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Archive 03/2004

Martin (DaFreak) Rebentisch (ANF)

Liquid Skies Records #067
The scene group Liquid Skies released their 67th music pack today. This time it contains the track "Spacer W Chmurach" by the Polish musician Maxus. The English translation is something like "Stroll over the Clouds" and there's also a fitting cover.
  • Title: Spacer W Chmurach
  • Musician: Maxus
  • Style: Rave
  • Song Length: 3:05
  • Format: mp3
  • Size: 2.9 MB

You'll find the zipped file under the title link as a free download. (cg) (Translation: (dm)

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Elbox (E-Mail)

Elbox: MedConfig v1.3 available
The MedConfig ver. 1.3, a configuration tool for all Mediator PCI busboards, has been released today.

MedConfig helps configuring all Mediator jumpers and all variables of Mediator drivers for the PCI cards. Currently MedConfig has three language versions: English, Italian and Polish.

New version includes:
* enhanced reporting module,
* new TV.prefs files,
* Italian localisation by Arturo Franzin.

MedConfig 1.3 is available for download in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section of the Elbox website at (snx)

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Genesi Gold Sponsor at Motorola's Smart Developer Network Forum
Motorola has named Genesi a Gold Sponsor for the Smart Developer Network Forum to be held in Dallas on 26-29 April.

Details can be found here.

In addition to having a full display eight Open Desktop Workstation (ODW) based on the Pegasos, Genesi will also provide complete support for the on site Internet Cafe available for Forum participants. The Internet Cafe will feature the ODW running various versions of Linux and demonstrating the flexibility and usability of the Linux Desktop. In the Genesi Booth the focus will be toward the embedded system development market featuring the latest Motorola development tools running on ODW.

Genesi will also be featured at SNDF Europe, 28–30 September 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany, and later in the year SNDF Asia. (snx)

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Bill Buck in der MorphZone (ANF)

Genesi being added to the ATI Developer early release schedule
As Bill Buck mentions in a comment in the MorphZone, Genesi are being added to the ATI Developer early release schedule. According to him, they will be getting PowerPC driver support and the latest compiled lib/binary for PPC. (snx)

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Ray A. Akey (ANF)

Amiga Inc.: Next CAM Delayed until the Beginning of April
HMetal alias Ray A. Akey of Amiga Inc. says here in this forum that the next issue of the magazine "Club Amiga Monthly" will possibly be a combined March-April issue released in the first week of April with the contents of both months in there. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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MorphZone (Website)

Emulator: Frodo Ported to MorphOS
The C64 Emulator Frodo is now in a MorphOS-native version available for download from here (512 KB) at Morphzone. This is a direct port of the Amiga version with AHI support. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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18.Mar.2004 (Webseite)

ScummVM V0.6.0 Ported to AmigaOS 4.0
Version 0.6.0 of ScummVM has been ported through Hans-Jörg Frieden via the use of Hyperion's SDLport for AmigaOS 4.0. A screenshot shows "Flight of the Amazon Queen".

Adventure classics from LucasArts, like Monkey Island 1-3, Day Of The Tentacle, Sam & Max, The Dig and Vollgas, may be played on modern Amiga systems through the use of ScummVM. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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Relec Software & Hardware Amiga (ANF)

Relec Announces "MicroA1-EZ"
The Swiss merchant Relec stated that there would be a MicroA1-EZ at the next meeting of the Amiga club AMF-Lausanne-Schweiz on Saturday the 3rd of April from 2 to 5 pm. If the prerelease version of AmigaOS 4.0 happens to be ready that will also be displayed. (snx) (Translation: (dm)

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Timo Kloss (ANF)

New Alpha Version 0.4 of MIDI Sequencer Horny
Horny is a MIDI sequencer in the style of, for example, Logic or Cubase whose foremost goal is simple and uncomplicated functionality. In contrast to its previews Horny will remain a pure MIDI program and will not support audio.

The current version has everything necessary for the creation of MIDI songs, wherefore the download is just the lite version.

The author asks all users who try Horny to send him a short email, so that he can gauge the interest. Thanks!

The download link as well as other information may be found at the product website under the title link.

