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Archive 12/2003

ANN (comments)

Pegasos 2: First user report
Treveur "Nowee" Bretaudiere has released a short report about the Pegasos 2 he received:

My Pegasos 2 finally arrived this morning, in its nice protective box, along with its 1 GHz G4 CPU module, the MorphOS installation CD, two booklets, and a backplane.

The two documentations are very clear. A VERY simple booklet, written in English, French and German, explains how to install both MorphOS and the computer itself, whilst the other, in German, is a fairly detailed technical documentation, with ports description and such.

The motherboard in itself is very well made, and once filled with a DDR 333 memory module and my radeonVE, booted MorphOS 1.4.1 without any problem straight from my DVD burner.

I'm still astonished by the speed difference between my already fast Pegasos 1 and the Pegasos 2. The G4 behaves very well, the stability so far seems okay, the computer sound is perfect. Ambient opens a 300+ files folder in less than a second (!). I performed many MD5 sums test over 800 mb files and no problem occured.

As for the installation process, it was especially simple for me that already had MorphOS 1.4. I simply copied the boot.img from the supplied CD to my MorphOS partition, rebooted, and typed 'boot hd:0 boot.img' (Where 0 is the partition number of my hard disk).

For someone that would prefer a clean installation, though, there is a slight problem: the install script checks for a bad MD5 sum. The solution here is to copy the installation script in ram, and remove the MD5 check with ed. Another solution, even simpler, copy the whole CD to the freshly formatted HD. The problem was already known and a fix should be available already.

Finally, it makes several hours the computer is turned on, I had no crash so far. Compatibility seems to be perfect with the Pegasos 1, without the bugs of its predecessor.

My comment: It's been so many years we've been expecting a G4 Amiga compatible system, I think the product fulfills more than a necessity. It's a dream come true.

Nowee^SKT (snx)

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Vinnny (ANF)

Anniversary: Russian AIC online for four years
The news and information resource for Russian Amiga users Amiga Information Center is online now for four years.

Since 1999 the site's two administrators - Efim Shuvikov (site developer and maintainer) and Vlad Vinogradov (news editor and content manager) - published more than 5200 news and have welcome more than 650 registered users. (snx)

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Thilo Köhler (ANF)

Audio-Sequencer: HD-Rec Update (MOS fix)
On download site of HD-Rec which is an audio- and MIDI-sequencer for AmigaOS there is an update for the version 0.9beta. The update fixes some bugs which occured under MorphOS - HD-Rec should now run perfectly on a Pegasos.

The author asks for other bug reports if you should find some ones. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Hans-Jörg Frieden (E-Mail)

Hyperion and Metropolis announce AmigaOS 4 version of Gorky 17
Hyperion Entertainment and Metropolis announce an AmigaOS4 version of Gorky17:

"Leuven, Belgium. - December 25, 2003

Hyperion Entertainment and Metropolis Software have extended their existing license agreement for "Gorky 17", Metropolis' critically acclaimed RPG/Strategy title, to cover not only Linux but also the upcoming AmigaOS 4.

Gorky 17 is a horror conspiracy game mixing elements of strategy and RPG gameplay. The player commands a small group of NATO soldiers who must reveal the mystery behind the sudden appearance of hybrid creatures in a small Polish city named Lubin. The city is being terrorized, the area is surrounded by NATO troops and media from all over the world, and the first group sent into the city disappears without a trace. The main hero of the story is the 40-year old soldier Cole Sullivan, a commando team member with extensive scientific knowledge. His team's task: to explain the hybrids' presence and to find the missing members of Group One. But that, of course, is just the beginning...

The AmigaOS 4.0 port is already well under way as can be seen on the screenshots published with this press release.

The Amiga and Linux ports are being carried out by Steven Fuller and Joe Tennies who are recent "converts" to the Amiga platform after they recently joined the Hyperion Entertainment game development team.

Steven Fuller and Joe Tennies have an impressive track-record in the field of Linux (gaming) related development." (cg) (Translation: cg)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 20:29] [Comments: 0]
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Hans-Jörg Frieden (E-Mail)

Hyperion announce "AmigaOS 4.0 Developer Pre-release" CD for early 2004
Hyperion Entertainment announce the release of an AmigaOS 4.0 pre-release for all current AmigaOne owners for early 2004:

"Leuven, Belgium. - December 25, 2003

Hyperion Entertainment and the OS 4.0 development team are pleased to announce that OS4 development has now sufficiently advanced for a comprehensive Developer Pre-release of Amiga OS 4.0 to be distributed to all current AmigaOne owners shortly after the New Year.

In view of the fact that quite a few of you reminded us that you do not have broadband internet access, the original idea to offer an initial version of OS 4.0 for download was abandoned in favor of an "easy to install", self-contained distribution on CD.

Whilst this will obviously entail more cost to Hyperion and require more time for duplication and distribution, the upside is that we will be able to provide developers with everything they need to start developing for OS 4.0.

The developer material will include sample source-code, an initial version of the AmigaOS 4.0 SDK as well as native OS 4.0 compilers (GCC 2.95.3, GCC 3.4 and VBCC) and cross-compilers for various platforms (Linux x86/PCC, Mac OS X etc.).

