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Archive 12/2003

10.Dec.2003 (Website)

Sources of the Amiga demo "I am Back" published
The demo group The Gang has published the assembler sources of their only two week old Demos "I am Back". The demo reached the third place within the "old school demo competition" at the scene party Dreamhack

The demo, the complete sources (100% 68k assembler) as well as all other needed data files are available by the title link. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Advent at individual Computers
Special price for the X-Surf 2
The advent season has already begun at our trade partners, now we want to announce it officially again: Participating resellers have the X-Surf 2 networking card for 69.90 EUR. This price is also valid for direct orders. You're saving 20 EUR compared to the recommended retail price, but only until December 31st!

Kickflash in production
Kickflash OS4 which has been announced in June is now in production. It's going to be available starting December 22nd - if the parcel services work fast enough, this might be in time for Christmas Eve! Kickflash reduces the boot-time of classic Amigas dramatically, because it gets rid of all the reboots that today's Amigas have to do. Romupdates ("setpatch"), every resident-capable program, Blitzkick-modules and tools like Prepareemul (Macmem) can be stored in the 1M flash memory. They're executed without reboots on a cold start of the Amiga. Price: 34.90 EUR.

Deathbed Vigil DVD now in PAL
By the end of next week, we expect a shipment from Dave Haynie. The DVD of his film "Deathbed Vigil" is now available in PAL video norm, and is shipped on a DVD-R. This format can be played back on nearly all players in Europe, and should be a lot more compatible than the NTSC-DVD+R that were only available for a long time. The price per DVD is 39 EUR, and Dave has promised to sign each cover again.

Fresh 5.25 inch disks with 48TPI
We have produced disks in the USA for the European retro-computing fans. For a lot of years, disks of the 5.25 inch size were available in nearly every store, but since more than one year, all inventories are sold out. Trying to use 96TPI or 135TPI disks is not always successful, because the heads of Commodore and Apple drives are only made for 48TPI. Other disks have errors, or seem to lose data for no appearent reason.

We have found a company in California that has started the production machines for us. To get the disks to Germany at a reasonable price, we found a complicated but cheap way to transport them: First by train nearly 3000 miles to New York, then by ship to Antwerp, and the last part to Aachen by truck. Starting December 17th, we can offer 25 disks DS SD (48TPI) without envelopes, with stickers at a price of 9.90 EUR! (snx)

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ANN (Website)

Protovision: New C64 online shop
With Protovision a new C64 only online shop has opened its doors. The offers include for example a 4 player interface, a PS/2 adapter and a turbo board or an option to use IDE hard disks. (snx)

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10.Dec.2003 (Website)

Review Journal (Las Vegas) reported about the new offices for Genesi USA
In the issue of November the 20th 2003 the Review Journal from Las Vegas, USA included a feature about the planned office for Genesi USA ( reported).

The complete English article is to obtain by the title link. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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10.Dec.2003 (Website)

Web: VooDoo-Amiga-News with new address
The Croatian website VooDoo-Amiga-News is now reachable by a new URL: (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Philippe Bourdin (ANF)