Current characteristics:
  • Control of up to 16 MIDI ports over CAMD (Lite: 1 Port)
  • Up to 128 tones (Lite: 8 tones)
  • Volume and tempo changes possible within a song
  • Piano Editor: quantisize, compress velocity...
  • Controller Editor: compress, reduce, smooth...
  • SysEx management with many desired sorting groups
  • Jumpable position markers in an arrangement window
  • Sound selection of names (not only general MIDI, particularly for desired synthesizer expansions)
  • Controller is likewise named for desired (expandable) synthesizer
  • SMF import and export
  • Horny data format is forward and backward compatible
  • ReAction interface in window configuring
  • On Workbench or its own window
  • Arrangment window may be used as the background (backdrop)
(nba) (Translation: (dm)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Amiga Games Hit Parade: Election March/April 2004
Amiga Games Hit Parade's maintainers call for the election of the game of March/April 2004. Participate at the election by sending a mail to David "Daff" Brunet containing a maximum of your 20 favorite games or vote online at

Every kind of game (commercial, freeware, old, new etc.) is welcome for the list. The final results wil be announced beginning April 2004. (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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The lawsuit between Thendic/Genesi and Amiga Inc.
After a court decision regarding the lawsuit between Thendic/Genesi and Amiga Inc. (we reported) has been made new applications were placed which request a post modification of the decision.

To make the mess of these proceedings a bit more sorted out we summarized the history once again. If you are interested in the latest events only, you might jump to the section "What's next" and get informed about the current events.


In November 2000 Amiga Inc. and "Thendic Electronic Components GmbH" (in the following briefed as "Thendic") signed a license agreement regarding the AmigaDE. Thendic Electronic Components is a German subsidiary of "Pretory USA", that holding which also includes the French Pretory SA and their subsidiary Thendic France.

According to the contract Amiga is committed to port their "AmigaDE" to several planned devices of Thendic. Thendic will pay a licence fee of USD 4.50 for every device delivered with AmigaDE. On the other hand Genesi will get the right to use the Amiga Logos for their products. The contract mentions the Cashboy, MobiCash, Transponder, Cashboy@Home and Smartboy by name but those were never produced in series.

After a while it came to light that regarding some core points of the contract there was no agreement between the contractors. Three issues cristallized as most controverse:

1st: Which devices have to be supported by Amiga

The contract mentions the devices to be supported but also includes a clause which permits Thendic to add new devices to the list by appointment of Amiga. Amiga obliges to do not deny the appointment without well-founded reasons. After market introduction of the Pegasos Thendic brings in the appointment refering to that clause to ask for an AmigaDE port for this PPC computer. Amiga Inc. denies the port which lead Thendic to sue Amiga in February 2003.

After both parties took in several written applications Amiga's lawers asked for the permission to lay down their mandatory in September 2003 - reasons for their request are unknown to us. The judge granted their request on September the 30th 2003, Amiga loses the legal advice. According to the local American law a company is in need of legal advice by a lawer, therefore the judge announces a several times extended period to bring on new lawers.

While Amiga fails on that the judge announces the court decision on February the 20th 2004. Because Amiga's standpoint must be presented by a lawer the judge has to use the arguments of Thendic only ("In light of defendant's failure to participate...") to find a decision. He agrees on Thendic's point of view which does include the Pegasos to the devices to be supported. Amiga is sentenced to fullfill the contract ("specific performance") and gets a period of 30 days to give the AmigaDE to the plaintiff thus enabeling the plaintiff to integrate it to the Pegasos.

2nd: Is Genesi contractor also?

The contract between Amiga and Thendic describes Thendic's rights as "non transferable" but is valid for Thendic and all subordinated or related companies or subsidiaries.

On February the 18th 2003 Thendic's lawers applied to accept Genesi as an additional plaintiff because that company would be a contractor according to the definition within the contract. Further details of the relation between Genesi and Thendic were not given.

In a statement according to Thendic's application Amiga says they do not have sufficient knowledge of the relation between Thendic and Genesi to assess that claim and thus do not see Genesi as an appropriate contractor.

An answer by the judge regarding both applications is not to find within the publicly accessable documents, but the court decision mentions the plaintiffs (plural) - if this is a confirmation of Genesi's standpoint is not known by us.

3rd: Which trademarks may be used by Thendic/Genesi?

Within the contract it is stipulated that Thendic might use Amiga trademarks for promotion, website, products and packaging without asking prior. The "Amiga trademarks" are defined in appendix 3.1 as all trademarks, logos or trade names Amiga owns and are somehow related to the AmigaDE. Additionally there is a reference to appendix D which will describe the handling in detail.