The Developer Pre-release will require an upgrade of the AmigaOne firmware which was bumped from U-Boot 0.1.1 to U-Boot 1.0 and which is currently undergoing final testing.

Further details will be announced shortly.

Hyperion Entertainment and the OS 4 development team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support and patience.

The fact that you are still here, 10 years after the demise of Commodore, has been a tremendous encouragement to us during these 2 years of laborious development.

Make no mistake: your patience will finally be rewarded with the fastest and most powerful incarnation of AmigaOS ever.

Merry X-mas and a prosperous 2004 to all of you!" (cg) (Translation: cg)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 20:22] [Comments: 1 - 28. Dec. 2003, 05:03]
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McFly (ANF)

Hollywood Presentations: the 100th PowerPoint Presentation Appears
Because of the positive vibrations as well as the high number of takers, Amiga user "McFly" released some more Hollywood presentations after converting them from PowerPoint. Altogether there are now more than 100 presentations for download that may be viewed on Amiga (or compatible) computers.

McFly thanks all the users for supplying feedback and wishes everyone a Happy New Year. (cg) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 19:51] [Comments: 0]
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ANN (Website)

RxMUI: Update to Version 40.1
RxMUI from Alfonso Ranieri has now reached version 40.1 and is available for download from his homepage.

Graphic user interfaces in MUI may be programmed in ARexx macros through the use of RxMUI. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 10:39] [Comments: 0]
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ANN (Website)

Nostalgia: Macromedia Flash Conversion of Classic Amiga "Cracktros"
Because us upstanding Amiga users may naturally not utter such names as Skidrow, Paradox, Red Sector or Vision Factory, Melon gave us the opportunity to retroactively amuse ourselves with the sights and sounds of those intros from old cracked games, a nostalgia that will warm our hearts. Here is the conversion of the old Amiga "Cracktros" in Macromedia Flash format.

More Flash ports of C64 and Amiga Cracktros may be found at Doc Snyder and Nostalgia. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 10:33] [Comments: 0]
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ANN (Comments)

Nostalgia: Macromedia Flash Conversion of Amiga Classic "IK+"
Under the title-link may be found a Macromedia Flash port of the classic Karate game "IK+" - including a Kickstart-1.3 screen. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 10:18] [Comments: 0]
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MorphZone (Website)

MorphOS: Update of PTPDigCam to Version 0.9
The program PTPDigCam by Christophe Genre has reached version 0.9.

PTPDigCam is a MUI-based program that makes it possible to load and erase pictures, videos, and sounds from PTP-compatible digital cameras (such as Kodak, Canon and Sony).

Currently the program has been tested with the following cameras: Kodak LS443, Kodak DX3500, Canon A70 and Sony DSC-P52.

The main new aspects:
  • Camera serial number added
  • Sounds management added (usefull for Canon camera)
  • Canon A70 is supported
  • Sony DSC-P52 is supported
  • PTP protocol enhanced to take into account Sony and Canon PTP limitations and specific capabilities
  • Fixed bug: Status always display no video available
  • Fixed bug: The 10 Mo input buffer was not released (oups!)
(snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 10:09] [Comments: 0]
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MorphZone (Website)

Instructions for the Installation of PNG Icons
For users of MorphOS or users of PowerIcons under AmigaOS, Cecilia has written an (APDF-compatible) PDF document (137 KB) that explains the installation of PNG icons with alpha channel while utilizing ImageFX 4.5.

Along with that she has created a few example icons (195 KB, from butterfly pictures). (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 09:59] [Comments: 0]
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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

Benchmark Program: Update of AmigaMARK to Version 1.001
Rupert Hausberger released an update to his benchmark suite AmigaMARK LPA for AmigaOS and MorphOS.

  • ADDED checking whether gethostbyname() successes
  • ADDED checking whether xen.font is avail
  • CHANGED os-requirement from 3.1 to 2.x (untested)
  • CHANGED layout of settings-window to a virtual-group so it opens also on non gfx-card screenmodes like ecs, aga
  • FIXED bug that forbids the use of chip-ram test in some situations
  • FIXED little gui-bug in module-information at "mhz"
  • CHANGED logo to a nicer one
  • CHANGED splitted archives to base, aos, mos
  • BUMPED revision to .001
(snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 09:48] [Comments: 0]
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ESA Garching/München (ANF)

TV Tip: Mars Landing of the ESA
The touching down of the European Space Agency vehicle on Mars will be televised live and carried on WebTV on 25th December 2003 at about 2:25 MEZ. Early supporters of the European planet missions should not miss this important event! (nba) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 01:52] [Comments: 0]
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Dennis Lohr (ANF)

Music: New Track on the Psyria Homepage
After nearly an eight month pause, there was an update on 24th December 2003 to the Psyria homepage. Because it was musically very quiet around Psyra this year, there's just one new track exclusively for free download. "Overflow" is sort of an Ambient-style track. It was produced by Yel.C vs. Psyria, and is available for download from the download area.

At this point we'd like to wish all our fans happy Christmas and a great New Year. (nba) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 25. Dec. 2003, 01:47] [Comments: 0]
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