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Archive 03/2004

ANN (Website)

Review: DVD Burning on Amiga w. LiteOn 8x DVD-RW
The South Wales Amiga User Group (SWAUG) has a DVD burner LiteOn LDW-811S DVD+/-RW on Amiga with software DVDRecord test.
Among their other product reviews
SWAUG rates the product at 89%. Worth noting is that the software in question only supports the Minus format for DVDs. However the LiteOn burner can be inserted otherwise easily at the Amiga and is cooperative in its CDRW functioning, for example it also should work with MakeCD. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Ron van Herk (E-Mail)

AmigaWares: Amiga Apparel by Randomize at Computer City
On account of inquiries about "AmigaWares" the Canadian firm Randomize has notified the Dutch dealer Computer City that they may import Randomize's Amiga apparel for European fans.

In spite of the import fees and the Dutch value-added tax, and owing to the current exchange rate of the dollar, these goods may be offered for about the same price Randomize designated in U.S. dollars - the euro amount may be found by multiplying the dollar price times 1.1.

You'll find an overview in the Fanware section at the new webshop of Computer City. Please mind that this shop is still under construction and the orders and resulting delivery and handling costs must be manually calculated. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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04.Mar.2004 (Website)

Nostalgia: "Remembering the Amiga's Glory Days"
At Tech Report there's a show report from the year 1992, in which Scott Wasson describes his experiences at the "Future Entertainment Show 1992." This was one of the first events in which the AGA computers A1200 and A4000 were demonstrated. (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Ron van Schaik (E-Mail)

CGG: Pictures of the Most Recent Meeting and Topic Announcements for...
The Dutch "Commodore Gebruikersgroep" has presented photos (1, 2, 3) on their website of a convention last 21st February, as well as a newspaper report about it.

Beyond that, they have a vacation challenge: whoever wants to participate should take a photo of himself or herself in an Amiga or Commodore shirt in a vacation setting. The location should be recognizable and the shirt logo readable in the photo.

The next two CGG shows will have a specific theme. On the 17th of April there will be an Amiga Party in which the Dutch computer merchant Computer City will be onhand with all kinds of Amiga accessories. Also for instance the operating system MorphOS will be shown as well as some Pegasos computers.

Then on the 19th of June 2004 CGG is organizing a Retro-Show for Games and Computers, in which the majority of the types of the games and computers sold in Holland will be shown. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Gerd Frank (ANF)

AmiATLAS Demo at Computer & Video Market on March 6th & 7th in Bremen
The Users of the North Sea Coast (UdN) are showing an exclusive demo of the new update of AmiATLAS this weekend 6th & 7th March at the Computer and Video Market in Bremen, with special attention to the updated Germany map. This demonstration has been thoughtfully arranged by Ralf Tönjes.

Update: (16:10, 04.03.04, snx)
Walter Kemmling notified us on ANF that Manfred Rohde of the AmiATLAS development team has put screenshots and information about the upcoming Germany update-map on his website. Judging from them the AutoBahn [German highway system -dm] diagram in the AmiATLAS update will be the most current in the route-planning market. The distribution of the update to all registered customers should begin in the weeks following the demonstration. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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ACT: Possible Production of More Prelude1200 Sound Cards
Marc Albrecht (A.C.T.) stated in the forum that a small run of Prelude sound cards for the Amiga 1200 clockports might be made and offered at a reasonable price.

If you are interested in such a card - new and direct from the manufacturer - you should go to this link and let it be known. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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ANN (Website)

New versions of CManager, RxMui and TheBar.mcc
Alfonso Ranieri has released new versions of "CManager" (a central data base for addresses and bookmarks), RxMui (a GUI library for ARexx programmers) and "TheBar" (a MUI class for button rows). (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Brightmail (E-Mail)

Study: 62 Percent of all Internet emails are classified as spam already
With their new February statistic the anti spam company Brightmail want to show that about 62 percent of all emails can be classified as spam actually. Most spam messages are adverts for products (24%) and financial services (18%). 14% of the spams are classified as "for adults only" and 15% are deceits, including "phishing" i.e. the angling for confident customer information.

The statistics are created frequently by Brightmail's network of bait and switch postboxes. The so called Logistics Operations Centers (BLOCs) in Dublin and San Francisco process catched spam messages all around the clock and create more than 30,000 new filter parameters daily for their anti spam software. Two years ago only 7 percent of all emails were spam. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Mario Misic (ANF)

Big Book of Amiga Hardware: March update
The current update of the BBoAH is available at the German mirror at now.

Among lots of new pictures and descriptions there are two hardware products to be identified which are known only from photographs. Also we are always looking for assistance to translate the BBoAH to German and for moderators for the according forums. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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03.Mar.2004 (Website)

DawnVideoPoker: Update to version 3.5
With the first update since 2001 Richard 'DawnBringer' Fhagers brings the DawnVideoPoker now to version 3.5 (349 KB).

The changes include improved graphics and statistics. Like all the games by Richard Fhagers DawnVideoPoker is programmed in AMOS, therefore an original Amiga with ECS/AGA is needed to run the program. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Jörg Brenner (ANF)

Update of the Amiga Hardware World
The Amiga Hardware World (AHW) has been updated today.

Among uncounted revised and added hardware descriptions there were added 53 photos of 21 expansions within this update, for example the Magni 4005, Kimatek A2300YC or Visiona. Also 22 new PDF manuals and several installation disks were added.

An overview about the latest changes is to obtain from: (German) and (English).

The AHW currently covers about 740 expansions for the Amiga, most of them with description and picture. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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03.Mar.2004 (Website)

JAmiga: Screen shots of the coming V0.0.3 with AWT windows
There are screen shots of the coming version 0.0.3 of the written from scratch Java Virtual Machine implemantation for AmigaOS and MorphOS JAmiga. Shown are AWT windows with graphics and text output. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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02.Mar.2004 (Website)

AmigaPython 2.3.3 Alpha
A first alpha version of AmigaPython 2.3.3 is available, a port of the latest Python-Revision. This version provides all the functions of the older Amiga port so it can be used as complete replacement for ARexx. Required for use are a 66020 CPU, a FPU, OS 3.9, and AmiTCP/Genesis.

A website is in work so the author asks you to post feedback into the thread on If you encounter on startup of the test programs the error message "extsep could not be found" please insert in the file


after the line

extsep = '.'

the following line:

os.extsep = extsep

Also you need the ASSIGN: Python onto the drawer Python is installed in.

Download (Executable) (3 MB)
Download (Source) (3.2 MB) (cg) (Translation: gf)

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02.Mar.2004 (Website)

Tao Group Chosen by Microsoft for Strategic Alliance
Tao Group, architect of the intent multimedia platform, today announced its participation in the Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC).

Tao is partner of Amiga Inc.. (cg) (Translation: gf)

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ANN (Website)

MorphOS: Preview-Screenshot of the new AmiNetRadio-GUI
Here you will find a screenshot showing one of the GUI-Modules of the next AmiNetRadio-Version. This special GUI-Modul will not run under AmigaOS 3 (cg) (Translation: gf)

[News message: 02. Mar. 2004, 20:59] [Comments: 0]
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