Appendix C (appendix D does not exist) there is at least a section which covers the usage of the trademarks. There the Amiga trademarks are defined as the 'Powered by Amiga' logo, the 'Amiga' logo, the Amiga Boingball and all further Amiga trademarks which are hold by Amiga. Which one of the both contradictionary definitions is valid and which is void is not known to us.

Also the use of the trademarks is classified here in detail again and is identical to the classification within the main text. But this section has an additional hand written record which limits the usage of the trademarks to be only in conjunction with AmigaDE products and only after approval by Amiga. If this addition stays valid is also not known by us, the extension within the version of the contract viewed by us is signed by Bill McEwen only.

That both parties interpret this aspect of the contract in a different meaning is to infer by the recently announced use of the Amiga trademarks by Genesi or the just released declaration by Amiga they sold the AmigaOS - including the according trademarks - to KMOS Inc. Because that issue was not covered by the court yet the final decision has still to be found.

What's next

Amiga Inc. may - if they can get some legal advice again - appeal against the court's decision within a period of 30 days, according to our information they have not done so yet.

In the meanwhile Thendic/Genesi's lawers applied for a modification of the decision. The judge should grant not only for access to the AmigaDE but also to all documentation, all source codes, all object codes, and all derived code from that, all extensions and all enhancements, updates and upgrades. In that context Genesi seems to see the AmigaOS 4 as kind of "Upgrade" of the AmigaDE. This point of view should be supported by screen shots of several publications at Amiga's website and an email which is said to origin from Fleecy Moss.

On March the 15th Amiga Inc. - who now do have lawers again - commented that application detailed. They deny all claims for accessing the source code by the plaintiff and refer to according clauses within the contract.

With statements by Fleecy Moss, Bill McEwen, Ray A. Akey (Amiga Inc.), Garry Hare (KMOS Inc.) and Francis Charig (TAO) Amiga tries to point to other inconsistencies. So they claim Thendic and/or Bill Buck would not have been reachable by the given address. And the refered email by Fleecy Moss would be a fake which should be known by the plaintiff also. Further on some postings by Bill Buck within several discussion boards are refered to bring evidence that he tries to gain more than what the contract grants to him. (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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rc5-72 stats (ANF)

dnetc: MorphOS overrounds AmigaOS PPC and AmigaOS 68k
At the rc5-72 statistics MorphOS while crunching for two months only has overrounded the taking fifteen months crunching efford of the client for AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS PPC. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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17.Mar.2004 (Website)

Emulators: Native ports for AmigaOS 4 reports this week the beta test of the OS4 native version of UAE 0.8.25 (screen shot) will begin. Referencing a second post the C64 emulator Frodo as well as the arcade emulator xMAME (screen shots) were successfully ported to AOS4 already. (snx) (Translation: (ub)

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IrseeSoft / ZEDOnet (ANF)

Printer drive: TurboPrint-Version 7.60 available
The printerd rive software TurboPrint of IrseeSoft has been published in the version 7.60 with new printer drives:

- Canon i250*, i350*
- Canon i560, Canon i865, Canon i965*
- Epson Stylus C64, Stylus C84
- HP DeskJet 515x*, DeskJet 565x, DeskJet 585x*
- HP LaserJet 1100, 1200, 1300, 2xxx

*) USB Interface-card needed, f.e. Highway-USB

The update is for the user, who have a new supported printer or want to buy one. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

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Coyote Flux (ANF)

Coyote Flux: Major website update
The website has been updated with new information about CoyoteFlash and J Miner (EE). An optimized version of the website will be added soon for Amiga and mobile platform users.

In the meantime, many changes have been made to our photogrammetry package J Miner including the support for exporting 3D objects in common file formats such as LOW, C4D and DXF. J Miner now runs on a seperate screen in any resolution and supports several new 3D reconstruction features. Several screenshots have been added to the J Miner page, all created using the latest version of the program.

CoyoteFlash has been updated (1.2) with several bug fixes over the last version. (snx)

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Latest Amiga-news
The latest news from Amiga Inc. are considered too, by the non-amiga press
(cr) (Translation: (gf)

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KRAY Homepage

MorphOS: new version of KRAY
The commandline-programm of the raytracer KRAY has been extended with a preview window in the MorphOS-version. You can find the new version under the title link (cr) (Translation: (gf)

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Horst Diebel (ANF)

Battlefield forum temporary available
Horst Diebel writes: Because of a rate changing on the Battlefield forum was temporary not available. Until finishing the new Internet representation there is the possibility for representing a discussion forum. There is now an standard forum.