Magazine: CAM (Club Amiga Magazine) Christmas edition published
Yesterday the Christmas edition of the "Club Amiga Magazine" has been published. There are some interesting details regarding the OS4 status update. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Aminet Uploads until December the 10th 2003
These are the latest Aminet uploads since our last report:
IBrowseSP.lha        comm/www    17K+IBrowse 2.x spanish catalogs v2.3.1e
PluginDemo.lha       dev/c       11K+V1.1 plugin demo using LoadSeg
Annotate.lha         dev/cross   44K+Comments/reformats DASMX 2650 cross-disa
insomnia092.lha      dev/e      307K+E Source Editor 0.92
insomnia093upd.lha   dev/e       81K+E Source Editor 0.93 update from 0.92
NotizieAmiga.lha     docs/lists 1.7M+Mailing-list NotizieAmiga 11/2003 (Itali
nocover117.lha       docs/mags  2.1M+Great german diskmagazine
RXDraughts.lha       game/board 445K+(2.3) WB Draughts game for Amiga
DC2Lvl-XmasIII.lha   game/data  398K+81 levels for Diamond Caves II
TotalChaosAGA.lha    game/misc   39M+640x512 256 colors 50fps Magic & Monster
WormWars.lha         game/misc  539K+Worm Wars 7.71: Advanced snake game
GIFsplit.lha         gfx/conv    25K+Splits GIF animations into individual GI
ADC-WinUAE.lha       hard/hack   11K+ADC For Amiga Forever 5, WinUAE, GPL.
TestGear6A.lha       hard/hack  190K+Encoder for RF engineers.
TestGear6B.lha       hard/hack  516K+WinUAE version of Encoder.
WinUAE-AFW.lha       hard/hack   69K+AF Wattmeter, for use with WinUAE-ADC.
Paradox4.mpg         mods/mpg   2.3M+Paradox Crack Tune Remaked ....
Paranoimia.mpg       mods/mpg   804K+Paranoimia Crack Tune Remaked ....
Tristartetr.mpg      mods/mpg   1.7M+Tristar Tetris Crack Tune Remaked ....
viruscommands.lha    mus/midi   111K+Access Virus commands for tracks&fields 
MrCarlitoWb-06.jpg   pix/wb     314K+First FREEWARE full PNG icons replaceman
xadmaster020.lha     util/arc   264K+V12.1a Powerful unarchiving tool (68020)
xadmaster060.lha     util/arc   264K+V12.1a Powerful unarchiving tool (68060)
IRS-GLMatrix.lha     util/blank 979K+Port of glmatrix from xscreensaver
SRename.lha          util/cli   105K+Advanced rename utility. Version 3.8.0
MathLibs881.lha      util/libs   11K+Free 68881/2 math-libraries with source,
ARxShellEngDoc.lha   util/rexx  152K+English help file (update) for ARexxShel
ARxShellV1.2a.lha    util/rexx   99K+A shell for ARexx V1.2a
mmscripts.lha        util/rexx   20K+Arexx Scripts for Logitech Keyboards
(ps) (Translation: ub)

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SPIEGEL: Motorola-Handy MPX200: Windows Inside
»As first manufacturer of cell phones Motorola has developed a cell phone working with software from Microsoft. It is a cell phone that is nicer from the outside than the inside.«
Read the complete article (German) under the title link. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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Norman Walter (ANF)

Hardware Assistant: First screenshot published
This project should enable in future the installation of drivers with automatical hardware recognition on the Amiga.


A first screenshot of the program "HardwareAssistent", that recognizes and installs new hardware on system boot, can be admired here.

If possible a first version of this program will be available before Christmas 2003. (ps) (Translation: gf)

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09.Dec.2003 (Website)

Graphic program: ProChart published
Dan Ritchie has released two gfx programs on his website, that are not really spread.

ProChart is a gfx application comparable with a Visio concept. It is coded completely in Assembler and very system friendly - also UAE was a tested system.

A second program is an icon editor available for download. This one offers different export functions and is able to take over bitmaps of screens into classic Amiga screenmodes. (snx) (Translation: gf)

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Charlene/VHT (E-Mail)

Antivirus program: VirusExecutor V2.33 and PatchBrain V1.53
Jan Erik Olausen released version 2.33 of VirusExecutor and version 1.53 of PatchBrain.

Changes since last version: 2.33
  • This version wont upload new updates of the xadmaster.library when there are changes in the XAD/ drawer and not the library itself.
  • Version 2.32a would get uploaded from v2.32 cause the fix was made in v2.32a... So I hope v2.33 will fix all those problems :)
    PS! You have to run the update twice the first time for VE to remember.
  • Also fixed bug after added catalogs to the update.. Some xad text was was printed as xfd...
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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New AmiDynDNS version 1.19
The Amiga DynDNS client AmiDynDNS is released as the new version 1.19 and may be downloaded for free from our download area as usual. Changes in v1.19:
  • Web based IP detection works again. This error caused the up2date check of hosts to fail and to get some of these hosts blocked.
  • EMail, snailmail and WWW addresses updated.
  • Now the logfile gets also entries for skipped (because up2date) hosts.
  • Tooltype MINUTES now accepts values between 2 and 3600 minutes (3600 minutes == 24 hours).
  • Default of update interval changed to 30 minutes.
  • Timer now shows remaining time as HH:MM:SS.
  • If ADD is paused the status line now shows "Paused..." and if it's resumed again the status shows "Ready...".
Changes in v1.18:
  • Rarely happened error in the authentification fixed.
  • Internal IP detection for OS4 modified. is a service which provides one or more static hostnames to users with dynamic IP addresses for free to easily make webserver, FTP server, etc. available to other users. For further information visit the website of directly please. (snx)

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08.Dec.2003 (Webseite)

Equality: unpublished game now available as ADF
An ADF file of the game 'Equality' is now available at the title link. (snx) (Translation: sk)

[News message: 08. Dec. 2003, 20:35] [Comments: 0]
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