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Archive 12/2003

djnick deetronic (ANF)

New multimedia CD ROM by DJNick/deetronic
Nikola Tomic (DJNick/deetronic) known for example for his soundtrack for the beat'em'up game "Capital Punishment" has published his first multimedia CD: "Aural Respiration" includes masses of music modules, videos, graphics and photos and is optimized for use with Amiga webbrowser. The CD is purchaseable directly from the author for EUR 22.22 (incl. pp) following the title link. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Richard Drummond (ANF)

New Linux UAE version by Richard Drummond
Richard Drummond has released a new version of his experimental Linux-UAE which should enable many of the improvements from the latest WinUAE version for Linux user as well.

The version 0.8.22-20031215 suppoarts now hardfiles up to 2 GB. Further there were many bugfixes, for the x86 useres the JIT problems were removed and MacOS x user will be happy to use the mouse properly in full screen mode now.

The sources are available now, compiled versions for several platforms will follow soonly. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Aminet (Website)

Aminet uploads until the 17th of December 2003
Here is the list of all recent Aminet uploads since our last report:
StarAm_Plan.lha      biz/misc   752K+Spreadsheet, V2.23,OS 3.0+, 68000 CPU
StarAm_Plan881.lha   biz/misc   747K+Spreadsheet, V2.23,OS 3.0+, needs FPU
amiycoders.lha       comm/mail   29K+V0.6 yEnc Encoder / Decoder for the Amig
DVBFontUpload.lha    comm/misc   40K+Font upload for Nokia D-Box via SCSI. 68
gng_SP.lha           comm/www     9K+GNetGrabber 1.x spanish catalogs v1.0.0
vbcc_PosixLib.lha    dev/c      108K+POSIX compatibility library for vbcc
Amitekst_E.lha       dev/e        6K+AREXX scripts for use with AmiTekst Pro 
amiycoders_src.lha   dev/e       20K+E Source Code to AmiyCoders! V0.6
objectbrowser.lha    dev/e       11K+Object Browser / System Debugger 0.8
AmigaTalk.lha        dev/lang   1.4M+V2.5 Update of AmigaTalk (Smalltalk GUI)
SFS.lha              disk/misc  268K+Smart Filesystem copyrighted by John Hen
ThePolice.lha        docs/hyper  52K+The Police: albums, lyrix, singles +more
saku44.lha           docs/mags  8.4M+Saku #44 (3/2003). Finnish e-zine.
Labyrinth2Chts.lha   game/hint   12K+Cheats for the game Labyrinth 2.
WormWars.lha         game/misc  539K+Worm Wars 7.72: Advanced snake game
MicroWorld.lha       game/think 6.2M+Simple logical game (CGX Friendly)
kray.lha             gfx/3d     830K+Freeware raytracer v1.4
ambot.lha            hard/drivr  62K+Cybot/Real Robots programmer w/ C source
PoseidonMain.lha     hard/drivr 420K+Poseidon USB Stack Update 2.2
TestGear-Extra.lha   hard/hack  223K+A600, A1000, A500(+), A1200 & PC extras.
TheMPegEncGUI.lha    mus/misc   358K+GUI 4 Lame,Ogg,BladeEnc,Pegase,Ncode,Mus
MrCarlitoWb-06.jpg   pix/icon   314K+First full FREWARE PNG-Icon replacement 
Dale_font.lha        text/bfont  14K+Fixed topaz rep. in sizes 5,6,8,10,11,12
AddLF.lha            text/misc    2K+Add LineFeed to textfile at column ~80
OnyxPrelude.lha      util/cdity  34K+Comprehensive mixer for Prelude. MUI.
DegasDT.lha          util/dtype  30K+Datatype for Degas pictures
MathLibs881.lha      util/libs   12K+Free 68881/2 math-libraries with source,
AObjView.lzh         util/misc   31K+Displays the Hunk structure of Amiga Obj
DigiConverter.lha    util/misc   13K+Handy dec/hex/bin/float/ASCII-converter
xPackBest.lha        util/pack   18K+Pack using XPK, adaptive, recursive
ARxShellV1.2b.lha    util/rexx   99K+A shell for ARexx V1.2b
parename.lha         util/rexx   11K+AREXX script to rename images within Pho
popsearch.lha        util/rexx   15K+Quick searching from IBrowse, AWeb and V
DRemind.lha          util/time  308K+Reminds you whenever you want.. v1.67!
VE_SP.lha            util/virus  11K+VirusExecutor 2.3x spanish catalog v2.33
windowbar.lha        util/wb    272K+Window mimizer and program launcher
(nba) (Translation: ub)