When someone has problems, questions and tips for the Battlefield, is welcome.

(snx) (Translation: (gf)

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16.Mar.2004 (Website)

AutoDocReader published
"Maag" has published a programm for showing AutoDocs called AutoDocReader.
The program (34 KB), instructions and the website are only Polish, but you can find a screenshot under the titlelink. (snx) (Translation: (gf)

[News message: 16. Mar. 2004, 08:07] [Comments: 2 - 30. Mar. 2004, 14:38]
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16.Mar.2004 (Website)

Amiga Inc. sells AmigaOS to KMOS Inc.
Amiga, Inc. Sells the Amiga Operating System, to focus on AmigaDE and the Mobile Market.

Ravensdale, WA - 3:00 pm Pacific Time, March 15, 2004 - Amiga, Inc. announced today that it has sold the Amiga Operating System to KMOS, Inc., allowing Amiga, Inc to focus on the growing mobile market.

On April 23, 2003 Amiga entered into an Agreement with Itec LLC, later acquired by KMOS, Inc. for the transfer and sale of all of Amiga's right, title, source code, and all versions, from the "Classic Amiga Operating System" through AmigaOS 4.0 and all subsequent versions to KMOS, Inc.

"The expanding mobile market offers Amiga over 200 million potential customers that we need to focus on," said Bill McEwen - President/CEO of Amiga, Inc. "We began looking for a company that could focus and provide proper resources for the AmigaOS and the associated markets and we found that with KMOS, Inc." McEwen Said.

"We welcome the acquisition of the AmigaOS intellectual property by KMOS. Together with KMOS, Hyperion looks forward to exploring new business opportunities for AmigaOS 4. I would like to reassure all our customers that the acquisition by KMOS will not have any adverse impact whatsoever on the release of the consumer version of AmigaOS 4.0 later this year." said Evert Carton, managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment VOF.

KMOS, Inc. is acquiring and developing technology enabling the company to participate in the worldwide communications market. Garry Hare, KMOS' CEO, said "KMOS is very excited about the commercial potential of this innovative operating system. At Amiga's insistence to which we totally agreed, we will honor the terms of the November 2001, agreement with Amiga One Partners: Hyperion VOF and Eyetech Group Ltd., an English Corporation, in their entirety. Mr. Hare continues, "I should point out, that except as they relate to the Amiga OS family of products, KMOS did not acquire the Amiga name, intellectual property or its DE line of products. These assets remain the property of Amiga Inc.".

About Amiga:

Amiga, Inc. established itself in 1985 as the premier provider of multimedia technologies to the world. Its award-winning software has been a mainstay for motion picture studios, government agencies, and entertainment enthusiasts from around the world. Today Amiga continues to lead the way in multimedia development by providing developers with hardware-independent technologies for writing and porting applications to a new hardware-agnostic, multimedia platform. AmigaDE and Amiga Anywhere powered with intent from the Tao Group, enables applications to run unchanged on a broad range of processors including ARM, StrongARM, Intel X-Scale, OMAP, MIPS, Intel x86, Motorola 68K, and Hitachi SH. It can run hosted on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows CE .NET, Windows 9x, 2000, and XP. AmigaDE and Anywhere applications can be purchased online at Amiga is based in Ravensdale, Wash. For more information visit

About Hyperion Entertainment VOF

Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German company, founded in March of 1999. The company specializes in 3D graphics and the conversion of top-quality entertainment software from Windows to niche-platforms including Amiga, Linux (x86,PPC) and MacOS (OS 9/X). Hyperion Entertainment has undertaken contract-work in the field of 3D graphics for companies such as Monolith ( and has developed a mature, fast, small foot-print technology to bring 3D graphics to low power digital devices such as PDAs and STBs. Hyperion is currently working on AmigaOS 4.0, a vastly enhanced PPC native incarnation of the groundbreaking OS introduced by Commodore in 1985.

About KMOS, Inc.

KMOS, Inc. a State of Delaware licensed corporation develops and distributes enabling technology, software applications and specialty content to the wired and wireless communication market. (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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