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Archive 12/2003

Nico Barbat

Christmas greetings from the AMIGAplus and
The AMIGAplus and editor teams as well as the publisher team of falkemedia wish all Amigans a merry blessed Christmas and a comfortable transition to 2004. We are thankful for your faith in us and are looking happily forward to the next twelve months which might see the long awaited revival for the Amiga market thanks to the PegasosII and MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.0.

Editorial team AMIGAplus:
Nico Barbat, Wolfgang Böhl, Sebastian Brylka, Marc Cloppenburg, Thomas Franziskowski, Frode Hansen, Heiko Kuschel, Uwe Pannecke, Robbie Schäfer, Alex Scholz, Carsten Schröder, Kilian Servais.

Editorial team
Nico Barbat, Ulrich Beckers, Jens Begeschke, Christian Busse, Stéphane Campan, Christoph Dietz, Sven Drieling, Guido Fehst, Dr. Eric Gillé, Christoph Gutjahr, Stefan Hägele, Martin Heine, Hendrik Höner, Sven Kirmse, Daniel Miller, Jürgen Müller, H. Ogino, Piotr Pawlowski, Daniel Reimann, Christian Rosentreter, Gerhard Schmid, Carsten Schröder, Felix Schwarz, Petra Struck, Alfred Sturm, Rolf Tingler. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Pictures from the Pegasos 2 - a slightly different Christmas story...

"Four against Murphy" or how the Pegasos 2 made it at least against all odds for Christmas:

At that time there was the order by Genesi that all already produced Pegasos 2 boards should be shipped until Christmas. And this Pegasos shipping 2 was the first at all.

So Gerald Carda and Thomas Knäbel from Oberursel went to Oberhausen, to DCE where the Pegasos 2 should be produced when the plain circuit boards should arrive there.

But there were no boards... TNT sent the boards to "DK" not to "DE" and now they had to be moved from Denmark to the right destination. Two worthful days went by...

But not enough, Murphy not satisfied yet - there was potential for more things going wrong. And seeesh!!! - a soldering machine went broke and needed a repair!

Holy evening approached and the question was not if something else might go wrong but what it will be this time. The answer came quicker than hoped: just on the first day of production one of the SMD machines left synchronity...

But Thomas and Gerald just kept the track and with the help of the whole DCE team the sailed through all these problems!

But: Worthful time was lost and the board production lasted till the afternoon of the 23rd...

Also the programmers were busy all day and night and worked coordinated by Ralph Schmidt on the new firmware and on fitting MorphOS 1.4.1 to the Pegasos 2. André Siegel had hands full of work with making the 61 page manual perfect and let it translate with two fellows to German and French.

The last day before Christmas Eve! How should the boards go on their journey just in time? Sure: His Pegasos 2 boards share Guido Does by Vesalia picked up just at the production site - but what shoud be done with the orders of the other customers?

Then Christian Kemp surprisingly came along offering his help - coming from his home in Luxembourg he offered to make a 600 km trip to bring the boards from DCE, Oberhausen to Ron van Herk, Rotterdam just that evening so that the boards could be sent to all the world an December the 24th.

So it came the day of Christmas Eve Christian and Ron supported by his wife Cindy packed Christmas packets with mainboards, CPU cards, slot panels, manuals and self burned and printed MorphOS CDs and brought them on their way.

At least Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco were able to announce the good news at UPS just got the boards intended for Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Luxembourg, the UK and the USA - including Hawaii.

The following pictures may be used as evidence that the Pegasos 2 boards are really produced and sent away:

Pictures of some Pegasos 2 boards

The Shipping: In the beginning there was chaos...

...but at least...

...and one by one... was fullfilled by Christian and Ron:

The boards ready to go at ComputerCity in Rotterdam.

Merry Christmas!