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Sebastian Brylka (E-Mail)

eTeacher 6.20 distributed by Fun Time World
Fun Time World is pleased to announce that they are doing the distribution of the multimedial course eTeacher 6.20. This package is unique on for the Amiga. You can learn English or German with the aid by pictures, little animations and perfect spoken 16 bit output.

With the help of the multimedial exercises and tests the learning will become a real pleasure. The program fits the demand of both, adults and children. The usage is easy and partly customizeable. There is support for gfx cards and sound cards.

The program offers the following features:
  • More than 200 exercises
  • 3 hours 16 bit spoken language output
  • 1000 illustrations
  • Context sensitive grammar help
  • Customizeable
  • Support for gfx and sound cards

Information about the program and screen shots is to get from

Introducing prices til/from 5th of January 2004:

  • Englisch - 29.90 Euro / 35 Euro
  • German - 29.90 Euro / 35 Euro
  • Both versions - 50 Euro / 59.90 Euro

Order by email (, fax (+49 209 - 95 717 865) or telephone (+49 209 - 95 717 884) or directly at the online shop of Fun Time World.

(nba) (Translation: ub)

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Sprocki (ANF)

Amiga, Inc.: Calling All User Groups!
Community has always been the backbone of the Amiga platform; indeed, without it, the platform would have folded long ago. With AmigaOS4.0 approaching release, the community has taken a lead once again, with dedicated individuals and user groups throughout the world working to show AmigaOS4.0 running on AmigaOnes.

We are now at a stage where we are looking to bring the user groups together into a more formal forum, providing feedback to Amiga, Inc. on how best it can support the user groups whilst also allowing the user groups to be able to bind themselves together in a mutual organization for self help and support.

This new organization will be a crucial element in the growth of the Amiga platform as AmigaOS4.0 is released and the community begins to expand. We are thus making a call to all user groups to submit their details via this form so that we can begin the construction of this organisation and get the resources in place to service it. (nba)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

New website about hardware do it yourself projects for Amiga, Amithlon and Pegas
Carsten Siegner has opened a new website with the URL "" which covers information about his all of his hardware projects.

Now there is not only the known analog data capture system for the serial RS 232 port but also a hardware for the same port for a multi purpose controler device. This hardware is called "Multiprogrammer" and is a board with three decoded 8 pin universal ports. These ports can be programmed independently. Furthermore the board has a data in port which can read serial data directly.

Further information about this project as well as the circuit design is available from the website. (nba) (Translation: ub)

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Season Greetings from Amiga, Inc.
Amiga, Inc. would like to, on behalf of our staff and associates, wish the Amiga Commmunity and their families a safe and happy holiday. Be safe, don't drink and drive! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! (nba)

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Norman Walter (ANF)

The version 0.31 of the programm HardwareAssistent, which reconizes and installes new hardware components by starting the system is now finished.

After the last version the install script was processed and the bugs in the DriverDescription were deleted, also the documentation was extended.

But look in the old version there could be still bugs, if you find a bug please send an e-mail to: (snx) (Translation: gf)

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16.Dec.2003 (Website)

WHDLoad: Version 16.1 published
From WHDLoad, which makes the hard disk install of the not therefore floppy possible the version 16.1 was published (Download, 1.17 MB).

New games which could now be installed or were updated:
  • Hellfire Attack (Martech)
  • Twintris (Digital Marketing)
  • Waxworks (Accolade)
  • History Line 1914-1918 (Blue Byte)
  • Super Street Fighter 2 (US Gold)
  • Jupiter's Masterdrive (Ubi Soft)
(snx) (Translation: gf)

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16.Dec.2003 (Website)

PDF-Magazine: Amiga Point of View, edition 1
The retro-gaming community of, which operate the Amiga gaming database Hall of Light has puplished the first edition of their retro-gaming.magazine "Amiga Point of View".

