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Archive 03/2004

24.Mar.2004 (Website)

AmiGBG: List of attendors expanded with Individual Computers
At the AmiGBG event in Goteborg, Sweden on April the 3rd Individual Computers will attend as exhibitor too to show their expansion cards like the Catweasel, Delfina or X-Surf. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Website)

Anniversary: The programming language Rexx becomes 25 years
The programming language Rexx, which got some meaning for the Amiga because of ARexx, celebrate its 25th anniversary this month.

Additionally Rexx Language Association holds its (15th) annualRexx Symposium at the IBM research labs of B÷blingen from May the 2nd to May the 6th. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Website)

Amiga Demoscene Archive: 352 demos online now
The Amiga Demoscene Archive is improved nearly weekly and offers currently 352 high quality demos and 3537 screen shots.

Last added:
  • Twisted / Polka Brothers
  • No! / Polka Brothers
  • Micromonster / Contraz
  • Raos / Potion & Weeds
  • Atmosphere / Joker
  • Around / Joker
  • G-spot / Loveboat
  • Plastic / Phase Truce & Nah Kolor
  • Wit Premium / Freezers
The current Top 3:

1. Planet Potion / Potion (24 votes => 5/5)
2. Desert Dream / Kefrens (23 votes => 5/5)
3. State of the Art / Spaceballs (25 votes => 4.96/5) (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Heise Online (Website)

"Amiga at the CeBIT" - Touring exhibition of historic computers
Heise online reports the Amiga is at the Hanover CeBIT this year again - but this guest performance is part of a touring exhibition of historic computers only which our "mate" is part of as well as the German Zuse Z25, the first mini computer classic PDP 8 by DEC ("three wall units") and other historic interesting pieces... (snx) (Translation: ub)

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24.Mar.2004 editorial office optional registration at the comments (Update II)
As reported (news from March the 9th and March the 19th) Sven Drieling has expanded the comment script with the possibility of an optional and free registration using the account data from our forum board system. Now a direct link to the profile of the registered user has been added as a further feature.

If you click on the profile link the regarding user profile as stored at the forum section will be shown. To change your profile click on the link "profile" and there again "profile" at the upper bar.

The profile offers the option to give some information about you and your computer system (at least if you like...), it can be determined whether the email address should be visible or not or you can leave your www address or ICQ id. The password can be edited also.

All users are invited to give a link to a picture there, so a kind of user gallery might be build.

Exept a valid email address all entries are optional. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Webshrine: The Chaos Regime (Bitmap Brothers)
"The Chaos Regime" is a lovely created tribut to the legendary "Bitmap Brothers", who are responsible for game classics like Xenon II, Speedball or The Chaos Engine.

The website offers reviews, screenshots, magazine scans, walkthroughs, and handbooks for all titles of the famous software company, and interviews and further background information. (cg) (Translation: gf)

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23.Mar.2004 (ANF)

IBM looks for third party PowerPC mobo partners
A short news of the British IT news service The Inquirer reports that G5 processor manufacturer IBM is looking for partners manufacturing PowerPC motherboards. Two manufacturers have made a statement at the CeBIT. (cg) (Translation: gf)

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ANN (Website)

Karate Fighter DemoScript: Version 0.99 now with 3D-Engine
With the Karate Fighter DemoScript you can create demos running on an AGA-Amiga with 68020, on a 68060 with CyberGFX, or also under MorphOS.

In the latest Version 0.99 (1 MB) a 3D software engine is integrated and it is able to read 3D objects of Lightwave (.lwo). Examples are contained in the archive (snx) (Translation: gf)

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23.Mar.2004 (website)

Pegasos: Linux kernel 2.6.4 available
Sven Luther has created a version of the Linux kernel 2.6.4 which supports the Pegasos. He writes:

"Hello, I have made available a 2.6.4 linux kernel for the Pegasos I & II. It will need some wider testing still, and is missing the SFS support found in the 2.4.x kernels, but has been running stable on my box since the last week or so.

The config used in the prebuilt kernel is rather limited to what I have on my box though, so if you need more, write me about it, or build your own kernel.

The patch does apply cleanly to either the 2.6.4 kernel from, or the kernel-source-2.6.4 Debian package.

Also is now builtin the kernel, so I don't provide separate module package anymore, only the MOL modules. The stuff can be downloaded from here." (snx)

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22.Mar.2004 (Website)

MorphOS: TGEmu 1.2 released
"TGEmu" emulates the classic NEC games console "TurboGrafx16" (aka "PC Engine"). For now many comercial titles are running fast enough and with sound support.

The update to version 1.2 comes with the following enhancements:
  • no more green trashed gfx on reversed endian gfx modes
  • added auto saving of current settings
  • play window can be resized larger
  • restarting the emulation will resume from same point
  • sound no longer skips when restarting emulation or changing ROMs
  • while playing window size and position is remembered
  • added window sizing presets on function keys
  • added window sizing controls on + - keys

Direct download: tgemu.lha (385 KB) (cg) (Translation: cg)

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ANN (Website)

AFPL Ghostscript 8.13 released
Version 8.13 of Ghostscript, a PDF and PS viewer, is now available for the AmigaOS. AmigaOS 3.0 as well as a 68020 CPU are required.

(snx) (Translation: sk)

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ANN (Website)

Magazine: "The Crypt" discontinued
The online magazine The Crypt will be discontinued. The already announced issue 35 will not be released. (cg) (Translation: sk)

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22.Mar.2004 (Website)

OpenSSH and OpenSSL updates
There are updtaes for OpenSSH and OpenSSL for Amiga-68k (68020+) available at (snx) (Translation: sk)

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Genesi (e-mail)

Genesi: Turkish PCWorld Magazine features the Pegasos and MorphOS
As Genesi announces in a press release, MorphOS, the Pegasos and Genesi are featured in the March issue of PCWorld Magazine in Turkey. A PDF version is available. Article reprinted by permission of the author. (snx)

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