homepage
Download: amifish.lha (62 KB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

MorphOS: "IR tool" for remote control
Carsten Siegner developed a small program to demonstrate the control of a Pegasos computer via a remote control. Required for this is an infrared receiver module, Siegner uses a module from

"IR server" moves the mouse arrow, emulates the right mouse key and some keyboard keys and controls ArtEffect, fxPAINT, AmigaAMP, FroggerNG and Mplayer.

All in all supports the IR server 34 remote control keys where some are used several times. For directly supported programs are the following actions possible:
  • ArtEffect: can only be started
  • fxPAINT: can be started and stopped. Images can be loaded
  • AmigaAMP: is completely supported
  • FroggerNG: is completely supported excluding the track control
  • Mplayer: can be switched to normal mode or to DVD player. All keys are supported

In addition you can open/close a CD/DVD drive via a remote control. Besides that supports the server an asycronous universal requester controled via the remote control to input files.

The program is written completely in ARexx and needs the following libraries:
  • tritonlibrary
  • tritonrexx.library
  • rexxtricks.library
  • rexxserdev.library
  • rexxsyslib.library

Download: ir-tool.lha (36 KB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Sebastian Bauer (ANF)

E-mail: SimpleMail 0.25 released (update)
Version 0.25 of the e-mail client SimpleMail was released today. The changes are:
  • RFC 3490 for domains of e-mail addresses now suppported
  • Information about the news are now shown separately in the preview display. This can be switched to a compact way to save space
  • Several IMAP accounts with different logins per IMAP server are now possible
  • If available "TheBar.mcc" is used for the toolbar of the main window
  • Errors removed and other smaller improvements

There are versions for AmigaOS 3 and 4 as well as for MorphOS available.

Link: download page

Update: (06.02.2005, 18:30, cg)

MorphOS version added. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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AmigaOS4: strategy game OpenTTD ported
OpenTTD is a clone of the strategy game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe" by Microprose that comes with many improvements and new features. After MorphOS, 68k and WarpOS versions the game's now natively available for AmigaOS4.

