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Archive 02/2005

15.Feb.2005 (website)

MorphOS Developer Connection moves to a new home
MDC has moved URL to

During the move please note that the mailing list back ends have been reconfigured for the new server. When they are restored, the new mailing lists will be from "" instead of the previous domain. If you have any filters for your mail, please be sure to update them.

If there are any problems which you suspect to be a result of the move, please do not hesitate to contact for help.

Have fun,
Genesi MDC Team (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Aminet back online, volunteers needed
To compensate the breakdown of, a new Aminet main server has been established which can be reached at or Aminet now uses a completely new web interface written by Nicolas Mendoza, originally implemented for As most of the internal scripts as well as the new web interface had to be adapted or have been rewritten from scratch, there still might be some rough edges, smaller bugs or dead links left - but Aminet is working again and uploads are getting processed.

Please note that currently only the main server is working properly, mirrors are not being updated yet and uploads at mirror sites are ignored. This will be addressed later on - for now please stick to the URLs given above to access Aminet. If you want to upload to Aminet, use your favourite FTP client to connect to and upload to the "new" directory as outlined in Aminet's help files.

Urban Mueller, founder and main administrator of Aminet, is going to retire as soon as the new infrastructure is in place. He will be hosting the main server but will no longer be part of the administration team. The exact details of Aminet's future administration structure are not decided yet, but is currently assembling a new team that will be responsible for Aminet in the future.

Volunteers wanted

We are searching for one or two volunteers that could assist us in moderating uploads. An upload moderator should meet the following requirements:
  • Basic knowledge about Unix shells (moving, deleting, renaming files)
  • Broadband Internet access
  • English speaker

If you fullfill these requirements and would like to become a part of the new Aminet team, please contact us at (cg)

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Software news: SystemPatch & playOGG

SystemPatch 2.92

SystemPatch changes several routines of the operating system to increase on systems with later 68k processors the performance. The most is achieved on 060 systems but it can be used on all Amigas with a 68020+.

Link: homepage
Download: SystemPatch2.lha (33 KB)

playOGG 1.0

The program playOGG by Lorence Lombardo is for playback of audio files in the OGG Vorbis format and can be launched from the Workbench or via CLI.

Link: homepage
Download: playOGG.lha (530 KB) (cg) (Translation: wk)

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12.Feb.2005 uploads bis 12.02.2005
New uploads at since our last posting:

rmouse.lzx           dri/inp  11kb Bootmouse driver for OS4's USB stack with source
warpsnes.lha         emu/gam   1Mb Nintendo SNES Emulator (WarpSNES)
qlview.lha           gra/vie 239kb Sinclair QL Screen viewer and iff saver.
amiga_a2ps.lha       uti/tex 997kb Amiga A2PS
fetchrefs.lha        dev/uti 579kb Include & Autodocs utility
bubbleicons.lha      gra/ico   2Mb Bubble icons for Amidock          net/mis  82kb VNC server for AmigaOS4
byaccppc.lha         dev/uti 172kb BYacc PPC Berkeley YACC program source 
includedmake-ppc.lha dev/uti 160kb GNU make PPC
pgmasstppc.lha       dev/uti 286kb ProgrammersAssist Update to V2.0
openttd_aos4.lha     gam/str   2Mb OpenTTD for AmigaOS4
(cg) (Translation: wk)

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12.Feb.2005 (website)

Guide: overclocking a Pegasos up to 1264 MHz
Matthias Münch created an article with the help of Thomas Lohmann under the title link in which he describes how to overclock the processor of a Pegasos board. According to Lohmann is the G4 card running without any problem at 1264 MHz.

Attention: If you should do such an overclocking you risk to damage your processor card or the mainboard. And you will lose warranty. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Thorsten Schölzel (ANF)

Amiga Inc.: Internet appearance to be reworked
As Amiga Inc. announces under the title link, the company's website will get reworked soon. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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D-Online (ANF)

Amiga-Magazin: articles of the issues 1 and 2/2005 online
Four articles of the issues #1 and #2/05 of the (German) "Amiga-Magazin" were made available online.

The "Amiga-Magazin" exists since 1987 and is released for subscribers as part of the print magazine "PC Go" since the late nineties. The issue #2/2005 contains eight pages.
(snx) (Translation: wk)

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Max (ANF)

Postscript: AmigaOS4 port of A2PS
Erik Kristiansson ported A2PS ("Any to Postscript") to AmigaOS4. With the needed tools you can convert "everything" into the Postscript format. In addition there's a ReAction based graphical user interface, the A2PSGUI (screenshot).

Download: amiga_a2ps.lha (997 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Amiga Games hit parade: results January/February 2005
The results of the Amiga Games hit parade of January/February 2005:
  • 01. (2) Payback - 105 pts
  • 02. (3) Slam Tilt - 104 pts
  • 03. (8) Earth 2140 - 94 pts
  • 04. (1) Quake 2 - 93 pts
  • 05. (9) Napalm - 90 pts
  • 06. (4) Heretic 2 - 79 pts
  • 07. (11) Knights And Merchants - 77 pts
  • 08. (23) Freespace - 69 pts
  • 09. (14) Crossfire 2 - 65 pts
  • 10. (7) Sensible World Of Soccer - 60 pts
  • 11. (18) Dune 2 - 55 pts
  • 12. (5) The Settlers - 53 pts
  • 13. (22) Moonstone - 52 pts
  • 14. (10) Worms/Worms DC - 48 pts
  • 15. (12) Quake - 45 pts
  • 16. (17) Stardust/Super Stardust - 45 pts
  • 17. (15) Xtreme Racing - 43 pts
  • 18. (24) Speedball 2 - 42 pts
  • 19. (6) Tales Of Tamar - 41 pts
  • 20. (19) Another World - 40 pts
The votes for March/April begin in mid March. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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