The magazine should reincarnate the old spirit of old gaming magazines with test reports, letter to the editor corner, gaming tips and complete solutions. You can find the first edition (19.5 MB) under the tiltle link.

Update: (16.12.2003, 15:30, cg)

The contacts of the homepage are not valid. You can find the APoV-Team under following e-mail addresses:

Letter to the editor:
Gaming tips:
Gaming tests:
(cg) (Translation: gf)

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Stefan Blixth (E-Mail)

New and updated tools from OnyxSoft
The Swedish shareware-developer-group OnyxSoft released two new and three updated tools:

AddLF (Version 1.0)
This is a very simple tool that makes text files that has no linefeeds in them become readable in non-wrapping text-viewers/editors. It tries to wrap after 80 characters but might go 10 chars longer if it means not breaking a word. If a word is very long when AddLF wants to wrap it will cut the word and insert a dash "-".

OnyxPrelude (Version 1.0)
This is a new fresh mixer for the Prelude sound cards! You can test the mixer even w/o a prelude =) Everything concerning audio can be controlled by ARexx! Everything concerning audio can be controlled by userdefinable hotkeys! There are two different mixer GUIs, pick the one you like! The mixer can popup on hotkey or ARexx event! The mixer can close again after a userdefinable delay! A very small, configurable and slick bevel can popup instead of the mixer on hotkey or ARexx events! It also has all normal features of a mixer, like the ability to change the display name of a channel, hide channels you never use, reset the card on startup etc. And it uses MUI...

DigiConverter (Version 1.1)
Now you can also convert from and to floats. Useful mainly for handling floats where you only have access to for example hexadicimal values.

DRemind (Version 1.66)
Now you can make your remind *Bold*, /Italic/, _Underlined_ and/or coloured in the remind list! Fixed a bug which caused Single reminds to never pop up. (a 2<->4 digits year bug). --BAR--'s couldn't be moved since they where excluded from the sorting routines in DRPrefs. Which gadgets to be shown as default was not correct. See Main GUI Settings/Show'n'Hide for other gadgets.

TheMPegEncGUI (Version 2.31)
Now full CDDB-support is built-in into TheMPegEncGUI! You don't need to use some other program to get those CD-IDs from the net and then try to figure out what file it was and load that into The_GUI, all is now automated. Insert a CD, add files (previously leached off the CD, or directly from the CD if you have f.ex. AllegroCDFS), then select Obtain CDDB from the ID3-Tag menu. When drag'n'dropping files into the file list window some menu options were not enabled. You had to add a file using the Add-button. There were some dublettes and inconsistencies of hotkeys for the menus. Switching between Lame/Mpega in Lite didn't work from the menu. The bitrate was not correct in the full and Lite-versions. (nba)

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Matthes (ANF)

Magazine: Latest edition 8 of the PDF-Magazine "Lotek64"
The 8th edition of the PDF-Magazine "Lotek64" is published. The magazine is dedicated to old and alternativ computer systems. The center of gravity is the C64, but also reports of other 8-bit-computers. Old entertainment systems and Amigas are considered, too. The magazine is published as a PDF-File for free. Interested persons could also order a printed edition or subscription. The 8th edition contains following aspects:
  • Lotek64-Special: Music
  • Commodores last trick: Amiga CD32
  • O.A.S.E. 03: News of the Amiga OS4 and the C-One-Board
  • Hobby + electronics 2003
  • Interviews
(nba) (Translation: gf)

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Smart Filesystem v1.214
SFS is an alternative Filesystem for the Classic AmigaOS, which is famous for the high writing-, reading- and search speed defiance its Beta-status. After a few test updates the SFS.lha which you can find in a few days on Aminet (1.214, 273,995 bytes size of the archive) makes no problems in defragmenting.

SFSdefrag was debugged. The old SFS.lha-archives are deleted with update automatically, especially the 1.213 distribution

You can get quick information under:

A tool which could configurate the number of files in .recycled will be available until week3/2004. The tests are running. (nba) (Translation: gf)

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CD32-Allianz/Thorsten Schölzel (ANF)

New support of the CD32-Allianz-Homepage
From the 1st January Robert Konrad is supporting the online offer of the CD32. You can get more information under the title link. (snx) (Translation: gf)

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Jim Steichen (ANF)

Programming language: AmigaTalk V2.5 in Aminet
Jim Streichen has uploaded AmiTalk V2.5 to the Aminet under dev/lang.