(snx) (Translation: ub)

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Sebastian Bauer (ANF)

SimpleMail v0.21 released & X-mas greetings from the developer team
The SimpleMail team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Additionally there is version 0.21 of SimpleMail available now. Changes are:
  • Import of mbox files
  • Several memory leaks wiped out (bgol)
  • The layout of important list elements is now saveable (bgol)
  • Simple remote filter: Messages can be left on the server
  • SimpleHTML support is now within a shared library
  • Ported to OS4
  • Documentation describes the spam identification
  • Bug fixes and several other improvements
(nba) (Translation: ub)

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Christian 'tokai' Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: Euph0ria 0.24 released
Using this announcement Christian Rosentreter wishes a Merry Cristmas and a Happy New Year and there is a new version (0.24) of Euph0ria!

Christian writes: Special greetings to all members all guests of the IRC channel, to #amigazeux and to all others I forgot to mention now. :)

About Euph0ria:
Euph0ria is a visual plug-in with MUI-GUI for AmiNetRadio, Kaya or AmigaAMP. It's been tested under MorphOS 1.4 only but should work with other versions flawlessly. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

ArakAttack USB driver update v0.94 released
The version 0.94 of the USB driver package for Amithlon and OpenPCI is available at the Aminet and at now.

Guido Mersmann wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Amiga users and developers and to the team. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Thomas Unger (E-Mail)

kickstart archives v3.1 - DVD release
kickstart archives is a collection of historic and current websites, information, documents, patents, wireing diagrams, manuals, hardware libraries and more all about the Amiga. The collection is html based and features a search engine to browse the archive.

kickstart archives runs with all common operating systems and can be installed to the hard disk just by copying it there. The search engine does not operate with AmigaOS due to the lack of a browser capable of complete JavaScript1.2.

kickstart archives costs EUR 10,- plus EUR 1,44 p&p.

Thomas Unger wishes a blessed Christmas and a successful new year 2004 to all readers and members. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

Christmas greetings from Coyote Flux and individual Computers
Merry Christmas from a new team in the Amiga market: Coyote Flux and individual Computers are working together on a basis of a contract that has been signed on October 1st, 2003.

The young programmer-team also has a new website under The two brothers Sharwin and Rakesh Raghoebardayal became famous in the Amiga community for various projects like PPC680x0 (a 68K to PowerPC assembly translator), the sound editing system Coyotesound, photogrammetry software J Miner and more high-quality software.

Individual Computers is known for many hardware products for Amiga computers, specialized PC hardware and retro-computing projects. Serving private customers and professionals like the US computer forensic department of defense, individual Computers mass-produces own designs, and does contract work for other parties.

With more than 50 years combined experience and detailled knowledge about the target markets, the newly formed team is geared towards development of new hard- and software applications. The sales and marketing contacts of individual Computers will make the products available worldwide in more than 40 countries.

The first project of this cooperation is Kickflash OS4. Coyote Flux provided the firmware of the product that has been sent to the resellers yesterday. We hope that all users of classic Amigas will enjoy a fast cold-start time of their computers with this product, and are looking forward to more projects in the near future.

In time for the Christmas days, the toplevel domain server problems in Gabon have been resolved. Our domain is working again. (nba)

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ANN (Website)

AmiDiction: Version 2.6c of the dictionary available
Lorence Lombardos AmiDiction is now available in version 2.6c (31 KB).

AmiDiction is an English online dictionary which utilizes the services from and can be launched from the Workbench or CLI. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Update: DriverDescriptorBox V5 for the HardwareAssistent
The DriverDescriptorBox has been published in version 5 today.

Since the last version several bugs have been removed. The DriverDescriptorBox offers the user information about drivers being used by the HardwareAssistent.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Amiga fans. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Sprocki (ANF)

Mail program: New YAM 2.5 Development version (Update)
A new snapshot of the current development version of YAM can now be downloaded. Changes made are to be found in the ChangeLog.

Amendment 23.12.2003, (ps):
This version is realy a development version and may contain bugs that can cause lost of data. The development team does not offer any support or garanty for this version. Support requests will remain unanswered. Use it at your own risk! (cg) (Translation: sk)

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dcr8520 (ANF)

Software News: News by
Diego 'DCR8520' Casorran updated some of the many utilities ported from Linux. They are available at Updates of the following programs are available:
  • cURL
  • NetPBM
  • Wget
  • OpenSSL
  • UnRAR
  • bzip2 (now contains a shared library)

All programs are native ports. That is you do not need the ixemul.library. (cg) (Translation: sk)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

GPSInfo: GPS-Navigation system for Amiga
Carsten Siegner developed a basic navigation system for AmigaOS based on common GPS hardware. 'GPSInfo' displays the current position (longitude and latitude), the altitude above the sea, current speed, date and time as well as some GPS details like the quality of connection, currently available GPS satellites and so on. Furthermore it displays the current position by listing nearby villages or geographical points.
Additional information can be found at the title link.

