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Archive 02/2005

Vinnny (ANF)

MorphOS: Updates of Devedie, MPlayer, MEncoder, Bochs, Help and MOS-Tools

Devedie 1.1.0

Team AmiRUS has published a new version of Devedie for MorphOS. This is now a nearly complete graphical user-interface for MPlayer. The program requires the following special versions of MPlayer and (optional) MEncoder.

Download: devedie_1.1.0.lha (236 KB)

MPlayer & MEncoder 0.91

Fabien Coeurjoly added an ARexx support to the version 0.91 of the video play program MPlayer and to the video editing programm MEncoder.

mplayer_0.91.lha (1.5 MB)
mencoder_0.91.lha (1.5 MB)

Bochs 2.1.1

The x86-PC-Emulator Bochs is now available in the current version 2.1.1 for MorphOS.

Download: bochs_2.1.1_mos.lzx (629 KB)

Help 0.92

The help progrmm for the MorphOS-Shell written by Nicolas Ramz which delivers information to over 100 commands as well as arguments and examples is now available in version 0.92.

The Memtest- and missing ARexx-commands have been added. Additionally the description of the Alias-commands has been completed and some orthography errors fixed.

Download: Help_v09.lha (119 KB)


In the MOS-tools for the Shell are collected the is_shift & is_alt as well as randbootpic. The first ones wait for the String- or Alt-key and give back WARN (otherwise 0).

The command randbootpic copies a random file from a chosen directory as cgxbootpic.library to the directory MOSSYS:libs/cgxbootpic.library to change the bootpic.

Download: MOS_Tools.lha (93 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (website)

IRC-Client: WookieChat 1.4 (Beta)
WookieChat is a MUI-based IRC-client for AmigaOS 3/4 (screenshot). In version 1.4 "DCC GET" as well as the support for colourful texts have been added.

According to the author the colour support does not still work perfectly: Iconifying or starting the MUI-Prefs may cause colour bugs if the program uses a seperate screen. This can be undone by entering "/a".

The 68k-version becomes instable after some server connections because the string which contains the nickname is overwritten in the memory. The author is grateful for some feedback.

Download: WookieChat1.4beta.lha (1.3MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-EuroArchiv V1.85 published
Steffen Nitz has published version 1.85 of his coin management "SN-EuroArchiv". You can get the complete list of all changes from the history. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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AMIGAplus editorial staff

AMIGAplus 02/2005 (#155) - Team17-Revue
AMIGAplus 02/2005 (#155) is out now including the following reports:
  • Team17 game-revue
  • interview with Alister Brimble
  • DŁnn 2 video report
  • XML-software for Amiga (#2)
  • interview with Manfred Trenz
  • ReAction-coding on OS4 (#2)
  • SDL-games for AmigaOS 4
  • scamp/vacuum about Breakpoint 2005
  • Elbox Dragon ColdFire and ACK news
  • UAE config-file explained (#3)
  • shareware reviewed
  • and many more articles
AMIGAplus can be ordered at (nba)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Airsoft Softwair: Malibu Video Released
For everybody who doesn't have Malibu yet, but is interested in how it looks when a Scala presentation is loaded from the Workbench, there's now a presentation video on Airsoft Softwair's homepage (title link) in which diverse presentations are run with Hollywood 1.9 and Malibu 1.1.

Please pay attention to the fact that Malibu requires at least version 1.9 of Hollywood. It can't run without Hollywood because it's just a plugin that relies on Hollywood's Multimedia Application Layer. Malibu, Hollywood, and Hollywood Designer are available in native versions for 68k, MorphOS and WarpUP. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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ANN (website)

Nexus Development: Alternative audio.device for MorphOS
Emanuele Cesaroni of Nexus Development has released an alternative audio.device for MorphOS that channels calls to the original Amiga audio.device aimed at the custom chip Paula to the RTA layer of AHI. However software that directly targets the Amiga hardware instead of making use of the OS also doesn't run with eaudio.device.

The device was put together through reverse-engineering. The author asks that you carefully read the explanation text for eaudio.device. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Meridian 2.12 Released for AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS
Guido Mersmann released version 2.12 of Meridian, a commodity that allows programs to be called in the manner of a PDA using handwriting recognition as virtual hotkeys. The startpoint and direction of mouse movement play a role and allow the use of countless combinations that may be freely used.

With Meridian you can leaf through screens and windows, close windows, close requesters, and start programs and actions with just a movement of the mouse. This all occurs without a visible interface, pop-up menu, or dock. Only the pointer appears on the screen.

This version contains some new features and minor improvements, among them a workaround for the "drifting directory" problem that was solved by fixing a bug in the input.device for MorphOS.

  • Commodity
  • Online help
  • Locale Support
Download: Meridian_1_2.lha (347 KB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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10.Feb.2005 (website)

AmigaOS4: Official Release Version of WarpSNES 1.42
The official release version of the Nintendo emulator WarpSNES 1.42 for AmigaOS4 exhibits the most important change of saving the battery-backup correctly. Support for control pads has been announced for the next version.

Download: warpsnes.lha (1 MB) (snx) (Translation: dm)

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VMC Harald Frank (ANF)

MAS-Player Pro deliverable again
VMC is pleased to announce the MAS-Player Pro is deliverable again in low quantities. All of the 50 boards were equipped with parts by VMC and the first 15 MAS-Player Pro are tested now and wait for new owners.

At the MAS-Player home page there is more information regarding that device available. Orders are taken at the VMC shop site at the title link. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (website)

ASoft: New versions of CManager (MorphOS) and amrss (68k/MorphOS)
Alfonso Ranieri has released updates of the shareware program CManager for MorphOS and of the Freeware amrss for AmigaOS-68k and MorphOS.

Regarding the changes for CManager 32.3 and amrss 3.64 the author did not gave further information. The amrss-68k archive containes the main binary only.

amrss.lha (32 KB)
amrssMOS.lha (745 KB)
CManagerMOS.lha (705 KB) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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MorphOS: Ambient update to version 1.41 (Update)
David Gerber provides an update of his meanwhile put under GPL desktop Ambient as source code archive.

The version 1.41 can be compiled and run with a MorphOS 1.4 system and its according SDK, it does not require MorphOS 1.5. The author thanks all those who contributed via Paypal to support the development.

Update: (10:41, 09.02.05, snx)
Lukas Stehlik did a first screenshot of the running system at a user's machine.

Update 2: (13:34, 09.02.05, snx)
Ingo Schmitz was that kind to provide the compiled binary for download: Ambient1.41.lha. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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09.Feb.2005 (website)

OnyxSoft: Updates of DECH, EasyHex and MPlayer-GUI

DECH V1.45
The E compiler handler by Daniel Westerberg requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher (screenshot). The latest version includes some bug fixes and improvements to better the cooperation with C compilers, make and their output.

EasyHex V1.1
EasyHex by Daniel Westerberg runs from Kickstart 1.x and returns the first 256 bytes even of huge files in hexadecimal format. The current version adds several buttons for configuration.

MPlayer-GUI V1.2
MPlayer-GUI by Daniel Westerberg is a graphic user interface for the video player MPlayer for AmigaOS4 (ReAction) or MorphOS (68k/MUI). The 68k version got only minor changes, while there is now a ReAction based OS4 native version (screenshot). (snx) (Translation: ub)

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