The new variation of the version 2.5 of Little Smalltalk (V1.0 of Tim Budd) shows a better memory manager. Until now the memory of AmigaTalk wasn't released after ending.

(snx) (Translation: gf)

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McFly (ANF)

New PNG-Icon-Set
After Christmas (27.12.2003) new PNG-Icon-Set for 68k-Amigas will be published. Screenshots are available at Lorraine Design.

Screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4 (snx) (Translation: gf)

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Sebastian Brylka (YIM)

Raytracing: New Kray binaries
Of Kray, a raytracing program with a text interface, there are new binary versions for AmigaOS, Linux and Windows available. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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15.Dec.2003 (Website)

CygnusED Professional 4.22 PPC released
Version 4.22 of the text editor CygnusED for MorphOS is now available at

Download (294 KB) (snx) (Translation: sk)

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Chris Hodges (E-Mail)

USB-Stack: Poseidon Update V2.2
Chris Hodges announced the release of version 2.2 of the USB stack 'Poseidon'. Read his announcement:

After my seven months break due to my diploma thesis, I have reworked the HID class quite a bit. It now supports digital and analogue joypads via the lowlevel.library. Moreover, the class now supports changing of HID Output and Feature items (i.e. for keyboard LEDs or Force Feedback/Rumble joypads). Input values for items can now be scaled and clipped and flipped. There is support for local and global variables. The value that is used for the action can now also be redirected to origin from these variables, timers, click counts, etc, or randomly (e.g. for auto fire). Actions can now be triggered upon definable condition codes, making it even more powerful (you want to do a special action on three clicks with the middle mouse button, or when shift is pressed?, no problem!). The default keyboard mapping can now also be changed. All this comes with a price -- the GUI is now a bit more complex. But no worries -- you don't have to use these features, if you don't like to. The English version of the manual has been updated a bit to reflect the changes -- unfortunately, the German translation (done by Michael Böhmer) has been lost in a crash. I will update the guide accordingly, but this will take some more time.

Several classes have been updated, such as the massstorage.class. It now has some new default settings and fall back options.

The poseidon main library now fixes the problems created by broken Olympus cameras not being bound to the MSD class. It now also tries to assign better names to devices that don't come with string descriptors.

Trident has been rewritten into subclasses for the MorphOS mprefs and is now a bit more stable (I hope).

The installer script has been slightly updated and now contains Spanish strings, kindly translated by Dámaso Domínguez.

The AddUSBHardware command now has an "ALL" option, allowing to take the stack offline by just issuing an "AddUSBHardware REMOVE ALL" line -- handy for game starting scripts.

Finally, the device driver for the Algor has been optimized a bit, and also a bug had been fixed.

Now for something completely different. In August, I stopped taking registrations, because Elbox treated me badly (as a summary) and I hoped, that they would change their mind. I should have known better. They kept selling their cards, even though they knew that the users wouldn't be able to use them. They didn't care at all about the users and their fate.

As of today, the registration process is open again. Keyfiles can again be obtained from me directly (cash or bank transfer, no credit cards!). Please note that the licence fee has been increased a bit to reflect the new features added. Of course, no new keyfile are required for current users to use the V2.2 version.

IOSpirit will offer a bundle for ArakAttack users soon, details will be announced by IOSpirit in a few days (please don't bugger them right now). ArakAttack currently works on Amithlon and OpenPCI supported PCI bridge boards for OHCI and UHCI PCI cards (and onboard USB). EHCI (USB2.0) is being implemented and will be available later.

ArakAttack currently does not work on Mediator boards, but means are being prepared to get it running on these machines to offer a high-quality USB driver for any PCI card (including the Spider).

That's it for now. Hope you will enjoy the new Poseidon release and have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Who knows, maybe we will see many nice things happing during 2004. Such as the AmigaOS4 release or the Pegasos II.

Stay healthy! There's still much to come. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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