Download: openttd_aos4.lha (2 MB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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WHDLoad: New archives until 04.02.2005
With WHDLoad you can install games on your hard drive which were originally meant only for use with disks. Besides this several incompabilities with newer Amiga models were fixed. The following installers have been added or updated:
  • 01.02.05 new: Renaissance/Classic 4 (Impressions) done by John Girvin
  • 01.02.05 new: Alpha Waves (Infogrames) done by Psygore
  • 31.01.05 new: Typhoon Thompson (Brøderbund) done by Psygore
  • 31.01.05 new: Anstoss/Carton Rouge (Ascon) done by JOTD
  • 29.01.05 improved: Superfrog Demo (Team 17) supports another 2 versions
  • 29.01.05 improved: Super Tennis Champs (Audiogenic) supports another version
  • 29.01.05 improved: Summer Olympiad/Summer Challenge (TyneSoft/Thunder Mountain) supports another version, manual added
  • 27.01.05 new: Nova 9 (Dynamix) done by Psygore
  • 27.01.05 new: Fast Food (Codemasters) done by John Girvin
  • 26.01.05 new: Winter Olympiad/Winter Challenge (Tynesoft/Thunder Mountain) done by CFOU!
  • 26.01.05 improved: Summer Olympiad/Summer Challenge (TyneSoft/Thunder Mountain) supports another version, manual added
  • 26.01.05 new: B17 Flying Fortress (MicroProse) done by Psygore
  • 23.01.05 new: Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy (Loriciel) done by CFOU!
  • 23.01.05 new: Skidmarks (Acid) done by JOTD
  • 23.01.05 fixed: Chuck Rock 2 (Core Design) reworked install script
  • 23.01.05 new: Dragon Fighter (Idea) done by CFOU!
  • 23.01.05 new: Deluxe Galaga (Edgar M. Vigdal) done by CFOU!
  • 23.01.05 new: Rackney's Island (Megatronix) done by CFOU!
  • 23.01.05 improved: Crystals of Arborea (Silmarils) supports another version
  • 23.01.05 new: Crazy Shot (Hitech/Loriciel) done by CFOU!
  • 21.01.05 new: Sophelie (New Deal) done by Psygore
  • 19.01.05 new: Summer Olympiad/Summer Challenge (TyneSoft/Thunder Mountain) done by CFOU!
  • 19.01.05 updated: Z-Out (Advantec/Rainbow Arts) graphics and highscores fixed, rewritten
  • 19.01.05 new: Fantastic Voyage (Centaur Software) done by JOTD
  • 19.01.05 fixed: Colonel's Bequest (Sierra) access fault removed
  • 19.01.05 updated: Bill Tomato's Game (Psygnosis) complete rework, many changes
  • 18.01.05 new: Superfrog Demo (Team 17) done by Codetapper
  • 17.01.05 new: Circus Games (TyneSoft) done by CFOU!
  • 17.01.05 updated: Builderland: The Story Of Melba (Loriciel) icons added
  • 17.01.05 updated: Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (Tynesoft) new script, icons and other improvements
  • 16.01.05 new: Builderland: The Story Of Melba (Loriciel) done by CFOU!
  • 16.01.05 new: Tennis Champs (Mental Software) done by Psygore
  • 16.01.05 improved: Shufflepuck Cafe (Brøderbund) supports another version
  • 16.01.05 new: Lords Of The Realm (Impressions) done by CFOU!
  • 16.01.05 new: Gunship (Microprose) done by JOTD
  • 16.01.05 new: Grand Prix 500 II/Hot Rubber (Microïds/Titus/Palace) done by CFOU!
  • 16.01.05 improved: Colonel's Bequest (Sierra) uses files instead disk images
  • 16.01.05 improved: Cedric (Neo/Alcatraz) misc changes
  • 16.01.05 new: Breathtaker (Virtual Dreams) done by Psygore
  • 13.01.05 improved: Hard Drivin' (Domark) supports another version
  • 13.01.05 new: Circus Attractions (Golden Goblins) done by CFOU!
  • 13.01.05 new: Boulder Dash - Construction Kit (First Star) done by CFOU!
  • 09.01.05 improved: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Mirrorsoft/Probe) speed up, protection proper fixed
  • 09.01.05 new: After Burner '88 (Argonaut Software) done by Dark Angel & Codetapper
  • 07.01.05 new: Yo! Joe! (Scipio/Play Byte/Hudson Soft) done by Codetapper
  • 07.01.05 new: Third Dimension (Cryptoburners) done by Codetapper
  • 06.01.05 fixed: Great Courts/Pro Tennis Tour (UBI-Soft) keyboard fix fixed
  • 06.01.05 new: Yo! Joe! Demo (Scipio/Play Byte/Hudson Soft) done by Codetapper
  • 06.01.05 new: Super Tennis Champs (Audiogenic) done by Psygore
  • 06.01.05 improved: Speedball (Bitmap Brothers) supports another version, slave rewritten
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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04.Feb.2005 and currently offline
Because of a hacker attack the English Amiga site can be currently not accessed. The team now tries to close the lacks of security which were caused by the hacker.

Because is also hosted at the same server the access to this OS4-archive is only possible with mirror or per FTP ( reported). (cg) (Translation: dr)

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C64 DTV: The Joystick-C64 comes to Europe The mini game console "Commodore 64 Direct to TV" (C64 DTV and C64 D2TV) which is contained in Competition-Pro-5000-Joystick soon is available in a PAL version for the European market. Dealers can order the retro console which contains C64-games over the distributor Toy Lobster. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Jan Klok (ANF)

Photoalbum Creator II released
Photoalbum Creator II generates HTML pages and mainly intended for creating photo albums. The program is written and conceived by Jan Klok and is e-mailware. That means that the author would like you to send him an e-mail if you use his program.

You can use this program for generating your own photoalbums, website, HTML documentation, etc. If you do however, the author asks you to give credit where it is due by mentioning that your pages were generated with Photoalbum Creator II.

Some features:
  • MUI interface with D&D capabilities
  • AppWindow; just drop a file on it to open the file
  • Nlisttree as core for website layout
  • Generates HTML and some Javascript, you just need to supply your pictures
  • Two layout schemes and three colorschemes to choose from
  • Online help (Amigaguide and HTML) - actually the PAC2 homepage was created with PA2
  • HTML preview window for quick impression of page layout
  • Fast HTML generation
  • Configurable default project file
  • Configurable border size for images
  • Fully configurable toolbar look
  • Example projects included
  • Tested with IBrowse 2.3, IE6 and Netscape 7

Direkter Download: PAC2v0.93.lha (498 KB) (snx)

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Amiga Games Hit Parade (ANF)

Amiga Games Hit Parade: OpenTTD wins Amiga Games Award 2004
OpenTTD has won the Amiga Games Awards 2004. According to the votes of AmigaOS and MorphOS users, OpenTTD is the game of the year 2004, Descent 2 and Beats Of Rage are 2nd and 3rd. You can see the Amiga Games Awards Top 10 under the title link. (snx)

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