Direct Download (15 KB) (cg) (Translation: sk)

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Update: DriverDescriptorBox V4
Version 4 of the DriverDescriptorBox released. It contains driver descriptors for the Hardware Assistant. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Felix Schwarz (E-Mail)

IOSPIRIT wishes a Merry Christmas
IOSPIRIT wishes all friends, partners, customers and their families a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful new year 2004. (nba)

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Kjell Breding (E-Mail)

AmiGBG 2004 - Swedish Amiga Fair
For the third year in a row, the Swedish Amiga fair AmiGBG is arranged in Gothenburg, Sweden. The date set for AmiGBG 2004 is the 17th of April next year. The AmiGBG fair is an event which is focused on the Amiga computer platform and is once a year gathering companies, user groups, users and visitors who are all interested in or curious about the platform that created the essence of multimedia - the Amiga.

This year's fair is held by three Amiga user groups all situated in Sweden; AmiGBG from Gothenburg, ACGGBG (Amiga Computer Group) from Gothenburg and Syntax Society from Landskrona in the south of Sweden.

In the year 2002 the first AmiGBG event was held. It was a huge success with around 450 visitors. The year after, it was yet again time to open the gates for another great AmiGBG fair at Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

AmiGBG is an event that partly looks back upon the history around the Amiga personal computer, but the main focus lies on the promising future that this platform now has - in terms of new hardware (the AmigaOne) which is based on the PowerPC processor and a new version of AmigaOS (Amiga Operating System) for this new hardware - AmigaOS 4.

At the fair, you will have a chance to see the new AmigaOne systems based on the G3 and G4 processors and also have a look on the classic Amiga computers that many people were brought up together with - these days gathered under the concept Classic Amiga.

At AmiGBG 2004 we also hope to be able to present a complete version of the AmigaOS 4 running on the AmigaOne. If so, that will be the highlight of the fair and a starting shot for the comeback of Amiga!

Furthermore; Linux will be demonstrated on AmigaOne, user groups will have a chance to present themselves - the fair is a gathering force for everyone interested in the future of Amiga. The target group is of course people interested in Amiga, but also people that are interested in alternative computer platforms.

Among the exhibitors, you will find everything from Swedish and European companies to Swedish user groups. Not only pure Amiga related companies have been invited - but also other hardware retailers.

For some more information about the previous events held by AmiGBG, please check these links:

For further information about AmiGBG 2004:

E-Mail: (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Magazine: The Crypt #33
Issue #33 of 'The Crypt', an English online magazine, published. The online version is to be found at the title link. If you want to have the download version feel free to use the following link:

Download: ZIP-Version of The Crypt #33

  • The real story of Christmas
  • Creation of desktop wallpaper and icons for PC
  • New PC game: "Call of Duty"
  • New News-Website about Amiga
  • Alternative use of CDs and DVDs
  • Using two computers with one monitor - Howto
  • Reciptes
(nba) (Translation: sk)

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Thilo Köhler (ANF)

Audio: HD-Rec 09 Beta Demo
A new beta version of 'HD-Rec' is now available at the title link. 'HD-Rec' can be used to arrange audio and MIDI recordings within the same window and play them simultaneously.

Addtional information can be found at the title link.



Demo Songs: (nba) (Translation: sk)

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Chris Perver (ANF)

Textviewer: EvenMore updated
I have updated EvenMore exe and plugins to use the OpenURL library for the clickable links, both in the MSWord and HTML plugins, so now if you click on an email address or a Web address, the appropriate app will open.

I have also updated the MSWord plugin to find the correct start and end file positions from the FileInfoBlock (before I was just estimating, which sometimes didn't work). (snx)

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